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Our 15 Best Countries To Visit for Photos

Best 15 Countries To Visit for Photos

Today we will write our favorite countries to visit so far to take photos. From paradise islands like Maldives and Philippines to countries in Europe like Spain, France and Greece.

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Best Countries To Visit for Photos

1. Maldives

Best Countries To Visit for Photos
Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives
Sunset in Mladives, things to know before visiting Maldives
Drone shot Park Hyatt Maldives
Drone shot at Hadahaa

We will start the list of best countries to visit for photos with Maldives since we loved the beach we enjoy our time in luxury resorts like Hadahaa and Kuramathi. The pictures above are from Hadahaa Island with amazing sunsets, breakfast in our villa and we even saw while sharks just in the seashore.

Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives Travel Guide reef sharks 1

But we also loved the life and the beaches in local islands in Maldives. The most beautiful was Gulhi Island with white sand and clear water. There are luxury guest houses for affordable price that will make you stay there forever.

Gulhi Island
Gulhi Island
Sand Bank Maldives
Sand Bank in Maldives
Maldives 1st Year
Chicken Island

We also loved the local atmosphere at Thulusdhoo and Dhiffushi Island with amazing day trips where you can do snorkeling, water sports and visiting sand banks like the picture above.

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2. Thailand

thailand train 2

In Thailand we enjoyed traveling because of Thai food, beautiful beaches and friendly people. The first picture was first time ever for Rachel traveling by train. We decided to take a few pictures to have great memories.

Akyra Manor Bathtub
Thailand Pool

We also enjoyed an amazing staying at Akyra Manor in Chiang Mai and those pictures above became so popular in Pinterest and Instagram. The picture below is from a cool Sky Bar in Bangkok at 137 Pillar Suites.

137 Pillar Suites

3. Sanya Atlantis for Hainan

Sanya Atlantis

Sanya is located in Hainan, South China. Sanya is a small island with tropical weather. We got invited thanks to Visit Sanya tourism board to travel for 10 days around the island of Hainan and see all the things to do in Sanya.

sanya 2

These pictures were from Atlatins Sanya one of the most popular resorts in Sanya. There is a huge Oceanarium and we took pictures in the most expensive suite with the views to the Oceanarium and we enjoyed the waterpark too in the same day.

sanya 1

4. France


One of Rachel’s dreams countries to visit was France and especially the capital Paris. We took the pictures at the sunrise with the beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower. We took thousand of them early morning and it was so magical moment with those colors.

Marseille 2

Other destination that we visited was Marseille and we loved it the vibe there. Rachel loved so much the architecture and the balcony views. We took this shot in our hotel’s balcony before going out. And we realized that was so beautiful and we shared in our Instagram and Pinterest and it was one of the most shared pictures in Pinterest.

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5. Spain

madrid 2

Madrid was our based in Spain where I could introduce my friends and family to Rachel. We had so much fun and we had time to visit around Madrid and Segovia. The picture above is Sabatini Gardens in Madrid city center.

seville 2
Seville – Top Countries To Visit
Es Vedra Ibiza

Apart from Madrid in Spain we visited Seville which was Rachel’s favorite place in Spain. We also spent 10 days around Ibiza. We rented a car and we were visiting friends and beaches around the island. Es Vedra the picture above was our favorite place for sunset.

6. Greece

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

In Greece apart from enjoying the food we took so beautiful pictures. We visited Cavo Tagoo (cave hotel) in Mykonos which is one of the most popular in Instagram over the world. This picture above is one of our best in our Instagram feed. You can enjoy the pool cave with views to the sunset in your private villa.

Santorini sunset
Countries To Visit, Thessaloniki

Also we visited Santorini where we enjoyed the magical sunsets and beautiful beaches. Santorini was so crowded but still so magical place. There are also cave hotels like in Mykonos.

Our last stop in Greece was Thessaloniki where we spent a few days and we took this picture in our hotel Antigon Urban and it’s one of our best performing Pins in Pinterest. In Antigon Hotel you can have breakfast with views to the ruins under the floor, it’s so amazing!

7. Portugal

Countries To Visit, ALbufeira
Countries To Visit, Cascais

We did a road trip in Portugal visiting Lisbon and Algarve. We got surprised how beautiful are the beaches in Algarve and we came back again for a few days as part of our last trip together in Europe.

We took the first picture in Praia da Falesia in Albufeira the views from the top were so incredible. The other picture was taken visiting Cascais just a few kilometers outside Lisbon a beautiful town.

More Countries To Visit

8. Sri Lanka

Countries To Visit, Madulkele Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Peppers Jungle
sri lanka 2

We explored Sri Lanka for a few weeks. We enjoyed the beaches, the train rides and we loved especially our visit to Madulkelle Tea Plantation having a Glamping experience. We got invited for one of our followers working there and we got the picture shared in many big accounts in Instagram.

Also we got invited to stay a couple of days at Pepeers Jungle a beautiful Airbnb where we got this pictured shared in many places too and a few properties in Sri Lanka was contacted us to visit them. But finally we couldn’t stay longer in Sri Lanka.

9. Myanmar


So magical place Bagan that you can’t miss it visiting Myanmar. We spent a few days exploring temples and taking pictures at sunset and during hte sunrise too. We took this morning in the sunrise which was full of people.

inle lake

This picture we took in Inle Lake which is so popular in Myanmar because of the fishermen. They are fishing while balancing in the boat and they are so popular between the tourists when they are extending their nets.

10. Taiwan

Taiwan Rainbow village 5712 684x1024 1
taiwan 3
taiwan 4

Taiwan is so far our last destination abroad. We found colorful places like Rainbow Village at Taichung which is one of the most instagrammable places in Taiwan.

Also we spent amazing time in Kaohsiung an interesting city to visit in South of Taiwan. We loved Tiger and Dragon Pagoda at Lotus Pond. And we enjoyed this city for a few days walking around and the night markets.

If we have to choose from Taipei City and around it will be hard and you need at least a week to visit Jiufen, Sun Moon Lake and going around Taipei City. The picture above is the sunset temple at Sun Moon Lake and the picture below in Shifen with the lanterns.

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11. Philippines

Kawasan Falls 2

And obviously we can’t avoid writing as one of the top countries to visit the Philippines. Our first picture is one of our best ones in Kawasan Falls in Cebu. It’s one of the most touristic and instagrammable places in the Philippines.

Carabao Island Palm Tree

In the picture above we explored Carabao Island just one boat ride from Boracay Island we were alone and almost no tourists at that time. Below you will see the small Lagoon in El Nido where we have been visiting a few times already.

El Nido Rachel 2
Rachel Balabac

The picture above is in Balabac in Palawan. You will find remote islands with no phone signal and no internet connection. The island hopping is so beautiful and we took this picture in our 3 days island hopping in Balabac.

The picture below is from Subic which is a Pink Beach even we can’t tell the difference so much in the picture. You can see both of us with our little Han as all the trips in the Philippines. After taking this shot our drone crashed into the water. Not the best memories for this but we enjoyed the beach for ourselves.

Pink Beach Subic
Nay Palad

The picture above is in the magical Siargao in Nay Palad one of the best resorts in Siargao Island. The story of this shot is that we were taking pictures around Malinao Beach and also cleaning the beach (a lot of plastics around) Rachel, Han and me and we posted in our Instagram Stories and we got an invitation from the owner to visit Nay Palad Resort which was finally an amazing experience.


Batanes is a beautiful and remote island in the North of the Philippines. We spent a few days taking pictures and visiting around and we had so much fun. The picture above is in Rolling Hills at sunset time.

The picture below is also in the North Luzon in Pagudpud one of our favorite destinations since the beaches are so beautiful and it’s so quiet. It will take around 10 hours to get there from Manila.

Pagudpud 2
Alegria Beach

More about the beautiful Siargao this one is Alegria Beach that it was one of our favorite beaches in the Philippines. We decided to spend a few hours since it looked so perfect for us the beach and it was empty nobody came to this small paradise.

12. India

India Pushkar

India was such a cool experience that allows to learn about the country, food and other culture. Like the picture above in Pushkar in the desert in Rajasthan. We did a tour and we dressed these traditional clothes. We were visiting villages and taking pictures.

Countries To Visit, Amber Fort

More about India we enjoyed beautiful Palaces and Forts in Jaipur and also we visited the Taj Mahal one of the 7 wonders in the world. It’s so beautiful North India and you have to visit. Try to get up early to avoid the crowd when traveling in India for taking pictures and enjoying the place.

Countries To Visit, Taj Mahal
Jaipur, things to do in Jaipur, Jaipur travel guide, Countries To Visit

More shots in Jaipur and Udaipur with the main attractions around the city. We had so much fun and we loved this portrait that someone took from us in front of Hawa Mahal. Below Rachel dancing in Jaipur while visiting Amber Fort. Both pictures are one of our best performing in Pinterest.

things to know before traveling in India as woman
Udaipur travel guide, things to do in Udaipur,, Gangaur Ghat

Udaipur was our first destination in Rajasthan area. The city is so small and it’s so peaceful and beautiful to enjoy around the lake. We loved it going for the sunrise and sunset to take pictures with the lake views.

13. Indonesia in Bali

Munduk Plantation

Rachel’s favorite countries to visit as destination in Southeast Asia is Bali that’s why we visited 3 times already. We loved it North part in Munduk. The picture above is the popular Munduk Plantation and below you will see the popular Handara Gate in Bali. One of our best pictures in our Instagram Feed.

Bali Anantara Golf
Bali North

Above you will Lempuyang Temple one of the most popular sites in Bali. It’s full of tourists and you will have to wait around 2 hours to get this shot. Below you will see as enjoying at Samabe our favorite resort in Bali located in Nusa Dua.

Bali Samabe
Samabe Dron

More shots in Samabe Nusa Dua the funny thing of this picture: the drone wasn’t allowed to use in the hotel. But we didn’t know and before they warning us we were able to take this beautiful picture that it was shared a lot of times in Instagram. And Samabe promised to host us when coming back to Bali and of course we accepted.

Nusa Penida Ruben 2

Nusa Penida is becoming so popular destination because of Instagram. We went there 3 years ago for the first time and not many tourists around the area. But in our last visit this place Kelingking is full of shops and people. But still you will have a magical view and it’s totally worth it to visit.

14. Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur 2

We have been in Malaysia a few times in our first trips traveling together hitchhiking in Malaysia coming from Thailand. But our last trip to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia was actually a work trip and we visited the main attractions in Kuala Lumpur.

Above Batu Caves that you should go early morning to avoid the crowd. They are 45 minutes far from the city center by train or you can also go by taxi or Grab. And below the Twin Towers that they are so beautiful during day time and night time. Great area for taking pictures.

Kuala Lumpur 1

15. Hong Kong

victoria peak 0134

Hong Kong is the closest in the list of countries to visit from Clark Pampanga where we are based in the Philippines. This picture is the view from the Peak where we were hiking for 2 hours to reach the top.

You can also take the tram if you prefer saving time or the hike. Totally worth it the hike and we waited for long time to take good pictures but the sun didn’t appear.

Ritz Carlton

Rachel’s Birthday in Ritz Carlton was a surprised for her. We got a last minute invitation and I didn’t tell her until last minutes. I just teased her that we could spend the night in a coffee shop catching up with work. Once we got to Ritz Carlton they prepared this set up with our pictures from our Instagram feed. It’s 116th Floor this room and the views were so impressive.

Hope you loved one of the most personal post sharing with all of you with our best countries to visit and best pictures. You can see more of them in Scopio. Make sure you add Code Gamintraveler to get a 20% discount.

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Happy Travels!

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