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Luxury in Bangkok: SO Sofitel and 137 Pillar Suites

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023 at 10:30 am

We have been in Bangkok for so many times and we’ve always enjoyed the experience. We liked staying around Khao San Road, which is an area for backpackers and is full of entertainment. We also enjoyed the luxury around the areas of Silom and Sukhumvit.

These areas are very quiet and easy to explore which is great if you love walking around. Read here how to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

For the last days of our stay, we chose SO Sofitel Hotel and 137 Pillar Suites, both one of the best hotels in Bangkok. Read here how to get from Bangkok airport to Sukhumvit.

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First Impressions and The Room at SO Sofitel Bangkok

From the welcome drinks in the lobby, we knew that the experience will be special. The staff were wearing their special uniforms, and they walked us through the different atmospheres of the hotel; they featured water elements and wood floors that were used on different floors of the hotel.

so sofitel bangkok

room at so sofitel

Our room had a modern interior design and you can really tell that we liked it so much, we spent a lot of our time just taking pictures. We had a huge bathtub with a view, a couch, a king-sized bed–everything was just so beautiful.

The staff also provided complimentary eco-friendly snacks and juices for us to enjoy. Rachel really liked their coffee and we both loved the set-up that they prepared during the night. They also had this button that you can press and the curtains will close automatically. The cityscape was great during both the day and at night. We had so much fun taking Instagram Stories!

luxury in bangkok

Pool Party

We loved taking pictures by the pool area. It had a really nice view of Lumphini Park. Being part of the guest list, we had an opportunity to have access to the pool party where they celebrate monthly with food, drinks, and great music. We really enjoyed dancing in that scenery. Full of mostly foreigners and a few locals, the pool party was so much fun! The pool party takes part once per month.


As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. SO Sofitel had such an amazing breakfast with a variety of delicious food. It was our first breakfast eating exquisite exotic fruits: mango, passionfruit, and especially jackfruit. The options for baked goods were plenty, similar to their smoothies and juices–Asian and Western cuisine all in one restaurant.

For going around the area, Lumphini Park is the perfect place to be. You can either have a romantic walk or a lovely boat ride. There are some restaurants that you can visit within walking distance from the hotel, and the Patpong night market if you want to enjoy bars, more restaurants, street food and meet new people.

Click here, if you want to spend amazing time at SO Sofitel Bangkok.

First Impressions and The Room at 137 Pillar Suites

The minute we arrived in Pillar Suites, we were immediately provided with a butler. We stayed in the Ayutthaya Suites where the view was so fascinating, especially in the balcony.

ayutthaya suites at 137 Pillar suites

luxury hotels in Bangkok

The Ayutthaya Suites had all the comfort that you need, from a small kitchen for coffee and fruit, to a bathroom with a huge bathtub. Plus, we have to recommend the place for the high-speed internet connection. If you are a guest of a suite you will have a butler to your service.

Food and Facilities

The breakfast was of quality. We loved the juices and also the fact that you can find local and Western choices on their menu. It was very modern and the service was incredible. We also loved enjoying tea, as a guest of the suite you can enjoy tea and coffee the whole day.

Our most favorite part was the pool–well, there are two. One is open for all guests, and the other on the rooftop is for the guests in the suites.

rooftop in bangkok

We enjoyed the sunset, the scenery, and the amazing service of 137 Pillar Suites. They will provide you with sunblock, apples, and water in this private area.

The Spy Glass is the main attraction of the hotel, and many guests were visiting the restaurant to take nice pictures here. And check here, for having an awesome time at 137 Pillar Suites in Bangkok.

restaurant in bangkok at 137 Pillar Suites

Click here if you want to have an amazing experience at 137 Pillar Suites in Bangkok. They have also apartment for rent if you are planning to stay longer in Bangkok.

We recommend visiting both of these places if you want to experience luxury in Bangkok. Which one would you love to visit, 137 Pillar Suites or SO Sofitel Hotel? Let us know in the comments below!

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Happy Travels!

Debbie Centeno

Saturday 21st of April 2018

Now I definitely have to visit Bangkok! Thanks for sharing.

Ruben Arribas

Saturday 21st of April 2018

Yes Bangkok is amazing, thanks Debbie :)