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Ruben and Rachel are the founders of Travel Blog, Gamintraveler

We are Ruben and Rachel, a multicultural couple (Spanish and Filipino), who is set on a life of travel and exploration of the world. We created this blog, Gamintraveler, to share our stories as they unfold daily, creating about travel and destination guides, sharing our digital nomad life, in hopes to inspire you to build a lifestyle you don’t have run away from.

We are now in South America, discovering the mountains of Peru, the warmth of Colombia, and enjoying the parties of Brazil.

Ruben has been to almost 100 countries around the world, while Rachel just started to join him and explored a few continents together.

Journey the world with us.

All throughout this site, we compile links of destinations we’ve visited, hotels and properties we’ve stayed in, services we trust, and more. Building a life of travel takes so much dedication. But we’re here to make the move easier for you, one step at a time.

Have a question or a message for us? We reply to everyone! Message us on social or email us at [email protected]

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