Often times we get too bogged down by how we want our lives to be in the future, that we fail to plan and live for today.

Now, more than ever, we have the ability to take control of how we structure our life and work so we don’t have to choose over working versus being with the people we love. We don’t have to sacrifice travel when we need to earn income.

When we plan to create the lifestyle we want, we prepare our minds to live the life we want. And this is our personal journey to living that lifestyle, and we are taking you with it. We travel and stay in love, and take care of our families, while we build our income and grow day by day. We are Ruben and Rachel, and this is our journey. Let us take you with us, as we tackle life, one travel day at a time.

What do you need to do today, to take you to the next step of your dreams.

Here in the blog, we will not only write about travel guides in exploring Asia as a couple and as digital nomads, we’ll also write about how we explored the entrepreneurial side of things and how our life looks like in every level of our growth. We hope that we bring value to you, the way you’ve given us value and inspiration over the years. This is just the beginning. Whether you are on your first 90-day one way ticket trip to Asia or you’re taking the next steps to your online digital nomad business, we are here for you. Comrades and all! Can’t wait to hear more about your journey too.