A Perfect 5 Days Hong Kong Itinerary

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Hong Kong is situated on the Southeast coast of China and is by far the favorite city of almost everyone in the world with more than 20 million visitors each year. We will show you our Hong Kong itinerary. Hong Kong has an amazing hiking and walking trails, and a lot of scenic landscapes and parks. Read here how to get from Hong Kong airport to city center

There are bunch of botanical gardens to explore, and even day trip adventures at the beach. And the nightlife in Hong Kong is definitely insane which draws lots of crowd both locals and tourists. There are a lot to discover in Hong Kong and know the reasons why millions of people love to visit this Island!

Read here our favorite Instagrammable places in Hong Kong and our full Hong Kong travel guide!

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A lot of tourists come to Hong Kong for it has one of the cheapest air fares especially if you’re from the Asia. There are a lot of airlines that fly to Hong Kong such as Swiss Flights, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines flights and many more. You can book your flight to Hong Kong with Skyscanner.

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Read here how to get to Macau from Hong Kong!

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Hong Kong’s wet season is from February to March where it becomes warmer and humidity starts to rise. The best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to early December when the weather is sunny, chill, and just comfortable. The best shopping season is during Christmas sales to Chinese New Year.

Click here to know more about the weather in Hong Kong!


Great news for Nationals of the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand no need a visa for stays of 90 days and 180 days for UK nationals. So it was perfect for us, Rachel with her Filipino passport was able to get 14 days free Visa in Hong Kong.

Click here to know more about the visa policy in Hong Kong.


The official currency of Hong Kong is called Hong Kong Dollar. And $1=7.8 HKD. ATM’s are available all throughout the country. They accept credit cards almost everywhere in Hong Kong. You will use cash to buy street food and small things. There are many points around the city where you can exchange money in Hong Kong.

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You can access the internet everywhere in Hong Kong. You can access in Cafe’s restaurants and some tourist spots that offer free WiFi. You can access WiFi in hotels and accommodation.

There are Tourist SIM Cards in Hong Kong for 5 days and 8 Days with 5 GB and prices are 88 HKD and 118 HKD. You will have unlimited voice calls and you will be able to connect Wifi almost everywhere in the city with the SIM Card.

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Hong Kong itinerary

Everything go really fast in Hong Kong and lunch time is the same. Restaurants are very small and they share the space in the most efficient way. We liked so much the local food. As you can see in the pictures, you have to get use to use chopsticks.

A total of $5-6 USD can be your food budget in Hong Kong per meal in a local restaurant. You can go cheaper with street food and also higher of this budget if you visit fancier restaurants. Beers and drink can be expensive in bars and restaurants. But you can get beer for $1 USD in the supermarket or 7 Eleven.

Click here to know our favorite street food dishes around Southeast Asia.

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where to stay in Hong Kong, A bed or beds in a room at Comfort Hostel

Located near MTR Causeway Bay Station, Comfort Hostel has rooms that are fitted with air condition unit and private bathroom. Most importantly, it is also has an excellent location as it is very near to the so called” fashion walk” or the stores like Nike, Hermès, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Louis Vuitton. A double room costs only about $40 USD per night.

Comfort Hostel is located at Unit A1, 9/F, Block A, Paterson Building, 47 Paterson Street(3/F for check in & pick-up keys), Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Click here to check their availability and book your stay!


where to stay in Hong Kong, A bathroom at Mira Moon

Mira Moon is a world class 5-star boutique hotel that is located in the heart of Causeway Bay. Mira moon offers lot of facilities, few of which are, restaurants on site and a 24 hour gym. There are also free branded coffee and tea given on the rooms.

Each room has air-conditioning unit, a flat screen TV, a private bathroom with free toiletries and marble rain shower. Supergiant Restaurant and Bar offer Spanish cuisine and Chinese Cuisine. It is also conveniently located near Causeway Bay MTR Station and Wan Chai MTR Station. A night in their New Moon Queen Room with breakfast costs about $140 USD.

Mira Moon is located at  388 Jaffe Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Click here to check their availability and book your stay!

If you’re looking for a cheap place to crash, there are dorm rooms in Hong Kong that only go for $25 or less. Another inexpensive lodging option is AirBnB, where you can get rooms for $40-50Click here to get a $30 USD discount on your first booking when you sign up on AirBnB! Those who want to treat themselves can always book luxury hotel rooms starting at around  €200 per night.

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Day 1 Itinerary in Hong Kong

For the first day in Hong Kong we recommend you take public transportation like bus and metro to move around but also walk as much as you can. You can also take short boat rides to move around the island. The first day of our itinerary in Hong Kong we visited Mong Kok in Kowloon. On the way we visited Man Mo temple riding a boat and visiting the fisherman village where people live on the boats in Hong Kong.

After this we headed to Mong KOk to visit the popular Temple Street and Ladie’s Market. These places are great for trying local and street food as we did with our friends of @explore_hongkong. At night Lan Kwai Fong if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong itinerary

Did you know that there is a tram in Hong Kong? We rode the tram and there are even two stories inside the tram. The speed is very low and it’s perfect for sightseeing. Prices are around 20 cents of a dollar. The tram will ride you to a few awesome Hong Kong tourist spots and it’s a must to do this there!


Hong Kong itinerary

As you visit in Hong Kong, you’ll realize that it really is a new country and as new religions for your perspective, Taoism is the main religion in Hong Kong. It was really nice to visit temples and get the explanations of their rituals in the temples. And they explained us about the food offerings. We love the vibes in the temples, it was so quiet!

Man Mo Temple opens at 08:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM. Entrance fee is free for both kids and adults.


It´s located in Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. It´s one of our favorite parts to visit. You can find street markets, street food and also cheap accommodation if you are planning to stay around this area. It’s very crowded here as it is one of the most densely populated city worldwide.

You have to try street food in Mong Kok! Prices start at around HK$20 per dish.


Temple Street Night Market is the largest and most festive in Hong Kong, a famous street bazaar. This market is located in Kowloon’s Jordan district, famous for selling men’s clothing and accessories. The night market opens at 2 pm and it is made up of hundred stalls, colorful lights, which make it the liveliest night market in town.

The stores offer tea ware, watches, different kinds of clothing, electronics, shoes, phones, and many more. There are also second-hand goods and antiques. This night market is definitely the place to bargain!

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Ladie's Market, Hong Kong tourist spots, Hong Kong itinerary
Image from Flickr

If you’re really into shopping like Rachel, you would surely love this market. A whole 1 km full of over a hundred stalls, you’ll surely find something you like. Be patient and shop your heart out. There’s a lot of clothing and accessories for women of all ages.


Everything go really fast in Hong Kong and lunch time is the same. They will attend you fast and they are expecting that you finish your food as soon as possible. Restaurants are very small and they share the space in the most efficient way. We liked the local food so much. As you can see in the pictures, you have to get used to using chopsticks.

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Hong Kong tourist spots, Lan Kwai Fong
Image from Flickr

As I’ve said, Hong Kong has a rich nightlife. Lan Kwai Fong is the best introduction you could get to experience Hong Kong. You will understand its people and its food. There are a lot of people here, almost always. Their Halloween celebrations, Christmas and New Year are especially more colorful and dramatic.

You can also meet with friends here to have a drink, which will cost at around HK$80.

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Day 2 Hong Kong Itinerary

For the second day we were chasing the best instagrammable spots in Hong Kong. We started early morning hiking to Victoria Peak. We did the whole way walking and it took us almost two hours to reach there. You can also take the Peak Tram and the bus to get to Victoria Peak.

After this The Hong Kong Park, Nan Lian Garden, Monster Building located in Quarry Bay and Choi Hung State. All these places great for taking pictures and all of them with no entrance fee.


Instagrammable Places in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, Hong Kong itinerary

The Victoria Peak is Hong Kong’s number one tourist destination, and if it’s your first time visiting the city, the peak should be really on top of the list! Be warned that it can get crowded but rest assured, the view will be stunning and you’ll even get to see the skyscrapers and the beautiful panoramic view of Hong Kong and Kowloon!

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Choi Hung State, Instagrammable places in Hong Kong, Hong Kong itinerary

Choi Hung State is famous because of the basketball courts, children’s playground, fitness stations, and many more. It will be the best if you’ll witness the sunrise or sunset here. Choi Hung means rainbow in Cantonese language.

Instagrammable Places in Hong Kong, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong itinerary

Yik Cheong Building known as Monster Building is located in Quarry Bay in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island. It is consists of five connecting buildings which form an E-shaped architecture complex. It offers a glimpse of the local lives, culture, and a unique city’s neon night light.

It has been a tourist spot especially among the curious travelers and photography enthusiasts. If you want to capture the best angles, walk towards the very back of the compound so you could capture the whole angle and beautiful sight of the packed building!


Instagrammable places in Hing Kong, Hong Kong itinerary
Image from Flickr

Nan Lian Garden is located in the Diamond Hill, and is over 3.5 hectare in area. It is a lovely garden where you can enjoy strolling around. As you wander around, you will see spectacular rock displays, bunch of trees and plants, pond with many large goldfish, and a lovely pagoda. It is very relaxing among the bustling of Hong Kong.

In one of the pavilions, there is usually an exhibition of Chinese art and crafts that you can also enjoy. This garden is truly a gem that’s perfectly maintained! Just relax in Nan Lian Garden and take a slow walk through the ravishing garden. And- admission is free!


Image from Flickr

The Hong Kong Park is a really nice example of where modern design meets natural landscape. It is quite peaceful and amazing to see the blending of these two designs for a fairly wide area. There is an aviarygreenhouse and many more.

Day 3 Itinerary in Hong Kong

For this day you can go for a day trip to Lantau Island where you can visit the Big Buddha. At night you can always go to Victoria Harbour. You can enjoy Sky Views and even a cruise at night around Victoria Harbour.


Big Buddha, instagrammable places in Hong Kong, Hong Kong itinerary

The Hong Kong’s Big Buddha built in 1993, is hidden away by lush mountains, became a famous destination. Located in Lantau Island, it is one of the biggest seated Buddha statues in the world. The Big Buddha is made of bronze and its staircase will lead you atop the hill.

There are 260 steps and there are areas in between where you can stop for a rest, capture moments, and just cherish the views. Once you are finally at the top and have a close look, Tian Tan, the Buddha, is seating on a wreath of lotus leaves which has special significance in Buddhism, and is a symbol of Purity.

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Victoria Harbour, Instagrammable places in Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour is one of the top instagrammable places in Hong Kong where you can enjoy astonishing views of Hong Kong’s skyline. It is both beautiful in either day and night. In the morning you’ll get to see fishermen, boats and people wandering around. And it is also wonderful at night with the city all lit up, nightly light and entertainment shows.

You can even just stand for a good while just taking in the landscape of Hong Kong Island. You could take the Star ferry that’s cheap in price to view the harbour. The view on the harbour and the skyline will absolutely look like a real painting and you should take some amazing time lapses of the ferry and boats passing by!


Instagrammable Places in Hong Kong, skyviews from Ritz Carlton

The rooftop lounge called Ozone which is the highest bar in the world, has a lot to offer from spectacular views of the city, to various kinds of cuisine, awesome cocktails, and even dance parties with famous DJs!

If you want to relax, they have massage center, Jacuzzi, indoor pool, spa, and even gym! The hotel offers a wide range of services and facilities to the guests so Ritz Carlton will really give you the best of the best’s experience!

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Read our experience in Ritz Carlton for Rachel’s Birthday!


Clock Tower, Instagrammable places in Hong Kong
Image from Flickr


The Clock Tower is located in southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui, just right next to Victoria Harbour. It is an interesting old piece of history constructed in 1915 which reminds the colonial history of Hong Kong. It is a mesmerizing open area by the harbour. There are small shops along the bay and a mall just a few blocks down.

If you get lucky, you will see few street performers and there are night light show. Be ready to get amazed by its modern architecture. Clock Tower is definitely one of the icons of Hong Kong!


Image from Flickr


The Tsim Sha Tsui means “sharp sand spit” in Cantonese and it is an urban area in Southern area of Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tsim Sha Tsui will offer you clear views of Hong Kong Island’s spectacular skyline. In the day, you can witness the boats pass by through Victoria Harbour. You can also get into a cheap ferry ride for about 30 cents USD which crosses the harbour.

It will also be the best in the evening if you’ll walk along Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, for there is a show for 20 minutes from 8pm onwards which is called “Symphony of the Stars”, where you can expect brilliant lights onto the Hong Kong’s skyline. Visiting their bars and restaurants is a must too, disregarding the time of your visit, it will be awesome.

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Day 4 Hong Kong Itinerary

It takes only one hour going by ferry from Hong Kong and Macau. Macau is small and you can enjoy a different vibe than Hong Kong. You can go back or staying there overnight. You can click here to book your ferry tickets from Hong Kong to Macau.


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You can do a day trip to Macau or take a night visit to Macau. Once in Macau, you can try different gastronomy, visit Portuguese colony churches and of course go gambling in Macau. For more information, read our full travel guide in Macau.

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Day 5 Itinerary in Hong Kong

An amazing plan for your last day in Hong Kong is visiting Disneyland especially if you are traveling with kids. You will have full entertainment and the kids and adults will have so much fun since there are many things to do in Hong Kong with kids!


Image from Flickr


A theme park that is very famous because of its magical nature. Families, couples and kids would surely love this theme park because of its vibe, pure fun and innocent youthfulness. It’s a great place not to miss in Hong Kong.

Entrance fee is for adults is $US 79.01 for a one day ticket and $US58.46 for children aged 3 to 11 years old, also for a one day pass.

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More Days Hong Kong Itinerary

We think 5 Days Hong Kong itinerary is enough to visit the main tourist spots in Hong Kong but if you can stay longer there are more activities to do and places to visit. You can visit monasteries and temples. Also visiting local markets going for local food. Even an amazing hikes in Hong Kong like Dragon’s Back hike to spend the day outdoors.


Hong Kong tourist spots, Ocean Park Hong Kong
Image from Wikimedia


There are a lot of things to do in Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Although, it is called Ocean park there are also rides and lots of street foods to begin with. It is more of an amusement park that is really fantastical to its core, and it’s very great for families and couples.

Entrance fee for adults costs HK$438 and HK$219 for children aged 3-11.

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Hong Kong tourist spots, Tai O Fishing Village
Image from Flickr


Tai O Fishing Village is full of stilt houses. Stilt houses are houses built on piles over the surface of soil or water, in this village it’s on water. The village has lots of seafood available and it’s a good place to understand how people lived back then.


Tsz Shan Monastery, Hong Kong tourist spots
Image from Flickr


Tsz Shan Monastery is a large monastery that is very peaceful and tranquil. The purpose of the monastery is to serve people spiritual purification. The bronze Guanyin statue inside is the second highest in the world.

Entrance is free in Tsz Shan Monastery.


Wong Tai Sin Temple
Image from Flickr


The Wong Tai Sin Temple is home to three religions namely Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. People go here to offer, seek guidance and for fortune telling. It is said that every wish come true upon request.

Entrance is free in Wong Tai Sin Temple but if you want to enter Tai Sui Yuenchen Hall, you have to pay HK$100.


Image from Flickr


Dragon’s Back hike is a great way to truly appreciate southern Hong Kong Island and its shoreline. The end of the trail is the Big Wave Bay, where you can definitely enjoy surfing and dipping for your trip finale.

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Ten Thousand Buddhas, Hong Kong tourist spots
Image from Flickr


A lot of Buddhas statues are on the Monastery guiding the ways inside. It is one of the most popular Buddhist temples in Hong Kong. You could also see inside the preserved corpse of  Reverend Yuet Kai.

Monastery is open 9AM to 5PM daily with no entrance fee.


Hong Kong tourist spots, St John's Cathedral Hong Kong
Image from Flickr


Built in the style of gothic revival, it is the oldest Anglican Church in the Far east. Also, it is only 1 of the 5 cathedrals in Hong Kong. It is also the seat of the Archbishop of Hong Kong.


Image from Flickr


Known as the most famous beach in Hong Kong, Repulse bay is also an expensive residential area. You can find lots of luxury accommodations and restaurants around the place. Also, it has a resort vibe feels to it.



Image from Flickr


There are heritage sites around Ping Shan Trail that you might find interesting. It is an evidence from the time where Northwest Hong Kong was just a humble market village. You could learn new things about Hong Kong’s history here.


If you’re looking for a cheap place to crash, there are dorm rooms in Hong Kong that only go for $25 or less. Another inexpensive lodging option is AirBnB, where you can get rooms for $40-50. Click here to get a $30 USD discount on your first booking when you sign up on AirBnB! Those who want to treat themselves can always book luxury hotel rooms starting at around  €200 per night.

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