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The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong: Rachel´s Birthday

Last updated on June 4th, 2021 at 01:33 pm

After spending a few days in Hong Kong visiting the main attractions, and before going to Macau I decided to prepare a surprise for Rachel for her birthday. As she likes coffee shops so much, I told her that we didn´t find any accommodation and we would  work at night in a fancy coffee shop like what we always did a few times before. I was planning to tell her at the gate of The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, but finally I decided to say when we woke up. She of course really liked it and was super excited since we already saw our favorite Instagrammers in this hotel a few weeks ago.

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How to get to The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

One of the things that we love about Hong Kong is it is very easy to reach every place by metro, taxi or bus. To get to The Ritz Carlton, you can ride a taxi or even by metro. We chose public transportation and went by metro. We also crossed a mall full of shops. The Ritz Carlton is on top of the International Commerce Centre building, between floor 102-118 in the West Kowloon District.

First Impressions at The Ritz Carlton

We have to say that we heard really good things about The Ritz Carlton before staying there for our first time. Ishwan welcomed us explaining about the hotel, as well as helping us with the check-in. He told us that he prepared a surprise for us in the room! We were so excited to go into the room. When we opened the door, the window had balloons and Happy Birthday signs. Everything was very colorful and to our surprise, our best pictures in Instagram were there as well. We had a cake and a candle, too! Those were really nice details from Ishwan that made us feel like at home. Rachel loved the surprise so much!


You will find different varieties of food at The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. From Cantonese food in Til Lung Heen and La Tosca Italian Restaurant, both Michelin star restaurants, The Ozone which is the highest restaurant in the world has beautiful modern decoration, live music, tapas, cocktails and amazing views, and The Club Level where you can enjoy 24 hours of delicious food whether Western and local, also wine, beer, juices and cocktails.

The Club Level at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

We did check-in at The Club where you can enjoy super delicious food. From cheese, salmon to tasty cakes. Also beer, wine, cocktails, coffee for 24 hours anytime! The views from The Club in the 116th floor were amazing! We were enjoying eating and trying to take creative shots all the time. There are local and Western choices and we loved trying all of them. Not only we enjoyed the food at The Club but also loved the amazing views. Check out these shots and let us know in the comments which one you like more:

Tosca and Tin Lung Heen

Both Michelin stars restaurant, we had the opportunity to visit around. Thanks of Shirley and it was our first time to experience visiting a Michelin Star Restaurant. We saw how meticulous they are with the food and how organized everything is. We loved the interior and took a few pictures around:


This is the highest bar in the world. The views were amazing and we liked the atmosphere. It had live music, tapas, cocktails, beers. You can have dinner while relaxing in the couch and after that you can enjoy the music and also the check the views with a periscope at night of Victoria Harbour. The place is very modern and it´s located in 118th floor of The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong.

For dinner, we ate mini burgers, Spanish tapas and beer. We love eating tapas and beer and it´s something that we do very often. But the most amazing thing for me was the tapa from Spain, ham (Spanish jamon iberico which comes from the leg of the pig), and cheese. It´s not easy to find it in Asia, that´s why I enjoy it so much every time I can try it. 🙂

Facilities and Staff

You will find everything in The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong since it has the highest restaurant in the world, the highest pool, and the highest bar. There are shops and you can have your spa time if you want to. No need to leave the hotel because inside you will have an amazing time for sure and you will not miss anything there!


We got surprised that you can find everything in the hotel from swimming wears, suits, jackets, t-shirts. There are souvenirs, jewelry, beauty products, and toiletries. You can purchase the products there if you are too busy to go out for shopping.

The Pool

The pool area was our favorite and enjoyed it in our free time. We took a few shots from the views and had fun swimming. There are comfortable beds for resting, reading or just enjoying the views of the place.


The friendly staff did their best for us. We already wrote about Rachel´s surprise and how they will take care of all the details. In the pool, they were very attentive and will offer you a towel. In the restaurant, they will suggest what to eat or what to drink always with a big smile. Also they will recommend you what to visit around Hong Kong if you require that information.

And this it was our amazing time in the Ritz Calton Hong Kong, hope you liked it!

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