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How We Started: The “Love” and Story and Where we are Now

how we started Gamintraveler
Here’s us in Bali and here is our “How we Started” Story ❤️

How We Started – the Beginning

We’re often asked about the origins of our story, our “meet cute,” if you will. To many who follow us online, we’re known as Gamintraveler, the travel duo. We’re Ruben from Spain and Rachel from the Philippines, a multicultural couple who embarked on a blogging journey in 2015. This is the succinct, elevator-pitch introduction we typically give.

Yet, this narrative hardly scratches the surface. Today, we’re not penning a marketing spiel or an SEO-driven article. Today, we’re sharing our story, as every story worth telling deserves to be shared.

Before We Met

how we started Gamintraveler
Ruben in Nicaragua, during his travels in South America via Gamintraveler How we Started

Before our paths crossed in 2014, we were worlds apart, both literally and metaphorically. Ruben, a hardworking Spaniard, had been a taxi driver for a decade. Ambitious and independent, he not only acquired his taxi license but also bought a house at a young age. Despite his financial success, the relentless pursuit of more became unfulfilling. Opting out of the rat race, he sold his house, cleared his debts, and embarked on a nine-month journey through Latin America, embracing hitchhiking and couchsurfing along the way.

Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia, Rachel faced her own crossroads. Dropping out of college in her final week, she left home to continue her sales work, only to face the unexpected challenge of becoming a single mother at 22. Determined to build a new life, she chose to raise her child alone while forging a career from home, stepping away from the conventional path laid out before her.

Our Meet-Cute: March 2014, Couchsurfing in the Philippines

how we started Gamintraveler
Us traveling together in India via Gamintraveler How we Started

Fate brought us together as Ruben’s travels led him to Southeast Asia and Rachel opened her home to travelers from around the globe. Despite initial reservations, Rachel welcomed Ruben, a stranger from Spain, into her home. Their connection was immediate, transcending the usual boundaries of transient travel encounters.

A Love Tested by Distance and Time

Our meeting in March 2014 was serendipitous, yet the future of our connection was uncertain. Even as Ruben moved to Australia for work, the promise of returning lingered. The true test came when Ruben embarked on a monumental bike trip from Spain to Norway, a journey that would either forge our bond stronger or break it apart.

The Birth of Gamintraveler

how we started Gamintraveler
Our first-ever blog post and ebook for our readers!

Overcoming the hurdles that life and distance threw our way, we decided to unite our lives and passions. In November 2015, Gamintraveler was born, marking the beginning of our shared adventures. Since then, we’ve traversed 25 countries across four continents, eventually settling in Spain to start a new chapter closer to family, yet still driven by our love for travel and storytelling.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to explore the world and document our experiences, we’re reminded that our story is ongoing. This blog serves not only as a platform for our adventures but as a testament to our journey together. Here’s to the chapters yet unwritten, the challenges yet faced, and the stories yet told.

As we look ahead, our plans are filled with dreams yet to be realized and stories yet to be told. We’re excited to explore new horizons, continue growing our blog, and share the lessons we learn along the way. Whether it’s navigating the challenges of expat life in Spain, embarking on off-the-beaten-path adventures, or simply finding beauty in the every day, we’re committed to living a life that’s rich in experiences and shared with love.

To those who’ve followed our journey, who’ve shared in our joys and offered support through our challenges, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your encouragement fuels our adventures and motivates us to continue sharing our story. As we venture into the unknown, we invite you to join us, to be part of our continuing story, and to find inspiration in the beauty of the world around us.

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