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Caribbean SIM Card – The Ultimate Guide to the Best International SIM Card for Caribbean

Last updated on March 25th, 2024 at 02:12 am

Best International SIM Card for Caribbean

Looking for a complete guide and primer on the best international SIM card for Caribbean?

For Caribbean eSIM, Maya and Airalo’s Caribbean Regional Data plans outweigh Holafly’s data plans. For Caribbean, Sim Card signal is dominated by Digicell and Flow while other countries have smaller brands.

You’ll find all the information you need in this post below.

Traveling to the Caribbean and staying connected has never been easier. But with so many options, how do you pick the best international SIM card for your trip?

Digicell and Flow cover most of the Caribbean Island SIM Card needs for data and calls. We look at the rest of your options for the rest of Caribbean to help you get the most out of your sim card needs when traveling in the Caribbean.

This comprehensive guide will help both tourists and residents find the best Caribbean SIM card to match their needs.

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Why Choosing the Right SIM Card is Essential

When journeying to the Caribbean, whether for a short vacation or a long-term stay, selecting the right SIM card is crucial. It can determine the quality of your network coverage, the cost of your calls, data, and texts, and even the convenience of purchasing and topping up your account. But fear not! We’re here to help you make the best decision.

Best Prepaid eSIM in the Caribbean

eSIMs are the newest technology for mobile devices to connect to the internet. If you have an eSIM-compatible device, you have the advantage of purchasing an eSIM for Caribbean that will allow you to connect to internet/data without having to purchase a physical SIM Card.

The biggest advantage of getting an eSIM for Caribbean is that it allows you to save time as eSIMs are easily purchased online. You can purchase it in advance as preparation for your trip as the data will only start counting once you activate it. Activation is also very easy and you’ll have data right away, making sure you don’t lose connection wherever you go.

Getting an eSIM in Caribbean will also allow you to use your original sim card so you don’t have to replace it or turn it off and you will still be able to get messages or calls (if your roaming is on for text and calls).

The Best Prepaid eSIM in Caribbean are Airalo, Maya and Holafly. Both Airalo and Maya offer Caribbean-specific regional eSIM plans so you can use the same eSIM plan if you need to hop to various Caribbean countries. Holafly on the other hand gives you access to a country-specific eSIM Plans for the Caribbean.

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Airalo Prepaid eSIM for Caribbean

Airalo offers Caribbean eSIM for 1GB for 7 Days for $15.

This plan has coverage in 24 countries in the Caribbean including Anguilla, Antigua And Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Curaçao, Dominica, French Guiana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Panama, Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks an d Caicos Islands.

Airalo has great coverage with signals provided by Digicell and Flow. eSIM data is renewable and does not require eKYC or identity verification for Caribbean.

You can see our full review of Airalo to see that it’s a reliable eSIM provider.

Get your Airalo eSIM in Caribbean for $15.

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Airalo eSIM for Caribbean best eSIM in Caribbean
Airalo Caribbean eSIM, Image via – Best International Sim Card for Caribbean

Holaflly Prepaid eSIM in Caribbean

Holafly eSIM for Domibican Pepublic best eSIM in Caribbean
Holafly Caribbean eSIM for Dominican Republic via – Best International SIM Card for Caribbean

Holafly doesn’t have its regional Caribbean eSIM however, it does have some of the best plans for individual Caribbean countries. See Holafly plans for a particular Caribbean country below.

  • Caribbean Holafly plans usually start at 3 GB for 7 Days for $37
  • Coverage: Nationwide, including major cities and tourist destinations
  • Network: Utilizes the Vodacom network

Sure, here’s a list of all the Caribbean countries:

AnguillaAntigua and Barbuda
ArubaThe Bahamas
BarbadosBritish Virgin Islands
Cayman IslandsCuba
DominicaDominican Republic
Puerto RicoSaint Kitts and Nevis
Saint LuciaSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and TobagoTurks and Caicos Islands
United States Virgin Islands

Please note that some territories in the Caribbean are dependencies or overseas territories of other nations.

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Maya Prepaid eSIM for Caribbean

Maya eSIM for Caribbean best eSIM in Caribbean

Maya eSIM Caribbean+ Plan

Caribbean+ eSIM Plan

See the plan prices below:

  • 1 GB for 30 days for $25 USD
  • 3 GB for 30 days for $56 USD
  • 5 GB for 30 days for $74 USD
  • 10 GB for 30 days for $120 USD
  • No Unlimited Data Plan for the Caribbean

Best SIM Cards for English-Speaking Islands – Best International SIM Card for Caribbean

best international sim card for caribbean
Best International SIM Card for Caribbean

For eSIM-Capable Phones


A market leader in many Caribbean countries, Digicel offers impressive coverage and competitive rates. It provides a variety of plans to choose from, ranging from basic call and text packages to data-heavy options for the internet savvy. Purchasing and topping up a Digicel SIM card is straightforward, with online options and plenty of local stores.

Aliv (Bahamas)

If you’re heading to the Bahamas, Aliv is a great choice. Known for excellent coverage and high-speed internet, Aliv offers flexible plans to suit both short-term travelers and long-term residents. Their SIM cards are easily available at various retail locations and the airport.

Aliv has 3G & 4G on all these islands, and 4.5G or LTE Advance on the following islands:

  • New Providence
  • Grand Bahama
  • Bimini
  • Central Abaco
  • Parts of Exuma
  • Parts of Eleuthera

Best SIM Cards for French-Speaking Islands


For the French-speaking islands in the Caribbean, Orange stands out as a reliable choice. It boasts solid coverage and a range of plans to fit different needs. Orange SIM cards are readily available, and their easy-to-use website makes managing your account a breeze.

Digicel (Haiti)

In Haiti, Digicel outperforms its competitors. With extensive coverage and affordable plans, it’s the preferred choice for many residents and tourists alike. Their SIM cards can be purchased at official stores and authorized retailers.

Best SIM Card for Dutch-Speaking Islands Best International SIM Card for Caribbean

best international sim card for caribbean
Best International SIM Card for Caribbean

Flow/Chippie (formerly UTS)

Flow/Chippie is a top-rated provider in Dutch-speaking islands. It offers excellent coverage and competitive pricing on its plans. Flow/Chippie SIM cards can be purchased online or in-person at many local stores.

Best International Sim Card for Caribbean per Country

Digicel Plan Options for Jamaica:

  • 1-Day Plan: For JMD 350, you can get unlimited local calls, 500MB of data, and unlimited WhatsApp messaging for 24 hours.
  • 7-Day Plan: For JMD 1400, enjoy unlimited local calls, 2GB of data, and unlimited WhatsApp messaging valid for seven days.
  • 30-Day Plan: At JMD 4000, get unlimited local calls, 6GB of data, and unlimited WhatsApp messaging for thirty days.

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Aliv Plan Options for Bahamas:

  • Freedom 10: At BSD 10, enjoy 1GB of data, 500 local minutes, and 500 local texts valid for seven days.
  • Freedom 20: For BSD 20, get 2GB of data, 1000 local minutes, and 1000 local texts valid for fourteen days.
  • Freedom 30: At BSD 30, enjoy 5GB of data, unlimited local calls, and unlimited local texts for thirty days.

Orange Plan Options for Martinique:

  • Pass Internet Mobile 5GB: For EUR 10, get 5GB of data valid for thirty days.
  • Pass Internet Mobile 10GB: For EUR 20, enjoy 10GB of data valid for thirty days.
  • Pass Internet Mobile 30GB: For EUR 30, get 30GB of data for thirty days.

Digicel Plan Options for Haiti:

  • 1-Day Plan: For HTG 50, get unlimited local calls, 250MB of data, and unlimited WhatsApp messaging for 24 hours.
  • 7-Day Plan: For HTG 300, enjoy unlimited local calls, 1GB of data, and unlimited WhatsApp messaging valid for seven days.
  • 30-Day Plan: At HTG 1000, get unlimited local calls, 4GB of data, and unlimited WhatsApp messaging for thirty days.

Flow/Chippie Plan Options for Curacao:

  • Prepaid Call & Surf: For ANG 15, get 500 local minutes, 500 local texts, and 1GB of data valid for seven days.
  • Prepaid Surf & More: For ANG 25, enjoy 1,000 local minutes, 1,000 local texts, and 2GB of data valid for fourteen days.
  • Prepaid Unlimited: At ANG 50, get unlimited local calls, unlimited local texts, and 5GB of data for thirty days.

Trinidad and Tobago:

  • bmobile: Known for its excellent coverage across both islands, bmobile offers an array of prepaid and postpaid plans to fit every need.
  • Digicel: Also a strong contender in this region, Digicel offers competitive data and call rates, with easy top-up options available.


  • Flow: As one of the primary telecom providers in Barbados, Flow offers a variety of SIM card plans, from daily to monthly, fitting various communication needs.
  • Digicel: Just like in many other Caribbean countries, Digicel is a popular choice in Barbados for its reliable network and flexible data plans.

St. Lucia:

  • Digicel: Digicel’s strong coverage and diverse range of plans make it an excellent choice for those traveling to or living in St. Lucia.
  • Flow: With competitive pricing and reliable service, Flow is another great option for SIM card needs in St. Lucia.

Cayman Islands:

  • Flow: With comprehensive coverage and a selection of affordable plans, Flow is often the preferred choice in the Cayman Islands.
  • Digicel: Offering high-speed data and a variety of prepaid and postpaid plans, Digicel is a viable alternative to Flow.

Dominican Republic:

  • Claro: As the largest telecommunication company in the Dominican Republic, Claro offers extensive coverage and diverse plans to choose from.
  • Orange: Despite being rebranded as Altice, many still recognize this provider as Orange. It offers good coverage and various data and call plans.


  • Digicel: Grenada’s top telecom provider, Digicel, offers comprehensive coverage and a variety of data and call plans suitable for both short-term travelers and long-term residents.
  • Flow: Flow is another well-known provider in Grenada with an array of competitive prepaid and postpaid plans.

Antigua and Barbuda:

  • Digicel: In Antigua and Barbuda, Digicel is a widely recognized provider due to its excellent network coverage and data plans.
  • Flow: Flow also has a significant presence in this region, offering diverse plans to cater to different communication needs.

St. Kitts and Nevis:

  • Digicel: Known for its extensive coverage and flexible SIM card plans, Digicel is a top choice for many traveling to or living in St. Kitts and Nevis.
  • Flow: As in many other Caribbean islands, Flow also offers a solid service with a variety of SIM card options in St. Kitts and Nevis.


  • Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL): Operating under the brand name Digi, BTL is the largest telecommunication provider in Belize and offers various prepaid and postpaid plans.
  • Smart: As another provider in Belize, Smart offers competitive packages and good coverage throughout the country.


  • ETECSA: As the only telecommunication company operating in Cuba, ETECSA provides prepaid SIM cards under the brand name Cubacel. Note that buying a SIM card in Cuba requires a valid passport.

Making the Most of Your Caribbean SIM Card

Regardless of the SIM card you choose, here are some additional tips to help you stay connected efficiently:

  1. Compare Plans: Before purchasing, compare the various plans available to find one that fits your usage needs.
  2. Check Coverage: Ensure the provider you choose offers good coverage in the areas you’ll be visiting.
  3. Understand Top-Up Options: Familiarize yourself with how to top up your chosen SIM card – online, in-store, or both.

Final Thoughts: Best International SIM Card for Caribbean

Choosing the best international SIM card for the Caribbean may seem daunting, but armed with this information, you’re ready to make an informed decision. Best International SIM Card for Caribbean are provided by Digicell and Flow. However, if you’re looking at Caribbean eSIM, Maya and Airalo are great alternatives.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for advice to make sure you stay connected on your Caribbean adventure!

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