10 Most Instagrammable places in Paris

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Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in this planet that captured our hearts. It is the most popular city in France and has been one of Europe’s major centers of finance, commerce, and arts. Paris is near the top of an arc of the river Seine. The city is famous for its well-known art, and it offers variety of hotels that will make you want to stay in love there forever and want to come back over and over again. In fact, it was ranked as the 3rd most visited travel destination in 2018. As most part of our lifestyle moves around Instagram, we want to share with you the most Instagrammable places in Paris! Discover why we love Paris in this article!

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How to get to Paris


By Plane

There are three main airports in the city- Paris-Beauvais AirportParis-Orly Airport, and Charles de Gaulle airport. All of these airports are easily accessible. 

If you are coming from other parts of Europe, there are many flights where you can choose from that cost from $50-$150 USD. If you are coming from the US, let’s say, Los Angeles, there are also cheap flights from $800-$1000 USD for a return ticket. You can click here to get the best flight deals wherever you go! Read here our full blog post how to get to Paris city center from the airport! All the information that you need, schedules and prices.

Or, if you are closer, you can also take the train. There are many high-speed trains that route into Paris. Typically they come into Gare de l’Est, Gare du Nord, or Gare de Lyon.

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Most Instagrammable places in Paris

1. Eiffel Tower Sunrise from Trocadero

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Eiffel Tower
Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Eiffel Tower

A Europe trip will not be complete without having to visit the famous Eiffel Tower. It is so beautiful to witness the sunrise in the place. You just have to go and watch the sunrise while taking pictures and enjoy the moment. Your Europe trip wouldn’t be complete without having to take picture with the Eiffel tower. It will be worth it to wake up 6am to have an amazing view of the sunrise, trust us!

How to get to Trocadero Square? The easiest and fastest is by metro line 6, unless you can go walking distance. The price of a metro ticket is €1.90 or  cheaper if you purchase 10 tickets. Once you are in Trocadero Metro station, you just have to cross the road and you will see the square and the view of the Eiffel Tower. It´s so beautiful! Just look for your favorite spot to take the pictures from the top or downstairs! Be patient sometimes because the place can be crowded.

2. Arc de Triomphe

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe is one of the famous landmarks in Paris. It is inspired by the Arch of Titus in Rome. The Arc has a height of 50 meters and is located at the right bank of the Sienna. Since it is one of the famous landmarks in Paris, many tourists visit the site to try and capture Instagrammable pictures. We were able to visit the site but during our visit there are also a lot of tourists taking picture with the Arc. If you want to go up and have amazing views, it will cost €12 per person and 280 upstairs to reach to the top.

How to get to Arc de Triomphe? The easiest and fastest is by metro line 6, line 1 and line 3. Just go up and you will see the Arc de Triomphe, you will not get lost. Travel tip: Early morning here can be less busy and you can be lucky with the colors of the sky at sunrise. It´s a good thing that the metro in Paris starts before 6 am and you can reach this place on time for the sunrise.

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3. Montmartre

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Montmartre
Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Montmartre

If you are into arts, the best place for you to take picture is Montmartre. It is a popular area where you can find great selection of artwork. You’ll be able to encounter artists sharing their abilities and skills. It is a walking distance to the Sacred Heart Church, where you can have a good view of Paris. We loved the vibes in the streets, full of artists- from painters to singers. There are also nice coffee shops where you can try crepes and coffee. 

How to get to Montmartre? The easiest and fastest is by metro line 2 to Anvers. From there just keep walking up and you will reach Montmartre. It´s crowded but it’s worth it because the most instagrammable place in Paris is in Montmartre. From coffee shops like Le Consulat and La Maison Rose, you will find them walking around the area. Just be patient to take your perfect shot!

4. Notre Dame Cathedral

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral

It is a historical monument made as the house of God and the abode of men. Like most catholic church, the building is responsible for human and Christian experience. It is free for all, accessible to people who want to visit the church. There are tours available to know more about the history of the church. They also allowed schools to visit the church by appointment. Best time of the day to visit Notre Dame Cathedral is first thing in the morning when it will be less busy or at sunset where the vibe is really nice.

How to get to Notre Dame Cathedral? The easiest and fastest is by metro St-Michel Notre Dame line 4. You will have to walk a few meters and you will see the huge Cathedral. Try to get the best angle to take your shot and hopefully it’s not so crowded!

5. Seine River

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Seine River
Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Seine River
Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Seine River

Seeing the romantic city of Paris by boat is a must while visiting the place. Cruising the Seine river is a very popular way to see Paris. Although it is a short river cruise, it allows you to see the highlight of the city like the Louvre, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower and many more. There are many available companies that provide tours along the river for as low as €13. You can take pictures in different spots in Seine River, our favorite ones with views to the Eiffel Tower. Rachel loved it so much the padlocks bridge close to Pont Alexandre III.

How to get to Seine River? Well Seine River can be found everywhere you walk around Paris. Just go for your favorite place to take the picture. If you want to, choose a spot near Notre Dame Cathedral like we did or you can also go for Seine River with the views to the Eiffel Tower.

More Instagrammable Places in Paris

6. Louvre Museum

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Louvre Museum

This pyramid-shaped museum is the world’s largest art museum, and is one of the historic monuments in Paris. It is a central landmark of the city, located on the Right Bank of the Seine. The museum is that famous so most of the time the museum is packed with travelers wanting to capture its beauty. You can enter the museum with an admission fee of €17. You’ll be able to experience seeing the famous Mona Lisa painting inside the museum. If you go inside the museum you will need a few hours of your day since it´s huge!

How to get to Louvre? The closest Paris Metro station to the Louvre Museum is Louvre Rivoli and Palais Royal Musée du Louvre, both on Line 1 which travels underneath Rue de Rivoli. You can get nice shots and there’s almost no people if you go here the first thing in the morning before the museum opens!

7. Sacre Coeur

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Sacre Coeur
Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Sacre Coeur

Our favorite cathedral in Paris. It´s located in Montmartre. It´s huge and beautiful inside and outside. The views from Sacre coeur to the city are so amazing too. It´s so nice at sunset time with people playing and singing. It´s a great place to relax after a long day sightseeing in Paris.

How to get to Sacre Coeur? The easiest and fastest is by metro line 2 to Anvers. From there, just keep walking up and you will reach Sacre Coeur. There are nice shots of the facade and also, you’ll love the views. You can also get there by funicular. Early morning is the time that you can find the place empty. At sunset time is also great time to enjoy the atmosphere with people singing and enjoying the show in the stairs and garden.

8. Sinking House

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Sinking House

Have you ever seen viral pictures in Instagram? We tried our viral picture too like the Pisa tower in Italy. For people who asked us where to take the picture in our instagram. The place is located on the right side of Sacre coeur, and for taking pictures, you have to go into the garden. From there, you will see the apartments in front. If you go down to the grass, you will find the spot to take the picture.

How to get to the Sinking House? This is the hardest to find among our list of the most instagrammable places in Paris. To get here, just read the information above how to get to Sacre Coeur, by walking or by funicular. Once you are in the main gate, go downstairs. And on the left side you will see the houses go until the bottom of the garden. Once you are there, if you look at the buildings, it will make the illusion of a sinking house. It´s not really sinking, though! Haha!

9. Rooftops in Paris

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Rooftop in Paris

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Rooftop in Paris

We looked for the best rooftops in Paris to take pictures, from hotels to malls. We visited a few places and our favorite one was in Hotel California where we had really amazing views of the Eiffel tower. We really liked the rooftop Printempts Haussmann in Galeries Lafayette and the best thing you can enjoy this views for free. The entrance is in the mall and you have to go to the elevator to the restaurant and there is a place where you can enjoy the views for yourself as much as you want to stay there!

How to get to rooftops in Paris? There are shopping malls, maybe your Airbnb place, or your hotel. Just ask the staff nicely if they have a rooftop  with beautiful views to the Eiffel Tower. Try to be creative because it’s your chance! It seems like Pisa Tower in Italy. Rooftops are a great place to have fun while taking pictures.

10. Room with a view

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Room with a view

Most Instagrammable places in Paris, Room with a view

Hands up for those rooms with a view to the Eiffel tower in Paris! How beautiful it is just enjoying a sunset from your room after having a little nap, or eating the popular macaroons while enjoying the view? Our favorite place was Hyatt Madeleine where we took these amazing shots.

After our top 10 favorite Instagrammable places in Paris, we also took a few nice pictures that Instagram-worthy. Check them out below:

Moulin RougeMost Instagrammable places in Paris, Moulin RougeThe popular classic musical Moulin Rouge is a must-see in Paris. It´s just a few minutes walking distance from Montmartre. Around the area, there is a red light district where you can see many shops around.

Balcony ViewsMost Instagrammable places in Paris, Balcony viewsSomething Rachel felt in love in France and Paris was balcony views. They were so beautiful watching from the top. She loved seeing how busy the city is and the architecture of the capital of France.

Street Art in ParisMost Instagrammable places in Paris, street art in Paris
Most Instagrammable places in Paris, street art in ParisStreet art in Paris is just amazing. Aside from the coffee shops that we mentioned above in Montmartre, you can find people painting, singing, dancing around Montmartre area and it was our favorite place to walk around in Paris.

Eiffel Tower at nightmost instagrammable places in Paris, Eiffel Tower at nightAs we liked Eiffel Tower so much, we went there at night as well to take more pictures. We went just opposite from Trocadero Square to have these views. There is a light show every hour starting at 7 pm and it´s so magical. Take note that it can be cold so be ready for the temperature going down so much at night if you visit in Autumn and winter.

Pastries with French Macaroonsmost instagrammable places in Paris, patries with French macaroonsYou will find them everywhere just walking around Paris. It´s a must to try in Paris and it´s so colorful, looking so beautiful in pictures. There are French macaroons to try for €1-2. And also you can buy them for souvenir and pasalubong when you get back home.

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Happy travels!


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