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40 Philippines Bucket List Destinations That You Must Visit

philippines bucket list

Finally we decided to do our Philippines bucket list. Where should I go? What I can’t miss in the Philippines. In this blog post we will tell you all the things to do in the Philippines and places that you must visit. Click here to book activities in the Philippines with Klook!

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Philippines Bucket List

For this Philippines bucket list we will include the most popular tourist spots in the Philippines and a few off the beaten path. We will start from Batanes the North en part and we will finish in Mindanao.


Batanes, Tourist spots in the Philippines

Batanes is a remote island in North of the Philippines. It’s popular as a wedding destination and we enjoyed of amazing landscapes there and magical sunset. This sunset is at Rolling Hills one of our favorite Batanes tourist spots. Also Marlboro country is another place in your Philippines bucket list that you can’t miss when visiting Batanes.


Pagudpud, tourist spots in the Philippines

We have been visiting twice Pagudpud so far and it’s one of our top tourist spots in the Philippines. It’s so quiet and great place to take pictures. Most of the tourists are locals. The beaches are so beautiful and the sunsets are so colorful. Plus there are many places to visit around Pagudpud which keeps us busy for a few days always that we go to Pagudpud.


Bangui windmills, tourist spots in the Philippines

Bangui Wind Farm is a wind farm in Bangui, Ilocos Norte. The wind farm is created to supply electricity to the province.Thus, the windmills are not only beautiful to look at; they are also useful and environmental tools used to supply electricity.

The beach is so windy an ideal for taking pictures. To get Bangui windmills from Pagudpud is 25 kilometers ride.


Vigan, tourist spots in the Philippines, things to do in Ilocos Norte, day trip to vigan

Vigan is a city in the Philippines located in Ilocos Sur. It’s known for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture. And because of its beauty and its well-preserved Spanish-era streets, Vigan has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Great place to walk around, try local food and visiting museums to know more about the Filipino history.


100 Islands, Hundred Islands Natural Park, tourist spots in the Philippines, Pangasinan

This group of 123 islands is a popular destination in the Province of Pangasinan. Apart from enjoying the views, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and there is a pilgrimage island. Most of the tourist are locals and you can even enjoying overnight camping if you wish.

Hundredc Islands isn’t very popular for foreigners. But make sure you add in your Philippines bucket list.

Read here to know more about Hundred islands!


Urbiztondo Beach, La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide
Image from Flickr

La Union is one of the most popular spots for surfers. But this place is more than just its beautiful waves! There are many things to do apart from surfing. The nightlife is great and there are beautiful beaches in Bacnotan just 10 kilometers far from La Union.


Anawangin cove, Zambales, tourist spots in the Philippines

Zambales is popular for their beaches. You can do island hopping visiting amazing beaches like Anawangin and Nagsasa Cove. Also part of the island hopping are Camara Island ans Capones Island.

If you want to have an awesome experience, you can camp in the beaches. Bring your own food and water, there is no electricity in some of the islands. You can also do surfing and if you want more relax time enjoying the resorts in Subic.

Read here our favorite Zambales tourist spots and things to do in Subic!


Bataan tourist spots, Bataan travel guide, Morong, sunset in Bataan, sunset in Morong

Beautiful beaches in Bataan and amazing sunsets in Bataan. So much history in the Philippines in this Province. Bataan is popular because of the resorts for getaways from Manila and Clark. There is so much to explore plus is close from Angeles City in Pampanga where we are based.

Read here our favorite Bataan tourist spots!


Mine Views Park, Baguio itinerary, Baguio tourist spots, Baguio travel guide, clark to baguio, clark airport to baguio, how to go to Baguio, p2p clark to baguio, clark to baguio bus schedule, bus fare from dau to baguio

After visiting Banaue and Sagada, you might want to go on a trip to Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. It is a famous place for its temperature, beautiful views, and of course, strawberries!

If you are available, try to visit during the month of February because it is when the month-long Panagbenga Festival is celebrated! Panagbenga Festival is also known as the Flower Festival and it is the most awaited festival in Baguio City.

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best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples

Banaue is one of the most popluar spots in North Luzon. This is the perfect place if you want to take a break from the city and inhale fresh air, feel the cold breeze, and feed your eyes with stunning views. Banaue and Batad rice terraces are amazing and it’s great to get lost around the area!

Hike the downtown up to Banaue Viewpoint because it really feels good to be at the top of the mountain! Banaue is one of the spots where you will realize how beautiful nature is. You should also try watching Ifugao cultural shows and dance to the sound of gongs.

Read here things to do in Banaue!

11. Sagada

philippines bucket list , Gaia Cafe and Crafts, Sagada tourist spots, Sagada travel guide, hotels in sagada, where to stay in Sagada,

Sagada is 3 hours away from Banaue. Tourists are encouraged to go here from Banaue during daytime as transportation might be quite difficult during the night. It was a great experience riding jeepneys full of people and sometimes you have to go on the top.

It is famous for the hanging coffins, exploring caves, waterfalls, rice terraces, lakes, and rich heritage and culture. It is also a popular spot for locals during the holy week, as a pilgrimage.


best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples

You will fall in love with the views from the viewing point in Taal Volcano, but you will fall in love more with the view from the Red Lava Viewing Point, where you can view the crater of the volcano. No worries if you do not like hiking. It was just an easy hike, that even a kid can do it.

Now if you love volcanoes and lakes, then it is recommended for you to visit Taal Volcano in Tagaytay. It Is the 2nd most active volcano in the Philippines and a popular tourist spot in Batangas. Now days isn’t allowed to hike anymore since last eruption in 2020 but you can see the views from Tagaytay of Taal Lake.


Beaches in Batangas, luzon tourist spots

Ah, one of our favorites! We loved our diving experience in this quiet barangay in Mabini, Batangas. It is just a 3-hour drive from Manila and is a famous spot for diving enthusiasts. You can also do snorkeling here, as the water is clean and clear. It’s the perfect spot to relax after a long week. The picture above is from Sepoc Island!


Calaguas Beach, Calaguas Itinerary, things to do in Calaguas Island, Calaguas Travel Guide

You just get to Calaguas Beach and you feel in paradise. Those colors in the water a long beach with white sand. And if you have the opportunity as we had to stay almost alone. Only two boats in Calaguas Beach made our experience incredible.

Avoiding high season and weekends you will be calm and quiet in Calaguas Beach. Enjoying Calaguas Beach was our favorite in the list of things to do in Calaguas Island. A must in your Philippines bucket list if you love off the beaten path.


 best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples, where to stay in the Philippines
(Photo Via Mike Smith)

This volcano is one of the things the Philippines boasts. It is an active, perfect-cone volcano that is famous to tourists. Aside from the Mayon Volcano, don’t forget to taste the delicacy of the Bicolanos- spicy foods. You can even find chili ice cream here! Would you dare to try it?


tourist spots in luzon, best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples, where to stay in the Philippines

Donsol is famous because it is known as the home of Butanding or the Whale Sharks. When you visit Donsol, you shouldn’t miss diving and swimming with the whale sharks.

Don’t worry because they are friendly creatures. Just don’t do anything that will stress or scare them.


Caramoan tourist spots, Caramoan travel guide, Cotivas Beach

What a beautiful beach next to Guinahoan Island. The water is clear and you can do snorkeling. The beach is clean and there is an entrance fee of 50 PHP for parking the boat. If you want to rent a cottage is only 50 PHP.

We just stayed swimming, taking pictures for long time in this beach since we loved it. And we only saw 2-3 boats doing island hopping in Caramoan that day. It was our favorite Caramoan tourist spot in the island hopping and we spent a few hours.


Subic Beach in Sorsogon, Best Beaches in Luzon

We recently visited the southern part of Luzon and we got surprised to visit Subic Beach. It’s popular because of the Pink colors in the sand with blue waters. You can get there in the island hopping in Matnog. And we totally recommend to spend the day in this beach for us is one of the best beaches in Luzon.


Family Vacation near Manila

Why we can recommend to visit Puerto Galera? If you want to relax this is your place in the Philippines. It’s not very far if you are staying in Manila. Puerto Galera beaches are famous for diving and snorkeling and it was good. This is White Beach and it’s the first beach of the list of best beaches in Luzon that we visited together. 

Of course island hopping is another popular activity since there are other smaller islands surrounding Puerto Galera that you can go to and explore.


Ditatayan Island, Coron tourist spots, Coron travel guide, Best Beaches in Coron, Best Beaches in Palawan

Ditaytayan Island is an amazing sand bar is more than an hour boat ride from Coron. You can visit in a tour also expedition tours are visiting as we did. We enjoyed the island almost for ourselves flying the drone.

You can also swim in the clear waters. Entrance fee 150 PHP. We enjoyed one of the best beaches in Coron for ourselves with nobody else around. Read here Coron tourist spots!


Dumunpalit Island, Coron tourist spots, Coron travel guide, Best Beaches in Coron

Dumunpalit Island is one of the best islands that we have ever seen. It’s almost not getting tourists yet. You have to go to Maricaban port by motorbike, tricycle or van. From there you can get a boat 1 hour and 30 minutes to Dumunpalit Island.

The boat costs 3000 PHP and the entrance fee is 200 PHP per person. The water is so clear and you can stay overnight if you are bringing a tent. In our list of best beaches in Palawan could be Top 1 easily.

Read here how to get to Dumunpalit Island!


Small Lagoon, tourist spots in the Philippines

This is on the top of our in our Philippines bucket list despite of its actual location being on the southern part of Luzon. We just can’t help it because it is one of our favorite places in the world! Our favorite are Big Lagoon and Small Lagoon (Rachel’s picture above).

You will seriously forget all the problems you have once you step on the clear waters and white sand beaches of El Nido. It was once a quiet place north of Palawan but because of number of people visiting here, it was developed but still beautiful!


luzon tourist spots, sunset in Port Barton, things to do in Port Barton

The sunsets are amazing in Port Barton. The island hopping is one of our favorite in the Philippines. You can see turtles snorkeling and swimming. And if you want an amazing experience you can enjoy camping. The beaches are so perfect with white sand and blue water. Make sure you add to your Philippines bucket list.

Read here things to do in Port Barton!

24. Underground River Puerto Princesa

Philippines bucket list, el nido to puerto princesa, el nido to puerto princesa flight, el nido to puerto princesa airport, el nido to puerto princesa travel time, Palawan itinerary, Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan and Underground River is the most visited part of the province. It is famous worldwide for its UNESCO World Heritage Site– also known as Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park. You will see unbelievable limestone formations here as you explore the underground river.

Read here our favorite Palawan tourist spots!


tourist spots in luzon, luzon tourist spots, how to get to Balabac, Tangkahan Beach in Balabac, sand bars in Balabac, Balabac travel guide, things to do in Balabac, philippines bucket list

Balabac Islands are so beautiful. Great drone pictures, clear water for snorkeling and quiet place to stay. Balabac is located at South of Palawan with 40 000 population. Balabac is a paradise to discover in Palawan.

There are 31 islands where you will enjoy amazing island hopping. Clear waters, amazing sunsets, great snorkeling spots and our favorite sand bars in the Philippines.

More Philippines Bucket List in Visayas


philippines bucket list , where to eat in bantayan, things to do in bantayan island, where to stay in Bantayan island virgin island bantayan, bantayan island island hopping, how to get to Bantayan Island, best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples, where to stay in the Philippines

You should also consider visiting Bantayan Island in Cebu if you really love beaches! This is a famous place for snorkeling and diving because of their clear waters and white sand. You can just relax on the shore or rent a motorbike to explore the island.


Malapascua, tourist spots in the Philippines

Just like in Bantayan, activities you can do in Malapascua are diving, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. We loved to dive and snorkel here because of its clean and very clear waters. The picture above is from Langog Beach our favorite place in Malapascua Island.

We hope they retain the cleanliness of the island. Read our blog post to be guided on what activities to do in Malapascua.


 best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples, where to stay in the Philippines

If you have seen those turquoise blue waterfall pictures on Instagram, that probably is Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu. This spot is very famous to locals and foreigners because of its beauty and the adventure it offers to visitors.

Popular activities here include swimming, canyoneering, riding a raft, and of course, eating Cebuano food. Read our blog post to know how to get to Kawasan Falls from different parts of Cebu.


Aguinid waterfalls, tourist spots in the Philippines

If you like chasing waterfalls and adventure you can’t miss Aguinid falls in Cebu. It’s located in Sambogan and there are 7 levels of waterfalls you have to get a local guide to go around. And apart from the adventure you will get amazing shots.


Osmeña Peak, tourist spots in the Philippines

A beautiful hiking in Osmeña Peak in Cebu is a tourist spot in the Philippines that you can”t miss. There are mini Chocolate Hills and you can camp to wait for an epic sunrise. Make sure you check the weather since the weather is so rainy.



There are many tourist spots beaches to see in Moalboal. Our favorite ones were Pescador Island where you can snorkeling, see dolphins and sardines.


Lambug Beach, tourist spots in the Philippines

There are beautiful places to visit around Moalboal like Kawasan Falls and Pescador Island. But our favorite tourist spot in Moalboal was Lambug Beach. We enjoyed an empty beach full of colorful starfishes everywhere. White sand and clear water is waiting for you.


 best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples, where to stay in the Philippines

Enough with the whale sharks, ha! If you want to swim with the sea turtles, then you should go and visit Apo Island in Dumaguete. Apo Island will give you the best photos- aerial and underwater. Make sure to equip yourselves with the best camera to capture the beautiful Dumaguete.

Click here to see what activities we did in this town.


Paliton Beach, tourist spots in the Philippines

We had fun in Siquijor visiting churches, waterfalls, and beaches in Siquijor as it will give you a break you deserve from the tiring city life!

Recommended beautiful beaches in Siquijor are Salagdoong Beach, San Juan Beach, and Paliton Beach (picture above).


Kalanggaman Island, tourist spots in the Philippines, philippines bucket list

Kalanggaman Island is a small, quiet island but it didn’t fail to strike us with its beauty. The most beautiful part about this island is its sandbar and very clear waters. We enjoyed so much taking underwater shots.

What we love the most is that you can camp here (for a fee) for an overnight stay. You get to rest and relax in peace and enjoy the beauty of nature. What a catch, right?

Read here how to get to Kalanggaman Island!


 best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples, where to stay in the Philippines

We really loved the beautiful Chocolate Hills of Bohol! This is one of the most famous landmarks of the Philippines that you must see. When it rains, the hills turn chocolatey brown in color, which explains why it is called the Chocolate Hills. You can also relax in the beaches in Panglao.

Read our full travel guide to Bohol.


philippines bucket list , bacolod to boracay, bacolod to boracay flight, bacolod to boracay fare, from bacolod to boracay, ferry bacolod to boracay, kalibo to caticlan, kalibo to caticlan fare, kalibo to caticlan van fare, travel time from kalibo to caticlan, bus from kalibo to caticlan, kalibo airport to boracay, kalibo to boracay transfer, iloilo to boracay, iloilo to caticlan, kalibo to caticlan, iloilo to boracay bus, iloilo to boracay travel time, Best beaches in the Philippines, Boracay Island after reopening

Boracay is not just popular to the Philippines, but to the whole world. People love visiting Boracay Island because of its white sand beach and clear, blue waters.

There are many things to do in Boracay– snorkeling, diving, island hopping, riding a banana boat, riding a jet ski, visiting the oceanarium, parasailing, and the list goes on! You will really enjoy your stay in Boracay, whether alone, with loved ones, or with friends.


paradise island samal, samal beach resorts, samal island beach resorts, samla beaches, samal island davao, samal island, things to do in Samal Island, best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples, where to stay in the Philippines

A pride of the south, Samal Island! This is one of the places a traveler should go to when they visit Mindanao, Philippines.

The views here are priceless, and the locals are welcoming. We loved snorkeling, diving, and island hopping. We also loved the local food of Samal. This place is definitely worth the visit and we recommend Samal Island as one of the places to visit in the Philippines for couples!


Camiguin Island, tourist spots in the Philippines

Camiguin island is a paradise to discover in your Philippines bucket list. From Mantigue Island where you can enjoy snorkeling to White Beach popular for the sand bar. If you want to relax in the island Hibok Hibok Hotspring will be your place when it’s getting cold in Camiguin.

Read here our favorite Camiguin tourist spots!


46261733 526640087822111 7731062537978377603 n

Siargao became in one of the most popular places to visit in the Philippines. This beautiful island is a must to explore. You can surf, relaxing, swimming, island hopping and visit the best tourist spots in the Philippines in Siargao. You can get by plane from Cebu and there are also ferries coming from Surigao.

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Happy travels!

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