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Palawan Tourist Spots (Palawan Travel Guide)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2022 at 10:37 pm

Palawan travel is probably in a lot of traveler’s bucket lists. We sure were happy when we got to cross this destination of ours. Palawan tourist spots if you’ve been searching for the best islands to travel in the whole world, Palawan should be in your top 10, if not the #1 place to go.

Why? It’s a gorgeous location that’s very peaceful and clean, and also incredibly cheap! This paradise is the largest province in the Philippines and is home to El Nido and Coron, two of the most visited destinations in the country. We will tell you more about this in our Palawan Travel Guide.

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There’s just no words for how beautiful it is in Palawan. What we can share with you are some gorgeous photos we took on the island and some tips on how to visit Palawan, arguably Luzon’s most famous and most beautiful province.

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Palawan Travel Guide

How to get to Palawan

There are various ways you can go to Palawan, so this will always depend on where you’re traveling from. Some already book everything from the comforts of their homes – flights, vans, hotels and tours. This is not always the cheapest way, but of course, the convenient choice for a lot of people.

How to get to Palawan by plane

The fastest way to reach Palawan is to go by plane. There are flights from all over the country and the world that land at Puerto Princesa International Airport from airlines like Cebu Pacific, AirAsia and Philippine Airlines. If you’re coming from Manila and Cebu, you can reach Palawan in an hour and 15 minutes on the plane. There are also flights within Palawan from Puerto Princesa (the capital) to El Nido that only last 30 minutes. If you’re coming from Boracay, you can book flights to Puerto Princesa on Tuesdays.

Check SkyScanner for the best airfare deals before you travel!

How to get to Palawan by boat

There are scheduled boat trips from Manila to Palawan if you want to travel on the sea. This is a much cheaper option than flying but obviously takes longer than a plane. Every Thursday, Negros Navigation has trips to Puerto Princesa while the Super Ferry goes to the island every Friday. The trip takes around 18-22 hours.

Read here how to get to Puerto Princesa, Palawan!

Best time to visit Palawan

This island destination in the Philippines is best enjoyed during the dry season. During this time, visitors can go on different tours, swim in the beautiful waters and enjoy the sun in Palawan. The best time to visit Palawan is around October to June since the rain usually falls in the middle of the year. However, Palawan’s wet season does not have typhoons that directly hit the island so going on those months might still be fun.

Just make sure to always bring your sunblock, especially when you’re planning to spend all day under the sun. Keep cool with some coconut juice, too!

Transportation around Palawan

The island of Palawan receives many tourists every year as one of the hottest destinations in the Philippines. So, you can expect going around the island to be relatively easy and surprisingly cheap. You can ride the jeepney or the tricycle, both costing 10 PHP for the first 4 km. Cars, scooters and vans are also available for rent. Those who want to go island hopping can get on the many boats that travel daily in and out of Palawan for 1,250 PHP.

You can always get more information from your hotel or resort regarding the best ways to reach a certain location in Palawan. Book your accommodation in Palawan before your trip with Booking and Agoda!

ATMs and Currency in Palawan

The Philippines, like many Asian destinations, are much cheaper especially for tourists coming in from Western countries. The country uses the Philippine Peso for monetary transactions, where $1 USD = 54 PHP, more or less. Click here to check the exchange rate between your country and the Philippines. Since Palawan is already an urbanized and frequently visited destination in the Philippines, you can expect to find plenty of ATMs all over the province. Puerto Princesa has several ATMs by MetroBank, Union Bank, Philippine National Bank (PNB), Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) and Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP).

Daily budget for Palawan

You can visit Palawan even with a limited budget, especially if you’re used to dealing in dollars, euros or pounds. There are plenty of food, accommodations and activities that you can try in Palawan during your trip. A decent meal in the island in a local eatery can go for as low as 70 PHP while eating at a restaurant can cost around 230 PHP a meal with drinks. If you’re eating at a resort restaurant, you can pay up to 500 PHP for a very hearty meal. A bottle of local beer like San Miguel Pale Pilsen or Red Horse goes for 40-80 PHP.

If you’re planning to go on tours, there are all sorts of packages for various companies that you can enjoy. A boat tour with a group can start at 1,000 PHP while private island hopping tours range from 3,000-6,000 PHP. We were lucky enough to try tours in El Nido, Palawan that only cost 1,200 PHP.

Click here to get a discount booking online tours in Palawan with Klook!

You won’t run out of accommodation options when you visit Palawan. No matter the budget, you’re sure to find a local spot you’ll love. There are guest houses, hostels and inns that cost around 200-500 PHP. There are nicer establishments that rent rooms at 700-1,500 PHP while bigger resorts cost around 1,700-5,000 PHP. Seafront establishments with excellent views and ambiance start at 7,000 PHP. Aside from all those amazing options, you can also book an entire house or apartment with AirBnB! 



How did we do our Palawan travel?

We traveled from Northern Manila, so we naturally booked a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa. From there, we stayed with a hotel to experience the city for a couple of days. After this we went to Balabac islands and amazing paradise to go back to Puerto Princesa.

Then we moved to Port Barton and then San Vicente, then back to El Nido and Coron where we flew home. Total time that we spent in Palawan in this trip was 30 days with our little one Han. We had time for island hopping, sightseeing, relaxing and working.

Palawan Tourist Spots


Puerto Princesa is a usual stop when you go for a Palawan travel. It’s the capital, and unless you travel for a bit in the area, beaches aren´t very popular in the downtown area. Puerto Princesa is popular for the Underground River, one of the 7 wonders of the old world, which is still highly visited by people until today. Since we stayed in the city part of Puerto Princesa, we used the time to work and to watch and join the people in their local life.

What to see in Puerto Princesa


street market purto princesa, Puerto Princesa tourist spots, things to do in Puerto Princesa

Some of our favoritePuerto Princesa tourist spots was visiting local markets. You will find the best prices in a local atmosphere. There are fruits, juices and local carinderias. The New Market in Puerto Princesa is very close to the Bus Terminal. If you are dropping by, there is no excuse for not visiting.


Puerto Princesa tourist spots, things to do in Puerto Princesa

One of the most popular Puerto Princesa tourist spots is Puerto Princesa underground River. It was a part of the 7 wonders of the old world for its natural beauty. How go there? You need to head to Sabang which is 2 hours driving from Puerto Princesa.

You can book tours starting from 1,300- 1,500 PHP and you can DIY for 1,000 PHP. ($1=50 PHP). Puerto Princesa’s underground river is magical, it is under the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will find birds and monkeys in the watershed. The trip will be amazing and fulfilling because the underground river is one of the longest navigable rivers in the world.

When visiting the Underground River you can also enjoy Sabang Beach if you are staying in the area. It’s a nice beach to spend the day.

Click here if you want to get your discount booking the Underground River with Klook!


Crocodile Sisig
Image Source Rbra

There are other few things here that you won’t see in other places in the Philippines like the Crocodile Sisig. That was a new find for us! And since we are from Angeles City we had to try and compare. It was great since we love it sisig.


Puerto Princesa tourist spots, things to do in Puerto Princesa

The Dos Palmas Island is a secluded sanctuary just across Honda Bay. Dos Palmas Island is one of the best Puerto Princesa tourist spots very relaxing and tranquil. Also, you’d love the various species of corals, fish, and others on the island. Surely, an island that is an experience of its own. Click here if you want to book a luxury experience in Dos Palmas!

Click here to get your discount booking the island hopping in Honda Bay with Klook!


whaleshark in Puerto Princesa, things to do in Puerto Princesa

If you are lucky you might be able to spot a whale shark in Puerto Princesa. It might be harder for you to find whale sharks in Puerto Princesa but the best season is from April to November



Nagtabon Beach, things to do in Puerto Princesa

Nagtabon Beach is a great one in the list of Puerto Princesa tourist spots. It is really a charmer because it is not famous yet, although soon, it will be. Also, you could surf on Nagtabon. You’ll also love the crystal clear water that’s also really loved by tourists.


Fireflies in Puerto Princesa, things to do in Puerto Princesa
Image from Wikimedia

The fireflies in Iwahig are really beautiful and magical. Honestly, this might be a seasonal opportunity. There are nights that there are only a few fireflies that would make the trip bad. Otherwise, it will be an experience of your life. You can click below to book tours starting from 1300 PHP.

Click here if you want to get your discount booking the Firefly watching with Klook!


Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm
Image from Wikipedia

Remove all your pre-assumed notions of prisons and visit Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm. You would find prisoners selling souvenirs, dancing and engaging with tourists.

You don’t need to feel alarmed because there are still security measures in place. It is just a great opportunity to find humanity in your travel/trip in an unusual place. It just 15 kilometers far from the city. You will have to use private transportation to get there and there is no entrance fee.

Local Shopping Buys

If you are the type who loves seeing what unique and local products a particular area is producing, you’re in luck because there are many local products you can buy in Puerto Princesa. You are pretty much covered, whether you are trying to buy some gifts for yourself, or taking home some souvenir gifts for friends or family.

Some products you’ll see are dried fish and sea food products. Drying seafood is one way of preserving seafood so that you can store them for a longer time. You can also buy desserts and delicacies, souvenir shirts and shorts, bags and jewelry made from local materials. It was surprising that Rachel didn’t shop! haha

Crocodile Sisig

There are other few things here that you won’t see in other places in the Philippines like the Crocodile Sisig. That was a new find for us!

Visit Local Markets

Palawan Travel: Street food

Some of our favorite things in every new city is visiting local markets. You will find the best prices in a local atmosphere. There are fruits, juices and local carenderias. The New Market in Puerto Princesa is very close to the Bus Terminal. If you are dropping by, there is no excuse for not visiting.

Underground River

One of the most popular thing to do when you travel Palawan is visiting Puerto Princesa underground River. It was a part of the 7 wonders of the old world for its natural beauty. How go there?

You need to head to Sabang which is 2 hours driving from Puerto Princesa. You can book tours starting from 1,300- 1,500 pesos and you can DIY for less than a 1,000 pesos. ($1=50 pesos).

Work Online in Puerto Princesa

If you are a digital nomads like us or you need to do some work online, do it in Puerto Princesa where the connection is more reliable than the other places in Palawan. We spent many hours working to make sure we can enjoy El Nido and the other places around Palawan.


How to get to El Nido from Puerto Princesa

From Puerto Princesa, you can get a bus in San Jose Bus Terminal, and then go to El Nido. This bus trip is not the most comfortable, think long trip and bad roads, kind of like a roller coaster. But we sure did it. I actually had to go to El Nido a few days, before Rachel followed for a very special trip, but we traveled the same way. This trip can last about 6 hours.

You can take the night bus ride to save on accommodation. Bus departure is around 6pm without air condition (Php280)8pm air condition bus for the Roro (Php 380) bus lines, which costs less than the Cherry Bus line, charging for Php450, and leaving at 9pm.

If you look like a tourist, van drivers and taxi drivers will be there to invite you to ride with them for a few hundred pesos more. Vans are starting from Php500-600 and they are faster than the bus.

We chose the night bus, that a few backpackers do. Once you get El Nido Bus Terminal you can sleep in the bus, until you wake up in the morning. A great tip to save your accommodation. From the Bus Terminal in El Nido you can have breakfast and you can walk to the town (30 minutes) or you can ride a tricycle.

What to do in El Nido

The tours are of course the main attractions of El Nido. There are 4 main tours, A, B, C and D, and one inland tour. We had a special partnership with the Nativ’ Exploration Palawan, which is an independent El Nido tour.

Basically you go for an unplugged tour of El Nido for 3 days and 2 nights. Read more here to see how was the full experienced of the said independent tour. Read on to find out more about El Nido’s official Palawan Travel tours. Read our Top 10 things to do in El Nido!

Tour A

Tour A includes the following destinations:
– Small Lagoon
– Big Lagoon
– Secret Lagoon
– Shimizu Island
– 7 Commando Beach

Palawan tourist spots, Big Lagoon

In our first day in El Nido, we stayed and took Tour A with Ipil Suites. This hotel actually allowed us to stay in a very nice point of view of the neighboring places since they have a nice top view room with a terrace. Great view to give you the El Nido vibe.

Palawan tourist spots, Big Lagoon

Internet can be quite a challenge in El Nido. There are areas that even cellphone reception just don’t work. We highly suggest that you work in advance, and make sure all details of anything you need to access online has been taken care of, before you venture in your El Nido trip. And once you are there, relax and soak in the paradise vibe. You don’t get to enjoy that every single day!

Palawan tourist spots, Small Lagoon

Tour A is the most popular tour (Php 1200) and it’s the closest to Mainland El Nido. It definitely sticks out to you, and makes you yearn for so much more of El Nido waters and island hops. If you ever have to choose only one, we would say go for Tour A.

But still, you can check all the tours, and depending on what you feel, get the tour that makes most sense to you. We enjoyed the Big Lagoon, they got into the lagoon with the boat and the place was great to enjoy and taking pictures. In the small lagoon you can rent a kayak (Php 300/30 minutes) if you are three of us is $2 each. Or you can even go swimming as we did. Big Lagoon is one of our favorite Palawan tourist spots.

Palawan Travel: where to stay

Tour B

Tour B includes the following destinations:
– Snake island
– Pinagbuyatan Island
– Entalula Beach
– Cudugnon Cave
– Cathedral Cave
– Snorkeling Site

For Tours B and C, we did it with Binibini Travels. We can attest to how amazing we were treated during this tour, and we love our tour guide Franco! Franco guided us around El Nido and we had so much fun with him. We seriously don’t get anything for recommending him.

The price of the tours is pretty much standard in the whole El Nido, so you don’t have too worry too much about getting overcharged. But still, save where you can 🙂 For me (Ruben) was my favorite tour, I really liked Snake Island. I know, it´s hard to choose a tour in El Nido. All of them are amazing! Prices are Php1300.

Palawan Travel: Binibini Tours

Here are the amazing views we got and why Snake Island is one of our top Palawan tourist spots.

Palawan tourist spots, Snake Island

Palawan tourist spots

Palawan tourist spots

Palawan tourist spots

Tour C

Tour C includes the following destinations:
– Helicopter Island
– Matinloc Shrine
– Secret Beach
– Hidden Beach
– Star Beach

We love Tour C. We shared the boat with an amazing group of Mexicans taking a short vacation from the US, and we had a really lively trip, with even beers, rum and music on board. haha! Nice way to actually end a trip in El Nido! Price for Tour C is Php1400. We really liked Star Beach, Secret Beach and the snorkeling that we did.

Palawan tourist spots, Hidden Beach

Palawan tourist spots

Palawan tourist spots, El Nido

Tour D

Tour D includes the following destinations:

-Cadlao Lagoon
-Pasandigan Beach
-NatNat Beach
-Bucal Beach
-Paradise Beach

This is the only tour that we didn´t do in El Nido. The price is Php1200. We didn´t have time for this Tour but we guess is also amazing as every tour in El Nido.

To all these prices in El Nido tours you need to add Php200 for Enviromental Fee per person. The permit lasts for a week. It means you only pay once and you can do a few tours. All the tours include a huge lunch, water, sometimes coke, beer, masks for snorkeling and towels.

Filipino guides are great and explain the itinerary and help to go up and down to the boat every time with a big smile.



More Palawan Tourist spots


How to go to San Vicente

While in Palawan, we thought about visiting an off-the-beaten path, hence San Vicente. San Vicente is a small town in middle of Palawan, where you can enjoy long beaches. It has probably one of the longest beach in the world, 14km long. There were also lots of places with numerous palm trees, where you’d feel you’ve been transported to a different part of the world. It was just so beautiful.

How to go San Vicente? There are vans from Puerto Princesa leaving every hour and the price is Php300. We went by local bus Php180. The departure is supposed at 6 am but it´s leaving when is full. The trip lasts around 5-6 hours with a long stop in Roxas. The bus journey is long but great. All the trip surrounding of nice beaches and palm trees everywhere.

What to do in San Vicente


things to do in San Vicente Palawan, San Vicente Palawan travel guide

Things to do in San Vicente Palawan, San Vicente Palawan Travel Guide

Long Beach is divided in 3 parts. Long Beach 1 close to San Vicente Palawan town where we were staying. At Part 2 there are luxury resorts and Part 3 is Alimanguan Beach.

The best way to move around is with a motorbike or with the tricycle. You can go walking from San Vicente Palawan to part 1 but it will be far for moving around to the other parts.

The beach is calm and quiet. And we loved it is full of palm trees!


things to do in San Vicente Palawan, San Vicente Palawan travel guide, Bato ni Ningning

If you want to get the best views of Erawan Beach you have to go to Bato ni Ningning. The best time of the day is for sunset. You will have to go with your motorbike or renting a habal habal for 300 PHP round trip for 2 people. It takes 20 minutes to reach there.

Loal Food

There is a local market where you can to eat local food with views to the port. Prices are starting from Php40 and there is a lot of variety for food and drinks. We got addicted once and again to Buko juice (coconut).

Hanging Out

Palawan tourist spots, Nightlife in San Vicente, Palawan

There are also restaurants at night and places where you can have a drink. San Vicente is very quiet but this place become busy after the sunset.

Rent a motorbike

You can rent a motorbike and explore around the 14 kilometers of beach. It was great going around the beach and we didn´t see anyone. that´s not happening in El Nido. Every place has magic in Palawan!

Where to stay in San Vicente, Palawan

Palawan tourist spots

Our choice was sleeping in Peace and Love where you can enjoy the amazing views during the day and their infinity pool. At night, there is a band on live. The atmosphere is very relaxed, small place with a friendly Filipino staff.

Read here how to get to San Vicente Palawan

Check out the views we had. Definitely exotic and so beautiful.

Palawan tourist spots, sunset at San Vicente, Palawan

Palawan tourist spots, San Vicente

Next time we’re in the San Vicente area we’re excited to try out some affordable but upscale “glamping” at the new Binga Beach Resort at Lumambong beach in Barangay Binga, located halfway between here and El Nido. The beach is reknowned for being even whiter and more lush than San Vicente’s Long Beach, and the resort is opening new to the market now so will be inexpensive only for a short while.


Blue Cove Resort in Port Barton, daily budget in Port Barton, things to do in Port Barton, Port Barton travel guide,

It’s a must Island Hopping of things to do in Port Barton even you did in El Nido or Coron you have to try in Port Barton too.

We joined a tour in Port Barton. The price was 1200 PHP per adult and our kid Han free. The tour was lunch, masks and entrance fee included. Tours are from 9 am to 4 pm. We really liked it and we did snorkeling in Twin Reef, Fantastic Reef (our favorite one). We also visited the turtle spot and we were lucky to see a turtle.

Click here to get a discount booking online your island hopping in Port Barton!

We had a lunch at Blue Cove Resort. Nice place and nice lunch! We visited Exotic Island. And our last stop before heading to Port Barton was Star Fish Island the sand bar where you can see many star fishes. In our opinion a must to visit is Twin and Fantastic Reef, turtle and star fish and sand bar.

Check below the tours that operators offer in Port Barton with fixed price of 1200 PHP. Many of the operators are offering already a mix of the places to visit instead the fix itinerary.


Wide Reef
German Island
Twin Reef
Turtle Spot
Paradise Island
Star Fish and Sand Bar


Turtle Spot
Maxima Island
Reef 5
German Island
Aquarium Reef
Star Fish and Sand Bar


Bigaho Waterfalls
Turtle Spot
German Island
Twin Reef
Wide Reef
Star Fish and Sand Bar


Fantastic Reef
Capsalay Island
German Island
Turtle Spot
Lagoon Reef
Star Fish and Sand Bar

Prices of the tours are 1200 PHP and they include island fees, lunch and masks for snorkeling. But if you include German Island there is an entrance fee of 100 PHP extra that you will have to pay on your own.

It’s easy to agree with the people in the boat and combine the places in the tour. And tour companies are mixing the places to visit. No need to adjust to the itinerary of one tour.

If you want to do a private tour prices can go 6000 PHP for 3 people with food and masks included. If you add more people the price will increase. Just ask the boatmen around and try to negotiate the best price.


If I have to choose which one is my favorite tour after being 3 days of island hopping in Port Barton. I would say Tour A and Tour D are my favorites. Places that you can’t miss in the island hopping: Twin Reef, Turtle Spot, German Island, Fantastic Reef and Star Fish and Sand Bar almost on the way back to Port Barton.


We did this tour:  snorkeling Twin reef , Fantastic Reef and the Turtle spot. We stopped for lunch at Blue Cove Resort. After lunch we visited Maxima and Exotic Island (our least favorite part of the tour). And last stop was Capsalay or Star Fish island close to Port Barton.


There is an entrance fee 100 PHP to visit German Island located in front of the turtle spot. You can also stay for lunch. The island is so beautiful with blue water around. You can play volleyball or relax with the swing. There is a bathroom for more comfort.


White Beach in Port Barton, daily budget in Port Barton, things to do in Port Barton, Port Barton travel guide

You can access by boat from Port Barton. It will take 10 minutes and each way will cost you between 150-300 PHP depending on how many people are going in the boat.

You can also go hiking from Port Barton to White Beach and it will take you 40 minutes. On the way you will see another beach and you will have great views. You can also do this way by motorbike and it will take you less time to get to White Beach from Port Barton.

Once you get to White Beach there is an entrance fee of 50 PHP. You will see white sand and clear water just swim and enjoy paradise.


Sunset in Port Barton, daily budget in Port Barton, things to do in Port Barton, Port Barton travel guide

Sunsets in Itatay Beach the main beach in Port Barton are amazing. You can enjoy the sunset with a beer, juice, a fresh coconut.  We did mostly taking pictures and swimming in the sunsets. For us Port Barton are our favorite sunsets in the Philippines.

Food to try in Palawan

We already mentioned crocodile sisig as one of our unique finds in Palawan, but the island has more to offer when it comes to food. Here are our top picks of food to try in Palawan:

Enjoy the seafood in Palawan

Things to do in Palawan, Places to visit in Palawan, Food to try in Palawan, Seafood in Palawan

Seafood in Palawan (© Elizabeth Phung – Flickr)

A trip to any coastal destination will not be complete without trying out the seafood. In Palawan, there are many different kinds of top quality fish like tuna, blue marlin and seabass. Other fresh catches include crab, lobster, shrimp and squid. Just thinking about all that makes my stomach grumble!

Try tamilok

Now, this is one special treat that you should try in Palawan. Tamilok is an exotic dish made from woodworms collected from mangroves. This soft, slimy delicacy actually tastes like oysters and are eaten fresh. Some are even fortunate enough to eat tamilok straight from the tree!

Have a plate of lato

Things to do in Palawan, Places to visit in Palawan, Food to try in Palawan, Lato, Seaweed

Lato (© rosskevin756 – Flickr)

Lato is a popular side dish in most beaches in the Philippines. Known in English as “sea grapes” or “green caviar,” lato is a seaweed that’s often served with salt or vinegar and perfectly matches grilled and fried food. It’s soft and strangely crunchy, a definite must-try in Palawan!

Eat danggit lamayo for breakfast

While the danggit (or dried fish) in Malapascua Island in Cebu is already a famous dish, danggit lamayo in Palawan is a delicious delicacy in its own right. This is a popular food to try in Coron and is a staple breakfast for those staying in resorts in Palawan. Danggit lamayo is often paired with some fried rice, vinegar with chili, and pickled papaya.

Try halo-halo

Things to do in Palawan, Places to visit in Palawan, Food to try in Palawan, Halo-halo

Halo-halo (© lorelei – Flickr)

A real classic during the summer in the Philippines is halo-halo (literally “mix-mix”), a refreshing snack typically served in a tall glass that’s made with crushed ice, sugar, sago (similar to tapioaca pearls), gulaman (jelly-like dried agar), bananas, sweet beans and pinipig (pounded and toasted glutinous rice).

Ice cream or milk flan is usually added on top and milk is poured before serving. Eating halo-halo in a hot summer day is one of the best things to do in Palawan!

Festivals in Palawan

Baragatan sa Palawan

If you’re staying in Palawan on the third week of June, you’re just in time for the Baragatan sa Palawan festival! This week-long fiesta is a celebration of the province’s rich culture and history and honors Palawan’s daily life.

It is basically a thanksgiving festival on one of the world’s best islands where numerous activities are held. There are beautiful floats, photo contests, sports competitions, quiz bees, beauty pageants and concerts throughout the week of Baragatan.

Pagdiwata Tribal Ritual

Want a meaningful, deeply rooted experience in Palawan? Then head on out to Aborlan in December and witness locals give thanks with a spiritual event during the full moon. Pagdiwata is a combination of a thanksgiving festival and a healing ceremony. Aroblan also has many beaches and mountainous areas for you to explore if ever you come visit.

Tarak Festival

Another festival that truly honors Palawan’s heritage and local culture is Tarak, an event that celebrates the indigenous people of the island. The name combines two of the most important indigenous tribes in the province of Palawan, the Tagbanua and the Batak tribes.

The ritual dances and activities are also held in Aborlan and is also celebrated in the full moon, but this time in January. Traditional tribal dances, woven clothing and handmade accessories are highlighted during Tarak and are meant to cast away evil spirits and invokes god’s blessings.



Places we want to see next

So many more places to see! We definitely need to go back for Coron, Port Barton, and we heard that South Palawan is such a nice and quiet area, undiscovered, and rarely beautiful. Can’t wait to update this post all for you!!!

Read here a full blog post how to get to Port Barton!

As always, have an amazing time wherever you are in the world today! Til next time.

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