Island Hopping from El Nido to Coron: Expedition Tour with Buhay Isla Eco Tour

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Palawan is one of our favorite places to visit in the Philippines. After enjoying tours, beaches we decided to do island hopping from El Nido to Coron. An expedition tour for 3 days and 2 nights starting in El Nido on the way to Linapacan and Culiyon Islands before getting to Coron for such an amazing sunset from the boat.

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If you want to avoid the crowd in the island hopping tours in El Nido we recommend you this experience. You will be able to enjoy unique places all for yourself for taking pictures, swimming and relaxing. Having lunch in paradise and also sleeping in amazing islands with epic sunsets and sunrise. Read here Coron itinerary!

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Best time to do Island hopping from El Nido to Coron

The best time to visit Coron is from December to May when it’s dry season. Just expect the prices to be high and more crowded because it is peak season. From June to November will be rainy season. Coron will be less crowded and prices will go down.

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Buhay Isla Eco Tour Expedition Tour Itinerary

We will tell you our experience of 3 days island hopping from El Nido to Coron on an expedition tour with Buhay Isla.

First Day Itinerary with Buhay Isla Eco Tour

The trip starts around 9 am meet up in El Nido port where you will take the boat to Coron. Everything is well organized and they will take all your luggage in the boat. They will make a briefing for you the day before to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Pasandigan Beach

Pasandigan Beach, island hopping from El Nido to Coron, el nido to coron expedition tour, Buhay Isla Eco Tour

You will enjoy the beach for yourself. There are kayaks if you feel going around. You can also do snorkeling plus the crew in Buhay Isla will guide you to see the best snorkeling spots. There is a cave so worth it with clear water, coral reef and many fishes in Pasandigan Beach.

Cadlao Beach

Cadlao Beach

As the second stop we went to Cadlao Beach. Maybe you will stop at Cadlao Lagoon which was full at that time. But better avoiding the crrowd. You will enjoy snorkeling Cadlao Beach all for yourself. The clear waters snorkeling where you can spot turtles. The beach is used for a TV Show Survivor in the Netherlands and it’s private. We enjoy an amazing lunch before leaving El Nido to the Northen part.

Daracoton Island Shipwreck

island hopping from El Nido to Coron, el nido to coron expedition tour, Buhay Isla Eco Tour, Daracoton Island Shipwreck ,

Our favorite stop of the day! Daracoton island is so beautiful and you can do snorkeling there is a shipwreck just in the sea shore. You can go around with your kayaks, swim, play voley ball in the island as you prefer.

Our first night we slept in Camp Concha which was so beautiful. You have your own cottage with mattres, mosquito net. They are small don’t expect so much luxury but everything is clean and you can have showers with buckets. Everything well organized there are enough bathrooms and toilets so you dont have to make a big line. Everyone likes to fresh up after the island hopping and relax and be ready for dinner. While waiting for dinner. The sunrise was great in the morning in this island!

Second And Third Day Itinerary with Buhay Isla Eco Tour

Tagdanao Beach

Apart from snorkeling you can enjoy playing in the beach, sun bathing or taking pictures since the place is amazing.

The second day we also stop by Linacapan in a fishing village where you can see how locals life in the middle of the islands. You can walk around and buy snacks and beers if you wish, sunblock, mosquito repellent or any toilettries that you need for your trip.

island hopping from El Nido to Coron, el nido to coron expedition tour, Buhay Isla Eco Tour, Tagdanao Island

Camp Dayo

Buhay Isla Eco Tour, Island hopping from EL Nido to Coron

The second campsite Camp Dayo we had the opportunity to get on time for enjoying an epic sunset. The cottages are clean with space and bathrooms for shower. Again no luxury but everything clean and covering all your needs. There is almost no electricity in the camps but you will have enough light for moving around. A nice table to eat all together and a proper bamboo hut for resting.

Double Nueve

island hopping from El Nido to Coron, el nido to coron expedition tour, Buhay Isla Eco Tour, Doble Nueve

In the morning our first stop was cliff jumping after one hour cruising from our camp site. If you like adventure you can go swimming and do cliff jumping. You can also go around with the kayak since we stopped enough time for this activity.

Araw Beach

Araw Beach, island hopping from El Nido to Coron, el nido to coron expedition tour, Buhay Isla Eco Tour

Another paradise island close to Coron. Clear water and white sand that you can enjoy with no people around. A perfect place to have lunch and enjoying a swim, snorkeling around. A small island with almost no people are our favorite to take pictures and to stay a couple of hours.


Ditaytayan Island, island hopping from El Nido to Coron, el nido to coron expedition tour, Buhay Isla Eco Tour

Ditaytayan Island with this amazing sand bar was our last stop during our island hopping from El Nido to Coron. From this island there is an hour boat trip to Coron. We were lucky and we watched an amazing sunset before going to Coron. The colors were so incredible and it was the perfect way to say goodbye to our expedition.

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What’s Included in Buhay Isla Expedition

They include breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will not be hungry. They cook delicious Filipino food attending food restrictions if you have. They cook meat, fish, vegetables. They will offer sodas and snacks between the meals, tea, coffee and water anytime you are in the boat. They have coolers so you can even have cold drinks. They also served rum included! And if you want to buy your own beers they will keep cold for you.

Everything that you need for your staying from pillow, mattres, sheet, mosquito net.

Snorkeling gear you will have your own mask, kayak to move around. There are two kayaks for sharing so it will not be a problem. All the entrance fees are in the islands are included. You will jsut have to be worried to enjoy the island hopping from El Nido to Coron, the experience is awesome!

Prices of the tour are around 15000 PHP for 3 days and 2 nights expedition tour. You will have everything mentioned before included. Apart from food and place to stay which is covered. You will save the boat ticket El Nido to Coron which is almost 2000 PHP. We did the tour with Buhay Isla and we really enjoyed the experience.

Apart from cooking delicious, explaining about the islands, helping with the pictures they enjoyed taking care and watching our little one Han during the trip. Han learned and enjoyed a lot the kayaking, snorkeling, the food, collecting shells.

What to Bring for Island Hopping from El Nido to Coron Expedition Tour


Dry Bag for all your gear, or if you don’t have one. Make sure to place important items in plastic or waterproof containers
Refillable water bottle. We loved it this no plastic blottles allowed anymore since the coast guards are watching about this.

To Wear

Swimming attire when you go in and out of the water
Clothes like shorts and t-shirt
Rash guard to protect from jelly fish stings (long sleeves dri-fit swimsuit material)
Aqua Shoes (shoes for water)
Lightweight rain jacket (can get cold when the boat is moving, especially when it rains, or water splashes you)
Fins (we are no longer providing fins with our trips; only masks/snorkels)


Day Towel
Small Towel, Shower Gel, Toothbrush
Sun screen (Protect yourself from too much sun)
Insect Repellent


Extra battery or charger for cellphones or camera (limited access to electricity)
Flashlight or Head torch (To find your way in the dark)
Electronics you may want like Camera, MP3 Player, Bluetooth Speaker, Drone, etc


Medicine Kit (ex. Seasickness medication and other first-aid you may want)
Whatever extra supplies you may want to bring. You can bring extra food such as chips, drinks, etc.

Remember to keep clean the beaches. Collect trash if you have the chance and make it the paradise cleaner than you found.

Is the Expedition trip El Nido to Coron for you?

As we mentioned above there is no luxury. You will have to sleep in a bamboo hut don’t expect hot water and not so much electricity during your trip. But they will make things really easy for you. They will cook amazing local food (if you have restrictions let them know before your trip).

It can be raining or can be mosquitoes. Apart from this the experience is amazing and you will forget about comfort. You will have luxury on your eyes all the time with the views of the islands, beaches and great snorkeling.

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