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Travel Guide to Singapore – Things to do in Singapore

Travel Guide to Singapore - Main Featured

Travel Guide to Singapore And Things to do in Singapore – Are you planning to travel Singapore?

The first thing that you should know if you have traveled around Southeast Asia, and then will come to Singapore area, is that Singapore has a different price range when it comes to everything in the country. Click here to get a discount booking activities in Singapore with Klook!

Singapore is a big business center in Asia, hence the high Singaporean prices on everything. I know that you might have been used to it, given all the Asian guides we’ve written so far. Despite that, Singapore is not to be snobbed. There are a lot of places to be seen and things to do (even in the Changi Airport itself.ha!), so stay tuned and I’ll lay down all the details for you in this post.  I  recommend 3-4 days to travel Singapore, if you have time to explore this tiny yet very busy country.

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Where To Stay in Singapore

If you’re looking for a cheap place to crash, there are dorm rooms in Singapore that only go for $20 or less. Another inexpensive lodging option is AirBnB, where you can get rooms for $40-50. Those who want to treat themselves can always book luxury hotel rooms starting at around  €200 per night.

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Travel Guide to Singapore

How to get there

By plane

Travel Singapore

If you are traveling around Southeast Asia, there are cheap flight companies flying to Singapore all the time. Make sure that you have a planned trip. In our personal experience, the flight companies ask for a flight out ticket from Singapore or at least proof of your itinerary.

As always, I can recommend Skyscanner for you to find the cheapest fares online. Check out these flight companies going to Singapore – Jetstar and Tigerarways, they usually have pretty good deals to go and exit the country.

How to get to the city from the airport

Once you get your luggage, you need to follow the signs from the airport to the metro. Once you are in the metro, you will find maps to get information to your destination in the city.

There is a machine where you can buy your ticket. If you are going to Little India like we did. Metro takes around 40 minutes and prices are around 5 SGD. Keep you card and don’t throw it away as you can use to load your fare card for your other metro trips around the country and you get to even save a few cents on the dollar.

Read here how to get from Singapore airport to city center

By bus

You can buy a ticket from Kuala Lumpur or Johor Baru to get to Singapore. Buses they will stop in the border for you getting the stamp in your passport and you will get the bus once you cross the border.

If you are leaving Singapore on the way to Malaysia like we did, here are the steps for you to follow:

Currency in Singapore

Singaporean Dollar is the official currency of Singapore. At the time, the rate was 1 USD = 1.38 SGD. Since these rates are always changing, take a look here to know the current exchange rate.

If you want to withdraw money from an ATM, you will find plenty of them in Singapore. You can also pay with your card almost everywhere. You are lucky in Singapore because ATMs don’t usually have extra charges for foreigner cards.

If you are bringing cash, there are official exchange offices and banks where you will find the best rate to exchange your money.


If you travel Singapore, you don’t need a visa if you are coming from one of these countries in the map. You will get 90 days for free if you are from Europe, Canada and United States. There are also many countries which can get 30 days tourist visa for free.


If you are traveling Singapore, you don’t need to have any special vaccinations. Make sure you have the routine vaccines, Hepatitis A and Typhoid. They recommend to have the vaccines for Hepatitis B, Yellow fever and Rabies. Check this link to make sure that everything is ok with the vaccinations.


If you travel Singapore, safety won’t be a problem. One thing that you will love in Singapore is the safety. You can feel safe everywhere, literally. Make sure that you keep your valuables with you in crowded places and that should be more than enough. Girls traveling alone should feel very comfortable and have no issues in Singapore.


The weather is Singapore is always hot. When is the best season to visit Singapore? Well Singapore is hot and humid all year around.

How to get wifi

It’s easy to find wifi in Singapore. And the speed is amazing. It definitely has the fastest internet speed in all of the countries we’ve been to in Southeast Asia. You will find wifi in your hostel, hotel or at the house of you couchsurfing host. You can also find wifi hotspots in a lot of public places like in malls. But you can buy a Singaporean sim card to have wifi access almost everywhere in the whole country.

Read here  Singapore tourist sim card,  best eSim Singapore and Airalo vs Holafly Singapore eSim


Moving around Singapore is very easy. But it’s not very cheap. People can speak English if you need to ask for any directions. Bus prices start from 1 SGD. Metro is really easy to move around. You will find maps to get your destination.

Once you are leave the metro to go to the street, you will also find maps of the street just exiting the metro station area to guide you on how to get to your destination plus with the local bus schedules.  Metro fares start from 1 SGD, and the price varies depending on where you are headed.

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Budget to travel Singapore

If you are traveling alone in Singapore and you are sleeping in hostels, you will need to pay starting from $12-20 for accommodations. It can depend on which bargains you can find. That budget is pretty lean already. You should add $10 day per meal that you will eat. If you want to go cheap, you can spend around $25 per day. If you want to pay visiting attractions, then you’ll have to allocate more money for that.

How to go cheaper in Singapore? You can use Couchsurfing for sleeping or any other ways to sleep for free which we wrote before. You can go walking to most of the places and eat cheap in the local stores in malls, or other local areas for eating, or cook at home, if you can. You will still be able to manage to spend around $1o per day in Singapore. You just have to be creative! 😉

Spending in Singapore? Singapore is made for spending, if that’s what you love to do. You can go to have food to fancy places and sleep in better hotels. Especially paying for tourist things like going to the zoo, to sentosa and different plans which Singapore can offer to you.

Things to do in Singapore

Visit The Marina Bay

Marina Bay, Travel Singapore.

Marina Bay is easily the most touristic place in Singapore. You can visit the area during the day when it is a very busy place. Full of tourists taking pictures. You can also visit at night, which we really recommend you to do.

The views are great, the place tranquil and amazing, less hotter than during the day which can be pretty hot, and with the lights, the area can be easily magical. Now, if you have the budget, want to spend more, or experience luxury, check out the hotel Marina Bay Sands. It has all the luxury money can bring, and has the very popular Sands SkyPark and the Infinity Pool.

We weren't able to try the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, but you should go for it, if you can. Travel Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Infinity Pool  Photography: Flickr/Silas Khua

Visit Sentosa

Travel Singapore. Visit Sentosa

The Sentosa Beach  Photography: Flickr/YongSIC

If you travel Singapore, you can definitely visit Sentosa. The little island is full of tourists and locals. There are various things to do and sight seeings like going to the Universal Studios.

You can visit the Underwater World which is one of the most important attraction in the island. You can also visit the Tiger Sky Tower to have great views from Singapore and the Sentosa island.

Visit Katong or Tanjong Katong Singapore

Views from Kantong, to travel Singapore

Katong is one of the most interesting residential neighbourhoods in Sinagpore – famous for having a wide range of unique cuisine because of the mix of cultures in the area. It’s located in the Eastern region of Singapore, near the sea front. Katong is popular for its restaurants serving the Peranakan cuisine and a local noodle soup known as the Katong Laksa.

Where to eat

Eating travel Singapore

One of our most favorite place to eat breakfast in Katong East Coast is the Baba Chews Eatery located at Hotel Indigo, 86 E Coast Rd. Upon entering, you’ll immediately feel a great vibe with the architechture an design of the place. It sort of feels a mix of Moroccan and European style.

You’ll find a wide range of delicious breakfast buffet and good sets of sumptous ala carte breakfasts. For the buffet, you can choose from a wide variety of cheeses, salmon, fresh juices, bread and other pastries and even steamed buns.

The restaurant is located in a quiet neigborhood in Katong inside Hotel Indigo. After eating, you can visit the Pavillion of the hotel, a nice place for high tea or relaxation, reading, or surfing the internet. The staff are friendly and very helpful with food recommendations.

Luxury Hotel Stays

Swimming travel Singapore

It’s tough not to think about luxury hotels in Singapore. Just arriving at one of the best airports in the world, and you’ll see that Singapore is highly industrialized, a center of business and all things luxury. While in Katong, we stayed in one of the top botique hotels in the area, Hotel Indigo. Our favorite feature of this hotel is their design and overall theme. You’ll see a local Singaporean scene drawn on the wall as its main design.

Hotel Indigo to stay Travel Dingapore

The room theme revolves around old local Chinese life – you’ll see the old shoes, the old towels and candies that easily give bring you back memories of your childhood (this is more typical for Asians, as Rachel explained the candies and towels are what locals have in Asia when you are growing up).

They have this really cute shower where your window shows you a beautiful view of the city of Katong while you are bathing. Plus you can also have a foot massage or foot scrub session for you – there are actually supplies prepared for you just to do that!

The hotel also has an infinity pool on the top floor, which shows a great view of the whole city while you are swimming or watching the sunset. A highly recommended stay in Singapore, especially if you want to give yourself some distance from the main hustle and bustle of the city!

Conected with Handy travel Singapore

Now this our first time to get a handy in our hotel stay. handy is a free device with 4G access that you can use for free, and take with you the whole time of your stay with the hotel. So while we were in Singapore, we didn’t have to purchase any local sim and buy credits to have internet. We just take the handy with us and we have access to internet the whole day.

The device is actually really good as it explains to you various points of interest in the whole country. Need to connect to social media? With the phone, you can just login and download apps on it, and you’ll have access to everything.

You can’t use the phone as a hotspot, so you really have to use the phone itself, but its guaranteed to have fast internet and full of information you will need for travel. Super loved having it with us while in Singapore!

See the Botanic Gardens

Travel Singapore. Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanical Garden  Photography: Flickr/edwin.11

When you travel Singapore, you can also enjoy and relax in the Botanic Gardens. There you will see The Orchid and the Ginger Garden where you will not get tired of taking pictures, or just for relaxing.

Walk around Little India

Travel Singapore. Little India.

If you are more into the local and cultural vibe, you can visit Little India. This is the first location we stayed in when were in Singapore. It was very quiet to walk around, the place is more unique than the other areas of Singapore because if the colorful buildings, and of course, there’s authentic Indian food around.

There are various places you can visit and eat in, 24 hours. Prices start around 4-5 SGD per meal which is considered super cheap in Singapore.

Visit and eat in Chinatown

Food. Travel Singapore.

We love visiting Chinatown, whatever country we are in. Since Chinese is a very large group in the Singaporean population, you can enjoy authentic food, architecture and more activities when you visit their area. Our favorite food in Singapore was definitely in Chinatown. Prices start at around 5-6 SGD for a meal and it tastes super delicious.

Visit the Singapore Zoo

Travel Singapore. Visit the zoo.

The Singapore Zoo  Photography: Flickr/Pelican

The zoo in Singapore is one of the best in the world. Prices are around 80 SGD if you want to enjoy a night safari.

Walk around Bugis

Street juice, travel Singapore.

Bugis is very busy. Always full of people and tourists. We visited the local malls and local markets in Bugis since we really want to eat local food. If you want to taste fruit juices and street food, this is the place to visit.

There are so many choices for food, and prices vary, some even start really cheap. It’s also a good place if you are thinking of buying inexpensive local souvenirs. However, it is definitely worth visiting even if you don’t want to shop.

Eating and Drinking

You will find different gastronomies in Singapore like Indian, Malay and Chinese especially. The cheapest prices that we found in Singapore were in Little India where you can have a meal around 5 SGD. Our favorite dishes were Chinese and street juices.

 Travel Singapore, street food.

Things that we liked in Singapore

The country is very clean.

Travel Singapore, walking around.

We love how clean it is in Singapore, everywhere. This is why it’s just easy to walk around everywhere, especially if you’re not in a hurry or if you are just checking our various places in the late afternoon or in the evening.

It is very easy to move around. There is metro and buses everywhere.

Travel Singapore by metro.

Commute is so smooth in Singapore. In the metro stations, you will find maps everywhere, even bus schedules. And if you ever needed to ask questions or directions, you can easily find someone who speaks English.

You can find various gastronomies

Local food, travel Singapore.

Since there is a variety of people living in Singapore, the country is known for its mixed culture, which is a really good thing, especially if you love discovering new food. We definitely had a great time eating various dishes while we were visiting the country.

Meeting readers

Meet up, travel Singapore.

Meeting up is the highlight of our trip in Singapore! Meeting readers, and old and new friends. We met a couple of them and they showed us around the city and took us to the best places to try local food.

Things that we didn´t like (so much) in Singapore


Singapore is really busy. When you look at the sky, it looks gray because of pollution.


Travel Singapore, eating chicken.

We wish prices were little a bit lower 🙂 I have to say that quality of hostels and food were very good, but again, you really need to budget carefully especially for accommodation and sightseeing.

A very busy place

We aren’t really big fans of the big, busy, noisy cities. We prefer to stay in quiet places. With that in mind, staying in Singapore for a week is easy since there is a lot of things to do.

If you are passing by Singapore, you most likely are traveling to other countries in the Southeast Asia too. Make sure you read our travel guides for Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar.

Feel free to share the post in social media, especially for friends, buddies, and families that will benefit from the info. Let us know if you have more questions about traveling around Singapore, and we’ll answer them in the comments.

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When you travel Singapore, you can forget about the $10-20 per day for things to do in Singapore on a budget.

Happy Travels!

Stay happy and travel now dear friends. x

Additional compliments: For the title image of the post: Marina Bay Sands  Photography: Flickr/Leonid Yaitskiy

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