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8 Tourist Traps to Avoid in Prague (Travel Guide)

Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 04:17 am

8 Tourist Traps to Avoid in Prague (Travel Guide)

Prague is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and we will tell you the tourist traps to avoid in Prague for your next trip.

Prague is a city teeming with history, culture, and unique attractions, making it one of Europe’s most visited cities.

However, like many popular destinations, it also has its share of tourist traps. Being aware of these can help you enjoy a more authentic and fulfilling experience. Here’s a guide to some common tourist traps in Prague and better alternatives.


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Tourist Traps to Avoid in Prague

1. Restaurants on Old Town Square

8 Tourist Traps to Avoid in Prague (Travel Guide)

Why to Avoid: Restaurants in Prague’s Old Town Square tend to be overpriced and offer mediocre food aimed at tourists. Many include a “cover charge” just for sitting down.

Alternative: Explore eateries a few streets away from the main squares or in less touristy neighborhoods like Vinohrady, where you can enjoy authentic Czech cuisine at more reasonable prices.

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2. Currency Exchange Offices in Tourist Areas

Why to Avoid: Many exchange offices in central locations offer poor exchange rates and high fees, taking advantage of unaware tourists.

Alternative: Use reputable banks or ATMs for currency exchange, and always check the rates and fees beforehand. It’s also wise to exchange a small amount at the airport or before you travel.

3. Astronomical Clock Show

8 Tourist Traps to Avoid in Prague (Travel Guide)

Why to Avoid: While the Astronomical Clock in Prague is a must-see, the hourly show of the figures parading around can be underwhelming and always draws large crowds.

Alternative: View the clock’s mechanics and beauty at a time other than on the hour to avoid crowds, or visit the clock early in the morning or later in the evening.

4. Souvenir Shops Selling Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Why to Avoid: Many souvenir shops around the main tourist sites sell Russian nesting dolls and other non-Czech items. These are not authentic Czech souvenirs.

Alternative: For genuine local crafts, visit shops that sell products certified as “Czech Made” or explore local markets such as Havelský Market.

5. Segway and Electric Scooter Tours

Why to Avoid: These tours can be expensive and sometimes dangerous if you’re not used to riding in congested city areas.

Alternative: Opt for a walking tour or rent a bike for a more enjoyable and often enlightening way to see the city at your own pace.

6. The Charles Bridge during Daytime

8 Tourist Traps to Avoid in Prague (Travel Guide)

Why to Avoid: Charles Bridge is packed during the day, making it hard to appreciate its historic charm.

Alternative: Visit the bridge early in the morning or late at night to experience its beauty without the crowds.

7. Trdelník (Chimney Cake)

8 Tourist Traps to Avoid in Prague (Travel Guide)

Why to Avoid: Often sold as a traditional Czech dessert, Trdelník is actually a relatively recent import from other countries and can be overpriced.

Alternative: Try authentic Czech desserts like Koláče or Medovník from a local bakery instead.

8. Pilsner Beer in Tourist Spots

8 Tourist Traps to Avoid in Prague (Travel Guide)

Why to Avoid: Bars in tourist-heavy areas often charge much more for Pilsner and other beers.

Alternative: Drink where the locals drink. Bars just a couple of streets away from the main areas usually offer better prices and a more authentic atmosphere.

Navigating away from these tourist traps allows you to explore Prague with a fresh perspective, enjoying what the city truly has to offer beyond the typical tourist experience. Enjoy your visit to this magical city!

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