10 Most Instagrammable Places in Singapore

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Singapore is both an island country and a city which has been Southeast Asia’s most modern city for over a hundred year. We will show you our favorite instagrammable places in Singapore.

All tourist attractions are also accessible by tour buses. And this sounds like Singapore is such a nice place to travel. It might be an expensive city to visit.

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How to get to Singapore

You can find cheap airlines flying to Singapore.  And you should check Skyscanner to find the best and cheapest flight that fits your budget. There are also other airline companies that you can take a look at like Jetstar, Scoot, Air Asia. You can also take a bus and buy a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to get to Singapore.

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Best time to visit Singapore

Singapore’s wet season is from November to January and it will be the hottest around May and June. So the best time to visit Singapore is from February to April between the summers and winters which has the most comfortable weather and temperature and bunch of outdoor activities will be best available that time! Click here to know more about the weather in Singapore!

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Intagrammable places in Singapore

1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Instagrammable places in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is the primary tourist destination in Singapore with its wide range of attractions and places of amenity. Aside from the beautiful things to see around the city, the area is also packed of fun and appealing activities to do. There are short cruises and River Taxi rides which only cost $5-$6. The cruise will take you around the Bay to witness all of Singapore’s iconic sights such as the Five Boys by the River, Merlion, and the astounding Fullerton Hotel and you can have brief facts of Singapore’s history through the cruise ride. At night, there’s water and light show that I bet you’ll enjoy watching! It also offers the best restaurants to hotels, shopping centers, night life and scenic views- Marina Bay just got it all! It is absolutely a combination of both leisure and business into just a single place.

How to get to Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is located on 10 Bayfront Avenue you can take the East Coast Parkway (ECP) expressway from Changi Airport. And it will directly take you to Sheares Avenue across the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. You can also grab a taxi and just mention to the driver to take you to Marina Bay Sands, and you’ll get there safe and sound.

2. Gardens by the Bay

Singapore, Instagrammable places in Singapore, garden by the bay

Gardens by the Bay is truly a stunning destination that tourists must not miss to visit while in Singapore. This garden is home to thousands of plants, which is why Singapore is aiming for their island to be a ‘city in a garden’. Wonderful sceneries are really around the Flower Dome, you will see tons of flowers and various rare plants that for sure, you have never seen before. You must also try to climb up and reach the top stairs level and see worthy magnificent view from above. At night, the trees in the Gardens come alive for a sound and light show. And it’s interesting since they use the solar energy they have saved up during the day. Gardens by the Bay has the best architects and landscape artists to present, there’s no doubt why it’s so powerful and beautiful!

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How to get to Gardens by the Bay

You can get to Gardens by the Bay via The Circle Line or Downtown Line. Or take the Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16) and get out of the Exit B and cross the Meadow or Dragonfly Bridge going to Gardens by the Bay.

3. Sentosa Island

Singapore, Instagrammable places in Singapore, sentosa island

Sentosa has a lot of fun and activities to offer from waterparks, cable cars, beaches and many more! Sentosa has the Universal Studios, where there’s a massive themed-rides and this location is great for family and friends to enjoy live shows and Hollywood-themed attractions. You can also visit Sentosa beaches which has pristine white sands and crystal blue waters! And if you want some thrilling adventures, you can go to Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore try their fun ride and slides. Well, they say that Sentosa is a place of infinite possibilities because they sure have a lot of fun to offer!

How to get to Sentosa Island

To get to Sentosa Island follow these steps: Take the Singapore MRT Service, whichever is near your place and make your way to Harbour Front Station on the North-East Line. Then enter Vivo City Mall and head straight to the 3rd floor where you can purchase a Sentosa ticket/pass $4 SGD per person.

4. Chinatown

Singapore, Instagrammable places in Singapore, Chinatown

Your trip in Singapore wouldn’t be complete if you won’t visit Chinatown. It surely has it all from traditional temples to bars which are for explorers, party-goers, and history enthusiast. If there’s a must-thing to do in Chinatown, it is to grab a meal! It is the best place to experience the authentic flavour of Singapore and Maxwell Food Centre is the most popular one to visit. You can also go to the Thian Hock Keng Temple which is one of the oldest Chinese temples in Singapore. There are a lot of temples around so be prepared to be astonished with how they showcase the Chinese architectural styles!

How to get to Chinatown

The best way to get to Chinatown is by taking the MRT subway train to Chinatown station on the North East Line. Then take the Exit A, which will lead you right in Chinatown.

5. Little India

Singapore, Instagrammable places in Singapore, little India

There are bunch of must see attractions in Little India since it is the centre of life for Indian community in Singapore. So explore the combination of their Chinese and Hindu temples, mosques and churches. Well, it’s awesome since the touristic spots are just near to each other so you can visit all the beautiful places in a day and it will offer you its vibrant culture and incredible shopping experience!

How to get to Little India

It is so easy to get to Little India. Just take the MRT Chinatown Station to MRT Little India Station and it is with a direct purple line and a direct route. You can also take a subway from Clarke Quay to Little India which is 4-minute away!

More Instagrammable places in Singapore

6. Masjid Sultan

Masjid Sultan, also known as the Sultan Mosque, is located in Kampong Glam Malay Heritage District. Sultan Hussein Shah, was the first sultan of Singapore and the mosque was built for him in 1824. The Mosque has domes with arabesque style, detailed decorations and ornaments. Its design is really interesting since it is a combination of traditional Indian and Islamic elements with European architectural features. It is so great and ravishing for the eye. It is a masterpiece!  Masjid Sultan also has a prayer hall which can accommodate more than 4000 people in mass prayer. Interesting, isn’t it?

How to get to Masjid Sultan

You can get to Masjid Sultan by taking the Bugis MRT Station to Masjid Sultan by night bus, taxi or foot. It is the cheapest and will cost you $1-$2 and will take around 3-hour drive.

7. People’s Park Complex

Instagrammable places in Singapore, People's Park Complex
Image from Flickr

If you want to go somewhere that’s budget friendly, then People’s Park Complex is for you! You can have a meal here and choose from a lot of variety of foods and cuisine. They almost have everything from meat, pork, chicken, and anything in between and it will just cost under $10 for a great meal already.  It is also considered as the largest shopping complex along New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Sen Street. So they have a lot to offer like gifts, souvenirs, clothing, food, and other things that hit their fancy and interests. And again, all are cheap in price!

How to get to People’s Park Complex

To get to People’s Park Complex you can take an underground (East West Line) from Bedok Mall, Singapore directly to People’s Par Complex and you’ll get there after 30-25 minutes ride!

8. Library Orchard

Library Orchard, Singapore, Instagrammable places in Singapore

Library Orchard is a public library under the National Library Board of Singapore located on the 3rd floor of Orchard Gateway.  If you are a bookworm and just really fond of books, this is the right place and a heaven for you! There are plenty variety of books in this huge library. There are also spots where you can sit down but it can be limited and at times, the library can get a little crowded so the table and chairs are first come first served. But it is still a cozy and attractive place to relax and just geek around!

How to get to Library Orchard

Best way to get to Library Orchard is taking any near MRT station going to Somerset MRT (NS23) and it will just be a 2-minute walk to get to Library Orchard.

9. Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge, Singapore, Instagrammable places in Singapore

The Helix Bridge is previously known as Double Helix Bridge that’s connecting Marina Centre and Marina South. The bridge is definitely very eye-catching and stunning especially at dawn when you get to witness the mesmerizing night views. It will be the best experience too if you’ll walk through the bridge to get some fresh air, and there will be viewing points to stop along the way where you can capture great and beautiful photos! This bridge for sure, will satisfy your instagrammable feed desires! It is indeed an masterpiece of engineering and architectural design.

How to get to Helix Bridge

To get to Helix Bridge you can take the Promenade MRT station. Then you can take the Exit A. You will get to the bridge by walking for just 7-minutes!

10. Old Hill Street

Old Hill Street, Singapore, Instagrammable places in Singapore
Image from Flickr

Police Station Old Hill Street Police Station is one of the National Monuments in Singapore. It is located at the end of Clarke Quay and is a great example of restored colonial architecture. It is a neon-colored building and the station just stands out the most. The building is a nice and great photography spot especially during twilight. And may it be day or night, it is absolutely one instagrammable spot in Singapore!

How to get to Old Hill Street

I guess by this time you are just strolling around Clarke Quay and trying to find more touristic spot, so the cheapest way to get to Old Hill Street Police Station from Clarke Quay MRT Station is to take a bus which costs $1-$2 and will just be a 1-minute ride!

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