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Myanmar Travel Tips – 31 Things to Know before visiting Myanmar

Our recent trip to Myanmar was amazing! We learned many new things and now it’s time to write about Myanmar travel tips and all the things to know before visiting Myanmar. From the essentials about Visa, Currency and Wifi connection to the best destinations that you can’t miss in Myanmar, in Southeast Asia.

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Myanmar Travel Tips: Things to know before Visiting Myanmar

1. You need E Visa

Things to know before visiting Myanmar the eVisa system on 1 September 2014. eVisas are issued online for tourism and business purposes only. An eVisa is issued within 3 working days, is valid for 90 days from the date of issue and allows a stay for up to 28 days (for tourists) or 70 days (for business travelers).

The fee for a business eVisa is $70 USD while a tourist eVisa costs $50 USD. However, if you’re a normal holder of a passport from chosen countries like Brunei, Singapore, Philippines and others do not require a visa to enter Myanmar for tourism and business visits for up to 14 days unless otherwise noted.


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2. Cash ATMs in Myanmar

Myanmar travel tips, things to know before visiting Myanmar, cash in Myanmar, currency in Myanmar, ATM's in Myanmar, exchange money in Bagan

Myanmar’s currency is the Burmese Kyat. If you’ll convert it to US dollar, $1 is equivalent to 1,593.12 MMK (Burmese kyat). You will find ATM in touristic places everywhere isn’t like a few years ago. And there are places to exchange money but USD are accepted in touristic places too. Myanmar is more developed than a few years ago. Click here to know the exact rate!

3. Myanmar is a Buddhist Country

One of the things to know before visiting Myanmar about religion 88% of the population are Buddhist. There are also Christianity, Island and Hinduism. But you will see many pagodas around the country and we really loved it them. They are so beautiful!  

4. Languages spoken

More than 100 languages are spoken in Myanmar. Being Burmese the official and most spoken language. Not many people speak English in Myanmar. In the touristic places you will find people speaking English but outside them. You will have to use sign language or practice your Burmese language. 

5. Travel adapters for Electricity in Myanmar

You will need a power adapter for the electricity. They use the same system than United Kingdom, different to Europe and United States. So as we always recommend getting a multi adapter that you can plug everywhere in the world. So you will not be worried about this.

6. Sim Cards and Wifi Connection in Myanmar

things to know before visiting Myanmar, Sim card in Myanmar

We found Wifi connection strong in Yangon. Plus data was working in 4 GB most of the time. In hotels and coffee shops connection works great inside the city. But in other touristic areas wifi connection wasn’t so strong. But it was still good enough for work and it improved a lot comparing with a few years ago.

These are the plans that you can get with Telenor $1 USD is 1500 Kyats so you can get 6 GB for $4 USD and you will have load in calls 500 Kyats and messages. The connection in Myanmar will almost reach 4 GB following touristic places like Inle Lake, Yangon, Bagan and on the way to Thailand Bago, Golden RocK and Pha An. We got surprised that internet in Myanmar works better than in the Philippines. But not so good as Digital Nomads hubs like Thailand and Bali.

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7. There are 3 International Airports in Myanmar

There are 3 International Airports in Myanmar. The biggest airport is in Mandalay, second biggest is Yangon International Airport and last one in the capital Nay Pyi Taw. There are flighst connected with most of the countries in Asia being the most popular routes SIngapore, Kuala Lumpur and Thailand.

More Myanmar Travel Tips And Things to Know Before Visiting Myanmar About Culture

8. Betel Nut

Betelnut Myanmar, things to know before visiting Myanmar

When walking around Myanmar you will notice that Burmese people are chewing something. Yeah! This is betel nut. You need to chew and it tastes bitter. Be careful! Your teeth will become red. The areca nut is wrapped in betel leaves and mixed with calcium hydroxide. They can include more spices to get extra flavor. Betel nut is also eaten in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The effect is stimulant. Bus drivers, truck driver and taxi drivers are usually eating betel because of the stimulant effect.

9. Wearing Longyi in Myanmar

Burmese people wear a long skirt! It’s called longyi. It’s a sheet cloth that Burmese people are wearing. They wear around their waist. It’s also common wearing longyi in other countries like Sri Lanka and India in the South part of the country.

10. Free Water Station

You can find free water station in Myanmar in markets, shops and walking around. There is a glass holded from a string. You need to get the glass and fill up water from the basin and when you are done, put it back. If you want to act like a local, follow them in the water stations.

11. Tea Culture in Myanmar

tea culture in Myanmar, things to know before visiting Myanmar, what to eat in Inle Lake, food to try in Inle Lake, tea in Inle Lake, tea in Myanmar

Burmese people love drinking tea. This is the best chance to interact with local people. There are short chairs in the street around the table. It’s perfect to get close to them and try to have a conversation with them. You will make new friends! By the way I love Burmese tea and eating sweets while drinking.

12. Wearing Thanaka

things to know before visiting Myanmar, Thanaka

It’s a yellow paste that Burmese people spread in their faces and arms. Children and woman are using thanaka. It’s used as cosmetic beauty in their face. It’s believed that helps to get smooth skin. And also it’s used to protect against sunburn. You can see in the markets how do they put thanaka and they will offer to you in places like Bagan.

13. Chiloneball

things to know before visiting Myanmar, chiloneball

Chiloneball is the most famous sport in Myanmar. They play in a circle, a team of 6 people. They pass the ball with their feet, knees and heads between them. One player going to the center and he is dancing while kicking the ball.

That’s the game they pass the ball until the ball touches the ground. So, the game is starting again. This game is also played in different countries in South East Asia as Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines.

14. It takes time traveling around Myanmar

Distances are big in Myanmar and you will spend long time in transportation by bus or train. Internal flights between the touristic destinations can be a great option if you don’t have so much time for traveling around Myanmar.

15. Night Buses

The best way to move around are night buses especially if you go on a budget you will save your accommodation. There are VIP buses that they include dinner. One of the things to know before visiting Myanmar make sure you book the bus tickets in advance online, in your hotel or with a tour operator in Myanmar.

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16. No taximeter in the taxi

There is no taximeter in the taxis. So you will have to agree a price before your ride. Taxis aren’t expensive and they are quite useful especially in big cities. There are also alternative to taxis with apps like Grab in Myanmar.

17. Go Barefoot inside the Pagodas

things to know before visiting Myanmar, Shwedagon Pagoda, things to do in Yangon, Yangon, Yangon travel guide

Make sure that you remove your shoes before going to a Pagoda before locals remind you about this. You will see before the entrance that there are shoes everywhere just put yours over there.

18. Dress properly for temples

Apart from going barefoot inside the pagoda. Remember to dress properly. For girls you have to cover your shoulders and knees when dressing. For guys you also have to cover your shoulders when going inside the pagodas.

19. Never point with your feet or aim them at a Buddha

You can’t point to Buddha with your feet. For behaving in the pagodas is great to pay attention what locals do and what they are wearing to understand better about this. One of the important things to know before visiting Myanmar!

20. It Can be cold in the mountains be ready with a jacket

We know in Southeast Asia the weather is really nice and warm. But be careful during the months of December to February can get cold in Myanmar. Just bring a jacket to be ready if the temperature goes down.

21. There are No Mcdonalds and Starbucks in Myanmar

Little by little we can see more international companies in Myanmar. One of the most popular like Mcdonalds and Starbucks aren’t operating in Myanmar. 

22. Entrance Fees in Myanmar

The most populaar places in Myanmar require entrance fee like Inle Lake and Bagan. If you are trekking you will have to organize the activity with a guide. And most of the populars pagodas and tourist attractions have entrance can be from $1-2 in small pagodas to $15 USD entrance in places like Bagan and Inle Lake.

Places That You Can’t Miss When Visiting Myanmar

23. Visit Bagan

things to know before visiting Myanmar,  Things to do in Bagan, Bagan

The most beautiful place in Myanmar. There are more than 2 000 Buddhist temples around Bagan. Don’t miss the sunrise for starting your day. Go around with a bicycle during the day around their temples. Try to meet locals while you are cycling around the temples, having tea with them. They will be happy to talk to you. Enjoy a great Burmese meal. At the end of the day, you should go for the sunset. 

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24. Visit Kyaiktiyo

things to know before visiting Myanmar, Golden Rock

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda where you can pilgrim to The Golden Rock. It’s 3 hours walking to get The Golden Rock. The way is full op Burmese people pilgrim to the Rock. On the top, you can see the pagoda and The Golden Rock. There are hundred of Burmese people praying in the Pagoda. You need to pay $6 for the entrance. The ticket is valid for two days.

25. Visit Hpa-An

Hpa An

Image from Wikimedia-Myanmar Travel Tips And Things to know before visiting Myanmar

It’s a small city and very quiet. It’s the perfect place to have contact with Myanmar. My favorite place in Hpa An was the local market. It was first and my last destination in Myanmar. As I did overland getting by Myawaddy was the entry and exit point for Myanmar. The best plan is to rent a motorbike and get lost around the area. Visit local markets and try local delicacies.

26. Visit Bago

things to know before visiting Myanmar, Bago

Between Kyatkyo and Yangoon. It’s a small city, a little bit busy. The best plan in Bago is to rent a bicycle and going around visiting the pagodas and the Sleeping Budha which is a huge one. 

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27. Visit Yangon

things to know before visiting Myanmar, Yangon

It’s the largest city in Myanmar. You can get cheap accommodation near Sule Pagoda. Too much traffic! My favorite place in Yangon was street markets. You can find markets during the day and at night. You can visit a few pagodas. Shwedagon Pagoda is the most sacred Buddhist Pagoda in Myanmar. 

28. Visit Inle Lake

Inle Lake, things to know before visiting Myanmar

Inle Lake is an amazing place for relaxing. You can do a day trip around the lake to see how locals do for a living from silver to silk. Also taking pictures of the fishermen in Inle Lake extending their fishing nets!

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Food That You Can’t-Miss in Myanmar

29. Mohinga


Noodle fish soup served usually for breakfast with chicken peas, crisp fried fritters, garlic, onions, fish paste, ginger, fish paste, fish sauce, and catfish in a rich broth

30. Shan Noodles

Shan Noodles, Budget travel in per day in Myanmar

Dry Noodles mixed with chili, and peanuts are served for breakfast and lunch. Our favorite street food in Myanmar. Prices are so affordable and you can find them for $1-2 USD.

31. Ohn No Khauk Swe

Burmese dish consisting of wheat noodles in a curried chicken and coconut milk broth. It’s usually served with onions, chilies, crisp noodles, boiled egg and fish sauce.

Now we have finished our list let us know which one is your favorite Myanmar travel tips and things to know before visiting Myanmar! We’d love to hear them. 

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Happy Travels!

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Kalyan Panja

Saturday 7th of September 2019

So many of the people I know are very keen to visit Myanmar. It is becoming THE place to travel to. It is becoming such a bucket-list destination. So many of my friends have it as their number one retirement plan or are planning a bit of a Gap Year, well a few months off anyway, to visit this amazing country. This is a very useful guide. But it is only going to further fuel my friends’ desire to travel!

Ruben Arribas

Saturday 7th of September 2019

Thanks Kalyan! Glad to hear that the guide is useful :)

It's amazing to have a Gap Year and traveling around Southeast Asia there are other destinations like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam. My favorite one is the Philippines :)