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Myanmar Itinerary 2 Weeks: Places to Visit in Myanmar

Last updated on August 7th, 2022 at 03:41 pm

Myanmar Itinerary

How long should I stay in Myanmar? We got asked this question very often. So we will write our Myanmar Itinerary for 2 weeks. We will also make a Myanmar itinerary if you are in a hurry only 1 week and more than 2 weeks since you will have 28 days visa why not spending all of them in Myanmar.

Keep reading below the options and places to visit in Myanmar 3 weeks, 2 weeks and even one week itinerary in Myanmar!

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Best time to visit Myanmar

Myanmar has a monsoon climate with three main seasons. The best time to visit most of Myanmar is from November to February, when temperatures are relatively manageable. From March to May, the country becomes very hot, particularly the dry zone of the central plains where Bagan and Mandalay often see temperatures in excess of 40°C.

However, it can get crowded over the winter season so also consider the rainy season for the best time to visit, especially if you’re intending to visit areas in and around Mandalay and Bagan.

Check the weather here before visiting Myanmar!

Places to Visit in Myanmar

2 Weeks Myanmar Itinerary

We will start our Myanmar itinerary from Yangon. Since most of the travelers are getting to Yangon International airport or Mandalay international airport coming from Southeast Asia. The most common options are traveling from Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. There are cheap flight companies going to Myanmar for this we always recommend to take a look to Skyscanner.

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Read here how to get to Yangon city center from the airport!

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Yangon (Day 1st and 2nd)

Myanmar itinerary, Yangon,Shwedagon Pagoda

Yangon is the largest city and one of the places to visit in Myanmar. We recommend you to stay at least 2 days since there are a few things to do in Yangon.

If you are getting to the airport in the morning. It will take you around one hour to reach the city center. The most important part to explore is Shwedagon Pagoda. The most popular pagoda in Myanmar. It would be awesome if you can visit for sunset so you will see the lights at night time. Early morning for the sunrise can be a great idea. We visited Shwedagon Pagoda for sunset and we stay a couple of hours until night time. It’s really beautiful and you will find the place full of locals spending their day there.

If you are in a hurry in Myanmar you can visit during the day and take a night bus to Inle Lake. It will make you save a lot of time night buses in Myanmar. If you want to give more time to Yangon. There are a few local restaurants to visit. We liked it 999 Shan Noodle with local food for affordable prices. You can also go around Bogyoke market to buy things and also to eat local food. It’s close from city center.

If you want more things to explore in Yangon you can visit parks like Kandawgyi Park. You can also go around Yangon Circle Train which brings you around the city and you can go down anytime. It’s slow so you need time for this. Also you can visit more Pagodas close to city center like Sule Pagoda.

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Inle Lake (Days 3rd-4th)

Myanmar Itinerary 2 weeks, Inle Lake

You need at least 2 days in Inle Lake. One day you need to rent a boat and exploring around the lake. The fishermen extending their fishing net is something that you can’t miss in your Myanmar itinerary. Apart from this there are tours offering to show you how is the life in Inle lake selling silver and silk. And you will see the whole process how to make the silver and the silk. It was very interesting for us this part.

You can rent a bicycle/motorbike to explore around the lake on your own the next day if you aren’t joining to a boat trip around Inle Lake. You can go and explore Kakku Pagoda close to Inle Lake. You can go on your own renting a motorbike or joining to a kakku Day Tour.

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We stayed 3 days in Inle Lake and we had enough time for visiting and relaxing but 2 days could be enough if you are in a hurry when visiting Myanmar.

Kalaw (5th-6th-7th)

Kalaw, Myanmar itinerary

We recommend you to try a hiking around the area of Kalaw. Prices are affordable with a guide, food and accommodation included. To go to Kalaw the best is hiring a company in Inle Lake. There are a few of them. Just choose the one matching better your budget, schedule and things that you are planning to do. Prices are affordable in Myanmar and the experience will be great.

After the trekking you have to go back to Inle Lake where you can take a night bus or van going to Mandalay. We always recommend you to book in advance in Myanmar. So you will make sure that you choose your transportation. Otherwise you will depend on the availability of the vans. Or you will have to rent a car. The option of the car can be great if you are traveling 3-4 people. A car costs around $60-70 USD and it can save a lot of time and give you comfort in your trip.

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Mandalay (Days 7th-8th)

U Bein Bridge, Myanmar Itinerary

It’s possible that your Myanmar itinerary starts in Mandalay since there are also international flights coming from Southeast Asia. You can rent a bicycle or a motorbike to explore around.

During the day you can do sightseeing. There are a few Pagodas to explore around Mandalay: Myatheindan Pagoda and Kuthodaw Pagoda. You can also head to Mandalay Hill to get a 360 view of Mandalay. You can visit Shwenandaw Monastery. Try to visit local restaurants at night to try Myanmar food. And making sure for sunset you are heading to Amarapura to visit around during the day and later you can go for the sunset to U Bridge one of the most popular tourist spots in Myanmar. You can rent a bicycle or a motorbike and going on your own or if you prefer click here to check the day tours around Amarapura.

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Bagan (9th-10th-11th)

how to get to Bagan, Bagan, Myanmar itinerary

You have to spend at least 3 days in Bagan. You have to be on time for the sunrise and the sunset everyday in Bagan is a must.

You can rent a bicycle or Ebike for affordable prices. Also you have to visit the local market in Nyang U and try Myanmar dishes. You will learn in the market about thanaka. You will see most of the people are wearing thanaka in Bagan. Apart from the temples you can also visit villages. It’s interesting to see how do they manage and the activities that they make in Bagan. You can do on your own or booking a tour.

If you have extra time will be worth it to visit Mount Popa. You can go on your own from Bagan. Also you can join on a tour to Mount Popa for this experience. From Bagan you can head to Mandalay or Yangon in a night bus.

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Bago-Golden Rock and Yangon Days (12th-13th)

Myanmar itinerary, Golden Rock, things to know before visiting Myanmar

There are a few options for last days in your Myanmar itinerary for 2 weeks. You can go stay in Yangon longer and enjoying their gastronomy, parks and local markets. But you can also do day trips to Bago and Golden Rock an amazing trekking in Kyaiktiyo Pagoda.

Bago is close and you will take only 2 hours. The city is small and you can visit the main tourist spots in Bago in one day. The Reclining Buddha and the pagodas are the most interesting. To move around in Bago you can rent a bicycle or a motorbike.

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Golden Rock

It’s 4 hours driving distance from Yangon. You can do the pilgrimage 2-3 hours hiking from Kimphun. You can also reach the Golden Rock by taxi or public transportation if you prefer skipping the hike. I did the hike and I really enjoyed. If you are in a hurry you can get the public transportation or a taxi on the way back.

If you decide to spend the day in Golden Rock would be night to stay overnight in Kyatkyo where you can find accommodation. So you will have more time to enjoy the place that coming back to Yangon.

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This is the complete Myanmar itinerary for two weeks. Keep reading below our one week Myanmar itinerary and 3 weeks Myanmar itinerary.

1 Week Myanmar Itinerary

Yangon (1st Day and 2 Second Day Night Bus)

Myanmar itinerary, Sule Pagoda, Yangon, Yangon downtown

One Day in Yangon exploring Shwedagon Pagoda at sunrise or for sunset. A few local markets and a parks if you have time since they are so beautiful or a local restaurant to try food can be perfect for your day in Yangon. Also you can visit Sule Pagoda near city center. For markets Bogyoke market. Take a look all the things mentioned above in 2 weeks Myanmar itinerary and choose the ones that you prefer.

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Inle Lake Day (3rd-4th)

If you are in a hurry in your Myanmar itinerary. As you will get early morning to Inle Lake. You can organize a boat trip for your first day around the lake. Try to get a long one to see the fishermen but also you can learn about silver and silk.

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Second day you can rent a motorbike early morning and explore around even visit Kakku Pagoda if you go early morning. Make sure you are back at sunset time to get the bus on the way to Mandalay. One week Myanmar itinerary there is no time to waste. It’s too tight but if you don’t have more time!

Mandalay (Day 5th)

One day in Mandalay getting early morning can be enough to see the main tourist spots in the city and reaching the sunset in U Bridge. Next morning you can get the boat Mandalay to Bagan and you will get to Bagan before sunset.

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Bagan Day (6th-7th)

Last days of your itinerary you will spend in Bagan trying to see the sunrise and sunset. Main temples around the area. You can rent a Ebike or bicycle to move around the temples.

in your last day you will get a night bus on the way to Yangon where you will catch your flight if you are in one week Myanmar itinerary.

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3 Weeks Myanmar Itinerary

Ngapali Beach

Image from Flickr

I consider that you can do the exact Myanmar itinerary than for 2 weeks. But you can also visit the beaches: Chaunghta Beach or Ngapali Beach spending 3-4 days to relax and rest. If you are a beach lover like us you will love it to extend your itinerary in Myanamar for a few days in the beaches. I did in my first time in Myanmar!

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Another option to add apart from the beaches is Hpa An. A perfect place to rent a motorbike and getting lost. It’s not very touristic place and you will enjoy meeting locals.

Hispaw can be also part of your Myanmar itinerary if you like trekking. You can go for 2-3 trek in remote areas of Myanmar. You will have to organize with a guide. Prices are more expensive in Hsipaw than Kalaw. If you like the mountain and hiking this can be your option instead the beach.

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Hope it’s useful this Myanmar itinerary 2 Weeks, 3 Weeks and also one week if you don’t have so much time in Myanmar. Share with your family and friends going to Myanmar and let us know if you have questions in the comments below.

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Happy Travels!

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