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Budget Travel in France: How much do you need per day

Budget Travel in France

Budget Travel in France: How much do you need per day

France is a country famous for its sophisticated cuisines, array of different types of wines, art and culture. You’ll have to go and visit the country to find out more. Did you know that France is referred to as the Hexagon and also it has 12 different time zones.

France is a famous place for tourist to visit many people may have the word France in some of their place’s to visit or in their goals. Many people from all over the world choose to visit this beautiful country, but a lot are coming from western countries. In this post we hope to give you information about what’s gonna be your budget travel in France and how much do you need per day. Hope this will help’s big time!

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Is it safe/difficult to travel in France

During our stay, we definitely enjoyed our stay and felt very much safe exploring the country. We’ve been traveling all throughout France to take pictures of this beautiful country and never experienced any problem. So guys, yes it is safe to travel in France.

Best time to visit in France

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter is mainly the season in France. In France, every season brings out a different side of the personality of the city when it comes to the color of nature. Summer takes place during the months of June-August in these months you’ll experience a high temperatures, expect to wear sunglasses because it is a must.

From September to December the temperature cools down quite a bit and it is the perfect time to enjoy long walks through stunning neighborhoods. And the Spring season during the months of March-May is the best time to visit France. It starts out with chilly and gets warm, it is a perfect time to spend the day exploring the city’s beautiful garden, at night it remains pretty cold.

Click here to know more about the weather in France.

Visa in France

If you belong to a country that does not belong to a Schengen Agreement it is a must to apply for a visa to grant entry to France. Even if you choose to only stay for a short time you are required to apply for a visa. Good news for US Citizen, they may enter France for up to 90 days for tourist and business purposes.

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Cash in France

The currency used all throughout France is Euro just like all European countries. The exact currency of Euro to the dollar is A €1 = $1.0678 USD. You can use debit cards everywhere in France. ATMs are available and accessible in all parts of the country.

Click here to know the exchange rate between the Euro and your currency!

Internet in France

Internet is not that hard to access nowadays, may it be free from cafes, shops, stores and maybe your hotel rooms. It is everywhere!

There are 4 major network providers in France: Orange, SFR, Bouygues Télécom and Free Mobiels.


I wouldn’t recommend you buy a sim card at Paris Orly airport. If you wish comfort you can buy eSim online and if you aren’t in a hurry just go around phone shops in the city and compare prices to buy the cheapest sim card in Paris. Read here France sim card for tourist

You can find the cheapest French eSim with Airalo France eSim prepaid for $5 USD with 1 GB data valid for 7 days (USING DISCOUNT CODE GAMINTRAVELER 10%). And Nomad France eSim with similar data packages for $26 USD Nomad France eSim with 10 GB data.

Holafly France eSim for less than $60 USD if you use our code GAMINTRAVELER you will have unlimited internet for 30 days in France for just $2 USD per day.

Food budget travel in France

France 4228 1

There are many foods to choose from in the county. Remember that France is famously known for its delicious foods. One of which is their usual breakfast named “petit déjeuner” which consists of coffee or hot chocolate milk with a breakfast pastry like a croissant. You wouldn’t leave France without having to taste macarons its colorful and tasty its nice to try this kind of delicacy in France where it originated, you can buy them in corner bakeries for €2-3.

You should also try a baguette is a long, thin loaf of French bread that is commonly seen in the country, the price of thus is around €0.90 in bakeries and €0.45 in supermarkets. We really loved cheese and salads in France!

Accommodation budget travel in France

Accommodation in France is very expensive than any other countries around Euro. You can access a dorm that can go up to €18-30. And while a hotel that is a double room in a budget can go up to €90.


Tour/Entrance Fees in France

Eiffel Tower 2 3

There are many famous tourist spots that you can access in France, like for example you can access the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower for €15. Or you can Hop on and off on a Bus Tour around Paris for €38. You can also visit the famous glass triangle museum famously know as the Louvre Museum, the normal entrance Fee for adults is €15.

Local transportation in France

France has all sorts of public transportation from trains, metro, buses and taxi’s. Trains is France is highly centralized, reservation cost for about €30 and a standard premier is €40. Remember that night trains within France are rare.

If you want a more convenient ride you can choose to ride taxi, taxi’s fare will depend on where is the pick up place and where is the departure are, for example you’ve been picked up in Nice the starting meter would be €6.50 and as it goes it will add €1.50 for every 1km. In Paris, a metro ticket costs €1.90 and can go cheaper if you buy 10 tickets. For long distances journeys bus is cheaper than trains which are so efficient but little bit expensive.

Budget Travel in France per day

France is country considered to be quite expensive compared to other countries around Europe maybe because it is the most visited location in Europe. And this may be the reason too why it is expensive in Europe.

For accommodation, a dorm room’s price ranges from France France €18-30 and a budget hotel can get up to €90. But this still depends on where and what kind of hotel you want to stay in. For foods there are lunch meals that can be less than €20.

You can buy a pre-made sandwich for €7 and have a snack in a  €5. Again this will depend on where and what you’ll eat. For transportation, the average price would be  €7.

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Happy Travels

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