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A Perfect 3 Days Coron Itinerary

A Perfect 3 Days Coron Itinerary

Coron is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines and one of our favorite ones. Travelers usually get to Coron by plane from Cebu and Manila. Or by boat from El Nido. We suggest at least 3 days Coron itinerary.

2 Days island hopping is a must in Coron and you can keep one day to explore around beaches, hiking and visit the hot springs. We will update you prices and schedule to be ready for your next trip.

If you stay longer then 3 days in Coron we will also let you know all Coron tourist spots, the best places to stay that adapts to your budget and comfort. If you love diving and snorkeling Coron is one of the best places in the Philippines for these activities.

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You can get accommodation starting from 800-1000 PHP (less than $20 USD) for a room in a guesthouse. Can you imagine if you are two of you traveling in the Philippines, it will be $10 USD each.



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How to get to Coron By Plane

There are daily direct flights going to Coron from ManilaCebu and Clark. It will take around one hour the flight. And the airport Francisco B. Reyes is located in Busuanga is 20 minutes driving distance far from Coron town on the North. It’s one of the smallest airport that we have even seen! Prices are so affordable and you can get flights for $80-90 USD return ticket from Clark.

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How to get to Coron from El Nido

There are a few options fast and slow boat with different schedules and prices. You can get the slow boat around 1300 PHP and it takes 6-7 hours. And you can get the fast boat around 3 hours for 1700 PHP. Up to you guys a few dollars for beers, smoothies or just paying for your comfort.

Read here how to get from Coron to El Nido!

From El Nido we took the fast boat going to Coron. Around 3 hours of boat time to Coron’s port from El Nido. Make sure you book in advance since sometimes can be full.

Click here to book your ferry from El Nido to Coron!

From the port you can ride a tricycle to the town if your hotel is far from the port. 

ATM’S In Coron

Coron is far from the capital city of Palawan which is Puerto Princesa. There are a few ATMs in Coron and places where you can exchange your money.  We recommend that you to bring cash just in case ATMs are not working or not nearby. The current exchange rate is $1 USD = 51 PHPClick here to know the exact exchange rate.

Internet and Wifi Connection in Coron

If you are going to visit Coron WIFI is not the best but it works great we would say than better than in El Nido. If you have 4G in your phone will be great and you can catch up with work online not the fastest but it works.

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Entrance Fees in Coron

There are tours that don’t include entrance fees. Or maybe you decide to do a private tour in Coron. These are the entrance fees to the main Coron tourist spots:

Kayangan Lake        300 PHP
Malcapaya Island   250 PHP
Barracuda Lake       200 PHP
Twin Lagoon            200 PHP
Siete Pecados          200 PHP
Banol Beach             150 PHP
Smitch Beach           150 PHP
Reef Garden             150 PHP
Skeleton Wreck       150 PHP
Island Do Coral        150 PHP

Transportation Around Coron (Island Hopping Prices)

Coron Itinerary

The prices for renting a motorbike are 500 PHP per day. Tricycles charge around 100-300 PHP depending on the distance that you are doing in Coron. But expect for one ride from the port around 100-200 PHP to your hotel.

Island hopping in Coron has similar prices than in El Nido. If you join a tour prices are around 1200 PHP with entrance fees included and lunch. If you decide to rent a private boat prices are 3000 PHP for 4 people and they will not include entrance fees and lunch.

But they will cook for you if you buy food from the market. Prices for the island hopping can go higher if you go to beaches on the North like Black Island since it takes longer to reach there. Expect to pay around 1000 PHP extra for entrance fees depending how many places you visit.

If you want to join a tour we recommend you Ultimate Tour 1200 PHP where you can see the main Coron tourist spots like Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon and Kayangan Lake. You will enjoy a paradise beach for lunch. Expect places are little bit crowded since most of the tours visit same places at the same time.

Another tour that you could take is Escape if you like beaches. You will be able to visit Malcapuya Island, Ditaytayan Sand Bar and Coconut Beach for 1500 PHP with lunch and entrance fees included.

If you want to go off the beaten path in Coron. Calumbuyan Island and Pass Island are perfect for visiting and you can do both together in the same day. There is 2 2-hour boat ride from Coron town. Prices of the boats are 5000 PHP good enough for 4 people. You have to add 200 PHP entrance fee for each island.

You can get better price if you go to Salvacion or Concepcion in North Busuanga in your own to visit Calumbuyan Island and Pass Island. There are jeepneys, vans, and tricycles or you can rent your own motorbike. From here you can get a boat with 2000-3000 PHP going to the islands around.

Black Island is one of the most popular stops in Coron. It takes 2 hours and a half to reach there from Coron town. Prices are 8000 PHP per boat for 4 people. You can also combine with Calauit since is in the North part of Coron. Calauit is a safari popular because of the giraffes.

You can get better prices going to Black Island and Calauit if you go to Salvacion or Concepcion in North Busuanga in your own. There are jeepneys, vans, tricycles or you can rent your own motorbike. From here you can get a boat 2000-3000 PHP going to the islands around.

If you want to visit remote islands we recommend you to visit Dumunpalit Island. You can go Maricaban port which is close to Francisco B. Reyes Airport by van, tricycle or renting a motorbike it will take around 45 minutes to get there. From Maricaban port the boat ride takes 90 minutes.

Prices are 3000 PHP for the boat and the entrance fee to this amazing island is 200 PHP. We didn’t stay overnight but I guess if you are bringing your own tent you can ask them to stay. The island is amazing and totally worth it the visit.

Click here to get a discount booking online your tour in Coron!

Daily Budget Travel in Coron

Coron tourist spots, Coron travel guide, Coron Itinerary

For your daily travel budget in Coron will be more expensive that other destinations in the Philippines. For transportation distances aren’t big but tricycle will charge you 50-100 PHP.

For food prices are affordable and you can get a meal in local restaurants (carinderias) starting for 80-100 PHP and 200-300 PHP in Western restaurants per person.

Prices for joining an island hopping will be around 1200-1500 PHP per person lunch and entrance fees included depending on the tour that you are joining. If you decide to do a private tour prices per boat will be starting around 3000 PHP for 2 people and adding 1000 PHP per entrance fees depending on the places that you want to visit. It will not include lunch like in El Nido. But you can buy food in the market and the crew will cook for you.

Accommodation prices will be expensive for the quality. The cheapest prices per a room start for 1000 PHP (cheaper than 1000 PHP you can find a dorm). And don’t expect so much for this. Getting good places to stay in Coron 2000-4000 PHP for a room with breakfast included.


3 Days Coron Itinerary

1 Day in Coron itinerary

Bayview and Sophias 0239

At least you need to spend 3 nights and 2 complete days so you can do two island hopping in Coron. if you are coming by plane or by baot from El Nido you will not be able to join to do island hopping that day. Since they start around 9 am.

The first day if you get for lunch we recommend you to do as we did. Going for Mount Tapyas for sunset and after this to Maquinit Hotsprings since they open until late. Tours are organizing the activity, click here if you want to book the tour with klook.

You can also rent a motorbike and explore beaches around Coron!

2 Day in Coron Itinerary

Coron Itinerary, where to stay in Coron, Tagdanao, island hopping from El Nido to Coron, el nido to coron expedition tour, Buhay Isla Eco Tour

There are a few island hopping to do in Coron. It depends what you prefer. If you hire a private boat will be more expensive but you will enjoy better the places with less people. If you join a tour the departure is around 9 30 am and you will see all the places crowded, still beautiful!

Click here to get your discount booking the Ultimate tour with Klook!

We can recommend you 2 island hopping in Coron. The Escapade mentioned above going to Malcapuya Island and The Ultimate tour.

Click here to book Malcapuya island tour!

3 Day Coron Itinerary

Malcapuya Island, Coron Itinerary

You can choose other island hopping or going on your own for a day trip. If you did the Ultimate tour you can try the Escapade and visiting paradise islands in Coron during the day. At night you can go out for dinner. Restaurants like Altrove or the View Deck the quality of the food is great. Prices are expensive comparing with other local places in Coron but food and service is great!

You can check and book tours in advance Tour A, Tour B, Tour C and Tour D.

Spending more Days in Coron Itinerary

Visit Islands outside Coron

Dumunpalit Island, Coron tourist spots, Coron travel guide, Coron Itinerary

We recommend you to visit islands outside Coron town like Pass Island, Black Island or Dumunpalit Island. There are a few options that we mentioned above in the island hopping in Coron. Check them out!

We decided to explore Dumunpalit Island. One of the best islands that we have ever seen. It’s almost not getting tourists yet. You have to go to Maricaban port by motorbike, tricycle or van. From there you can get a boat 1 hour and 30 minutes to Dumunpalit Island.

The boat costs 3000 PHP and the entrance fee is 200 PHP per person. The water is so clear and you can stay overnight if you bring a tent.

Read here how to get to Dumunpalit Island!

Kayaking and Snorkeling

Coral Reef Garden, Coron tourist spots, Coron travel guide

There are other activities like kayaking and snorkeling that you can do by renting a motorbike and exploring Coron on your own. You could join Mont Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Springs if you have time in the evening before dinner.

Diving in Coron

diving 1049477 1920

You can dive the Wreck Ship in Coron. After long time not diving the experience was amazing. We also did snorkeling in Coron and it was great. You will need the Open Water to dive in Coron for a day tour.

During the day we spent our day diving and snorkeling around Coron. It was amazing the experience diving after a few years without doing. Rachel enjoyed snorkeling and both the boat ride in so beautiful landscape.

Expedition Boat

Ditatayan Island, Coron tourist spots, Coron travel guide

If you are into Coron and you want to visit everywhere you can get an expedition boat staying in the islands in tents or bamboo huts. Or an expedition going to El Nido. It takes 3-5 days and the experience is amazing!

There are expeditions going to El Nido. But you can also travel around Coron and Culiyon Islands. The experience is amazing and you will enjoy the islands all for yourself. Plus you will enjoy amazing snorkeling and great local food.

Safari In Coron

There is a Safari Park in the North of the island called Calauit where you can see giraffes and zebras. We didn’t visit since we don’t like so much these activities with animals. You can check here the Safari Tour in Coron!

Where to Stay in Coron

Coron Town

There are a few areas to stay in Coron. You can stay in Coron town where most of the places on a budget are. Also there are nice places one kilometer far from the town.

Palladium Hotel


For our staying Coron we chose the Palladium Hotel which is located 1.5 kilometers outside Coron town in a quiet area. It’s a beautiful place where we could stay online catching up with work after our expedition El Nido to Coron with Buhay Isla Eco Tour.

Palladium Hotel

Palladium Hotel remained us to Greek Islands like Santorini and Mykonos from last summer in Europe with the blue and white colors. It’s a mid budget accommodation in Coron. Click here to check their availability and prices!

There are more places to stay in Coron town on a budget. Small guest houses where you can go walking distance to the town for lunch or dinner. Check the links below.


Busuanga Area

If you prefer staying more quiet in Coron Busuanga is 30 minutes far from Coron town. There are places on a budget and luxury resorts perfect if you are having a family vacation in Coron. Busuanga is close to the airport and there are ports around where you can rent boats for your island hopping.

Click here to book your place in Busuanga in advance with Booking!

Hope it’s useful our 3 Days Coron itinerary and even longer if you have more days to do more activities. Let us know in the comments below if you have questions.

Feel free to use our links for discounts. Using our links will help us to continue with the maintenance of the website and it will not cost you anything. Thanks for the love guys.

Happy Travels!

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