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18 Awesome Kaohsiung Tourist Spots And Things to do in Kaohsiung

18 Awesome Kaohsiung Tourist Spots (Travel Guide) 18 Awesome Kaohsiung Tourist Spots And Things to Do in Kaohsiung We will write you with all the details in our Kaohsiung travel guide how to reach the list of 18 Kaohsiung tourist spots. Click here to book activities in Kaohsiung! Read here how to get from Kaohsiung airport to city center, Kaohsiung itinerary and where to stay in Kaohsiung! Read here Taiwan itinerary  and things to know before visiting Taiwan!


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how to get from Kaohsiung airport to city center. ATMs in Kaohsiung airport There are few ATMs in the airport that they don’t charge commission. There are a couple of places to exchange money in the airport. The exchange rate $1 USD= 30 TWD. Click here to know the exact exchange rate in Taiwan.



how to get from Kaohsiung airport to city center We have to say that for us was the best way to travel around Kaohisung since you just put load and you can use in MRT, buses and even going to places like Fo Guang Shang Memorial which is outside the center. You can also use it in Taipei. Plus you can use for buying in 7 Eleven and convenience stores in the country. So i’s pretty convenient. how to get from Kaohsiung airport to city center You can purchase in convenience stores in Kaohsiung. Also available in the airport you will pay 100 TWD which is $3 USD non-refundable. It’s comfortable and every time that you use your Easy Card you get 15% discounts in your MRT and bus trips. You can recharge in convenience stores or in MRT Stations. You can use that money to buy in convenience stores in Taiwan. It’s great since there are Family Mart 7 Eleven all over Kaohsiung and Taiwan. Click here to get unlimited MRT Pass!

Daily Budget Travel in Kaohsiung

For transportation you can go walking around city center and take short taxi rides $3-4 USD. Public bus isn’t very efficient but of course if you are patient you will ride it for less than you take buses and MRT will cost you around $1 USD. For food you will find local places to eat $2-3 USD beef noodle soup. There are night markets that you can have proper meals at that price. If you prefer restaurants prices will go from $5-8 USD for a meal per person. For accommodation, you can find accommodation prices starting from $20-30 USD depending on how much you want to stretch your budget. Luxury hotels in Kaohsiung can cost $100-300 USD for a room if you wish more comfort when visiting Kaohsiung. Click here to get the best deals via Booking and Agoda. Click here to get a discount booking activities with Klook in Kaohsiung!



Kaohsiung tourist spots, Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Things to do in Kaohsiung
Formosa Boulevard Station was remodeled and it became one of the most popular places in Kaohsiung. This station is known for the “Dome of Light”, which is the largest glass work in the world designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. The Dome of Light is just a beautiful sight to see because it’s made from individual pieces of colored glass that really look awesome in pictures! Read here our full article Formosa Boulevard Station.


Tiger and Dragon Pagoda, how to get from Kaohsiung airport to city center Like what we said earlier, Kaohsiung has a lot to offer, and one of which is the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. This pair of connected temples is built in 1976, and it got the name because of the two temples resembling a tiger and a dragon. This 7-story tower with colorful exterior is a great place to visit in Kaohsiung and is said to reflect the traditional Kaohsiung culture. Click here to get a discount booking a tour in Kaohsiung with Klook!


Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, instagrammable places in Taiwan,

Image from Wikimedia- Things to do in Kaohsiung

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum is famous because the 108-meter-high Fo Guang Big Buddha, or the tallest sitting bronze Buddha statue in the world, is situated there. There are also other attractions like the children’s gallery, pagodas, and sutra transcriptions. There’s also a prayer service, and Tea Chan at the Twin Pavilions, and religious relics. It’s a few kilometers outside Kaohsiung! Read here how to get to Fo Guang Shan Monastery!

4. Central Park

Central Park, Kaohsiung tourist spots, Kaohsiung travel guide Central Park is one of the Kaohsiung tourist spots that you can’t miss. We went there early morning and it’s so peaceful walking around. People doing yoga in groups. At night we loved the vibe so quiet and calm with so much space to sit down around to have your milk tea. Plus if you are coming by MRT the Metro Station is so beautiful with a small waterfall on it.

5. Sunfong Temple (Sanfeng Temple)

Kaohsiung tourist spots, Kaohsiung travel guide, Sunfong Temple Sunfong temple is located close to city center only one kilometer far. We recommend you to visit first thing in the morning since can be crowded during the day. Locals go and pray and give donations to the God. We loved it the top floor where you can see these colorful balls that represent donations. Read here our blog post about Sunfong temple!

6. Shoushan Natural Park

Shoushan in Kaohsiung Shoushan Natural Park is located at the Southwest area in Kaohsiung. To get there you have to catch bus 56 in Kaohsiung Station. It’s also called Monkey Mountain and you will see many monkeys around. Great place for hiking and get amazing views. Plus there is no entrance fee!

7. Pier 2 Art Center

Kaohsiung tourist spots, Kaohsiung travel guide, Pier 2 Art Center Pier 2 Art is located two kilometers far from city center. You can go there by bus or even walking. The area is so beautiful and colorful. There are markets selling crafts, second-hand and coffee shops. If you are traveling with kids is one of the Kaohsiung tourist spots that you can’t miss.

8. Cijin Island

Kaohsiung tourist spots, Kaohsiung travel guide, Cijin Island To get to Cijin Island you have to ride a ferry only 5 minutes ride. Maybe you will be longer waiting in the line than the proper ride. Prices are around $1 USD. It’s 5 kilometers far from city center and you can visit after Pier 2 Art. There are a few things to do in Cijin Island for spending the day you can visit the lighthouse and Cijin, Cihou Fort in, Starlight Tunnel and Cijin Rainbow Church. Just going down from the ferry you will see a huge food market. You can visit the beach or taking a bus to visit the lighthouse on the top. Or hiking if you are fit!

9. Cihji Palace Lotus Pond

Cijin Tianhou Temple

Image from Wikimedia- Things to do in Kaohsiung

Just in front of the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas there is the temple dedicated to Baosheng Dadi, the god of medicine in Chinese culture. It can be busy during weekends but during weekdays is quiet. The temple is small and beautiful. Totally worth it the visit if you are around the lake.

More Kaohsiung Tourist Spots And Things to do in Kaohsiung

10. Ciaotou Flower Farm

Ciaotou Flower Farm

Image from Flickr

Ciaotou Flower Farm is located 15 kilometers North of Kaohsiung. If you want to take colorful pictures the best time to visit this farm is November and December. You will see the most colorful part in Kaohsiung. There are many Kaohsiung tourist spots waiting for you.

11. Tian Liao Moon World Landscape Park

Tian Liao Moon World Landscape Park

Image from Flickr

Tian Liao Moon World Landscape Park is one one-hour drive from North Kaohsiung 36 kilometers far. If you go by public transportation you have to go to Gangshan South Station by MRT and later you have to get the Bus Red 70B. You can also take the bus 8042 from Tainan HSR Station. Bring your own food if you are planning to spend the day since there aren’t many shops around the area. Be ready with your camera since the landscape is amazing.

12. Sky Tower

Sky Tower You can see the Sky Tower in Kaohsiung from everywhere since is the tallest building in the city. It was also the tallest building in Taiwan until the build Taipei 101. The rooftop is opened if you want to visit.

13. Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts is located in Gushan District. To get there you have to write the Bus Red 35 or 8502 from Kaohsiung Bus Station. There is an entrance fee of 200 TWD. Once inside if you like art you will love visiting all the exhibitions make sure you have at least 2-3 hours to spend there.

14. Night Markets in Kaohsiung

Ruifeng night market, night markets in Kaohsiung If we have to choose from this list of Kaohsiung tourist spots our favorite one would be night markets. Ruifeang market was our favorite one. It’s open from 6 pm to 1-2 am. Apart from having dinner, you can have massages, buying souvenirs and even try karaoke. There are more night markets worth it to visit in Kaohsiung like Liuhe Night Market.

15. Confucius Temple

Confucius Temple

Image from 123 RF

Confucius Temple dedicated to the memory of Confucius is close to Lotus Pond. It’s the largest Confucian temple in Taiwan. It’s usually a quiet and calm place and not very busy.

16. Xinjuejiang Shopping

Xinjuejiang shopping Xinjuejiang Shopping is the best area for shopping in Kaohsiung. You will see small shops and it’s very cheerful in the afternoon before the evening. It’s located close to the Central Park area. You can’t miss this shopping area in the list of Kaohsiung tourist spots.

17. Dream Mall’s Amusement Park

Dream Mall Kaohsiung Dream Mall’s Amusement Park is the largest shopping mall in Taiwan. You can ride attractions especially if you travel with kids. The shopping mall is located close to the International Airport of Kaohsiung. The most popular attraction is the Kaohsiung Eye.

18. Day trip to Kenting National Park

Kenting Island

Image from Flickr

Kenting National Park is located in Hengchun Peninsula in the southernmost part of Taiwan. To get there from Kaohsiung Bus Station will take you 2 hours and a half with the Kenting Express and it costs 260 TWD. You can rent a motorbike to move around. There are also a lot of hikes and beautiful beaches to enjoy like NanWan Beach. Read here how to get from Taipei to Kenting and Kaohsiung to Kenting.


We already told you how easy was our way from Kaohsiung airport to City Center in Central Park. Now we will share to you our place in Kaohsiung in Brio Hotel and how amazing was the experience. Great views, breakfast and the best location in Kaohsiung.


Brio Hotel, Kaohsiung, where to stay in Kaohsiung kaohsiung 2576 The staff was so friendly to welcome us in our first day in Taiwan. The room was with amazing views and with all the comfort that you need. Our favorite thing about Brio Hotel? Apart from the staff, the comfort of the room and amazing views. We have to say that the food is so delicious. You can have Chinese and Western Breakfast enjoying the views of the city from their rooftop. First quality of food everything was delicious. Apart from breakfast, we loved enjoying sandwiches, cakes, sweets and juices, sodas and coffees after visiting the city. They offer free snacks in the lobby anytime and it’s the perfect way to rest after having an amazing day around Kaohsiung. You don’t have enough with the snacks? Well Brio Hotel is amazing and the mini bar is also free of charge! Click here to check prices and availability! Feel free to use our links for discounts. Using our links will help us to continue with the maintenance of the website and it will not cost you anything. Thanks for the love guys Happy Travels!
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