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Taiwan Travel Tips: 28 Things to Know Before Visiting Taiwan

Today we are sharing to you Taiwan travel tips and the top things to know before visiting Taiwan to help you better navigate the country, enjoy the culture and just to get the most out of your visit to Taiwan. Read here Kaohsiung itinerary and Taiwan itinerary.

Read here Kaohsiung tourist spots, budget travel in Taiwan and Taiwan tourist spots.

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Travel Tips: For accommodation, you can find accommodation prices starting from $20-30 USD depending on how much you want to stretch your budget. Until luxury hotels in Taiwan that can cost $100-300 USD for a room if you wish more comfort when visiting Taiwan. Click here to get the best deals via Booking and Agoda.

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Quick Facts About Taiwan

1. Visa

Things to Know Before Visiting Taiwan, Taiwan Travel Tips

First time traveling Taiwan, make sure that you don’t have any visa concerns. If you are from the US or from Europe, don’t forget that you need to have a passport with at least 6 months before expiry. For traveling Taiwan, you are eligible for 90 days visit, visa free.

Good news for Filipinos there is visa free for 14 days until July 2020!

2. Cash is the King in Taiwan

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, Cash in Taiwan

In Taiwan cash is the king. We realized like in places so touristic like Jiufen couldn’t exchange money. You can exchange in banks and hotels but there aren’t many possibilities as other countries in Asia. That’s why when traveling in Taiwan make sure you are bringing cash all the time.

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3. Best Time to Visit Taiwan

There are 4 seasons in Taiwan:

– Spring: This is from March to May. It’s rainy season. It’s warm during the day and little bit cold at night.

– Summer: From June to August. Weather is  very hot and humid. There are occasional thunderstorms and typhoons.

– Autumn: From September to November. The weather is warm and it’s rarely will you get to experience rain.

– Winter: December to February: Little bit cold at night, especially in the North.

4. Taoism Religion

Things to Know Before Visiting Taiwan, How to get to Sun Moon Lake, Wen Wu Temple

Most of the people in Taiwan follow Taoism religion. There are also other religions in Taiwan. The temples are so beautiful and we found Taoism similar to Buddhism.

5. No need to Dress up for temples

When visiting temples and tourist spots in Taiwan you can dress the clothes that you like. They aren’t demanding covering your shoulders or going in shorts. But always try to be respectful and ask if it’s fine going inside with these clothes to show them your respect.

6. Language Can Be Challenging

Language can be challenging and a problem in Taiwan. It’s difficult to learn Chinese and even harder to read. Good thing you will always find someone who speaks proper English. But we advise you to learn some Chinese words to communicate with them like greetings, numbers and a few daily expressions for traveling.

7. Travel Adapter in Taiwan

In Taiwan they use the American adapter. Most of the places make it possible to fit your European adapter in the plug. If you are coming from European countries, we recommend you to bring an American adapter to be able to charge everywhere. Or even better if you are bringing a multi adapter when traveling.

8. Wifi Connection is great

You can find wifi connection for free and great almost everywhere in Taiwan. From hotel and hostels even traveling by bus. High speed wifi will be waiting for you in Taiwan if you are planning to work online.

9. Drinking bubble Tea

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, Travel Taiwan. Bubble tea.

Bubble tea is everywhere in Taiwan. LiterallyI You can get fruit flavored tea or milk tea. These teas are usually made from a a mix of black tea and flavored pearls. You can add honey, condense milk and syrup. Taiwanese people are addicted to bubble tea. It’s very sweet, that’s one thing I noticed. You can find people walking around the city, drinking their bubble teas.

10. Night markets for eating in Taiwan

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, night market in Taiwan

The night market is my favorite thing to do in Taiwan. I am not about spending in luxurious hotels and getaways. I am more into infusing myself to the local culture – exactly what the local night market is about. There is so much variety of affordable food. You can find them on the streets from $1 to $5. If you are traveling Taiwan from Southeast Asia, you will realize that the prices are not the cheapest.

11. Eating with Chopsticks

If you are traveling for long time in Asia you will find similar like Thailand, China, Laos and Vietnam. In Taiwan they use chopsticks for eating. It’s easy to manage eating with them based in our experience!

12. Taiwanese are Friendly People

Even sometimes there is a language barrier Taiwanese people are so friendly. If you are asking for directions, the route of the bus they will be happy to help you.

13. Easy Card

how to get from Kaohsiung airport to city center, Things to know before visiting Taiwan

We have to say that for us was the best way to travel around Taiwan since you just put load and you can use in MRT, buses and even going to touristic places like Fo Guang Shang Memorial in Kaohsiung which is outside the center. You can also use it in Taipei. Plus you can use for buying in 7 Eleven and convenience stores in the country. So i’s pretty convenient.

You can purchase the Easy Card in convenience stores and 7-Eleven. Also available in the airport you will pay 100 TWD which is $3 USD non refundable. It’s comfortable and every time that you use your Easy Card you get 15% discounts in your MRT and bus trips. You can recharge in convenience stores or in MRT Stations. You can use that money to buy in convenience stores in Taiwan. It’s great since there are Family Mart 7 Eleven all over Kaohsiung and Taiwan.

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14. Gambling everywhere in Taiwan

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, Claw Machine in Taiwan

Local people loves in the market games for gambling to get prices. There are different ones. The most popular is the claw machine trying to get a teddy bear, a toy or similar as a reward.

15. 7-Eleven Everywhere in Taiwan

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, 7-Eleven

Image from Flickr

You will find 7-Eleven and Convenience Stores everywhere in Taiwan. You will find affordable food snacks and it’s a good place to rest and have a break while sightseeing in the cities. They have space to sit down and you have milk tea, coffee or a snack.

More Taiwan Travel Tips And Things to Know Before Visiting Taiwan

16. Lanterns Festivals

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, Lantern Festivals, Lantern in Taiwan

Lantern Festivals are so popular in Taiwan. The most famous festival in Taiwan is the Lantern Festival. It is one of the most visited festivals and attraction in the country, what with the countless lanterns floating in the skies – everyone can easily get captivated in this beauty. If you love festivals, be sure to check schedules when you are planning your trip so you won’t miss anything. Hot Air Baloon Festivals are also quite popular in Taiwan.

17. Bettle Nut

Bettle Nut, Things to know before visiting Taiwan

When you are traveling Taiwan, you can try the betel nut (called binlang in Taiwan). The nut is raw and wrapped in a leaf. They mix with calcium hydroxide. They can include more spices like cardamon to get extra flavor. Put all the ingredients together, then eat. When you chew it, it will taste bitter. Your teeth will also turn red.

Betel nuts act as stimulants. That’s why drivers usually eat them – truck drivers, taxi, and even bus drivers.  Truck drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers are usually eating betel. Its not the only place where you can find betel.

You can find betel in South East Asia, Myanmar, India and Nepal. travel Taiwan if you go hitchhiking, someone is gonna offer to you. truck driver or just drivers who drive long. You will have the chance to try. If you check on internet is really bad to eat betel. Just try to get a new experience.

18. Garbage Truck with Music

One of the most interesting things to know before visiting Taiwan is the garbage truck with music. You can think someone is selling ice cream. But it’s not ha! They are collecting the trash around the neighborhood.

19. Umbrella everywhere in Taiwan

Taiwanese people carry the umbrella anytime of the day like other countries like Philippines. They do when it’s so hot protecting from the sun. But they also do because it can be rainy especially in wet season.

20. Stinky Tofu

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, stinky tofu

Taiwan’s most famous food is the Stinky Tofu. Have you heard about it before? When you visit a night market, the first thing to do is trying stinky tofu. You will notice is a very bad smell. And that would be the stinky tofu. Not hard to find. If you can get past the smell (and you should try), you will know why it’s popular. It definitely tastes great. There are different types of stinky tofu: spicy, barbecue and dry. I specially love eating stinky tofu with peanut sauce. If you have tried it before, please comment about the experience!

21. Taiwanese Restrooms

One of the things to know before visiting Taiwan is about Taiwanese restrooms. You can find the most modern Taiwanese rest rooms in services areas stopping with the card. Even you can find a hair dryer and lockers. And you can also find the squash style. So be ready for both of them.

22. Long Line for food

When going around in the night market make sure you check where is a long line. There are always places that get full easily because their food quality/price is amazing. Make sure that you check them out.

23. Hitchhiking in Taiwan

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, hitchhiking in Taiwan, how to get to Tainan, hitchhiking in Taiwan, hitchhiking in Kaohsiung

If you are planning to travel on a budget in Taiwan or having an adventure hitchhiking in Taiwan. You should know before visiting Taiwan is one of the easiest countries in the world. I tried by myself back in 2014 and we did together from Kaohsiung to Tainan.

It was fun and quiet easy to get a ride! Make sure you ask for help to locals writing a sign with your destinations in Chinese and people will understand so easy.

24. Taiwanese food prices

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, Taiwanese food prices

Taiwan is not the cheapest country in Asia for food. It is more developed than the neighboring countries, but still very cheap. You can get a noodle beef soup for $2-3. Desserts usually cost around  $1-2. I also love dumplings from Taiwan. If I had to pick one favorite food, it will be their oyster omelette, which I love to have for breakfast. It costs $2-3.

25. Bicycle and Motorbike around the cities

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, traveling taiwan in a low budget, travel taiwan on a budget, traveling Taiwan, things to in taiwan, best palces to visit in Taiwan, itinerary in Taiwan

Taiwanese people use bicycle a lot. If you do try it here, make sure to stay very careful. There just aren’t many bicycle lanes. You will need to go on the side of the road. and pay close attention to cars. Especially, pay attention to the motorbikes. There are thousands of motorbikes in Taiwan. It’s very useful in big cities like Kaohsiung and especially in Taipei.

26. Tea Culture in Taiwan

things to do in Sanya, Sanya travel guide, Chinese tea ceremony, Things to know before visiting Taiwan

Since tea is so popular in Taiwan like in neighbor countries like China. The tea taste delicious and we also have the experience of tea sealing in Tainan. You will open your tea in 5 years and you will keep it as a memory or giveaway to someone.

27. Shaved Ice With Fruits

Things to know before visiting Taiwan, Shave ice with fruits

The most popular desert in Taiwan was shaved ice with fruits. Especially in Tainan you will see people eating everywhere. It’s so delicious and prices are starting for only $2-3 USD.

28. KTV and Karaoke

KTV and Karaoke are so popular in Taiwan like rest of Asia and Southeast Asia. We tried with our friend Eden at his home. People love it and it’s part of the culture. Especially in weekends make sure you book in advance. Otherwise it can be difficult to find a place.

Are you ready to visit Taiwan soon? Share with us your questions or previous experiences! We’d love to hear from you! Hope it’s helpful our blog post of things to know before visiting Taiwan.

For accommodation, you can find accommodation prices starting from $20-30 USD depending on how much you want to stretch your budget. Until luxury hotels in Taiwan that can cost $100-300 USD for a room if you wish more comfort when visiting Taiwan. Click here to get the best deals via Booking and Agoda.

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Hope it’s useful our blog post Taiwan travel tips and 28 Things to know before visiting Taiwan. Are we missing something? Let us know in the comments below.

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