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Budget Travel in Malta: How much do you need

Budget Travel in Malta

Malta is famously known for its stunning coastline, its cuisine, movie shots, and some of UNESCO World Heritage. These are the reasons why people from other countries choose to visit Malta. Did you know that Malta is derived from the Greek word meli which literally means honey.

People from all over the world visits this country, but mostly Western people are the ones traveling the country. Inside this post we will give you a brief information budget travel in Malta and how much do you need per day for your next trip. 

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Is it safe/difficult to travel in Malta

Malta is a country that you can trust when it comes to safety, did you know that the country has no known terrorist activities? It is very safe for anyone to walk alone day and night. Me and Rachel just recently visited Malta and we felt very safe all throughout our stay.

We didn’t also encounter bad things happening to us. So with our experience visiting the country I would definitely say that Malta is a safe place to visit.


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Best time to visit in Malta

The country is famous for its stunning coastline which means its famous with tourists in summer. It is a beautiful destination and a great place to visit during the summer. However, summer month temperatures are not ideal because it might get pretty high in the island. Weather on the month of July and August are the months where you want to get away from, only because it can get pretty much intense with the temperature.

The months of late May to June is the best time to visit Malta, the weather starts to get warm and dry. Also September and October is also good time to pay a visit, places are less crowded and the weather is pretty pleasant and you can attend several events too.

Click here to know more about the weather in Malta.

Visa in Malta

Malta is part of the Schengen area which mean that you can entry a another country member of Schengen system. Visa for Malta are not required by all nationals. Good news to tourist who are coming from USA, Canada, Australian and British country, they are allowed to enter the country visa free for 90 days.

Some countries in Asia will have to apply for a visa, like what Rachel did she came from the Philippines and she was granted a visa to stay with me for 90 days and travel all throughout Europe.

You should apply on a Consulate of the embassy that is available in your country. Applicants are required to apply at least a month before travel. You should also know that the Schengen Visa cost €60.

Click here to know more about Schengen Visa policy in Malta.

Cash in Malta

In 2008, Malta has been using the Maltese lira as its currency. But now the country uses Euro with most of their transaction. A €1 = $1.13678 USD. The euro is as powerful as US dollar. When you go around exploring the country there you will find many ATMs, particularly in parts where tourists goes to.

ATM’s Malta charges around 2.75% per transaction so better get all you can to avoid being charge for another transaction. You can also check in with you local back on how much they charge for an international withdrawal.

Click here to check the exact change rate between euro and your currency.

Internet in Malta

In this era it is common for establishments to have WiFi handy inside their premises. All of us when finding accommodation, the first thing that we look for is does these hotels have WiFi. The establishments in Malta have free access to the Internet you just have to ask. In your hotel rooms, there are also available WiFi in some designated part of the hotels.

There are 3 major network operators in Malta and these are Vodafone, Go, and Melita. A starter pack containing a SIM can cost you for €20. And you can load your sim with text/phone credit and a 1GB of data for €5.

Read here Malta sim card for tourist and best Malta eSim

Best Option: Maya Mobile Unlimited Data for 30 Days for $49 USD

You can find the cheapest Maltese eSim with Airalo Malta eSim prepaid for $5 USD with 1 GB data valid for 7 days (USING DISCOUNT CODE GAMINTRAVELER 10%). For $10 USD with 3 GB data, for $15 USD with 5 GB data and for $22 USD with 10 GB data valid for 30 days.

Holafly Malta eSim for less than $65 USD if you use our code GAMINTRAVELER you will have unlimited internet for 30 days in Malta just $2 USD per day. Nomad Malta eSim for $26 USD Nomad Malta eSim with 10 GB data. Ubigi Malta eSim for $12 USD with 3 GB data valid for 30 days.

Food budget travel in Malta

Budget Travel in Malta

There are a lot of Traditional Maltese food that you can try and might enjoy. When visiting the country it is a must try to buy some of Maltese bread, it is common for local to eat bread and you can find them anywhere around the country for a price of €0.99 for a large loaf.

Bragioli is a popular beef dish with a difference, it is boast with a mouth-watering concoction of bacon, egg, and garlic-dipped breadcrumbs. Kannoli is the name of a legendary dessert it s made from fried cannelloni with cheese, chocolate and cherries, €0.75 is the price of each kannolli. There are lots and lots of you can choose from once you visit Malta, try to find and enjoy every piece of it.

Accommodation budget travel in Malta

There are a lot of beautiful accommodations that you can choose from for your day-to-day stay in Malta. One is to choose a budget-friendly dorm bed, it can be availed for around €15-20. While you can spot a Mid-range hotel for a price between €50 and €100.


Tour/Entrance Fees in Malta

Budget Travel in Malta

There are many things to do and places to visit in Malta. There is this famous 16th century palace of the Maltese royal family called Rocca Piccola. It is a must visit place in Malta, it is home of the Piro family of Malta’s nobility. The house is open at 10 Am until 5PM and it has a 45-minutes guided tours for €9. You can also visit Ggantija Temples this really literally are Giant’s Tower, it is considered one of UNESCO World Heritage site. It is open daily from 9AM-5PM with and entrance fee of €9.

Local transportation in Malta

Traveling in Malta is so easy. There are a lot to choose for traveling in land. Bus is one of the major transportation in the country, fares to the bus is very cheap compared to other European countries. A two-hour trip goes for €2 during the summer and €3 for night time services.

And you may also buy a 12 single journey ticket for €15. Taxis are commonly around the country it is transportation to go around conveniently. Drivers usually charge €15 for a short tip and €35 or more when you want to cross the island.

Budget Travel in Malta per day

It’s good to see you in this part of the post, which is the most important part you’ve been waiting for. I know that you are wondering how much would it cost you to stay in Malta per day. For every meal that is inexpensive, you have to prepare to spend around €10-15.

But if you had the budget to get a little bit of fancier prepare an amount of €20-30. Accommodation in Malta comes in a very reasonable price, you can choose to stay in a dorm bed that is available for €15-20 and if you want to go for a mid-range hotel prepare money for around €50-150 daily budget for accommodation. With transportation, you can go for a 12 ride on a bus for €15.  This is only a little bit of what you have top prepare when visiting Malta. It’s up to you how luxurious your vacation will be.

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Happy Travels!

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