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Travel Checklist For Switzerland: My Switzerland Packing List For 2 Weeks

switzerland packing list, travel checklist for switzerland

We will write our travel checklist for Switzerland the whole Switzerland packing list for 2 weeks trip. I headed with my van for a road trip in Switzerland. You will find amazing valleys, mountains, lakes and hikes and we will tell you what to pack for a trip in Switzerland summer and winter.

This travel checklist for Switzerland will be for you if you travel as a backpacker or even for road trip. We will tell you how to pack in Switzerland for different weathers and activities like hikes and swims in lakes.

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Travel Checklist For Switzerland: My Switzerland Packing List

How many times have you experienced over packing for a travel that is supposed to be very manageable with light luggage? The main ingredient of packing light is planning your trip in advance. Yes that will mean you thinking about the clothes you will want to wear based on what you will do and not having the “just in case scenarios”.

We will share to you the full travel checklist for Switzerland. In the many years I’m traveling, I have experienced traveling and bringing everything that I think I will use, only to realize that I don’t necessarily need a lot of them when I´m on the road.

I love to use packing cubes to separate clothes in my backpack or suitcase and also worth it when you have dirty laundry. We used ours to separate the clothes, from toiletries, undergarments and underwear, gadgets and makeup. Nothing can spoil a travel more than a disorganized luggage that can easily lead to losing valuables or just wasting a lot of your time looking for your things. Make sure you include them in your Switzerland packing list.

switzerland packing list, travel checklist for switzerland

First of all, I packed this Switzerland packing list for 2 weeks. I’m only bringing things that I know that I will use during my trip. There are many things that you will find during the way that you don’t need to bring from home.

When you get used to traveling often like in Switzerland changing accommodations most of days you need to pack and unpack. And packing shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes of your time.


 switzerland packing list, travel checklist for switzerlandSwitzerland Travel Tips, Things To Know Before Visiting Switzerland

For a trip this long, I packed a 60-liter backpack. Also a small backpack for day trips that you can bring for a hike, sightseeing in the city or going for a swim in the lake. You can always bring your camera, bottle of water, snacks, an extra t-shirt and a few things more.

Clothes Switzerland Packing List


Long sleeve t-shirt


5 pairs Underwear 

1 pair of Sneakears

1 pair of Flip-flop

Pairs of socks

2 Pair pants

Swimming suit 

1 Rain Coat

1 Winter/Summer Hat or Cap

Pair of jeans

1 pair of Shorts

1 Pair of Gloves


For shoes, it’s good to limit them to two pairs. For simple activities, you’ll have your open shoes, like sandals or slippers, and close shoes for rugged activities – this will always depend on what weather you’ll be traveling in. If you are planning to do a few hikes for sure make proper shoes for this!

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Toiletries And Accessories Travel Checklist For Switzerland

Tootbrush and toothpaste

A small bottle of shampoo (100ml) To make sure that I can bring it with hand luggage.

Small bottle of gel shower (100ml)


Small mirror

Nail cutter



Soap for my body and for washing clothes





1 Pair of Sunglasses

Sleeping bag

Bags or Packing Cubes to keep dirty clothes

1 Bottle of Water

I´m bringing my camera and phone with their respective chargers and powerbank

I´m bringing my laptop and charger and a universal adaptor

I´m bringing my passport, and Travel Insurance with Safetywing

If you are planning to hike and staying in camping bring a tent. I didn’t have so many problems for this trip with the weight and space because I was traveling with my van in Switzerland. But I packed light for small day trips bringing only all the things that I needed for this.


Heya! Rachel here. The following are what I brought for our one-month trip in Switzerland:


Pairs of Pants (Jeans and Leggings)

pairs of soft pants (for sleeping, or staying in the beach)

2 pairs of underwear – 4 bras, 6 pairs of undies

Bathing suit

Tshirt or blouse – 5

2 pairs of shoes – sandals and rubber shoes for hiking


Eyeglasses and contact lenses

Devices: laptopcellphone, with chargers and powerbank

Everything else I’m lucky Ruben is bringing. ha!

People usually overpack because they think that they will need some things for their trip. Or they think that they won´t find things during the trip.


Traveling with the essential things makes me feel free. I’m carrying no more than 12-15 kilos of luggage anytime. Don’t overthink your packing. You usually think you will need a lot, but when you’re on the road, your mood changes, and your plan can also change. Packing lighter, especially if you are traveling on the road, means you´ll be on the move all the time, and having light luggage can make things easier for you.

If you pack lighter and later on have things to bring with you on the road. There are new things you may have purchased or food to bring with you, then you´ll still have extra space to fill in your luggage.

I´m not bringing winter clothes because the weather is warm in this case. If not, I will pack a jacket or I will make sure that I buy one during my trip for the cold weather. Make sure you are ready and know the weather of the countries to which you are traveling.

These things that I´m packing for a long trip are working with me. What about you? Let me know if I miss something in my luggage. Or am I still overpacked? ha!


Switzerland trip cost Accommodation, driving in Switzerland, switzerland road trip, swiss road trip, switzerland road trip itinerary, road trip in switzerland, road trip switzerland, switzerland packing list, travel checklist for switzerland

The main of the Switzerland trip cost is the accommodation. As you know prices are really expensive for accommodation in Switzerland. The cheapest that you can find for a dorm in Switzerland is around €40 especially in Interlaken where most of the backpackers go. If you want to have a room on your own prices can go to €80-100 for a budget hotel room good enough for two people.

In both cases, you will have breakfast included. If you are looking for luxury accommodation in Switzerland starting from €150-200 and it can be more expensive in the high season in Switzerland.

How to go down the expenses for accommodation in Switzerland using websites to have free accommodation like Couchsurfing and Bewelcome. You can also go for volunteer and camping. If you are hiking in Switzerland and you can do wild camping in Switzerland you will go down your Switzerland trip costs.

Also if you are traveling in a road trip in Switzerland as I did with your van or your rental car if you sleep inside your vehicle in places where they are allowed to do it.

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Switzerland trip cost, switzerland packing list, travel checklist for switzerland

Switzerland is beautiful all year round. Timing your travel highly depends on what exactly you want to experience and, to a certain degree, how much cold you can tolerate. There are four seasons in Switzerland, and each one has its pros and cons.

Summer is the most crowded and winter if you are looking for sky resorts. We would say the best time to visit Switzerland is Autumn and Spring can be the least crowded and where you will find the best deals for accommodation.

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Switzerland is one of the largest banking centers in the world. Credit cards are widely accepted. Cash will be needed for parking but there will be no problems with any kind of payment in the country. The exchange rate is 1€=1.07 CHF.

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Happy Travels!

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