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We’ve been using SafetyWing for the last 5 years. Here’s a breakdown of our experience with them..

Last updated on June 17th, 2024 at 08:40 am

SafetyWing Experience

So it’s been several years of us subscribing to SafetyWing.. In today’s feature article, we break down how we saw their support and their travel medical insurance features all these time.

These days, a lot of families like ours work and travel across the globe, which brings its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to keeping everyone healthy and safe. Finding the right travel medical insurance that meets the needs of constantly moving families is tough. That’s where SafetyWing comes into the picture. They’re known for their travel medical insurance and offer a Nomad Insurance plan that’s tailored for families who live a nomadic lifestyle.

What really makes SafetyWing stand out for us are two main features of their Nomad Insurance plan: kids are covered for free, and you can cancel the insurance easily whenever you don’t need it anymore. These benefits give us peace of mind and the flexibility we need, which lets us enjoy our travels and focus on making great memories.

In this guide, we’ll go into detail about how these features specifically help families like ours and why SafetyWing really sets itself apart from other options out there. We’ll also share our own experiences to show you how much having reliable travle medical insurance means when you’re far from home. By the end of this, you should have a good sense of why we think SafetyWing is a top choice for keeping your family covered during your worldwide travels.

SafetyWing is as affordable as $14/week of your travel. Check your plan here.

Free Coverage for Young Children – A Blessing for Digital Nomad Families

Safetywing experience

One of the best parts of SafetyWing’s Nomad plan is that young children get free coverage. For every adult aged 18 to 39, one child from 14 days old up to 9 years old can be included in the plan at no extra cost. This benefit has been a real game-changer for us as digital nomad families, offering significant financial relief and peace of mind while traveling.

The importance of this free coverage can’t be overstated. Traveling with young children can be stressful, especially worrying about the cost of medical care abroad. With SafetyWing, we can relax knowing our kids are protected wherever our travels take us. The plan covers everything from doctor visits and hospital stays to emergency medical evacuations and dental treatments—and much more.

The money we save with this free coverage is substantial, especially since we’d otherwise have to pay extra to insure our kid. SafetyWing helps us put our money towards other important parts of our travel, like accommodations, transportation, and schooling.

Safetywing experience

Adding a child to our SafetyWing plan is also incredibly easy. All we have to do is provide our child’s details when signing up, and they’re automatically covered. No fuss with extra paperwork or hidden fees. This straightforward process shows how committed SafetyWing is to making travel medical insurance simple and accessible for families like ours.

When compared to other nomad and travel medical insurance options, SafetyWing’s offer of free coverage for kids really stands out. This unique benefit makes SafetyWing a standout choice for us digital nomad families, helping us maximize our coverage without stretching our budgets.

SafetyWing is as affordable as $14/week of your travel. Check your plan here.

SafetyWing’s Commitment to Education – Empowering Brand Ambassadors

SafetyWing Experience 3

SafetyWing Really Supports Their Brand Ambassadors, and It Shows

What really sets SafetyWing apart from other travel medical insurance companies is how much they focus on training and supporting their brand ambassadors. Because they depend a lot on word-of-mouth and personal recommendations, it’s important for them that their ambassadors really know their stuff. This way, they can clearly explain what the Nomad Insurance plan offers to families like ours who are always on the move.

Here’s What SafetyWing Does for Their Ambassadors:

  • They provide detailed onboarding materials that explain everything about the Nomad Insurance plan.
  • They hold regular training sessions and webinars to keep ambassadors up-to-date with any changes to the products and the latest trends in the industry.
  • They give ambassadors access to a dedicated support team to help answer tough questions and provide guidance on complicated issues.
  • They offer a rich resource of FAQs and other information that ambassadors can use to help potential customers.

On a time like now where a lot of our information are disseminated through social media channels, we are happy that ambassadors are educated about what they share – and that’s how we came to know SafetyWing!

By giving their ambassadors all these tools and knowledge, SafetyWing makes sure that families like ours get accurate and helpful information when we’re looking at our travel medical insurance options. This kind of support is pretty rare in the insurance world and it shows how committed SafetyWing is to making sure customers have a great experience.

We’ve personally seen how valuable this is. When we were thinking about signing up for the Nomad Insurance plan, we had a lot of questions, especially about how it would cover our child in different countries. The ambassador content we’ve checked has great knowledge and social media presentation of the features of their travel medical insurance.

This kind of knowledgeable and patient support is crucial for families like ours who face unique challenges and have specific needs when it comes to insurance. By investing in their ambassadors’ education, SafetyWing has built a team of well-informed people who can guide us through picking and using the right travel medical insurance plan. This makes the whole process much easier and less stressful.

In short, SafetyWing’s dedication to educating their ambassadors is a big reason why they’re the best choice for digital nomad families. They make sure their team is ready to provide the best help and guidance, making it easier for us to get the travel medical insurance we need without any hassle.

And of course, amabassadors do earn from sharing Nomad Insurance. And this actually helps build a healthy ecosystem having good content available easily out there and getting rewarded for sharing the information well on the internet.

How to become an ambassador of SafetyWing and earn by sharing your travel experiences

SafetyWing’s Customer Support – Quick, Fast and Reliable

Now with all the times we’ve subscribed to SafetyWing’s insurance the last years, it would be clear that we have had several contact with them. Questions like can we cancel this day, oh sorry can we sign up with this day again, we’ll have to pause our subscription, until what age is our child supported, can you help with our visa, can you explain this process to us regarding making sure we have the claim ready..

SafetyWing has an online chat available 24/7 to answer quesitons and based on our experience, customer support has the ability to check on your problems and get a quick response via email in case you needed more confirmation and help. We were at ease all the time because we know once we’ve opened a ticket, we can get a quick response and a solution within 24 hours. Support is friendly and quick – something you’d want to have when dealign with stressful services like insurances while already traveling around the world. Safetywing plans can be cancelled and restarted any time, to match your own travel schedule – without so much hassle. If we need to book an insurance, without thinking heavy about it, we go to SafetyWing and add the details of our scheduled trip. No fuss.

Conclusion: Why SafetyWing is the Top Choice for Digital Nomad Families

Safetywing experience

We’ve talked about a lot of reasons why SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance plan is the best choice for families like ours who travel and work from different places. They understand what families on the move need—from free coverage for kids to easy plan cancellation and great support from their well-trained ambassadors.

Being digital nomads ourselves, we’ve seen how essential it is to have travel medical insurance that’s reliable, flexible, and doesn’t break the bank. SafetyWing has been fantastic for us. The free coverage for our child means we don’t have to worry as much about medical costs, and it’s a relief to know we can cancel anytime our plans change, which was super helpful this past year with all the uncertainty.

What really makes SafetyWing stand out is how they educate their community.. It’s comforting to know that whenever we have questions, there’s always someone knowledgeable to help us figure things out. Apart from this, SafeyWing is thoroughly documented online with their FAQs and resources. On days we need to be nitpicky, checking all the details, you won’t need to call – all details are on the site. For us, knowing how easy and straightforward the process is from signing up, to getting more information and to getting customer support, we’re at ease that this part of our trip can get handled easily – it takes a lot from our backs seriously. This level of service makes all the difference and shows SafetyWing’s commitment to making sure we have a great experience as customers.

In summary, we highly recommend SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance to any family that travels and lives around the world. They offer a unique mix of benefits, awesome customer support, and really care about educating their team to help us best. We feel secure and supported as we continue our travels, knowing we have the best insurance backing us up.

SafetyWing is as affordable as $14/week of your travel. Check your plan here.

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