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10 Best Places to Visit in Europe

Last updated on June 22nd, 2024 at 02:47 am

10 Places to visit in Europe this summer

10 Best Places to visit in Europe – From popular cities like Paris to beaches and places to enjoy nature.

In all the places on this planet, there aren’t so many hidden gems, remarkable sights, and marvelous monuments in one place like in Europe. Read here the best eSim for Europe

If you are up for a riveting and adventurous holiday but also with a combination of tranquility and comfort, you had better reschedule all your summer plans for those boiling tropical islands, and head out to some of these European cities. Today we will write 10 places to visit in Europe this summer.

It is hard to single out the most exciting and bold city suitable for all your needs, but Europe is a small continent and you could easily reach more cities in the same day. That being said, you can have a cup of coffee in Amsterdam, hop on a train and in two hours time have a chocolate mousse in Brussels or visit Switzerland on a budget.

This old continent is absolutely ideal summer destination because the weather is perfect for indulging in numerous things that lie in front of you. So, don’t dwell much about it, and read on in this Europe travel guide to find out which of these flabbergasting European cities will suit you the best this summer.


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Best Places to Visit in Europe

1. Crete, Greece


It is simply too hard to rule out any of the mesmerizing Greek islands since all are fantastic summer destinations. However, being the largest Greek island, Crete has evidence and scars of centuries-old battles and other historical events. Here you have cheap and comfortable accommodation which is superb for families.

In the peak of the summer, temperatures range between 28-31 degrees, so pack sun cream and bring a bottle of water on your tour. All over the island you will have the opportunity to try out the classical Greek delights, and, of course, immerse in the hectic and popular nightlife. 


2. Paris, France

places to visit in Europe this summer, Paris

Nowhere on the planet will you ever be able to experience that unique flair, enliven your senses and come back home with an even greater desire to go back, like in Paris. A city where fashion is on the top-notch level, where art thrives, and where dogs are omnipresent. That’s right, Paris is renowned for being a pet-friendly capital of Europe, so if you are traveling with pets this is the city to visit.

You and your precious pooch can visit the exquisite shops and restaurants, or simply chill out from the warm sun in the park overlooking the Eiffel Tower. If you are a keen art fan, there are innumerable art galleries and museums all over the city, so get prepared for a captivating summer and a lot of instagramable places.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

10 Places to visit in Europe this summer

If you are looking for a place where you are able to utterly enliven all your senses, feel the oriental atmosphere and totally indulge in colorful and fabulous mosques, Istanbul is the place to go to.

This cosmopolitan city besides being a gateway between Europe and Asia has also been the place where people from different cultures, nationalities, and religions meet and enjoy in delight that the city has to offer. Istanbul is good for families, tour groups and even for solo travel. Spend the morning haggling at the famous Grand Bazaar and then take a sunset cruise on the Bosphorus.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

places to visit in Europe this summer, Lisbon

This is another place perfect of the places to visit in Europe for this summer for families and digital nomads. The city has so much to offer, and it will probably depend on what you will experience when you choose where to stay in Lisbon. From the museum, art galleries, cathedrals, and impressive monuments, to vivacious parks, and dazzling surrounding makes Lisbon filled with instagrammable places.

It can be really hot during the summer, but then you can hop on a bus and go on a day trip to Peniche or Cascais. And one of the best things that you can do is listen to one-of-a-kind Fado singers and drink the finest Portuguese wines while the light Azure breeze is slowly blowing. Read here things to do in Lisbon!

5. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, places to visit in Europe this summer

Even though Vienna is a landlocked country, it is certainly worth visiting during the summer. First of all, in Vienna, you will find one of the largest open-air amusement parks where people of all ages can enjoy a variety of fun rides, try traditional foods and drinks.

Secondly, Vienna is situated next to the Danube river where you can drink cold draft beer in the café along the canal and go for a stroll in the mild summer days when the temperature doesn’t fall under 20 degrees. You can visit the famous castles and medieval churches, and try the real Viennese gem, the mouth-watering Sacher cake.

More Best Places to visit in Europe this summer

6. Soller, Mallorca

dennis van den worm 1218300 unsplash

Spain is filled with enthralling and fairytale-like cities that it would be such a shame not to see them all. Since that is not possible to do in one summer, you should undoubtedly visit the Spanish island of Mallorca and one of the most charming and enchanting Mediterranean cities, Soller.

This is a typical Mediterranean old town with narrow streets, petite traditional stone townhouses, yummy tapas bars, and wonderful gelato shops. This is a real paradise on earth. You have the ability to enjoy a quiet holiday, swim in the turquoise sea, and relax under the mountains. Read here our favorite beaches in Ibiza!

7. Interlaken, Switzerland

jairph 390983 unsplash

Here you could have a blasting time on your holiday and still enjoy exquisite cuisine, pitch-perfect weather, lush environment, and friendly locals. Interlaken has become known as Europe’s sports capital, and if you are fond of adventurous and thrilling summer holiday, this is the place to be.

The beautiful emerald-green surrounding will totally captivate you as you go trekking all around the Bernese Highlands and the Alps. Plus, there are other activities for lovers of extreme sports such as hang-gliding, parachuting, and free climbing. You can also go canoeing or kayaking on the magnificent Lake Brienz. Let’s not forget about the Swiss cheese that you simply must take as a souvenir.

8. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, places to visit this summer

Another island on the list, but totally worth its renowned position. Sardinia is a true wonder in the Mediterranean sea due to its fitting middle location and optimal summer temperature. But this autonomous region of Italy offers fantastic things for its visitors.

Besides relaxing on the crystal blue sandy beaches like Porto Guinco or Cala Mariolu, you can visit some of the 800 cultural and historical sites that this island has installed for every tourist. Museum, parks, churches, volcanoes and other historic buildings.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, places to visit in Europe this summer

If your spirit is wild and untanned, and on top of that you are single and planning a trip with your close friends, Amsterdam is the place to be. Amsterdam is an outstanding blend of history and urban flair, where in one place you can see fantastic monuments and party in some of the craziest nightclubs.

This bike-friendly city is made to be explored with a bike which makes it perfect for the summer. You can cycle to many interesting cultural spots, alongside numerous canals, and visit some of the hipster café shops and restaurants.

10.  Cochem, Germany

Cochem, Places to visit in Europe this summer

Striking and theatrical castles, rich landscape, and picturesque houses are all that make this German traditional town stand out from others. Cochem is famous for its River, vineyards, medieval town center, half-timbered houses, romantic alleyways, timeworn castle, and splendid scenery.

In summer Cochem has a Mediterranean climate so you can relish the surroundings and stroll around the valley and visit the famous market. Try the local craft beer are some of the well-known pubs or go wine tasting almost everywhere in the town.

Which one of the places to visit in Europe for this summer would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Travels!

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