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Dominican Republic Breakfast – Best 16 Breakfast In Dominican Republic That You Should Try

We will write about Dominican Republic breakfast and the best 16 Traditional Breakfast in Dominican Republic. There are some authentic Dominican traditional breakfasts to try! Click here to book online Punta Cana activities and day trips

On average a traditional breakfast in Dominican Republic will cost around $2-3 USD depending on what you are ordering coffee and bread will be cheaper that if you order a proper dish for breakfast in Dominican Republic. Coffee can cost $2 USD.

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Breakfasts, although not the biggest meal of the day, will always be deemed very important because it helps set you for a productive day. Here are some of the top breakfasts in the Dominican Republic you should try. Integrate yourself with Dominican Republic’s life and culture and have fun starting your day with these breakfast dishes in the Dominican Republic!


mangu, mangú
dominican republic breakfast breakfast in dominican republic , Traditional Breakfast in Dominican Republic

The top breakfast for you to try when you’re in the Dominican Republic is Mangú. Locals also call it “el plátano embrutece”. Basically, Mangú is a mix of green plantains boiled and mashed, topped with pickled red onions, and with added salt, butter, or oils for taste. This dish is said to have been brought by Western Africans to the Dominica, during the Spanish colonization.

Mangú may have some cultural connotation of it being the “poor” people breakfast, however, people of any status eat this traditionally. Eating Mangú is a big part of the culture that everyone eats in, instead of international breakfast alternatives. Mangú for your breakfasts in the Dominican Republic should be a top thing to try!


los tres golpes, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic , Traditional Breakfast in Dominican Republic

For the full Dominican Republic breakfast dish, you serve and eat Mangú with savory dishes like fried eggs, fried white cheese, and the Dominican Salami. This whole combo is called Los Tres Golpes. Mangú can be considered Dominican Republic’s official traditional breakfast, and serving the full Los Tres Golpes makes it more complete (the term means “the three strikes”. Try it to start your day with the full vibe of the country!


arepas, Dominican arepaz, Arepaz de maiz, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic

Ahh, Arepas is one of the most common breads you’ll get to experience in the whole of Latin America. And of course, in every country, they can have their own versions of the Arepa. In traditional Dominican Republic breakfasts, Arepas or Arepitas de Maiz is the unleavened cornmeal and coconut cake. In the traditional Dominican Republic breakfast cooking, Arepas should be prepared in a dutch oven, on top of hot charcoal. Arepas is a must-try when having your Dominican Republic breakfast!


pudin de pan, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic , Traditional Breakfast in Dominican Republic

If you’re more into sweet breakfasts, the best Dominican Republic breakfast for you to try is the Pudin De Pan. This bread pudding has various versions in all parts of the world, and in traditional Dominican Republic breakfast dishes, the Pudin De Pan is all about the country’s spices.

For the Dominican Republic, these would be cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Allspice berries if they have it too is a good addition. If bread puddings are your type of breakfast, you definitely need to give this a try.


avena dominica, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic

Breakfasts are one of the interesting ways to look at what a certain culture loves, and Dominican Republic breakfasts love their sweet oatmeal. If you like starting your day with a little bit of sweetness, try Avena Dominicana, or the Dominican-style oatmeal breakfast. For a really fast breakfast, you only need to mix quick oats, with milk, sugar, cinnamon, and sugar, and salt.

Heating in a saucepan for 2 minutes, finishing it with a little more texture and a little liquidy or watery than other types of oatmeal breakfasts. You can add fruits and nuts to make it your own taste, however, this is the traditional way Dominican oatmeal for breakfast is served.


avena caliente, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic

Oatmeals are pretty much a popular breakfast choice anywhere in the world now, however, Dominican Republic breakfasts are making it more interesting! Want to have your oatmeal hot and drinkable? Try the traditional breakfast in Dominican Republic, Avena Caliente or Oats and Milk Hot Drink. Basically, it’s your Avena Dominicana in its drink form. If you’re preparing it on your own, or just trying to understand how it’s made, it’s basically blending milk, water, salt, and oats in the blender.

You heat it later in a pan with your favorite spices – nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon, and serve it hot or warm to your liking. For consistency, you can change the milk you’re using. Evaporated milk if you want it much smoother and creamier, skim milk if you want it crunchier or with more texture. For some lactose intolerances, or if you want vegan milk alternatives, almond milk should be the best milk to make your Avena Caliente. Definitely a must-try for a Dominican Republic breakfast!


jugo de avena, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic

Your Dominican Republic breakfast doesn’t have to be always served hot. And if you want to have something cold and refreshing to go with the country’s beautiful warm weather, you can have your breakfast with Jugo De Avena or Jugo De Avena Con Limon, or Oats and Cold Milk Drink (Spiced Oat Milk Smoothie). It’s very traditional to have your drinks made with oats, makes it more textured and nutritious.

For Jugo de Avena, your smoothie will have oats and your choice of milk, and of course the spices for your perfect Dominican Republic breakfast! Add lemon, or even orange for that little tangy kick too, and it’s full on tropical breakfast in the Dominican Reoublic – a must try!



yaniqueques, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic

Another traditional Dominican Republic breakfast, which can also be a mid day snack is their Yaniqueques. Made from flour, salt, melted butter and baking powder. All of these are mixed and rolled into thin circles, then and deep fried in oil. Not the healthiest of breakfasts, but a good alternative if you’re just craving for something savory in your mornings.


Casabe, cassava flat bread, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic

If you really want to understand and feel Dominican Republic and its roots, you’ll have to try Casabe. Casabe or the Cassava flat bread is the most traditional of Taíno diet. Until now, Casabe is still a big part of Dominican Republic homes. Cassava Flat Bread can be served with scrambled eggs, or eaten with other sides to have a fuller breakfast. For a simple Dominican Republic breakfast or snack, you can eat Casabe with olive oil and garlic.


queso frito, queso de freir, Dominican Queso blanco, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic

Queso Frito, or Dominican fried cheese is a big part of a Dominican Republic breakfast. This is usually a part of Los Tres Golpes. You can’t just fry any cheese for this. You have to get the good cheese, or more commonly known in Dominican Republic queso de freir, or Dominican queso blanco (white cheese).

As an alternative, Halloumi (without the mint) can be used. Queso de Freir is a traditional Dominican Republic white cheese, with a really high melting point, to withstand the frying.


Dominican coconut bread, dominican pan de coco, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic

Pan de Coco is a delicious Breakfast in Dominican Republic if you’re used to adding bread to your meals, or just hoping got have a simple bread ot your Dominican Republic mornings, and have something different from Casabe, you can have Pan de Coco. This is baked bread using coconut milk, and can be topped with coconut flakes too, usually partnered with coffee or juice in the morning, or eaten as a side dish with your meal or soup.


Dominican pancakes, dominican republic breakfast, breakfast in dominican republic

If you’re into pancakes, and can’t start your mornings without them, you can start a good day having some whole wheat flour mixed with bananas for some really good morning pancakes. Easy to make in Dominican Republic!


Orange Juice also called Morir Soñando, food in Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic food, Dominican Republic dishes, Dominican Republic Cuisine, traditional food in Dominican Republic, Orange Juice, Morir Soñando

Orange Juice also called Morir Soñando is delicious traditional breakfast in Dominican Republic. You can have it anytime of the day from morning breakfastto evening and Morir Soñando is so refreshing!


Colombia travel tips, things to know before visiting Colombia, facts about Colombia, Fruit Juices

You must try fruit juices in Dominican Republic at breakfast for sure is the best time. You will find them everywhere as street food. Prices are around $1-2 USD for a small glass. Tamarind flavor is the most popular juice in Dominican Republic. Just try all of them and choose your favorite one!


7f8VAOEaJq uextpy0bO1jHmudHKx81zKo3KzMcJeEe8DoSb

Milkshakes are my favorite one in the list of breakfasts in Dominican Republic. Milkshakes are made with seasonal fruits mixed with powder milk. Smoothies are made with milk instead o water. Choose your favorite seasonal fruit like mango, banana and papaya. All of them are delicious and prices are around $2-3 USD.

16. Coffee Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic drinks, drinks in Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic Beverages, beers in Dominican Republic, Coffee Dominican Republic

Coffee Dominican Republic is strong and black. The Dominican Republic produces Arabica coffee and if you are a coffee lover is a must to try when visiting Dominican Republic.

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Hope you liked our traditional breakfast in Dominican Republic. Which one are your favorite Dominican Republic breakfast from the list? Let us know which one is your favorite traditional breakfast in Dominican Republic and if we missed any breakfasts in Dominican Republic in the comments below.

Happy Travels!

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