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Travel Responsibly – 4 Tips for Sustainable Traveling

Travel Responsibly – 4 Tips for Sustainable Traveling

Before going on a trip, there are numerous things to take care of. We make sure to get everything on point including clothes, gadgets, accommodation, tickets, and many more.

However, we become a little selfish in this process. Rarely, anyone would think about the ecological impacts of traveling on our Earth.

Well, most people are unaware of their carbon footprints. And traveling is becoming a major source of carbon emissions around the world.

With that said, it isn’t necessary to boycott traveling altogether. What you can do instead is to be a bit more responsible while traveling.

So, how can you be more responsible?

In several ways, you can ensure to act responsibly, while enjoying the most out of your trip. Stick with us as we’re going to explore some nifty tips to be responsible while traveling.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. Buy Reusable Items
  2. Sustainable Mode of Transportation
  3. Don’t Haste on Your Trip
  4. Prefer Undiscovered Destinations
  5. Bottom Line

Buy Reusable Items

Travel Responsibly – 4 Tips for Sustainable Traveling

The preparation of a sustainable journey starts from your packing. To ensure that you don’t make a dent in the environment, don’t buy products with plastic in them.

In the past, finding non-plastic products was a big job. However, now everything available in plastic is also available in other materials.

So, ensure that water bottles, bags, tents, or anything you’re carrying are plastic-free.

There’s another benefit of using reusable items. First of all, with reusable items at your disposal, you won’t need to throw them after a single use.  Secondly, you can save money by reusing them later on, instead of buying new ones every time. 

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Sustainable Mode of Transportation

Travel Responsibly – 4 Tips for Sustainable Traveling, how to get to Tainan, hitchhiking in Taiwan, hitchhiking in Kaohsiung

Taking a flight may be the fastest way to reach your destination. However, it’s the most polluting one too. So, is there any way we can minimize the pollution attached to traveling?

Well, when it comes to flights, pollution’s impact can’t be negated altogether. However, you can decrease to a greater extent. 


While taking a flight, make sure to opt for a non-stop flight. According to research, non-stop flights reduce carbon emissions by 100kg per person, when compared to connecting flights.

Before opting for a flight, make sure to explore other transportation options as well. For example, if you can travel via train or bus, or if hitchhiking is a feasible option, go for it. Just make sure not to leave your carbon traces behind once you leave the destination.

Don’t Haste on Your Trip

Travel Responsibly – 4 Tips for Sustainable Traveling

As an adventurer, you don’t want to do things in quick succession, right? Mainly because there’s always so much to explore. And even if we try to explore a city in a single day, we may miss a lot.

Most people on trips, just to save time, opt for motorized vehicles. For example, they take taxis or use public transport instead of walking. Or, instead of cycling, they’d rather book an Uber.

It may be unintentional on their part, however, it’s a massive reason for the increased carbon footprint by tourists.

Simply by walking and exploring the city on foot, sustainable traveling can be promoted. With this approach, you can help clean the environment and connect with the natives in a much better way.

Prefer Undiscovered Destinations

Travel Responsibly – 4 Tips for Sustainable Traveling, Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines

While everyone loves to visit famous places, there’s a grave reality attached to it. With each passing year and more tourists, such beautiful locations have become an epicenter of carbon emissions.

So, should we stop going to such breathtaking locations?

No, but the frequency of visiting those places should be reduced.

Instead of visiting famous places, we must focus on some undiscovered places, and promote them among the masses.

By doing so, a distraction will be created that’ll distract the people from going to a single place over and over again. Furthermore, it’ll ease the added burden of releasing carbon footprints by famous destinations.

Bottom Line

While most hardcore travelers cannot stay away from traveling. What they can do is promote and practice sustainable traveling techniques in their community. With time, the earth’s condition is worsening, and traveling is playing a major role. So, with these tips, everyone can play their part while enjoying themselves too

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