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15 Philippines Off The Beaten Track Destinations

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines

With over 7000 islands and 81 provinces, Philippines is without a doubt a crowd favorite when it comes to vacation and traveling because of the breathtaking sites it offers. In this Philippines travel guide, we will share 15 Philippines off the beaten track destinations.

We are sharing as our off the beaten path Philippines destinations mostly beaches and islands. Calaguas Island, Pagudpud and Dumunpalit Island are our favorite ones. Click here to book activities in the Philippines with Klook!

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Philippines Off The Beaten Track Destinations: Luzon

We have to say that most of the tourists skip North Luzon skipping Manila and they go Palawan, Siargao, Cebu and Boracay. But keep reading these off the beaten path Philippines destinations.


Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines, How to get from Manila to Pagudpud
Pagudpud, tourist spots in the Philippines, tourist spots in luzon

We have been visiting twice Pagudpud so far and it’s one of our favorite Philippines off the beaten track. It’s so quiet and great place to take pictures. Most of the tourists are locals. The beaches are so beautiful and the sunsets are so colorful. Plus there are many places to visit around Pagudpud which keeps us busy for a few days always that we go to Pagudpud.

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Bangui windmills, tourist spots in the Philippines, tourist spots in luzon

Bangui Wind Farm is a wind farm in Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. The wind farm is created to supply electricity to the province. Thus, the windmills are not only beautiful to look at; they are also useful and environmental tools used to supply electricity.

The beach is so windy an ideal for taking pictures. To get Bangui windmills from Pagudpud is 25 kilometers ride and you can do by tricycle.

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tourist spots in luzon, Vigan, tourist spots in the Philippines, things to do in Ilocos Norte, day trip to vigan

Vigan is a city in the Philippines located in Ilocos Sur. It’s known for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture. And because of its beauty and its well-preserved Spanish-era streets,

Vigan has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Great place to walk around, try local food and visiting museums to know more about the Filipino history. It’s popular for locals but I would say is off the beaten path for foreigners.

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tourist spots in luzon, 100 Islands, Hundred Islands Natural Park, tourist spots in the Philippines, Pangasinan

This group of 123 islands is a popular destination in the Province of Pangasinan. Apart from enjoying the views, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and there is a pilgrimage island.

Most of the tourist are locals and you can even enjoying overnight camping if you wish. This destination isn’t very popular for foreigners. Just make sure that you aren’t coming on a weekend it could be crowded.

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Best Beaches in Luzon

Capones Island is next to Camara island and also an eye view from Pundaquit beach. It’s ideal for lunch or staying a couple of hours swimming, overnight or even trekking to the lighthouse. It’s a good place to spend a few hours, especially if the water is calm. Read here beaches in Zambales.

Capones Island, Island hopping in Zambales, Zambales travel guide, Anawangin Cove

A very beautiful island hopping in Zambales just 3 hours North Manila and you can try camping in Anawanging Cove. Prices are so affordable and avoiding holidays and weekends isn’t crowded.

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tourist spots in luzon, best places to visit in the philippines, tourist spots in the philippines, places to visit in the philippines for couples, where to stay in the Philippines

This place is famous because it is known as the home of Butanding or the Whale Sharks. When you visit Donsol, you shouldn’t miss diving and swimming with the whale sharks.

People are usually visiting Oslob in Cebu but they take care better of them in Donsol and is much less croded.


Philippines beaches, Calaguas Island

Calaguas Island is a group of islands located in the Province of Camarines Norte in Luzon close to Bicol. The water is clear and blue and it’s a great place for snorkeling. I would say one of our favorite Philippines beaches.

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines

You will have to get a boat for two hours from Paracale port. It’s not easy to access but we were spending one night alone. Prices are affordable, no electricity during the day and no phone signal. But we can totally recommend it.

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Philippines beaches, hotels in caramoan, resorts in caramoan

Caramoan is located in Camarines del Sur. An amazing island hopping is waiting for you and the area sin’t very touristic yet. You can go to Naga from Manila in a night bus. And later you have to get a van or a bus to reach Caramoan. A full blog post how to get from Manila to Caramoan.

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines, Caramoan tourist spots, Caramoan travel guide, Cotivas Beach

Caramoan is so popular between locals but not for foreigners. There aren’t many options for accommodation but there are two days for island hopping that are amazing.

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Subic Beach Sorsogon Tourist Spots

We recently visited the southern part of Luzon and we got surprised to visit Subic Beach. It’s popular because of the Pink colors in the sand with blue waters. You can get there in the island hopping in Matnog. And we totally recommend to spend the day in this beach for us is one of the best off the beaten path Philippines destinations.

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines, Island Hopping in Matnog, Sorsogon, Subic Beach, Island hopping in Sorsogon, Island hopping in Matnog,

These pictures above are the last shots of our drone who went into the water. But despite of this we have the best memories of Pink Beach to have it for ourselves.

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Dumunpalit Island, Coron tourist spots, Coron travel guide, Best Beaches in the Philippines

One of the best islands that we have ever seen. It’s almost not getting tourists yet that’s why we include as first one of the list best beaches in the Philippines. You have to go to Maricaban port by motorbike, tricycle or van. From there you can get a boat 1 hour and 30 minutes to Dumunpalit Island. The boat costs 3000 PHP and the entrance fee is 200 PHP per person. The water is so clear and you can stay overnight if you are bringing a tent.

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines, Dumunpalit Island

Dumunplait Island we can say is Philippines off the beaten track since is more than two hours from Coron to get there. Not many people have visited yet. Obviously we enjoyed the whole island for ourselves.

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tourist spots in luzon, luzon tourist spots, how to get to Balabac, Tangkahan Beach in Balabac, sand bars in Balabac, Balabac travel guide, things to do in Balabac

Balabac is located at South of Palawan with 40 000 population. Balabac is a paradise to discover in Palawan. There are 31 islands where you will enjoy amazing island hopping. Clear waters, amazing sunsets, great snorkeling spots and our favorite sand bars in the Philippines.

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines, Tangkahan Beach in Balabac Palawan,

We stayed 3 amazing days island hopping in Balabac with no electricity and no phone signal. Sometimes it was raining but we discovered amazing sandbars, star fishes, sunset and beaches.

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Off The Beaten Path Philippines: Visayas


 How to get to Carabao Island, Carabao Island travel guide, what to do in Carabao Island, Carabao Island, San Jose Beach

San Jose Beach is a beautiful beach with clear, warm water and white sand. You will find it almost empty anytime of the day. A few kids play around and fishermen go around here as well. We spent most of the time there swimming, taking pictures, playing, and running around. It was so much fun!

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines, Carabao Island

The best sunrise from our room and empty beaches around. To get to Carabao Island is only one hour boat ride from the popular Boracay Island.

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kalanggaman island

You can visit Kalanggaman Island, an island about 2 hours from Malapascua, which is already an official part of Leyte, Philippines. It will take you an hour and a half to reach the island. You will find a paradise haven where you can spend the day, relaxing, enjoying sea food, walking in an area surrounded by the palm trees, eating fruits and seafood, and of course, you can snorkel to see underwater beauty of the area.

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines, Kalanggaman Island

The day trip from Malapascua costs 800 PHP lunch included and you have to pay extra 550 PHP fee to visit the island if you are foreigner, 150 PHP for Filipinos and children with 5 years old get for free! Click here to get your discount booking your tour to Kalanggamand Island with Klook!


Guimaras tourist spots, Guimaras Island travel guide, where to go in Guimaras Island, Guimaras Island, Ave Maria Island

This place in Guimaras Island is a quiet Sand bar with a Groto where the Virgin Maria isn’t anymore. But it’s one of the best places for pictures since you can see Turtle Island in the front, rock formations and the sand bar and clear water around. It’s also a good place for a swim. We got to Ave Maria Island with the island hopping in Guimaras Island.

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines, Guimaras Island

It was so much fun the island hopping and Guimaras is mango Province. You have to try the Mango Pizza.

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13. Tinalisayan Island, Burias Island

Tinalisayan Island travel guide, Burias Island tour, Burias Island travel guide, Tinalisayan Island, How to get to Burias Island, Burias Island tour,

We enjoyed a few hours taking pictures, flying the drone, swimming, snorkeling, taking under water shots before coming back to San Pascual. There are no cottages in this island but there are tables if you are planning to have your lunch there. It was our favorite one in our Burias Island Tour.

Burias Island tour, Burias Island travel guide, Tinalisayan Island

Burias Island was an amazing island hopping visiting Sombrero Island where you can stay overnight. But our favorite was Tinalisayan Island for sure.

Read here Burias Island tour and Tinalisayan Island.

Philippines Off The Beaten Track Destinations: Mindanao


How to get to Camiguin, camiguin tourist spots, things to do in Camiguin, Camiguin travel guide, where to sleep in Camiguin, food travel budget in Camiguin, Daily travel budget in Camiguin, Mantigue Island

Camiguin Island is amazing. A volcanic island where you can enjoy snorkeling and diving, visiting waterfalls. Our favorite places were White Island and beautiful sand bar and Mantigue Island with its crystal clear waters. You can see corals and fish even while riding a boat. There’s a wide variety of fish species that lives in the crystal clear water surrounding the Island. Mantigue Island was our favorite Camiguin tourist spot!

Philippines off the beaten track, off the beaten path philippines, Camiguin Island

For visiting Mantigue you have to ride a boat from San Roque close to Benoni Ferry terminal that will cost you 600 PHP maximum 6 people and it will take 15 minutes to get to Mantigue Island. There is an enviromental fee 10 PHP and 50 PHP entrance fee for snorkeling. You can also rent snorkeling gear in case you aren’t bringing your own.

Read here full blog post how to get to Mantigue Island!


paradise island samal, samal beach resorts, samal island beach resorts, samla beaches, samal island davao, samal island, things to do in Samal Island

Samal Island is one of the best places for snorkeling since the water is so clear. Samar Island is located only one hour far from Davao City in Mindanao. There are many things to do in Samal Island apart from snorkeling you can visit waterfalls and the best way to move around is by renting a motorcycle.

Read here how to get to Samal Island!

Hope you enjoyed our Philippines off the beaten track destinations. Which one is your off the beaten path Philippines destinations? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Travels!

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