28 Awesome Pangasinan Tourist Spots (Pangasinan Travel Guide)

Last updated on December 31st, 2019 at 08:12 pm

Pangasinan tourist spots

Pangasinan isn’t one of the most touristic places in Luzon Province, the Philippines. Most of the visitors are coming in their short getaway from Manila. Today we will write our favorite Pangasinan tourist spots aside from Hundred Islands. Although it’s the most famous one, there are many more places to visit in Pangasinan. We will show you all of them in our Pangasinan travel guide!

Pangasinan Travel Guide

How to get to Pangasinan

If you are coming from Manila, you can ride a bus to Alaminos City. Victory Lines have routes from Manila to Alaminos. The fare is 400 PHP and travel time is around 5-6 hours depending on the traffic. There are buses running from Cubao anytime of the day.

If you are going to Hundred islands the most popular of the Pangasinan tourist spots you have to ride a tricycle to reach to the tourism information center in Hundred Islands, which is around 5-6 kilometers away from where you will be dropped off. The fare of the tricycle is 100 PHP.

Best time to visit Pangasinan

Pangasinan enjoys two kinds of seasons, the dry season from November to April and the wet season from May to October. It is recommended that travelers visit during dry season, especially from December to February when temperatures are much cooler and touring will most likely not be interrupted by rains and will not be really hot going around.

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Daily Budget Travel to visit Pangasinan

Many of the restaurants and hotels in Pangasinan are inexpensive yet more than satisfying. A full meal can go for as low as 60 PHP per person while a bottle of beer can be bought for around 60 PHP. Restaurant meals can be bought for around 500-800 PHP for two people.

Transportation is also pretty cheap with jeepneys going all over the province prices are around 10-20 PHP depending on the distance! There are also buses and vans for longer distance and prices are cheap 40-80 PHP moving around Pangasinan.

There are also budget hotels costing for around 600-900 PHP in a promo while three-star establishments go for around 1,000-2,000 PHP, that’s only $19-38 USD! For those who want a more luxurious stay, you can check in at very nice hotels at around $50-120 USD. You can also try AirBnB in Pangasinan.

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Pangasinan Tourist Spots

Beaches in Pangasinan

1. Hundred Islands

Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide, Hundred Islands

Alaminos is mostly known and recognized because of Hundred Islands. It is the first protected national park in the Philippines. The national park has 120-ish islands but only three of which have been developed for tourism, Governor IslandQuezon Island, and Children’s Island.

You must need to rent a boat to visit the Islands. Prices vary from $20-30 USD. Tell your boatmen that you’re planning to swim on these three Islands or the things you could do here are swimming, island hopping, beach bumming, zip lining, snorkeling and kayaking.

To go here, you must take a bus (5 to 6-hour trip) from Manila to Alaminos via Pasay Terminal or Cubao Terminal, costing you $8 USD for an air-conditioned bus.  After arriving to Alaminos, take a short tricycle ride to Lucap wharf, which only costs a dollar.

2. Patar Beach


Patar Beach, Pangasinan tourist spots

Patar Beach has a lot of potentials to be more beautiful than it is right now because of its crystal clear waters and white sand. Even if it’s a public beach there are still only a few people that visit the place. Also, Patar Beach is only 5-6 hours away from Manila. Cottages and Hotels are available everywhere around and on-site. 

3. Tondol Beach

Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide, Tondol Beach
Image from Wikimedia

Tondol Beach is one of those beaches in Pangasinan that has white sand and clear waters. For an entrance fee of 5 PHP one could wonder how the beach is not worth more. To get here from Manila, ride a bus bound to Anda costing about 600-700 PHP per person. Drop off at Anda market and then ride a tricycle going to Tondol beach. 

4. Panacalan Island

Panacalan Island, Pangasinan tourist spots
Image from Flickr

Panacalan Island is near and accessible via a boat ride from Tondol Beach. The fare will only cost you about 100 PHP per person. Panacalan Island has finer white sand than Tondol because of its exclusivity. The sandbar is also amazingly breathtaking. 

5. Tambobong Beach

Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide, Tambobong Beach
Image Source

Tambobong Beach is ideal for a family vacation as it isn’t as grand as the aforementioned beaches but it definitely is a beach for families and friends. The beach might get crowded as many families spend their vacation and free time here so it’s better to have a side trip going to Cabongaoan and Death Pool for a fuller day. 

6. Cabongaoan White Sand Beach in Burgos

Cabongaoan White Sand Beach, Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide
Image from Wikimedia

Tambobong Beach to Cabongaoan beach is only a 30 minutes ride. After staying in Tambobong you could now spend some of your time in the secluded Cabongaoan beach. The signal on the beach is quite slow and weak. Cabongaoan has pretty good scenery and tropical vibes that travelers love. It’s off-the-beaten path and going here via vehicle is not easy. 

7. Death Pool In Cabongaoan, Burgos

DEATH POOL IN CABONGAOAN, BURGOS, Pangasinan tourist spots

Also known as Cabongaoan Tidal Pools and a 20 min walk from Cabongaoan beach, Death Pool isn’t as scary it sounds. Death Pool is a natural pool made from the waves crashing on the rock formations. The pool could be deep sometimes but it is normally safe for tourists. Lots of people gather around the pool so you might want to enjoy it before it gets a little bit crowded.

8. Masamerey Beach in Sual

Masamerey Beach is a natural beauty near Alaminos, Pangasinan. It is easy to go here as you’ll only need to ride a tricycle going to Masamerey after dropping off on Alaminos in an Alaminos bound bus. The tricycle ride will only cost about 300 PHP.

9. Tondaligan Blue Beach

Tondaligan Beach, Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide
Image Source

Great for relaxation and long beach walks, Tondaligan Blue Beach is a public beach you’ll enjoy visiting. There are lots of spaces where you could do your own thing, swim, stroll or just rest and sleep. It’s possible because Tondaligan isn’t your fine white sand beach great for pictures, but it is your “I want to feel the beach” kind.

10. Bolo Beach

Bolo Beach, Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide
Image Source

Bolo Beach is great for families that enjoy singing karaokes and just enjoying the time with the beach. The sand might not be as fine and white but it still amazing. The scenery of the place is also beautiful because of there are no sky-high establishments. Always get a cottage here to enjoy the ambiance of the place. 

11. Abagatanen Beach

abagatanen Beach, Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide
Image from Explore Ph

Abagatanen Beach has plenty of space for you because it is not yet crowded. The place is clean and the beach is often on a low tide. Signal reception is mostly weak so just focus on taking photos and enjoying swimming on the beach. It is also not far away from Umbrella Rock.

12. Umbrella Rock

Umbrella Rock, Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide
Image from Flickr

Known because of the rock formations, Umbrella Rock is perfect for a short stay. The place is perfect for taking beautiful instagrammable pictures. The entrance fee is only 10 Pesos per person. Take a boat going to Abagatanen if you want to swim for 120 PHP per person.

13. Colibra Island

Culebra Island, Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide
Image from Flickr

Colibra Island is still secluded but that’s the beauty of this place. It has also good waves and fine sand. There are corals that decorated on the side of the beaches that will get your attention. Trees are only a few in the area so direct sunlight is a problem. Bring sunblock if you don’t want to get burned and also bring a tent if you’re planning to stay longer. There is a 50 PHP entrance fee per person. 

14. Lingayen Beach

Lingayen Beach
Image from Wikimedia

Great for relaxing and strolling, Lingayen Beach is located in Lingayen, Pangasinan. Stroll on the grayish-brown sand of the beach and just enjoy immersing yourself in the area. Great for some self-reflecting and resting. The beach and the cottages are free so you’ll have a space to relax.

Caves in Pangasinan

15. Enchanted Cave

The Enchanted Cave is a well-received cave because the place is a mix of resort and a cave. The cave itself is small but the resort adds to the beauty of the cave. The pool inside the cave is about 8 feet but life vests are available. Swimming costs about 200 PHP per person while viewing costs about 150 PHP per person. 

16. Cacupangan Cave

Cacupangan Cave, Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide
Image Source

Can’t get enough of the Pangasinan Tourist Spots we’ve mentioned? Try this! The Cacupangan cave has average formations inside but it is great for starters. There might be bats and snakes living in the cave and the road going inside is tough and rough. The entrance fee is only 50 PHP per person but a guide costs about 400 PHP. There are also gears that are needed costing about 100 PHP

Waterfalls in Pangasinan

17. Bolinao Falls

Bolinao Falls, Pangasinan tourist spots
Image from Wikimedia

Bolinao Falls has three falls you could choose from. The first one, Bolinao Falls 1 has the tallest height while Bolinao 3 is the shallowest. Lastly, Bolinao 2 is the best for enjoying the falls without compromising your swim. Kids can swim there too. Also, the water is cold and enjoyable.

18. Antong Falls in Pangasinan

Pangasinan tourist spots, Pangasinan travel guide, Antong Falls in Pangasinan,

Located in Sison, Pangasinan, Antong Falls have been a popular stopover of tourists bound to Baguio. However, Antong Falls isn’t just a stopover. It is a multi-layered waterfall with turquoise natural pools hidden from the beaten path. To go here from Sison, you must ride a tricycle bound to Barangay Inmalog for 60 PHP per person. From there, you’ll start trekking for 30 min – 60 min. The entrance fee is only 10 PHP per person.

19. Busay Falls in Pangasinan

Busay Falls

Also known as “Spring of Love” and located in Sitio Olanen, Dacap Sur, Bani Pangasinan. One of the crowd favorite Pangasinan Tourist Spots is Busay Falls, which is a beautiful 40-foot waterfall newly introduced to tourists. Ride a bus bound to Bolinao, Pangasinan and drop off at Tiep Elementary School. From there ride a tricycle going to the foot of Busay Falls. Climbing up the easily trekkable stairs will only take about 30 mins. 

Churches in Pangasinan

20. Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag

Image from Wikimedia

Located in Manaoag, Pangasinan and has been canonically affiliated with the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome since June 2011, Manaoag Church is a pilgrimage site for devotees. Mass occurs every hour so that isn’t a problem. However, parking might be a hassle.

21. Saint Dominic de Guzman Parish Church

Saint Dominic de Guzman Parish Church
Image from Wikipedia

Located in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, St. Dominic de Guzman Parish Church was the largest existing Catholic Church in the Philippines during the late 18th century. Also, the church is designed with a Baroque style. The town hosts a celebration for the Feast of St. Dominic annually every August 8. There is no entrance fee needed.

More Pangasinan Tourist Spots

Mountains in Pangasinan

22. Mt. Balungao

Mt Balungao
Image from Flickr

An extinct volcano located in Balungao, Pangasinan with a height of 382 meters and about 5 kilometers from the town center. Mt. Balungao is the main tourist attraction of the town, along with the Balungao Hot and Cold Spring Resort nearby. Hiking it may take 2-3 hours to get to the top.

23. Balungao Hilltop Adventure

Balungao Hilltop Adventure, zip line in Pangasinan
Image from Balungao Hilltop Adventure

The Balungao Hilltop Adventure Resort offers a lot of activities like zip line experience, all-terrain vehicle driving, bungee trampoline, hiking or trail walking, trust fall, and mountain biking. There’s more than that though as they also offer hot and cold spring swimming pools with varying temperatures. The activities are surely a treat after the hike.

Cities in Pangasinan that you would love to visit

24. Dagupan City

Dagupan City
Image from Wikimedia

Dagupan City is known for its delicious Bangus (milkfish) dishes. The types of bangus vary from boneless marinated, boneless plain and regular Bangus. If you’re craving for a beach swimming activity, you could also head to the Tondaligan Blue Beach for a short swimming trip. There are also malls in the city in case you need to buy things and go shopping.

25. Sky Plaza

Sky Plaza 
Image from Pangasinan Gov

Known as the little Baguio, Sky Plaza in Natividad, Pangasinan is a sacred and beautiful view deck facing the Caraballo mountains. The peak season is the holy week because pilgrims start to visit this more often. The view from the top is just amazing. 

Lighthouses in Pangasinan

26. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
Image from Wikimedia

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse remains as a beautiful spot to take pictures even if it’s already closed for the general public. However, it is possible to enjoy the views from atop even if you don’t climb the lighthouse due to restrictions. The sunset is the greatest view you could get so time your visit properly.

Other Pangasinan Tourist Spots

27. Aquatica Marina Water Park

Aquatica Marina Water Park


A great place for families trying to let their kids have fun on vacation. It is considered as the first beachfront water park in the Philippines and is located in Lingayen Pangasinan. Aquatica Marina Water Park has 5 kinds of pools that are mostly for children. One of these pools is the wave pool, a pool that artificially creates small waves. It’s truly one of our favorite Pangasinan Tourist Spots that we would love to visit in the future!

28. Sunflower Maze Farm

Sunflower Maze Farm
Image from What’s Happening PH

The Sunflower Maze Farm is Tayug, Pangasinan is getting famous because of its instagrammable beauty. However, you need to check their Facebook page for updates because the blooming of the sunflowers is seasonal. Renovations might be ongoing on your visit because they are constantly upgrading the site. The entrance fee is 100 PHP per person.

Festivals in Pangasinan

Talong Festival

Talong Festival is celebrated in the month of January on Villasis, Pangasinan. It is a 9-day celebration featuring various activities related to talong (eggplant). Various activities and stage performances are set up every year.

Galicayo Festival

Celebrated to remember the history of Our Lady of Manoaog, Galicayo Festival comes every December 19 or that week. It is still a folk-religious fiesta that hosts interesting activities celebrating the province’s culture and traditions.

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