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How to get from Sanur to Ubud Best Way

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If you are looking how to get from Sanur to Ubud by bus (cheapest option), taxi, Go Jek and Grab and private transportation we will give you all the information in this blog post. If you are traveling around Bali the best way to move around is renting a motorbike. Click here to book online Bali activities and day trips

The distance from Sanur to Ubud is only 25 kilometers. But traffic is really bad in Bali and it can take you until 1 hour to get there. Read here Ubud itinerary and best sim card in Bali.

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For accommodation, you can find really good accommodation for an affordable price. Prices start from $10-20 USD in a local guesthouse depending on how much you want to stretch your budget.

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How To Get From Sanur to Ubud

The cheapest option from Sanur to Ubud is by bus from the port. It will be great option if you are traveling alone and on a budget and with not so much luggage. You can get Perama Buses and Kura Kura Buses from the port in Sanur to Ubud.

The buses from Sanur to Ubud costs 55K IDR which is $4 USD. It will take around one hour. The buses are leaving from Perama Tour & Travel or Kura Kura Buses, click here to check the exact location.

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If you want to get from Sanur to Ubud by Go Jek and Grab will be our favorite option especially if you are two people traveling with luggage. You can book online in advance and the prices are fixed avoiding the negotiation with taxi drivers. The fare Sanur to Ubud can be around 120-150K IDR which is cheaper than the taxi.

The travel time Sanur to Ubud will be less than 1 hour. And this option is great if you are traveling 2-3 people with luggage. For us is our favorite option to move around Bali and Southeast Asia in general.

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If you want to get from Sanur to Ubud by taxi will be a comfortable option. Taxi prices Sanur to Ubud will be starting 150K IDR (around $10 USD).

The cheapest taxi and most reliable that we always use in Bali is Blue Bird Taxi. The travel time from Sanur to Ubud can be less than one 1 hour depending on the traffic.


If you prefer the comfort of private transportation around Bali because you are traveling in a group or with too much luggage. It will not be expensive and it will be so efficient.

If you are traveling with a private driver from Sanur to Ubud you can stop anytime to take pictures or to buy anything that you see on the way. There are a few interesting spots on the way and the driver will guide you around.

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Another way, if you aren’t bringing so much luggage, is riding a motorbike. You can rent them quite cheap around $5 USD per day in the port and even cheaper if you rent for a few days.

You can go on your own visiting your favorite spots on the way to Ubud and it will take you around one hour to reach there. Be careful and check the weather in advance, especially at rainy season.


sanur to ubud, distance from sanur to ubud, sanur to ubud taxi, sanur to ubud travel time

You can do tours (for example Tegalallang Rice fields starting from $10 USD). You can also get massages for $4-5 USD per hour and rent a motorbike for $4-5 USD per day. Ubud is really great for budget travelers.

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