Sim Card in Bali: Best Bali Tourist Sim Card

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Sim Card in Bali: Best Bali Tourist Sim Card

In this guide you will learn how to buy a sim card in Bali and the best Bali tourist sim card. Whenever you travel from one country to another, one thing you shouldn’t forget to have is a local sim card. We will tell you everything that you should know prices and packages to buy your prepaid sim card in Bali.

It’s hard to travel without Internet because you’ll need your GPS to track your location for apps like Grab and Go Jek. Besides, reading guides from blogs prepare you beforehand. Also your own SIM is important for communicating with locals and meeting other travelers.

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Sim Card in Bali And Best Bali Tourist Sim Card


First thing we have to say about internet and data connection in Bali is amazing especially if we compare with the Philippines where we were coming from. Bali is an island and most of the places you will have 4G and good wifi connection. Only in a few remote places in the North the connection can be intermittent.

Obviously the best thing you can do to connect online is getting a prepaid sim card in Bali. It will be efficient and it will allow you to connect anytime. We recommend you to get your Bali tourist sim card in the airport.  

Since there is no big difference with prices and packages. It’s so useful to leave the airport with your prepaid sim card in Bali to order Grab or checking maps to your next destination. You will have to show your passport if you buy your Bali sim card in the airport or even if you book online your prepaid sim card in Bali.

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For us the best way for buying our Bali tourist sim card was booking online and pick up your sim card in Bali airport it will be faster. And they help you to install and activate if you wish. Telkomsel is the best option for tourist sim card in Bali especially if you talk about coverage.

Since you get to a new country and as sooner you are connected you will start checking maps, contacting people and checking information. In Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport is pretty easy and just getting your stamp in your passport different companies will offer prices and packages for a prepaid sim card in Bali airport.

If you buy your sim card at Bali airport it will be more expensive and you will get worse packages than buying outside the airport or online. It’s usually things are more expensive in the airports but in Bali is a huge difference. Take a read to our blog post how to get from Bali airport to Ubud by Grab, taxi and even public transportation.


Apart from the airport you can buy your Bali sim card in the official shops. You will find many of them around Bali in Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu everywhere. Just bring your passport they will explain their packages to get your prepaid Bali sim card.

They usually speak little bit English but they are so helpful. And they will help you to activate your Bali prepaid sim card. You will manage for sure in the local shops in Bali.


The most popular phone companies for getting a prepaid sim card in Bali are Telkomsel and XL Axiata. We will tell you prices and packages below.


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The most popular and the best signal for data connection in Bali. The packages aren’t the cheapest. You have to check properly sometimes data packages offers 10 GB but some of them are for Social media like unlimited Facebook, 2 GB for Instagram and 2 GB for Youtube. And finally is real only 4 GB connection.

But it was working great in Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan when wifi wasn’t so stable that’s why I would choose it again.

4 GB Month$8 USD
8 GB Month$13 USD


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Image from Klook

XL Axiata offers better packages than Telkomsel but data connection isn’t so strong in places like Ubud. But soon it can be fixed. There are many packages also if you want to make local calls. The best if you check all of them.

15 GB Month$10 USD
35 GB Month$17 USD


If you prefer Bali Pocket Wifi a Hotspot can be the best option. You will avoid changing sim card and just landing in Bali you will start getting data connection. Read here our full review of Tep Wireless Hotspot with all the details, prices, coverage and how it works.

You will get wifi when traveling and it includes truly unlimited internet, which is never cut off, regardless how much you use with unlimited wifi and can connect up to 5 devices. If you use more than 1GB in a day your connection speed will get slowed to 256kbs.

The connection speed will return to normal the next day. Click here, to buy your Tep Wireless Hotspot now. If you add the promo code GAMINTRAVELER you will get 10% discount!

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If you ask me for a Sim Card Bali Conclusion. Telkomsel is the best option since prices and packages are similar. You will get better connection with Telkomsel. And I would buy online to avoid the hassle.

But if you go on a budget and you want to save a few dollars. Just go around the official shops in Bali compare prices and packages and get the best deal! For sure you will be able to save a few dollars.


You can exchange money in the airport just crossing the ATM’s it will be a few places to do it. Official Rates are $1= 14 000 IDR. You will get lower rates than in Ubud or other place outside the airport. If you need to exchange cash jsut try to exchange small money. In Indonesia, you will become a millionaire just by exchanging your local currency ha!

Click here to know the exact rate.

The best time to visit Bali is from April to October. The most hectic time in Bali are on July and August. Make sure to remember those months so you can plan ahead. November to March is Bali’s wet season so the beaches may not be at their best. Still, it’s worth the trip since Bali is still beautiful during this time.

Click here to know when is the best season to visit Bali!


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You can find cafes serving less than $1 USD and you can also eat local food like Nasi Goreng or Nasi Campur for $1-2. You can also enjoy some Smoothies and Gelato if you’re traveling on a hot season. Everything’s really affordable if you are traveling on a budget, you won’t have any problem at all. They also offer beers during Happy Hour for only $2-3 USD.

For accommodation, you can find really good accommodation for an affordable price. Prices start from $7 USD in a local guesthouse depending on how much you want to stretch your budget.

You can do tours (for example Tegalallang Rice fields starting from $10 USD). You can also get massages for $4-5 USD per hour and rent a motorbike for $4-5 USD per day. Bali is really great for budget travelers.

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You can also try AirBnB in Bali with prices starting from 140K IDR which is $10 USD. Click here to get $30 USD off your first booking with AirBnB!

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Having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe in your trips around the world.

Hope it’s useful our sim card in Bali travel guide. Telkomsel or XL Axiata? Let us know in the comments below your best tourist Bali sim card and if there are changes to update prices and packages.

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Happy Travels!

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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