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Tallinn Airport SIM Card: Getting a SIM Card In Tallinn

Last updated on March 7th, 2024 at 03:33 am

Tallin Airport SIM Card | SIM Card Tallin Airport

Are you searching for a Tallinn Airport SIM Card upon arrival in Estonia? We will write how to buy a sim card in Tallinn.

Landing at Tallinn Airport and wondering if you can buy a sim card at Tallinn Airport? Yes, you can find R Kiosk selling sim cards with Tele2 and Super with Telia the leading providers for a SIM card in Tallinn and Estonia.

The easiest way is to order your eSIM online where you can get cheap data packages and unlimited data without buying a SIM card in Tallinn. For eSIM options, you can opt for Holafly, Airalo and Maya Mobile

If you are going from Tallinn Airport to the city center you should know that it will take 15 minutes by taxi and 25 minutes by public transportation.

Tallinn, a city where medieval charm seamlessly blends with modern innovation, is Estonia’s cultural and technological gem. As you step off the plane at Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, staying connected is crucial to fully experience this Baltic wonder.

Whether you’re wandering through the cobblestone streets of Old Town or exploring the digital frontiers in e-Estonia, having a reliable SIM or eSIM can greatly enhance your journey. Let’s explore the best options for staying connected from the moment you touch down in Tallinn.

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Why a Local SIM Card in Tallinn is Essential

Tallinn’s charm is a blend of its medieval heritage and its status as a digital hub. Having a reliable internet connection in this Estonian capital is essential for a smooth travel experience. While Wi-Fi is available in many places, the dependability of a local SIM ensures you’re connected at all times.

Key advantages of a local SIM in Tallinn include:

  • Exploration Made Easy: Discover Tallinn’s hidden cafes and historical spots with ease through local reviews and guides.
  • Language Assistance: Overcome language barriers with instant access to translation apps.
  • Navigation: Use GPS for hassle-free navigation around Tallinn’s winding streets and historical landmarks.
  • Sharing Experiences: Instantly upload and share your adventures in Tallinn with friends and family back home.

Why Buy a Tallinn Airport SIM Card?

If you land at Tallinn Airport and you buy a sim card at R-Kiosk with Tele2 and Super. The prices are higher than phone shops. You can get a Tallinn Airport sim card more expensive than if you buy your sim card in Tallinn at the shops in the city.

Super Tallinn Airport Sim Card

Super Tallinn Airport Sim Card, Tallinn Airport SIM Card: Getting a SIM Card In Tallinn

Super will give you for only €1 with 300 MB data and you will have to top up. Tele 2 will offer for €21 unlimited data for a month in Estonia but only 25 GB for the rest of Europe. If you buy Tele 2 at the shops in city center will cost you €12 the same data package.

Just landing you will be able to book your taxi, Uber and check online before getting to your hotel. If you aren’t in a hurry and you want to save a few bucks just look for the official stores in Tallinn.

Tallinn Airport, serving as the main gateway to Estonia, offers options for travelers to obtain SIM cards, though the specific availability of telecom kiosks can vary. Let’s look into the top providers that are generally recommended for Estonia:

  • Telia Estonia: Known for its comprehensive coverage, Telia offers SIM cards like ‘Simpel’ and ‘Super’, which are popular among travelers for their affordability and flexibility.
  • Elisa Estonia: Elisa provides SIM cards with varied pricing options, catering to different data needs. Their ‘Zen’ plan is another choice for those seeking a balance between cost and data allowance.
  • Tele2 Estonia: Offers both regular and data-only

Where to Buy a SIM Card in Tallinn

It’s so convenient purchasing a sim card at Tallinn Airport but prices are higher than in the shops at Tallinn city center.

Tele2 Tallinn Prepaid SIM Cards

Tele2 Tallinn Sim Card, Tallinn Airport SIM Card: Getting a SIM Card In Tallinn

Tele2 has the best coverage for sim card in Tallinn. They offer two main plans for Estonia. One is priced at €6, providing 3 GB of data in Estonia along with 300 local minutes and 30 SMS. Another plan is available for €12, offering unlimited data in Estonia, 25 GB of EU roaming, and unlimited calls in Europe. These plans are valid for one month.

Check the exact location to find Tele2 stores to buy a sim card in Tallinn.

Super Prepaid SIM Card – Telia Estonia

Telia Tallinn Sim Card, Tallinn Airport SIM Card: Getting a SIM Card In Tallinn

This SIM card is also available for €1, which you will need to top up through their website. For €3, you get 1 GB of data plus 50 minutes and 200 SMS.

Keep in mind that these SIM cards are primarily for use in Estonia. It’s important to ask the mobile internet provider if you can use your data allowance in other European countries as well at no extra cost. At Tele2 and Tele2 shops, the answer to EU roaming was a clear no.

If you prefer eSIM cards, there are several options provided by eSIM card providers for Estonia. These eSIMs operate on the 4G/LTE network of Tele2 and Telia in Estonia, but 5G is not supported for these eSIMs. The Estekom eSIM cards from Airalo, for example, offer various data plans starting from 1 GB for 7 days at $4.5 USD. Remember that these eSIMs are data-only and do not support incoming and outgoing calls.

Check the exact location to find Telia stores to buy a sim card in Tallinn.

Elisa Tallinn Sim Card

Elisa Tallinn Sim Card, Tallinn Airport SIM Card: Getting a SIM Card In Tallinn

Elisa is the cheapest sim card in Tallinn if you are looking for the day pass or weekly pass data less than 1 euro per day you will have data. Check the exact location to find Elisa stores to buy a sim card in Tallinn.

We’ll talk about eSIMs next.

eSIMs: The Digital Age of Connectivity

For those with eSIM-compatible devices, Tallinn doesn’t disappoint.

As the digital wave continues to reshape our world, even the conventional SIM card has evolved. Enter eSIMs—electronic SIMs that embody this new age. If you’re scratching your head, eSIMs are digital counterparts to the typical SIM card, permitting users to alternate between networks without the fuss of swapping out tiny pieces of plastic.

For the forward-thinking traveler jetting into Tallinn armed with an eSIM-ready device, the horizon is broad. Digital platforms like Holafly, Airalo, and Maya Mobile are at the forefront, crafting eSIM packages tailored for Estonia. It’s more than just a connection; it’s the epitome of ease. Before you even disembark or while you’re soaking in the sights of the city from a café, a few taps ensure you’re connected. Opt for a plan, settle the payment, and a QR code swiftly lands in your inbox, ready for activation.

Airalo – Tallinn Airport SIM Card

Tallin Airport SIM Card | SIM Card Tallin Airport
Airalo eSIM for Tallin Airport Sim Card – Best for flexible data usage when you don’t require unlimited data

This global eSIM store offers country-specific plans. Airalo Estonia plan ensures consistent speeds and wide coverage.

See Airalo eSIM plans below:

  • $4.50 USD for 1GB valid for 7 Days
  • $7 USD for 2GB valid for 15 Days
  • $8.50 USD for 3GB valid for 30 Days
  • $12 USD for 5GB valid for 30 Days
  • $19 USD for 10GB valid for 30 Days

Airalo plans are best for flexible data usage when you don’t need to be connected to data all the time, however will need it to send a few messages from time to time while traveling. With its flexible plans, you can either get a smaller plan or a bigger one with longer validity.

Holafly – Tallinn Airport SIM Card

Tallin Airport SIM Card | SIM Card Tallin Airport

Known for its unlimited data plans in various countries, Holafly eSIM plan is comprehensive, ensuring you’re always connected.

Remember to check device compatibility before purchasing an eSIM plan.

Holafly’s Estonia unlimited high speed data starts at $19 USD for 5 Days Validity. Here are the complete packages:

  • $19 USD for 5 Days Validity
  • $27 USD for 7 Days Validity
  • $34 USD for 10 Days Validity
  • $47 USD for 15 Days Validity
  • $54 USD for 20 Days Validity
  • $64 USD for 30 Days Validity
  • $87 USD for 60 Days Validity
  • $99 USD for 90 Days Validity

Maya Mobile eSIM

Maya Mobile is a great alternative to Airalo as their plans are flexible which allows you to choose from smaller data options to even unlimited ones for Estonia. Check the plans Maya eSIM has below.

Tallin Airport SIM Card | SIM Card Tallin Airport
Tallin Airport SIM Card | SIM Card Tallin Airport

Maya’s Data plans are:

  • 3GB for $6 USD for 5 Days
  • 5GB for $10 USD for 5 Days
  • 10GB for $17 USD for 5 Days
  • 20GB for $24 USD for 5 Days

In addition to Maya Mobile eSIM‘s regular data plans, they have unlimited plans in Estonia (Tallinn Airport Sim Card)

  • Unlimited Data for $19 USD for 5 Days – Best if you’re traveling solo, 2GB of Highspeed internet daily, then unlimited fast LTE at 1Mbps speed
  • Unlimited Data for $29 USD for 5 Days – Wi-Fi hotspot is included, 3GB of Highspeed internet daily, then unlimited fast LTE at 1Mbps speed
  • Unlimited Data for $39 USD for 5 Days – Wi-Fi hotspot is included, 5GB of Highspeed internet daily, then unlimited fast LTE at 1Mbps speed

Personal Stories with a Local SIM in Tallinn

In Tallinn, my local SIM was a gateway to memorable experiences. Navigating the medieval streets of Old Town was seamless, with real-time translations enriching my interactions with artisans. In the vibrant Telliskivi Creative City, my SIM helped me locate a hidden art gallery, enhancing my cultural journey in Estonia.

Our Final Thoughts on Tallinn Airport SIM Card

For a fulfilling Estonian adventure, consider getting a SIM from providers like Tele2 or Telia. For eSIM alternatives, choose Airalo or Maya eSIM. These SIM cards not only provide connectivity but also enrich your travel experience, making you more than just a tourist in Tallinn.

FAQs on Tallinn Airport SIM Card

Are there SIM card kiosks at Tallinn Airport?

Yes, you can find SIM cards at the R-Kiosk in the arrivals hall.

Which SIM card providers are available at Tallinn Airport?

Tele2 and Super (Telia) offer SIM cards suitable for tourists.

Can I use these SIM cards for EU roaming?

These SIM cards are mainly for use in Estonia; EU roaming may not be available.

Do I need my passport to buy a SIM card?

Yes, a passport is usually required for purchasing a SIM card.

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