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4 Best Family Travel Destinations In Peru

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 11:13 am

Best Family Travel Destinations In Peru

When the COVID-19 pandemic has gone away, it’s time for your family to have some time together and relax in some foreign countries. Now, if you’ve been too familiar with traveling spots such as the United States, Singapore or Japan, you should try something new, something that is different from crowds thoughts.

And in case you’re looking for a country like that, Peru is an ideal country. Being widely known for beautiful landscapes and popular tours, Peru is the place for families to bond together after years of being far from each other due to the virus. And here is a list of traveling spots for you and your families to try during your time in this pretty South American country. 

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Best Family Travel Destinations In Peru


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Paracas – the wonderful town by the Pacific coast is popular to travelers because of lively coral reefs, endless white sand beaches and many high-end restaurants with stunning ocean views that you can enjoy while taking meals here.

And above all of those, the best thing you will like about Paracas is the serene nature that is always well preserved by the government here. In spite of the fact that Paracas is not invested too much by enterprises due to its underrated position in the traveling ranking board in Peru, you can still find some luxurious services in spa resorts here.

And the best one you can choose is Aranwa Paracas Resort and Spa. But if you want a nice and comfortable room there, you need to contact a traveling agency or directly to the resort in order to book rooms in advance because rooms are always fully-booked. You can enjoy luxurious amenities such as private beach areas, spa services and high-end bars and restaurants.

If you and your family want to bond with nature, take a half-day cruise to Candelabro de Paracas – a large jungle island beside the coastline. You don’t need to worry about security because the government here can control crime in Paracas really well. 

Lomas de Lucúmo

Best Family Travel Destinations In Peru

If you are staying in Lima – the capital of Peru, you will want to try Lomas de Lucumo. Only by seeing this by yourself, you can experience the gift that Mother Nature has given to this land. There are many soft slops and lush vegetation that is located in the tropical jungle here.

Especially, if you have the chance to travel here during October and December, you can touch and feel the mist trapped between mountains and enjoy the rich vegetation springing to life. On this trip, you don’t need a traveling guide. There is a trail along the Los Guardianes sea.

So that you and your family can walk and enjoy the air. Or you can take part in the Los Lucumos which is a 4-mile trail. This is the perfect distance for a family-size trip. The entire round-trip will take you 2 to 3 hours to complete.

In the longer trail, you can spot caves with amazing remains. Or if you are a risk lover, you will want to try rock climbing with supervision. And traveling at weekends is not highly recommended because it will be filled with students and crowds coming here to experience the wildlife.

Don’t worry about food because there are food stalls that sell traditional sandwiches which are filled with chicharron – a type of fried pork. This will make the experience you have here unforgettable.


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Most land in Arequipa is volcanoes. You can see the effects of itt in the walls of streets, buildings and churches that were built hundreds, even thousands of years ago, in fertile slopes and especially, one of the deepest canyons in the world. Imagine one day, you are sitting in a thermal pool, looking out towards mountains crowned with snow at the peaks. It’s an experience that not everyone has the chance to enjoy for once in a lifetime.

When you come here, you won’t want to leave due to the attractiveness of traditional cuisine, long history and stunning nature. Arequipa – The White City is the home of the second deepest canyon in the world: The Colca Canyon. And a must-go place on this trip is the Condor Viewpoint. Here, you can watch the condors soaring high above the peaks of the canyon.

However, you may find the trip to the peak of the canyon not really appropriate because it requires a certain health standard to finish. So consider it carefully if you bring your children with you. Don’t worry about where to stay because there are many hotels and resorts for you to choose from in Arequipa.

But if it were me, Aranwa Colca Resort and Spa would be my first choice. It will provide you with high-end services and stunning views of nature. Arequipa is in the center of the country, so it doesn’t take you long to travel to another city. Take Puno for instance. If you have finished your trip here, you can take a bus from Arequipa to Puno at a very affordable price. 

The Northern Beaches of Peru

Best Family Travel Destinations In Peru

Here, right in the northern beaches of Peru, you and your family can enjoy the endless warm sunshine and relaxing moments at the end of the trip in Peru. These islands are the ideal places to take time and recharge the batteries after days or weeks going and traveling in Peru.

As a matter of fact, you can’t compare these beaches with popular ones such as Maldives or Fiji. But still, they are the best beaches in Peru. Now, with the development of marketing, more and more enterprises have invested here and built numerous hotels and entertaining services for tourists.

As a result, you will have more chances to decide what is best for your family. This is a perfect chance to wind down after days of discovering the Peruvian highland regions.

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