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A Perfect 2 Days Pampanga Itinerary, the Philippines

We will write Pampanga itinerary you will love it if you are a foodie. In fact, Kapampangans are known to be one of the best cooks in the country! Pampanga is a province in Luzon in the Philippines that is so popular because of its proximity from Manila and their cuisine. Click here if you want to get your discount booking activities in Clark!

Angeles City in Pampanga is where Rachel came from, and it’s our home in the Philippines. If you are planning to visit Pampanga soon then continue reading our Pampanga itienrary.

Read here where to stay in Angeles City and how to get to Angeles City from Manila!


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You can get accommodation starting from 800-1000 PHP (less than $20 USD) for a room in a guesthouse. Can you imagen if you are two of you traveling in the Philippines, it will be $10 USD each.



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If you are getting to Pampanga by plane. There are flight companies going to Clark like Cebu Pacific and Air Asia, you can even get cheap flights from Singapore and Hong Kong. Also, Philippines have cheap flights going to Coron and Cebu from Clark International Airport.


And if you’re getting Pampanga from Manila. There are also buses headed for Angeles City. For more information check, how to get to Angeles City from Manila and P2P bus going to Manila International Airport. There is also transportation going to San Fernando City.

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Many of the restaurants and hotels in Pampanga are inexpensive yet more than satisfying. A full meal in the city can go for as low as 80 PHP per person while a bottle of beer can be bought for around 50-65 PHP. Restaurant meals can be bought for around 500-800 PHP for two people.

Pretty cheap, right? And if you only have 20 PHP in your pocket when you’re feeling pretty hungry, you can even buy plenty of street food with that.

Transportation is also pretty cheap with jeepneys going all over town at a flat rate of 9 PHP. If you want to travel to Manila from Angeles, the ride will also be convenient and cheap at around 150 PHP.

There are also budget hotels costing for around 600-900 PHP in a promo while three-star establishments go for around 1,000-2,000 PHP, that’s only $19-38 USD! For those who want a more luxurious stay, you can check in at very nice hotels at around $50-120 USD.

You can also book your accommodations through Agoda or Booking.

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We recommend you to stay at least two days to do the itinerary in Pampanga. You can stay longer if you have time. We will write about tourist spots, festivals and of course in Pampanga about food trip itinerary. Restaurants and food that you can’t miss when visiting Pampanga.


For the first day of your itinerary in Pampanga if you decide to stay in Angeles City. You can go around the city center to learn about history visiting museums and Holy Rosario Church. As we mentioned before food tripping in Pampanga is a must.

Our best recommendation of food to try is sisig. You can go to Mila’s Tokwa Baboy which is the most popular place to try sisig. You can also visit Susie’s Cuisine with affordable prices and delicious food. Our favorite is palabok and as dessert Ube and halo-halo.

At night you can visit walking street area and Bali Bago where you will find most of the bars and restaurants. For places to stay we recommend Bali Bago or Clark area where most of the hotels are in Angeles City.

There are places to stay from $15 USD if you go on a budget to luxury resorts. You can also book your accommodations through Agoda or Booking.


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This is a must try food in Pampanga, and take note Kapampangan’s are known to be good cooks. Sisig is the most popular dish in Pampanga. For starters, Sisig are just pig ears and head mixed with fried onions and chili, served with rice and calamansi.

Our favorites are palabok, empanada, halo-halo and ube. In Susie´s you will find many different Kampangan options, and prices are very affordable.


Pampanga itinerary, things to do in Angeles city, where to eat in Angeles city, how to get to angesles city, Holy Rosary Parish Church, zoocobia fun zoo, fontana water park, puning hot spring, resorts in angeles city, festivals in Angeles city, where to sleep in Angeles city

It is a must try food in Pampanga, and Kapampangan’s are known to be a good cooks. Sisig is the most popular dish in Angeles City. Ears and head of the pig mixed with fried onions and chili. It´s served with rice and calamansi. This restaurant is always full and maybe you need to book in advance.


Pampanga Tourist Spots, things to do in Angeles city, where to eat in Angeles city, how to get to angesles city, Holy Rosary Parish Church, zoocobia fun zoo, fontana water park, puning hot spring, resorts in angeles city, festivals in Angeles city, where to sleep in Angeles city

Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies serves as a museum, research center, gallery and more. Many changes have occurred to Angeles City from its history that’s why this center had also adopted these changes.

This comprehensive library archives important files that anyone can read to learn about Angeles city’s history and its native Kapampangan people. It is located in the main building of Holy Angel University, Sto. Rosario, Angeles City.


Pampanga itinerary, Pampanga Tourist Spots, things to do in Angeles city, where to eat in Angeles city, how to get to angesles city, Holy Rosary Parish Church, zoocobia fun zoo, fontana water park, puning hot spring, resorts in angeles city, festivals in Angeles city, where to sleep in Angeles city

Holy Rosary Parish Church is one of the most iconic places in Angeles City, the locals call it “Pisambang Maragul”Santo Rosario Church, or now known as the Holy Rosary Parish Church is a beautiful sight to visit having two tall towers and castle-like structures but more than its magnificent exterior, this house of worship carries a lot of controversial history that was held during the Spanish era. It’s a must-visit!


Walking street, things to do in Angeles City, where to eat in Angeles City, angeles city travel guide, Pampanga itinerary
Image from Flickr

If you like to party, then go to Balibago or the famous place called “walking street”. You get a lot of choices to which you can enjoy and meet new friends. Walking street is full of foreigners, and there are many bars and restaurants. You can go from Walking street to Balibago which is a walking distance or just a short jeepney ride.


For your second day in your Pampanga itinerary there are a few plans to choose. You can refresh in Fontana Water Park in Angeles City or Pradera Water Park in Lubao. You can relax in Miyamit waterfalls and Punno Hotspring.

If you like the adventure you can hike Mt Pinatubo. You will have to plan in advance since you have to go in an organized tour to get to the crater view. And of course more food tripping is going on. You have to keep trying more local food.

For the food tripping we recommend you to try our favorite locals restaurants Mr Frosty and Camalig for local food and pizzas. Tool House great if you go with kids they love it. And Mesa Restaurant if you want to try fine dinning and the best Pampanga delicacies.


Pampanga Tourist Spots, Zambales, Zambales Tourist spots, Things to do in Zambales, Mont Pinatubo, Pampanga itinerary

There are few mountains to hike around Pampanga. The most popular hiking place could be Mt. Pinatubo. Trekking this mountain can be done in a day, which involves, riding a 4×4 on a lahar field, and 3-hour trekking back and forth. Below are some of the price packages if you are coming from Manila:

           Package 1 (from Manila to Pinatubo Crater Lake via Capas) – PHP 2000 to PHP 3000

           Package 2 (from Manila to Pinatubo Crater Lake via Botolan) – PHP 2500

Take note that this does not include food and may change without further notice. If you have an idea about the recent packages to hike Mount Pinatubo, please comment below and we’ll update the blog post.

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Fontana Water park
Image from Wikipedia

If you’re not the party type and just wanna relax and swim you can go to places like Fontana Water Park in Clark where you can enjoy the slides and fun water facilities. You have two options spending the day in the water park costs around 500 PHP per person. And rates for sleeping in Fontana Hotel starts from 4000 PHP.


Puning Hot Spring, things to do in Angeles City, Angeles city travel guide, Pampanga itinerary
Image from Flickr

Puning Hot Spring in Angeles City is a full service hot spring that will surely pamper you to the max. It has natural hot springs that purify your skin and detox your system. Besides from its hot spring they also provide multiple spa services. 

Throughout, The view is beautiful and the entire experience ultra-relaxing. Prices are starting 3500 PHP per person and minimum 3 people.


Pradera Water Park Lubao, Pampanga Tourist Spots

Waterboarding near Manila? The answer is Pradera Verde! Wakeboarding could be hard but it’s definitely worth a try. It’s possible to learn in a day! The prices start at 250 PHP.


Pampanga tourist spots, Miyamit Falls, Pampanga itinerary
Image from Limbonisku

Miyamit Falls is located in Barangay Sapang Uwak, Porac in Pampanga. The trail for this falls is easy and rewarding plus you’ll love the green sceneries around it. Tourists and locals love this falls because of its proximity to Manila plus the relaxation it brings. And of course, you could even swim here!


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Our favorite local restaurant quality-price in Angeles City. The food is delicious, big portions and very affordable prices. Good for adults and also great menu if you are traveling with kids. Our favorite choices are sisig and sinigang!


Best restaurants in Angeles City, Camalig
Image from Libotero

Pizzas here are great and we really love their style! It’s located in city center and it’s perfect for visiting with a few friends and ordering their pizzas and beer buckets. Food is delicious and the staff is very welcoming too. You’ll love it here.


Toll House, Best restaurants in Angeles City

We have been in the Tool house a few times already and kids love it. Our little one loves ordering baked macaroni. For us, it’s lengua and steak with mushrooms sauces are our favorite. Prices are affordable here, too. There are a few branches in Nepo, SM and close to city center.


Mesa Restaurant, best restaurants in Angeles City

It’s one of Rachel’s favorite restaurants in Angeles City. Prices here are a little bit expensive but the food is really delicious. It’s ideal to try the classic food in Pampanga first like sisig. There are multiple choices like prawns and karekare and all of them are great.


If you have more days to enjoy in Pampanga in your itinerary. You can visit Dinosaurs Island, Sky Ranch in Pampanga, Sand Box and Deca Wakeboard Park and an amazing adventure flying around Pinatubo for this you will have to go to Clark.

If you like to visit churches as a cultural heritage tour. San Guillermo Paris Church in Bacolor, Betis Church in Guagua and Arzobispado de Pampanga Church in San Fernando. 

And of course if you like Festivals is the great opportunity to visit Pampanga. You can check Lantern Festival in San Fernando, Holly Week in Pampanga is so popular. And Hoit Air Baloon in Clark and Lubao will be an amazing time to visit Pampanga.


Dinosaurs Island, Pampanga tourist spots
Image from Elle Stinkertoes

An animatronic theme park that is very good for family hangouts, and of course, full of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs Island is open everyday, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. There are lots of pro

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Pampanga Tourist Spots, Sky Ranch San Fernando in Pampanga

Missing the rides in the city? Try riding here at Sky Ranch. This place is good for families, friends and just you, it’s fine too. You’ll enjoy the ambiance of this happy place because everybody is just enjoying every ride and attraction they try. You would surely enjoy the experience in Sky Ranch!


Pampanga tourist spots, Sandbox
Image from Flickr

Located in Sapang Uwak, Porac in Pampanga, the thrills and challenges Sandbox will give are extraordinary. You’re safe but you still have the feeling that you aren’t because of the adventure!

This place is great for a quick escape and a must-visit place in Pampanga. Try to be a bit competitive and finish every challenge faster than your friends and families!


Pampanga tourist spots, Deca water Park
Image from Baron the Explorer

Another wakeboarding spot that you shouldn’t miss! Pump those adrenaline once more as you ride these boards on high speed. You’ll love the lush sceneries everywhere as you enjoy yourself on wakeboarding in Jose P. Laurel Avenue in Pampanga. Definitely a must try tourist spot in Pampanga!


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Clark is a military air base and you can get a flight around Mount Pinatubo and Mount Arayat. Is it true that some places are best enjoyed from up above? We walk the streets of Angeles City many times a year, but looking down the city and the provincial parts of it (farm lands and non-city/residential ares) was definitely more beautiful.

Riding a small aeroplane felt very different than your regular helicopter flight. This a very cool thing to do in Angeles City. The flight lasts 45 minutes and it costs $100 USD each person, perfect for planning a special activity to do with your friends.


Pampanga tourist spots, San Guillermo Parish Church
Image from Wikimedia

San Guillermo Parish Church is located in Bacolor, Pampanga. It was originally constructed by the Augustinian Friars in 1576, making it one of the oldest churches in the province. Inside, there are paintings of the Pinatubo eruption in 1991.


Pampanga tourist spots, Betis Church Guagua
Image from Flickr

It’s located in Betis, Guagua. Betis Church is a Baroque style church under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Fernando. The church was dedicated to Saint James, the Apostle and it was established in 1607.


Pampanga tourist spots,

It’s located in San Fernando, Pampanga. It was given a a Canonical Coronation by Pope Pius XII through a Papal Bull dated in 1956.


Pampanga tourist spots, Holly Week in Pampanga
Image from Flickr

It’s a religious and cultural activity most of Catholic Filipinos observe in the Philippines! People are literally imitating what Jesus went through before His death. You can see them in the streets around Angeles City participating in their Filipino traditions and practices from Wednesday to Friday in Holy week.

It’s also a tradition for Filipinos to avoid meat during Holy Week, so fish and vegetable dishes are famous in this period.


Pampanga tourist spots, Giant Lantern festivals
Image from Caryl Joan

The huge and intricately designed lanterns, or parol, are exhibited every December in San Fernando City. The number of lights are limited to 10,000 light bulbs for each Giant Lantern participants during last years. This is a famous event in Pampanga that many locals and tourists join.


Pampanga itinerary, Pampanga Tourist Spots, things to do in Angeles city, where to eat in Angeles city, how to get to angesles city, Holy Rosary Parish Church, zoocobia fun zoo, fontana water park, puning hot spring, resorts in angeles city, festivals in Angeles city, where to sleep in Angeles city

It’s celebrated in February around Clark area in Pampanga. It´s one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Angeles City for over 20 years already. If you are coming around this date, make sure you check this website to have full information about festival.



Red Planet

Red Planet Angeles City is located in Angeles features a 24-hour front desk, a business center, and a restaurant on-site. The rooms come with both air conditioning and a fan. It is also equipped with a flat-screen cable TV and a safety deposit box. The bathrooms include hot water supply for the shower and a bidet for the toilet. A hairdryer and towels are also included. 

Daily a la carte continental breakfast can be enjoyed daily at the property, while a variety of dining options are available a 5-minute walk from the hotel. The hotel’s front desk provides luggage storage services and the business center is available for guests to use. The staff can also assist with car rental services. Twin room rate starts at $27 a night.

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Lewsi Hotel

Hotel Lewis Grand is within a short drive from several tourist attractions such as the Mimosa Golf & Country Club and Fontana Water Park. Lewis Grand Hotel offers 4-star accommodations with flat-screen TVs. It features an outdoor pool, gym and free WiFi. Free parking is available. Spacious rooms are fitted with cable TV, DVD player and internet access.

They are equipped with a safe, fridge and electric kettle. Large bathrooms feature a bathtub and overhead rain shower. Guests can relax in the whirlpool or by the large outdoor pool. The hotel can provide airport shuttle upon request. Room rate starts at $77 a night!

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Angeles City may not be big like Manila or Cebu, however there are a lot of foreigners traveling and even living here. It can be both for leisure, business and even studies. This is why there are many types of hotels (for different budgets) in the city.

Some of the most popular locations for booking hotels are in Balibago area and Clark area.

There you have it our favorite Pampanga itinerary! Are we missing anything? Let us know in the comments below and we’d love to add it in our list!

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Happy Travels! 

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