Flying around Angeles City: Omni Aviation

Last updated on December 3rd, 2020 at 12:21 am

Have you ever thought of flying around your city or over a volcano? That’s what we decided to do: flying around Angeles City. As we are based in Angeles City, in Pampanga, we decided to visit Clark Military Base which is a just half an hour jeepney ride from our home and we had an amazing experience having our first private flight.

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How to get Omni Aviation?

Omni Aviation in Pampanga

If you are coming from Clark Airport, going here is just a jeepney ride or by taxi. You will get there in 10 minutes. For more information check them on Facebook or click their website.

From Angeles City you have to ride a jeepney from Main Gate (10 minutes to get Omni Aviation). If you are coming from Manila, you have to ride a bus (2-3 hours depending of the traffic) until Dau Terminal Bus Staion and from there you can ride a jeepney (5 minutes) to Main Gate or you can hire a tricycle (5 minutes to Main Gate). From Main Gate again a jeepney ride to Omni Aviation around 10 minutes (PHP12=0.25USD)

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How was the experience in Omni Aviation?

Flying with Omni Aviation

First thing we did in Omni Aviation was to get an introduction to the simulator. I tried to fly a virtual plane and it was so much fun. The basics: when you touch the pedals, you’ll know it is for moving on the left and on the right. And the steering wheel is only for flying.  It wasn’t like how I initially imagined it! Actually, I didn’t have any idea how it worked before. After a few minutes of enjoying the simulator, we learned many things about flights and airplanes that we didn’t know before.

As there are students in Omni Aviation Training Academy, they usually take 2 weeks to learn how to fly with the simulator. And to do the proper flying with the plane, it takes them around 3 months. Here is one of the most interesting parts for us: How much is it to take a course to be a pilot of an airplane? Well, there are different prices:

  • Private Pilot Course: $12,000 for 60 hours.
  • Flight Instructor Course: $6,000 for 30 hours.
  • Commercial Pilot License: $17,500 for 90 hours.

Ready to flight with Omni Aviation

After the new things we learned, we went direct to the airplane for taking our flight. You don´t need so much preparation, just like a normal flight. With the only difference that´s smaller and everything go so fast. You ride the airplane and there is space for 4 people including the pilot. It means three of you can go with him. If you are planning this activity to do with your friends, the price is PHP 5k each ($100) and the flight lasts 45 minutes which is more than enough for exploring the area. We 100% recommend this activity to do with your friends during the weekend.

You will get a headset and you’ll be ready to fly. You will get amazing views everywhere. It´s so cool flying over the city that you are living in. You can see everything very clear from the sky. After enjoying the city views, we headed to Arayat Mountain and we flew around the area. The views are gorgeous, especially when you get close to the mountains. You don’t get tired of taking videos and pics. It was so cool flight around the city that you live watching the road and house from the top view.

About the flight, we have to say that the views are awesome but a small plane isn´t so stable like a regular plane. Maybe for a few moments you can feel little bit dizzy for a few seconds until the plane gets on a more stable flight.

After the flight, the friendly staff showed us the facilities of Omni Aviation. We were surprised, there are training for flight assistants. The training is inside a plane, exactly the same replica. We have also the opportunity to check how they were doing the maintenance of the planes. Making sure that they are ready for the next flight.

And even with all the activities we did, we still had time to try local dishes in the local carenderia (local restaurant). We tried tocino, one of the most popular dishes in Pampanga.

Here is all information about prices just in case you are thinking of being pilot, or just to train how to fly an airplane or flying around Angeles City. You can also fly around Mont Pinatubo if the weather is good.

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Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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