How to get to Angeles City from Manila

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Angeles City is just 84km north-west of Manila. If you google Angeles City you will see images of the Red Light district. But for this we already wrote our favorite things to do in Angeles City. So you will have more options!

Today we will tell you how to get to Angeles City from Manila by bus all the different options to get to Angeles City from Hong Kong, Macau and other places abroad and in the Philippines.

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How to get to Angeles City from Manila

How to get to Angeles City by Air

There are flight companies going to Clark like Cebu Pacific and Air Asia. You can get cheap flights from Singapore and Hong Kong. Also inside the Philippines there are cheap flights going to Coron and Cebu from Clark International Airport. This is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to Angeles City.

How to get to Angeles City from Manila by Bus

How to get to Angeles city from Manila

Angeles City is 84 kilometers far from Manila. There are buses leaving from Pasay and Cubao, the trip will take 2-4 hours depending on the traffic. Prices are starting $3 USD. The bus departure is every 30-45 minutes and there are buses with air conditioning and without. If you are coming from Manila by bus to Angeles City there are two destiantions: Dau and Marquee Mall.

The main buses companies going to Manila are Victory Liner and Five Stars getting to Dau and Marque Mall in Angeles City. There are buses coming from Baguio the summer capital in the Philippines. The trip last 7 hours and it costs around 350-400 pesos.

Once you have arrived at Dau Bus Terminal you can take a jeepney until Walking Street where are the main places for accommodation. You can also  take a tricycle to Angeles City since the distance is around to the center of Walking Street. You can even go walking if you aren´t bringing so mcuh luggage. Fare for the jeepney is 8-10 pesos and for the trycicle is 50 pesos, maybe they will overcharge you if you are a foreigner.

If you arrive to Marquee Mall you can take two jeepneys until reaching Walking Street from Marquee Mall. You can also take a trycicle for more comfort since the distance is 4 kilometers.

How to get to Angeles City from Manila by Taxi

You can get taxi or private car from Manila to Angeles is around 3,000 Pesos and you will get there little bit sooner compared to the bus. It can take 2 hours to get Angeles City from Manila.

How to get to Angeles City from NAIA Airport in Manila cheapest way

If you are getting to Manila and you don´t want to stay there as we usually do. We go from NAIA Airport in Manila to Angeles City. You just have to go out from the terminal and get a taxi or Grab to Pasay which costs around 100 pesos. You can also take a bus to Pasay which costs 20 pesos to reach Pasay. Once you are in Pasay just read above the information how to get to Angeles City from Manila by bus.

How to get to Angeles City from NAIA Airport in Manila fastest way

A new point to point system in SM City Clark allows you to travel directly in certain points in Manila. In my experience, it was fast and efficient, especially because there are bus schedules and only one stop. The bus to NAIA 3 International airport and Ortigas. This will cost you 250 PHP and it will drop you off in Ortigas Center, and you can take a bus or taxi from there. You will save time with this service since the bus stops less times than the public bus going from Dau and Marquee Mall.

Check out the schedule below:

How to get to Angeles City from Manila

How to get to Angeles City from Clark International Airport

There are taxis, jeepneys and even Grab. The cheapest way to get Angeles City is by Grab, especially if you choose to share with 2-3 passengers, the trip can cost 180-240 pesos and you will reach the city within 20-30 minutes. By public transportation, a shared jeepney from the airport costs 100 pesos each until Main Gate. From Main Gate you have to get to another jeepney and it will cost only 8 pesos. You will reach the city in 40-50 minutes.You can choose the option that works better for your budget and comfort.

Once in Angeles City enjoy the food, nightlife and have fun!

If you are coming to Angeles City, just say hello to us! Hope you enjoyed the travel guide and feel free to share with your friends going to Pampanga.

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