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Philippines Islands: 21 Breathtaking Islands in the Philippines

Philippines Islands: 21 Breathtaking Islands in the Philippines

If you are planning to visit all the islands in the Philippines you should know that there are more than 7 000 Philippine Islands to visit. They are divided from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. We have been visiting many Philippines islands during our trips in the Philippines and still visiting new ones. Click here if you want to get your discount booking activities in the Philippines!

We will tell you in this blog post our favorite ones. We still have more Philippines islands to visit and we are planning to add more to this amazing list. Hope a picture and information about the island help you to decide for your next trip which ones you would love to visit in your next trip to the Philippines.

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Quick Facts about the Philippines

First thing that you should know that there are cheap flights flying around Southeast Asia landing in the Philippines. Air Asia and Cebu Pacific will offer affordable prices. We always use Skyscanner to check schedule and prices.

The best time to visit the Philippines is from December to February when it’s the rainy season. If you are traveling in July and August will be rainy in most of the parts of the country. But the weather can change from North to South. 

The currency in the Philippines is called Peso and it’s $1 USD = 58 PHP. There are exchange offices almost everywhere and ATMs. But some of the islands like Malapascua don’t have ATMs so you will have to bring cash in advance. Check here to know more about the current exchange rate.


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Philippines Islands 

Islands in the Philippines: Mindanao

1. Siargao, Surigao del Norte

Philippines islands, Siargao, Guyam Island

Can’t get enough of beaches? We had an amazing time in the island of Siargao. You may have seen this Island in movies and has recently become famous to tourists because of its beauty. Amazing Island hopping is waiting for you. If you like surfing you will spend weeks here.

Other things to do around Siargao are rent a motorbike and get lost.  Read here a full blog post of our favorite Siargao tourist spots.

2. Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte

Philippines islands, Sohoton Natural Park, Bucas Grande

Sohoton Cove Natural Park in Bucas Grande well protected and well preserved area. Islets that are all covered with healthy green trees.  The coves are only accessible when the tide is low. You can go dive, go snorkeling and find beautiful rock formation in the cove.

To get Sohoton Natural Park from General Luna you have to join to a tour or contact a private boat 2000 PHP joining a tour with lunch and entrance fees included or rent a boat 4500 PHP maximum 6 people apart from this you have to pay entrance fee 200 PHP for Sohoton Natural Park. 

3. White Beach, Camiguin

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The stunning White Island is 10 minutes away from the northern coast of Camiguin. There are boat rentals available for only PHP 450 in Yumbing area near the check-point. Some resorts also offer their own day tours to visit this pristine, powdery paradise. You have to pay 50 PHP extra for the entrance to enjoy White Island. It’s popular to visit in the sunrise.

Our choice was visiting at lunch-time and we were alone in the island for a couple of hours. You can rent umbrellas in White Island for 150 PHP. You can stay until 5 pm if you want to see the sunset when White Island closes until the next day in the sunrise.

4. Mantigue Island, Camiguin

Philippines islands, How to get to Camiguin, camiguin tourist spots, things to do in Camiguin, Camiguin travel guide, where to sleep in Camiguin, food travel budget in Camiguin, Daily travel budget in Camiguin, Mantigue Island

The Island of Mantigue is mesmerizing when you get off of the boat. The Island is beyond beauty with its crystal clear waters where you can grab your snorkeling gear or rent if you aren’t bringing yours and swim around. You will see corals and fishes just close to the beach. Philippines is amazing for snorkeling it would be great if you buy your own snorkeling mask to be ready anytime exploring Philippines Islands.

For visiting Mantigue you have to ride a boat from San Roque close to Benoni Ferry terminal that will cost you 600 PHP maximum 6 people and it will take 15 minutes to get to Mantigue Island. There is an enviromental fee 10 PHP and 50 PHP entrance fee for snorkeling.

5. Samal Island, Mindanao

paradise island samal, samal beach resorts, samal island beach resorts, samla beaches, samal island davao, samal island, things to do in Samal Island

Samal Island is one of the places a traveler should go to when they visit Mindanao, Philippines. The views here are priceless, and the locals are welcoming.

We loved snorkeling, diving, and island hopping in Samal Island. You will find here a quiet place to stay. To get to Samal Island from Davao is only an hour boat ride!

Islands in the Philippines: Luzon

6. Cadlao Island, El Nido Palawan

Cadlao 0174

Cadlao Lagoon looked so magical with its perfectly shaped limestone formation covering clear blue waters, almost like an enchanted river. It’s a good spot for swimming and kayaking.

It’s one of our favorite places to visit in El Nido Island Hopping. And we can say is quiet and calm comparing with the other tourist spots in El Nido.

7. Coron, Palawan

Sophiasgarden 0037

Coron Vs El Nido. We recommend you to visit both and at least spending 2-3 days in each place. Coron is much smaller than El Nido, and we would say less no of residents and businesses. That of course doesn’t discount from the island’s beauty.

Coron, Palawan definitely has its own magic! Which one you like more El Nido or Coron? It´s a really hard choice, both of them are super beautiful places to visit!

8. Port Barton, Palawan

8-Day Travel Itinerary in Palawan, Port Barton

We believe that the island hopping in Port Barton is some of the best in Palawan, and sometimes even better than El Nido! Snorkeling is the best here, and we’ve seen some of the bluest waters in Palawan here in Port Barton.

You can spot turtles and it’s one of our favorite places in Palawan Island. You will have amazing time snorkeling with turtles and fishes, and stop by white sandy beaches to get all the tanning you need!

9. Hundred Islands

100 Islands, Hundred Islands Natural Park, tourist spots in the Philippines, Pangasinan

Hundred Island is a group of 123 islands is a popular destination in the Province of Pangasinan especially for locals. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and there is a pilgrimage island.

Most of the tourists are locals and you can even enjoy overnight camping if you wish. Hundred Islands destination isn’t very popular for foreigners but we recommend you to visit.

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10. Batan Island in Batanes

Transportation around Batanes, Batanes tourist spots, atms in batanes, wifi connection in batanes, how to go to Batanes, Rolling Hills

Batanes is a remote island in North of the Philippines. There are 3 islands habited: Batan, Itbayat and Sabtang. Basco is the biggest town and the population around Batanes are 17 000 people.

Batanes is a wedding destination and prenuptial destination for Filipinos since it is very picturesque. For Rachel’s been a dream destination and finally we made it together for the first time. Not many foreigners are visiting Batanes but it’s a paradise to discover.

Philippines Islands: Visayas

11. Apo Island

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Apo Island is popular because of the turtles swimming around the beach. There are many of them and you can spend hours snorkeling. We got really nice shots and who enjoyed the most was our little one, Han, because it was his first time seeing and swimming with turtles.

We took stunning shots of the aerial view with the drone. The day was really awesome. You can even stay in the island for overnight camping. There are restaurants around but there is no electricity in the island. It was such a cool adventure!

12. Panglao, Bohol

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Bohol is one of the most popular places in the Philippines. And also the tarsier, the world’s smallest primate. Alona Beach in Panglao is very busy during the day with people sunbathing, swimming, and boats conducting tours and activities.

Best thing that you can do is a day trip to Balicasag Island where you can snorkel and swim with the turtles. First thing in the morning you can even watch dolphins.

13. Siquijor Island

Paliton Beach, tourist spots in the Philippines

We had fun in Siquijor Island! Consider visiting churches, waterfalls, and beaches in Siquijor as it will give you a break you deserve from the tiring city life! Breathtaking sunsets and quite beaches.

Recommended beautiful beaches in Siquijor are Salagdoong Beach, San Juan Beach, and Paliton Beach (picture above). Other things to do in Siquijor Island renting a motorbike and get lost around the island.

14. Guimaras Islands

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Guimaras Island is considered as one of the most visited exotic places in the Philippines. Guimaras mangoes are among the sweetest in the world! A worthy Island Hopping will be waiting for you to see the clear waters in Guimaras Island.

15. Kalanggaman Island

kalanggaman island

You can visit Kalanggaman Island, an island about 2 hours from Malapascua which is already an official part of Leyte, Philippines. You will find a paradise haven where you can spend the day, relaxing, enjoying sea food, walking in an area surrounded by the palm trees, eating fruits and seafood, and of course, you can snorkel to see underwater beauty of the area.

The day trip from Malapascua costs 800 PHP lunch included and you have to pay extra 550 PHP entrance fee to visit the island if you are foreigner, 150 PHP for Filipinos and children with 5 years old get for free! You can stay overnight in a tent if you wish!

16. Malapascua Island

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Malapascua is a small island where travelers usually go for diving. We didn’t dive for this particular trip sadly. However that didn’t stop us from having a good time in Malapascua. Langob beach one of the Cebu Tourist spots that you cant miss.

You will get surprised by how beautiful it is. A long beach with white sand and deep blue waters. Langob beach is in the northernmost part of the island. Magical sunsets and relaxing days in Malapascua is a must if you visit Cebu.

17. Bantayan Island

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You should also consider visiting Bantayan Island in Cebu if you really love beaches! This is a famous place for snorkeling and diving because of their clear waters and white sand.

You can just relax on the shore or rent a motorbike to explore the island. It’s located North Cebu and you can get here from Cebu City by bus and ferry. And also by boat from Malapascua Island as we did.

18. Boracay Island

Things to do in Boracay Island, Boracay island travel guide, budget travel in boracay island, Boracay Island, White Beach, Drone shot, drone shot white beach

Boracay Island is the favorite getaway from Manila. We have visited Boracay after the government closed the island for a few months. And we have to say that it looks like so beautiful. White Beach is the popular beach in the area with those colors in the water and white sand.

We stayed for 12 days in the island to make sure we enjoy and we can write all the details for you. Boracay one of the most popular beach getaway from Manila, especially for people living in Manila.

19. Carabao Island

52006380 1189378281220910 8326540442554582443 n

Carabao Island was a paradise waiting for us. We were coming from Boracay Island full of people, great nightlife. And suddenly a super quiet place as Carabao Island. It’s located in Romblon Province with beautiful beaches, cliff jumping spots and our favorite the best sunrises ever in the Philippines.

We were able to get an amazing sunrise from our bed in Carabao Island. It made us start our day early everyday. Click here to get the best deals with Booking and Agoda in Carabao Island.

20. Tablas Island

How to get to Looc Fish Sanctuary, Looc Fish Sanctuary travel guide, things to do in Looc, Looc Fish Sanctuary

Tablas Island located in Romblon Province in the Philippines has long extension. There are waterfalls and beaches to discover around the island. Our favorite was Looc Fish sanctuary where you can see fishes in beautiful and colorful waters.

21. Gigantes Island

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Image from Flickr- Islands in the Philippines

Because of their remote location Gigantes Islands still offer that off-the-beaten track with uncrowded beaches, a lagoon hidden within rock formations, and all-you-can-eat seafood. You can access Gigantes Island from Iloilo City one of our favorite cities in the Philippines.

Read here how to get to Gigantes Island!

Which one is your favorite Philippines Islands? Is in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao and why is your favorite of these islands in the Philippines? Please let us know in the comments below. And feel free to share this post with your friends or family coming to the Philippines!

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Happy Travels!

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