22 Awesome Taiwan Tourist Spots

Taiwan is located in Eastern Asia, off the Southeast coast of China. There are many Taiwan tourist spots, beautiful tourist attractions, festivals to enjoy all year round and Taiwan has the best friendly people, too. Traveling to Taiwan is a budget-friendly trip and also great country to take pictures in Taiwan!

Taiwan isn’t a popular destination like Thailand and is rarely visited by Western tourists. However, those who visit Taiwan can have fun as well because there are many Taiwan tourist spots to visit- from the beautiful architecture, to unexplored beaches and awesome national parks. Taiwan is a country like no other – with spending metropolises, and hidden forests competing for your attention, each treating you to stunning scenes and adventures.

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Best time to visit Taiwan

There are 4 seasons in Taiwan and we believe the best time to visit Taiwan is Spring and Autumn but check these details out and make your choice:

Spring: This is from March to May and it’s rainy season. It’s warm during the day and little bit cold at night.

Summer: From June to August. The weather is  very hot and humid and there are occasional thunderstorms and typhoons.

Autumn: From September to November. The weather is warm and it’s rarely will you get to experience rain.

Winter: December to February: Little bit cold at night, especially in the North of the country.

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Taiwan Tourist Spots

1. Taroko National Park

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It’s a must visiting Taroko National Park. You can see amazing landscapes and waterfalls and it was one of my favorite Taiwan tourist spots. How to visit Taroko National Park? It’s easy and it’s actually for free. You can rent a motorbike and drive you around Taroko National Park. You will enjoy spending your day in Taroko National Park. If you don’t like riding a motorbike, you can join guideD tours around Taroko National Park.

2. Kaoshiung

Image from Pixabay

It’s a modern city in Taiwan and from all the places that I visited in Taiwan, it was one of my favorites beside Tainan and Taitung. I liked the vibe in Kaohsiung, modern and not so crowded and cold as Taipei. It’s also a bicycle friendly city and has a perfect system of transportation to move around. Also, night markets were really awesome in Kaohsiung. There are a few places that you can visit outside Kaohsiung and we will mention them below, keep reading!

3. Wulai

Wulai, Taiwan Tourist spots
Image from Flickr

Wulai is a mountainous district on the southern part of New Taipei City. This is a must-visit Taiwan Tourist Spot because you can do a lot of things here with enjoyment. You have to visit The Wulai Atayal Museum which traces the history of indigenous Atayal people, ride the cable car that runs up to the majestic Wulai Waterfall, swim in its hot springs and pools by the Nanshi River, and appreciate nature at Neidong Forest Recreation Area.

4. Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park, Taiwan tourist spots
Image from Flickr

Kenting National Park is located in Pingtung County and is Taiwan’s oldest and southernmost national park. It is one of the famous tourist spots in Taiwan because of its tropical climate and sunshine, scenic views on the mountain and the beach, and the Spring Scream rock-band festival held here every March.

5. Lukang

Lukang Temple, Taiwan tourist spots
Image from Pixabay

Lukang is a township in Taiwan located in northwestern Changhua County. In 2012, it was one of the Top 10 Small Tourist Towns in Taiwan because of the number of tourists visiting the area. There are a lot of activities to do in Lukang and this includes visiting temples like Longshan Temple and Matzu Temple, along with other 200 temples in the area. Tasting their unique cakes is also a must-try. Some of their cake specialties are Lukang Ox Tongue Cakes and Oyster Cakes.

6. Hot Air Balloon Festival

instagrammable places in Taiwan, hot air balloon festival in Taiwan

This is one of Taiwan’s fun festivals, which is celebrated for more than a full month! I assisted in Luye Highlands, Taitung. There were 39 unique hot air balloons during the festival such as Christ the Redeemer, Noah’s Ark, Stuart the Minion balloon, and the house from the film “Up.” Taiwan Hot Air Balloon Festivals not just feature the amazing hot air balloons but also some 3D light shows, and live music concerts. It is celebrated yearly to attract more tourists in the country. If you have the chance to join them, you will love the experience. Plus it’s free walking around and but you will have to pay extra in case you want to ride the hot air balloon and enjoy the views from the top.

7. Tainan

Tainan, Taiwan tourist spots
Image from Flickr

For sure, Tainan was one of my favorite Taiwan tourist spots and I had so much fun exploring around here with locals. It’s a bicycle friendly city, with nice restaurants where you can try delicious Taiwanese food. There are also cool bars where you can have have tea and ice cream. Plus, the beaches were so beautiful and of course you can’t leave Tainan without visiting the night markets.

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8. Hualien

Hualien, Taiwan tourist spots
Image from Pixabay

If you visit Taroko National Park, we recommend you to stay a couple of nights in Hualien to explore around and experience the local vibes. It’s only an hour away from Taroko National park. You can visit the beaches and you can even do dolphin and whale watching. At night, you have to go to Dongdamen night market where you can buy most things for affordable prices and enjoy delicious local food!

9. Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan tourist spots
Image from Flickr

It is considered to be the largest body of water in Taiwan found in Nantou County. The area surrounding Sun Moon Lake is where the Thao Tribe lives, one of the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. This lake surrounds the tiny island Lalu. It is known that the east side of the lake resembles a sun while the west resembles a moon. That is why it’s called Sun Moon Lake. Take note that swimming in Sun Moon Lake is prohibited, except during the annual 3-km race called the Swimming Carnival of Sun Moon Lake celebrated around the Mid-Autumn Festival annually.

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More Taiwan Tourist Spots

10. Taipei 101

Instagrammable places in Taiwan, Taipei 101

Taipei 101 was the world’s tallest building from 2004 to 2010. It is an iconic tower which has ravishing architecture in the center of Taipei. It even has the fastest elevator so you should try that, it goes 90+ stories in just 35 seconds! It is such a beautiful building that allows you to see the nice landscape of Taipei City from the top. There is Galleria mall in lower levels selling fine products.  They simply have bunch of famous shops and store brands which attract millions of tourists each year! Plus, don’t forget to take a selfie from the bottom of the building since it is also a popular thing to do!

11. Elephant Mountain

elephant mountain, instagrammable places in taiwan

Elephant Mountain is the perfect place to see the best views of Taipei. The hike to get to the top will take you 15-20 minutes and everything is indicated properly with signs. Just expect a big crowd since many people visit Elephant Mountain since is one of the most popular spots in Taipei.

12. National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

instagrammable places in Taiwan, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

One of our favorite Taiwan tourist spots which is also a very famous place to visit. It’s located in the heart of Taipei City and has become a popular landmark since then. It’s a great place to visit to understand about the history of Taiwan. World famous musicians have already performed at the National Theater and National Concert Hall which is also one of the purposes of the great building.

13. Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen Old Street, instagrammable places in taiwan
Image from Flickr

This is one of the many places in Taiwan where you can try local food, buying souvenirs. Jiufen Old Street is the most prosperous shopping district so if you love shopping like Rachel does, you have to stay for a day or two here to enjoy the experience!

14. Shilin Night Market

Taiwan Tourist spots, Shilin night Market
Image from Flickr

This market is one of the largest and most popular night markets in Taiwan. If you are like Rachel who loves shopping, you’ll enjoy this place! There’s a lot of things to buy here, from food, clothes, shoes, and many other stuff. These things are either local or international. It’s just 70 meters away from MRT Jiantan Station so it’s accessible.

15. Yushan National Park

Yushan Hiking Trail, Yushan National Park, Taiwan tourist spots
image from Flickr

The highest peak of this national park is at the Yushan Mountain, thus the name.  You can trek in Yushan Mountain and at the peak, you’ll witness a breathtaking view! Trekking this mountain can be done in a few hours and you’ll definitely fall in love with what’s waiting for you at the top! Just remember to bring your own snacks and drinks as there are no stores around.

16. Alishan Mountain View

Alishan Mountain, Taiwan tourist spots
Image from Pixabay

Alishan National Park is located in Chiayi County in Taiwan. It is a magical place because of the activities you can do here such as watching beautiful sunset and sunrise, relax, trek, or just reconnect with nature. Entrance fee to this national park is around $5 USD.

17. Ba Yan Wild Hotsprings in Yangmingshan National Park

instagrammable places in Taiwan, Ba Yan wild hotspringsImage from Flickr

It is one of the 9 national parks in Taiwan, located between Taipei and New Taipei City. There are mountains here, as well as volcanic geography and hot springs, making it a summer destination for both locals and tourists. It’s truly a beautiful urban garden that you can go to if you want to experience nature even in the city!

One of the hot spring here is the Ba Yan Ye Xi Hot Spring, a hidden wild hot spring in Yangmingshan National Park. You can take a dip here and relax. Just wear a proper swimming attire and expect it to be busy especially on the weekends. So we recommend you to visit during weekdays!

18. Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in Kaoshiung

Taiwan tourist spots, Tiger and Dragon Pagoda in Kaohsiung
Image from Flickr

Like what we said earlier, Kaohsiung has a lot to offer, and one of which is the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. This pair of connected temples is built in 1976, and it got the name because of the two temples resembling a tiger and a dragon. This 7-story tower with colorful exterior is a great place to visit in Kaoshiung and is said to reflect the traditional Kaohsiung culture.

19. Rainbow Village

rainbow village, instagrammable places in taiwan

It is a village in Nantun District, Taichung City that is unique because of the colorful houses here, thus, the name. All of the paintings in this village are painted by Grandpa Rainbow, Mr. Huang Yung-Fu. Tourists come and visit this to take pictures because of its fun, vibrant vibes. Have you ever been in Rainbow Village?

20. Formosa Boulevard MRT Station in Kaohsiung

Formosa Boulevard MRT Station in Kaohsiung, instagrammable places in taiwan,
Image from Flickr

Formosa Boulevard Station  was remodeled and it became one of the most popular places in Kaohsiung. This station is known for the “Dome of Light”, which is the largest glass work in the world designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. the Dome of Light is just a beautiful sight to see because it’s made from individual pieces of colored glass that really looks awesome in pictures!

21. Penghu

Penghu, Taiwan Tourist Spots
Image from Pixabay

Penghu is the second smallest county in Taiwan, and is also called Pescadores Islands. It is an archipelago with 90 islands and islets that amaze tourists. Swimming and diving are not the only things to do here. You can visit a lot of Taiwan tourist spots in Penghu such as Central Street, Mazu Temple, South Penghu Marine National Park Penghu Chang Yu-sheng Memorial Museum, Qimei Lighthouse, Siyu Eastern Fort, Jinguitou Fortress, Chuwan Crab Museum, Ocean Resources Museum and Siyu Western Fort.

22. Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, instagrammable places in Taiwan,
Image from Wikimedia

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum is famous because the 108-meter high Fo Guang Big Buddha, or the tallest sitting bronze Buddha statue in the world, is situated here. There are also other attractions like the children’s gallery, pagodas, and sutra transcriptions. There’s also prayer service, and Tea Chan at the Twin Pavilions, and religious relics. It’s a few kilometers outside Kaohsiung!

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