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Best One Week Maldives Itinerary Budget And Places to Visit in Maldives

Best One Week Maldives Itinerary Budget And Places to Visit in Maldives

Best One Week Maldives Itinerary Budget And Places to Visit in Maldives

Maldives is a dreamy destination and we recommend you to stay 1-2 weeks at least if you have time. But Maldives is so expensive for so long? Keep reading our one week Maldives itinerary and you will realize how affordable can be traveling in Maldives.

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We already wrote all these guides for visiting local islands on a budget. Also you can read here reviews for luxury resorts if you prefer traveling luxury or celebrating your honeymoon.

Read here reviews of luxury resorts Kuramathi Island and Park Hyatt Hadahaa!


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Visa And Currency

Cash in Maldives, Dhiffushi travel guide, things to do in Dhiffushi, Dhifushi Island

Maldives is Visa-friendly. You will get 30 days free visa when landing in Maldives. You just get a stamp and you’re good to go! The official currency in the country is the Maldivian Rufiyaa and the exchange rate is around $1=15.4 Rufiyaas. Click here to know the exact exchange rate before you visit.

One  Week Maldives Itinerary

Day 1 Maldives Itinerary

Local market Hulhumale, Maldives itinerary

For the first day in Maldives I recommend you to stay in Male or Hulhumale since they are so close to the airport. You will be able to feel the local vibe in the capital Male. You can visit their local markets and try local food. Or relax in Hulhumale at the beach. Read here the best hotels in Hulhumale.

Unless you already arranged your transportation with your resort or with your guesthouse in a local island. Read here luxury resorts Vs local islands in Maldives!

Days 2, 3 And 4 Itinerary in Maldives

Maldives itinerary, Luxury resorts vs local islands in Maldives, How to get to Dhiffushi Island

As you stayed first night in Male or Hulhumale now it’s time for organizing a trip to the islands. That’s why you came to Maldives to enjoy the white sand, clear and turquoise water.

I will recommend to take a slow ferry if you are on a budget going to popular islands like Thulusdhoo or Maafushi these ones are the most popular. Our favorite ones and little bit less crowded are Dhiffushi and Gulhi Island.

Prices are affordable and better you read the information how to get there. To be familiar with schedule and prices of the speed boat and slow boat going to local islands. Good thing in Male or Hulhumale there are short distances to reach the port.

Read here Speed boat Vs Slow boat!

In our opinion you have to spend 3 days so you will have time to enjoy the island and doing day trips around.

Which day trips I recommend to do in Maldives? Are day trips expensive? Well in Maldives if you organize the day trips in the guest house are so affordable. But if you do in luxury resorts can cost 2-3 times more.

Maldives itinerary, Luxury resorts vs local islands in Maldives, Watching Manta Rays in Maldives

If it’s the season it would be worth it to visit dolphins or manta rays. You can get day trips for $75 USD per person. Other day trip that I recommend is sand bank and if you can combine with snorkeling can be perfect. Sand bank day trips can be affordable for around $35-40 USD depending on how many people are joining.

You can also do a day trip to a luxury resort. But in my opinion I wouldn’t recommend this option. Since the price can be $140 USD per person. You can check Agoda and Booking and you can get deals for $250-300 USD in a luxury resort per room. Well since you are going there better enjoying paradise for at least 2 nights than staying a few hours.

You can do on your own snorkeling, kayaking or surfing if you like in these local islands. There are plenty of activities to do during the day. Just head to the Bikini Beach in local islands and you will see all the activities to do in the island.

Days 5 And 6 in Maldives Itinerary

Maldives itinerary, Park Hyatt Hadahaa in Maldives

You can go to a luxury resort. There are great deals especially if you are traveling as a couple. There are resorts 4 stars that they aren’t so expensive. Still expect to pay at least $250 USD for a room.

Check if breakfast and transportation are included or how much is the extra cost for this. Make sure you check what’s the deal with the resort since food is expensive $40-50 USD for lunch or dinner per person. In the resorts you will find more privacy to walk around the island.

There are bars and restaurants. We really enjoyed our time in Kuramathi Island and Hadahaa Island. We spent a few days in paradise and we keep great memories of this.

There are day trips in the luxury resort but they are expensive! You can manage snorkeling or kayaking around. And book your day trips in the local islands where you will save money for doing the same activity.

Day 7 Maldives Itinerary

Maldives itinerary

The bad part in Maldives is transportation takes so much time. If you are going by speed boat is expensive but there aren’t so many departures. You need to adjust to the schedule of the transportation. If you go by slow boat there is only one available per day. And remember on Fridays there is no slow boat since is holidays in Maldives. Speed boat is available once or twice per day from most of the islands.

As almost all the transfers go to Male I also recommend to stay last day in Male shopping or going to Hulhumale which is calm, quiet and cheaper than Male. Both of them are so close to the airport and you will be able to reach in 15-20 minutes from Male or Hulhumale to the airport. Or if you have time enough to transfer to the airport. Just enjoy yor last day in an island before getting your flight.

2 Weeks Maldives Itinerary

Maldives itinerary, Maafushi island, things to do in Maafushi island, Maafushi island travel guide

As I mentioned already one week Maldives itinerary. For an extra week in Maldives if you are on a tight budget I recommend you visiting local islands. Of course if you have the budget you can keep visiting luxury resorts. All of them are different, you can do activities or staying longer in one place.

I mentioned before Maafushi and Thulushoo since these islands are the most popular in Maldives. But you have to check what are you looking for. All the local islands have same day trips for dolphins, manta rays, snorkeling, luxury resort and sand bank.

You can choose your favorite local island base in what you want to do in Maldives. You like surfing? Your island is Thulusdhoo and you can rent a board to enjoy the waves. You don’t know how to surf no problem they will offer lessons for you. Almost all the guest houses offer affordable packages if you want to surf.

Maafushi is the most crowded and you will find almost everything In Maafushi is the place where we found more variety of food. Alcohol isn’t allowed in the local islands. But you can always visit the floating boat where they sell alcohol in Maafushi and other local islands.

Read here the best hotels in Maafushi!

Maldives itinerary, Maafushi island, things to do in Maafushi island, Maafushi island travel guide, day trip to Gulhi island

And now our recommendations if you like snorkeling and spending time each others: Dhisffusi Island and Gulhi Island. These local islands are the most beautiful in our opinion in Maldives. They are so quiet especially Gulhi with the best bikini beach in the local islands.

Dhiffushi Island has amazing sunsets and sunrise. A beautiful sand bank and clears waters for swimming. Gulhi Island and Dhiffushi don’t expect so much variety with food but you can always find local food and Western food.

You have to start your day early and almost all the local guesthouses offer a nice breakfast. At night everything is quiet after dinner.

Make sure check the schedule of the boats going to the local islands and leaving in advance. So you will make the most of your time there.

Happy Travels!

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