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Getting an Osaka Airport SIM Card: SIM Card Osaka Airport

Osaka airport SIM Card, SIM Card Osaka Airport

Planning to visit Osaka soon and will need to get an Osaka airport SIM card? From NTT Docomo SIM card to Ninja wifi pocket wifi and Japan eSIM options, we go in-depth in this guide to help you get your SIM card in Osaka.  

Landing at Osaka Airport and wondering if you can buy a sim card at Osaka Airport? Yes, there are kiosks and vendors selling at the airport for SIM card providers in Osaka and Japan.

The easiest way is to order your eSIM online where you can get cheap data packages and unlimited data without buying a SIM card in Osaka. For eSIM options, you can opt for Ubigi, Holafly and Airalo

If you are going from Osaka Airport to the city center you should know that it will take 40 minutes by taxi and by public transportation.

First, let’s see what you can SIM cards in Osaka airport you can directly get. Click here to book online activities and transportation in Osaka

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Osaka SIM Card Networks (Osaka Airport SIM Card)

The SIM cards available use either the NTT Docomo or Softbank networks, with NTT Docomo generally providing better coverage for foreign phones due to the use of similar frequencies​​. However, it’s important to note that Japanese prepaid SIM cards typically do not include phone calls​​.

Buying A Osaka SIM Card Airport and Where to Find Them

In Osaka Airport, specifically Terminal 1, you can find several shops offering SIM cards:

Anyfone – Osaka Airport SIM Card

Open from 07:30 am to 20:30 pm every day, located slightly to the left after exiting customs near the North Arrival Gate. They offer Anyfone Prepaid starting from 4,500 JPY (or about $29.84 USD)


Open during the same hours as Anyfone, with one shop near the North Arrival Gate and another near the South Arrival Gate, both to the right slightly after exiting customs. Their prepaid SIMs start from 5,610 JPY (or about $37.19 USD)

JAL ABC – SIM Card Osaka Airport

Available from 06:15 am to 22:30 pm daily, situated near the South Arrivals area, to the left after exiting customs. They offer a variety of SIM cards, including TRE SIM starting from 2,647 JPY (around $17.48 USD) and Unlimited Japan Prepaid SIM from 4,073 JPY​​ (around $27 USD)

For those transiting to a domestic flight, SIM cards can be purchased after luggage collection and security checks, as transit passengers join international arrivals​​.

You can also pre-order prepaid SIM cards online for collection at the airport or another address, which could be a cheaper option. Smash Mobile offers options starting at 2,500 JPY plus tax (about $16.51 USD), and Klook has SIM cards starting from approximately 1,050 JPY​​ (about $7 USD).

Pre-Ordering Your Osaka Airport SIM Card

Pre-ordering online through services like Smash Mobile (starting at 2,500 JPY plus tax) and Klook (starting from approximately 1,050 JPY) can be a more cost-effective option, translating to around 16.58 USD and 6.96 USD respectively before tax​

  1. Pre-Order Benefits: Reserving a SIM card in advance online can save money and ensure availability upon arrival, as airport counters may have limited stock​​.
  2. Unlimited Data Options: Given the scarcity of free WiFi spots in Japan, opting for unlimited data plans can be more convenient and stress-free​​.
  3. English Support: Ensuring that your provider offers reliable English support can be crucial if you encounter issues with your SIM card during your stay​​.
  4. Data-Only SIM Cards: Due to strict ID verification processes in Japan, it’s common to find data-only SIM cards. If you need to make calls, using applications like Skype or WhatsApp is advisable​​.

SIM Card Osaka Airport That You Can Pre-Order

Recommended Providers:

  • Sakura Mobile: Offers an unlimited data plan on the NTT Docomo network, starting from 4,500 JPY, with extensive coverage and English customer support. They also provide free delivery to hotels in Japan and have an online reservation system for quick pick-ups​​.
  • JAL ABC: Associated with Japan Airlines, they offer a variety of data options without the need for an online reservation​​.
  • U-Mobile Prepaid: Available via vending machines at the airport, this is an affordable option for those who don’t require a lot of data​​.

Options for Pocket WiFi Rental at Kansai International Airport (Osaka Airport SIM Card)

Pocket WiFi is a popular option for staying connected while traveling in Japan. Here’s a comprehensive guide to renting Pocket WiFi at Osaka’s Kansai International Airport (KIX):

Prior Reservation vs. Walk-in: You have the option to make a reservation in advance and have your Pocket WiFi mailed to the airport for pick-up, or you can rent on the spot at a service counter inside the airport​​.

Japan WiFi Rental:

Known for offering some of the cheapest rental rates industry-wide, they charge about 430 JPY per day or 6450 JPY for a month, tax included. Reservation is required at least two days before 4 PM for pick-up at the airport post office. They offer devices like Y!mobile with a 5 GB monthly limit, ideal for browsing and email, and WiMAX with unlimited internet usage suitable for streaming video​​.

Y!Mobile Rental “WiFi Tokyo Rental Shop”

This service allows online orders at least three days before pick-up at the airport. Rates start at 800 JPY for a two-day period, with significant discounts for longer rental periods. They also offer safety insurance against damage or loss at no extra cost upon online registration​​.

Telecom Square

Available at Kansai International Airport, they provide customer service in multiple languages. They offer Wi-Fi routers and SIM cards with unlimited data at reasonable prices. Their devices can be easily returned at the airport without needing to fill out paperwork​​.

Global Advanced Communications

Offers a range of Pocket WiFi plans with daily rates starting from around 700 JPY. They provide unlimited 4G LTE data and the devices can be picked up and dropped off at the airport​​.

Ninja WiFi

They offer unlimited 4G LTE data with daily rental prices typically around 900 JPY. Ninja WiFi also provides the option to pick up the device at the airport or have it delivered to your hotel​​.

eConnect Japan

Offers various plans, including a 4G LTE plan with unlimited data.

eSIM in Japan – The New Alternative to SIM Card Osaka Airport

Ease of access to a data or internet package is the biggest difference between an eSim over a data plan from Regular mobile data carriers in your country. With an eSim, instead of buying the physical sim, you can buy a package online and activate it wherever you are.

Here’s a full review of SIM Cards vs eSIM, and the pros and cons of each to help you decide better.

Holafly – Better eSIM Japan Tourist for Unlimited Data

Holafly eSIM, Osaka airport SIM Card, SIM Card Osaka Airport
Holafly eSIM – Osaka airport SIM Card, SIM Card Osaka Airport

Holafly Japan eSim is our favorite since we are always looking for unlimited data options or huge data packages. Holafly Japan eSim for less than $60 USD if you use our code GAMINTRAVELER you will have unlimited internet for 30 days eSim in Japan for just $2 USD per day.

The data plans with Holafly eSim Japan start at $19 USD for 5 days for unlimited data. If you choose 10 days unlimited data $34 USD, for $47 USD 15 days unlimited data and $64 USD unlimited data for 30 days all of them with unlimited data.

Airalo – Better eSIM Japan Tourist for Cheaper Data Allowance

Airalo eSIM, Osaka airport SIM Card, SIM Card Osaka Airport

Airalo Japan eSim is a good alternative to have internet in Japan but you won’t be having unlimited internet service with them. Plans with Airalo eSim Japan prepaid start at $8 USD with 3 GB data valid for 30 days.

The cheapest eSim in Japan with Airalo is $4.5 USD with 1 GB data valid for 7 days (USING DISCOUNT CODE GAMINTRAVELER 10%).

More Prepaid eSIM Japan- Other Japan Travel eSIM Compared

Nomad eSim Japan

Nomad eSIM, Osaka airport SIM Card, SIM Card Osaka Airport

Nomad eSim Japan for $5USD with 1 GB data valid for 7 days can be a great idea if you aren’t planning to use so much data. For $17 USD with 10 GB data valid for 30 days.

MTX Connect eSim Japan

MTX Connect eSIM, Osaka airport SIM Card, SIM Card Osaka Airport

MTX Connect eSim Japan is a small provider offering data plans in Japan. MTX Connect eSim Japan for €60 with 10 GB data valid for 30 days. MTX Connect eSim Japan for €24 with 4 GB data valid for 14 days.

There are unlimited data plans starting from €10 per day and for €15 with 2 GB data valid for 7 days.


Ubigi eSIM, Osaka airport SIM Card, SIM Card Osaka Airport

Ubigi Japan eSim has the most affordable data packages for $4 USD with 1 GB data valid for 30 days. For $8 USD with 3 GB data valid for 30 days and for $16 USD with 10 GB data valid for 30 days. (USING DISCOUNT CODE GAMINTRAVELER 10%).

Summary and Our Final Recommendations for Your Osaka Airport SIM Card Options (SIM Card Osaka Airport)

For your SIM card Osaka Airport choice, JAL ABC’s Tre SIM is the best sim card that you can pre-order or get in Klook while Holafly is the top eSIM choice.

When choosing the best way to stay connected in Osaka, travelers have multiple options based on coverage, convenience, and price.

For coverage, the NTT Docomo network tends to be more favorable for foreign phones. Sakura Mobile uses this network and offers an unlimited data plan, starting at approximately 4,500 JPY (29.84 USD), which ensures extensive coverage and comes with reliable English customer support. The option to have the SIM card delivered to your hotel can add convenience, especially if you have a tight schedule upon arrival.

For convenience, reserving a SIM card in advance is advisable. This can save you money and guarantee availability. Services like Smash Mobile and Klook offer pre-ordering at competitive prices, starting at around 2,500 JPY (16.58 USD) plus tax and 1,050 JPY (6.96 USD), respectively. Additionally, for those who prefer physical shops, JAL ABC and U-Mobile Prepaid offer easy airport access with a range of data plans and vending machine purchases, respectively.

In terms of price, pre-ordering online generally provides the best deals. For instance, Klook’s offerings starting at approximately 1,050 JPY (6.96 USD) are notably cost-effective. For those who don’t require much data, U-Mobile’s vending machine options could be a budget-friendly choice.

eSIMs like Holafly and Airalo offer an alternative for those who prefer a digital option. eSIMs provide the convenience of no physical pick-up, and they can be set up before you arrive in Japan. These may be suitable for travelers seeking immediate connectivity and a hassle-free experience.

Pocket WiFi is another popular choice, especially for travelers who require a high data usage or are traveling in groups. Options such as Japan WiFi Rental and Global Advanced Communications offer competitive daily rates and unlimited data usage. These can be reserved in advance and picked up at the airport or delivered to your hotel.

In conclusion, the best option depends on your needs:

  • For extensive coverage and convenience with English support, Sakura Mobile is a strong option.
  • For cost savings, pre-ordering online via Smash Mobile or Klook is recommended.
  • If you prefer to avoid physical SIM cards, eSIMs from Holafly or Airalo provide an easy and immediate solution.
  • For those traveling in groups or with high data usage, Pocket WiFi rental could be the most practical choice.

To determine the best way to stay connected while in Osaka, let’s consider coverage, convenience, and prices.

Coverage is best with NTT Docomo, which is used by several SIM card providers. For SIM cards, Anyfone, Softbank, and JAL ABC offer options starting at approximately $30, $37, and $18 respectively, with JAL ABC’s Unlimited Japan Prepaid SIM at around $27. Pre-ordering online can be cheaper, with prices as low as $7 from Klook.

For data, eSIMs from providers like Holafly and Airalo offer competitive rates and the convenience of no physical pick-up, ideal for modern, hassle-free travel.

Regarding Pocket WiFi, renting online prior to arrival is advised for savings and convenience, with providers like Japan WiFi Rental and Global Advanced Communications offering rates from $3 to $7 per day. Services like eConnect Japan offer plans with and without unlimited data, with daily rates depending on the length of rental and insurance options available for added security​​.

Considering all factors, if you prioritize convenience and immediate connectivity, an eSIM might be the way to go. For longer stays or heavier data usage, pre-ordering a Pocket WiFi for airport pick-up might be most cost-effective. However, for wide coverage and immediate use, a prepaid SIM from providers like JAL ABC, with convenient airport counters, is a reliable choice. Always check device compatibility and consider the length of your stay to find the best option.

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