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Budget Travel in Portugal: How much do you need

Budget Travel in Portugal Budget Travel in Portugal: How much do you need

Beautiful beaches, astonishing Architecture, and one of the biggest empires in the world is what Portugal known for. Discovering and getting to experience the beauty of Portugal is why the country is visited by travelers. Did you know that Portugal was the first country to go in search of the new world.

People from all over the world are welcome to stay and do amazing thing in Portugal. There are a lot of things to do in Lisbon and places to visit in Algarve that will make you feel blissful. Click here to book online Lisbon activities and day trips

Mostly from Western countries are the people you will find wandering in the streets of Portugal. In this post we hope that we can give you a little bit of information about what’s gonna be your budget travel in Portugal and how much do you need per day.

Read here Portuguese food, the most instagrammable places in Algarve and all the things to know before visiting Portugal!


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Is it safe/difficult to travel in Portugal

One of the top most visited in country in Europe is Portugal. Although being one of the most isolated country still chooses Portugal for their vacation. Portugal is very safe, it has a low crime rate. We recently visited Albufeira where most of the beautiful beaches are located. We never experience any inconvenience in our stay. I guess with this I can definitely tell you that it is safe to travel in Portugal.

Best time to visit in Portugal

Portugal has its fair share of beautiful beaches. And this is one of the reason why tourist choose this country. Although there isn’t a bad time to visit Portugal, this will depend on what activities you want to do while your inside the country.

August is the busiest and most expensive time of the year in the country, because this is when locals or tourist choose to take their summer holidays. The best time to visit Portugal is through the months of between March and June if you to experience as much as possible the beauty of Portugal.

Click here to know more about the weather in Portugal.

Visa in Portugal

Portugal is one of the countries that is a part of the Schengen Agreement. This means that when you are approved of this type of visa you can grant access to any country that is a part of the Schengen Area. Once granted for a visa you’ll be able to stay in the country for 90 days. Good news for US Citizen, you can enter the country visa free.

If you want to apply go to a Portugal consulate and start with the processing of applying a busy. Expect to pay €60 for it.

Click here to know more about the visa policy in Portugal.

Cash in Portugal

Portugal also use Euro as their currency. Rate is €1 is equivalent to $1.06. When it comes to ATMs you can find many around while roaming around discovering the beauty of the country. You can find many currency exchange shop if you want your own currency and be change it to Euro. Always remember that all payments you make in cash must be in Euro.

Also ATMs in Portugal will accept credit card and debit card as long as it is backed by Visa, Mastecard, Eurocard and Maestro.

Click here to know the exact exchange rate!

Internet in Portugal

With our generation today people tend to get techy and show off their experience thru Internet. WiFi is very much available in Portugal. In fact you can rent a Portable WiFi routers that is called MiFis.

There are 3 major provider in Portugal named MEO, Vodafone, and NOS. The usual sim in the country cost for about €9.99 and this includes a €5 credit and 3GB of data.


I wouldn’t recommend you to buy a sim card at Lisbon airport. If you wish comfort you can buy eSim online and if you aren’t in a hurry just go around phone shops in the city and compare prices to buy the cheapest sim card in Lisbon. Read here Portugal sim card for tourist You can find the cheapest Portuguese eSim with Airalo Portugal eSim prepaid for $4 USD with 1 GB data valid for 7 days (USING DISCOUNT CODE GAMINTRAVELER 10%). For $7 USD with 3 GB data, for $10 USD with 5 GB data valid for 30 days. For $17 USD with 10 GB data valid for 30 days and for $19 USD with 30 GB data valid for 15 days.
Holafly Portugal eSim for less than $60 USD if you use our code GAMINTRAVELER you will have unlimited internet in Portugal for 30 days just for $2 USD per day.

Food budget travel in Portugal

A total of €25-30 per day for two people will be your daily budget for food in Portugal. A meal for two can cost for €15. Euroasia restaurant in Portugal caters an eat all-you-can healthy meals for as low as €7.50. This food budget is just a minimum estimated price that will vary depending how much you want to splurge on eating in Portugal.

You can go down the food budget travel in Portugal cooking on your own and buying food in the supermarket. You can manage eating one local meal per day in Portugal since prices are affordable. Pasteis de nata and expresso are great for a quick break in your sightseeing day in Portugal and you will find them for less than €2. 

Accommodation budget travel in Portugal

Budget travel in Portugal

In terms of accommodation in Portugal there is a lot to choose from. There are cheap hotels available for you at a starting price of €20-25. Hostels with dorms start from €15 if you want to go down your accommodation budget travel in Portugal. Luxurious hotels in another option for your accommodation in Portugal, the price can range from €90-up.


Tour/Entrance Fees in Portugal

Budget travel in Portugal

There many beautiful places/buildings that you are allowed to visit in the country. You can visit Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon, it is the Monastery of Jeronimos opens from 10:00 am- 4pm in summer and the entrance fee would be €7.

If you are fascinated by aquatic life you can choose to visit Oceanário de Lisboa, Lisbon. Opens daily for 10am – 7pm, and the entrance fee would be €18. Pena Palace, Sintra is one of the finest tourist attractions in Portugal, the place exemplifies the 19th-century Romanticism style of Architecture. And the entrance fee would be €7.50. You can visit museums for free in cities like Lisbon and Porto where you will have the opportunity to learn about the country without spending a dime for this.

Local transportation in Portugal

There are all sorts of transportation available in Portugal. Our favorite transportations to move around Portugal were buses and trains which is the most common transportation to get around the country. Flat rate in the Buses is €1.80 remember that is a cash paid on board.

If you want a more convenient way and a private time while traveling around the cities of Portugal, the starting rate and added fare every 1km varies depending on where you are. For our transportation in Algarve we chose traveling by car in an amazing road trip around Algarve.

Budget Travel in Portugal per day

You’ll have to prepare a minimum budget of €30-50 budget per person in Portugal. This budget travel in Portugal includes a €15-20 budget for food, a cheap hotel that cost €20, and transportation for €5-10. This is just a minimum budget for your stay in Portugal this will change depending on how much luxurious you want your vacation to be. If you travel as a couple like us would be great since you can split the expenses for accmmodation or if you are tenting a car.

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