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Safetywing vs World Nomads – Which Is The Better Travel Insurance?

Safetywing vs World Nomads Travel Insurance Compared

Safetywing vs World Nomads – these two travel insurances are the cheapest and most extensive travel insurance options we’ve found. If we talk about value for the money depending on your situation, whether you’re traveling with kids or a single traveler, and what type of trip you’ll be doing – we compare these two to see which travel insurance is better for you, Safetywing or World Nomads.

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Safetywing vs World Nomads: Cheapest Travel Insurance

Things to consider when using a Travel Insurance

Here are some of the top considerations to think about when picking your travel insurance:

  • How long you’ll be traveling
  • The locations included in your travel (since fees vary based on country)
  • Your age
  • Whether you’ll need special coverage for special travel like adventure under water, mountain travel etc.

The main thing to consider is the length of your travel. Your trip can be from 1 month to a whole year. It’s also important to consider your age, if you are traveling with kids, if you are doing adventure activities, and also if you are carrying devices since both Safetywing vs World Nomads have different medical covered expenses. Read here World Nomads Alternative

For the basics, both travel insurance Safetywing and World Nomads can cover enough medical expenses of up to 250K USD.

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Why You Should Get Safetywing Travel Insurance

Heymondo vs Safetywing: Cheapest Travel Insurance Comparison, Safetywing vs World Nomads - Best Travel Insurance Compared

We have used Safetywing in the past because it is the most affordable travel insurance. You can renew for 28 days at the same price and you don’t need to subscribe to a minimum of 90 days to get better packages. This is compared to other extensive plans like World Nomads, where you can only get a proper quotation, personalized to your travel requirements.

Safetywing Travel Insurance price for 30 days if you are coming from Europe, the UK, the United States, and Canada are the same – you will pay around $45 USD per person valid for 30 days, and covers any age up to 40 years old.

Check Safetywing Travel Insurance Prices here.

The other plus for Safetywing is that for every 90 days of insurance you’re subscribed to (this needs to be a one-time 90-day insurance subscription, and can’t be divided into 90 days you purchased month by month), you can still get covered for any disease or issue you get for 30 days when you travel back to your home country (15 days if you’re from the United States).

Our favorite thing in the Safetywing vs World Nomads comparison, with Safetywing, you get free travel insurance for a kid up to 10 years old, one kid per adult. Since we’re traveling with Han, this is a plus for us.

With World Nomads, a kid can get insured but is considered as another traveler, and will need their own separate travel insurance.

With Safetywing, you don’t need to pay a premium for high-risk activities as many are included in their standard pricing, including horse riding, scuba diving, snowboarding, and bungee jumping.

One Pro with World Nomads is they have the best coverage if it is adventure travel you are mainly traveling for. This includes climbing mountains not higher than 6000 meters for example.

Safetywing vs World Nomads – Travel Insurance Comparison

Best travel insurance for digital nomads - travel insurance compared - safetywing, heymondo, world nomads, faye insurance, battleface, Safetywing vs World Nomads - Best Travel Insurance Compared

Currently, World Nomads is not supporting travel insurance for residents of all countries. During our test, they don’t have coverage for Spanish, Italian and French residents.

So for the purposes of this travel insurance comparison review, we will look at coverage for a few residents.

If you’re a resident of the United States, this is what World Nomads Travel Insurance covers:

Safetywing vs World Nomads - Best Travel Insurance Compared

World Nomads has two travel insurance plans, Standard and Explorer. You can see the coverage below.

Best travel insurance for digital nomads - travel insurance compared - safetywing, heymondo, world nomads, faye insurance, battleface, Safetywing vs World Nomads - Best Travel Insurance Compared


Safetywing is perfect if you are under 40 years old. Their pricing is competitive for this range of age. Safetywing’s prices are the best especially if you travel with a kid up to 10 years old, who can get covered for free! There are a lot of risky activities that are included in Safetywing’s plans as well, without extra charge. And you can book for 28 days at a time, for a cheaper price.

One of the cons we see with Safetywing is that if you have a problem, and need medical assistance immediately, you’ll have to put your money first, a $250 deductible, so keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts Safetywing vs World Nomads (Cheapest Travel Insurance)

SAFETYWING is our new travel insurance of choice. Before discovering other travel insurances, we used Safetywing for our travels. All in all, we’re incredibly grateful not to have to need our insurance in our most recent 9-month trip to South America.

Ruben is 40 years old and Han is 10 years old and we are always traveling over 90 days. For the kind of travel we do, Safetywing is the cheapest travel insurance. Best support and best bang for your buck!

What about you, which one will be your travel insurance of choice – Safetywing vs World Nomads? Which one would you choose for your trips? Interested Let us know in the comments below!

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