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How to See Paris In A Day

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How to See Paris In A Day – There is no denying that the world loves Paris, and it is indeed one of the favorite cities in Europe. And to explore and enjoy Paris, means a lot of walking. Click here to book online Paris activities and entrance tickets.

There is so much to do and see here. If you are in the amazing city just for a day and are wondering how to make the most of your trip, well you sure are on the right page.

If you go across the city in a loop, you can sure visit those classic sights and famous landmarks in beautiful neighborhoods. Enjoy the tasty treats along the way and everything which is gloriously Parisian. Be ready for lots of walking and the good news is that the city is pedestrian-friendly.

Make the most of your full-day city sightseeing tour in Paris even if you have just one day. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes and do not forget to carry your camera.

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How to See Paris In A Day

Before lunch

Eiffel Tower

Start your day very early in the morning and with a French breakfast- coffee or tea with the baguette. Their pastries and croissants are to die for. Let Eiffel Tower be your first stop, and you can walk around in the car-free pedestrian area. Have your pre-booked tickets to the Eiffel Tower to save time.

Head towards the Place de la Concorde once you have seen Eiffel Tower and you can get there in about 15 minutes on public transport. The main square is distinguishable because of the ancient Egyptian obelisk, and you can locate the historical axis of Paris.  After spending some time in the Concorde square, you can head towards the Musée du Louvre. It is indeed one of the must-see museums which are not to be missed. 

If you can squeeze some time, you can visit the oldest garden of Paris, the Jardin des Tuileries that lies on the way to the Louvre Museum. Walking is indeed one of the beast ways to enjoy and experience the city and at your own pace. There are plenty of cafes and parks wherever you go and you can always take a welcoming break.

After you visit the Louvre Museum, take a break and have lunch. Click here to book online Paris activities and entrance tickets.

After lunch

Notre Dame

After lunch, walk around the Notre Dame area and visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. You are sure to get floored by the impressive interiors and stained-glasses of the Cathedral. Later, you can spend some time in the Latin Quarter and enjoy a walk through the Luxembourg garden.

A visit here will educate you about the Parisian lifestyle. Another fun district to explore is Le-Marais, where you find Jewish, Chinese, and the LBGT community living together. The architecture here is very different from other parts of Paris. Later take the metro line 8 to go to Montmartre which features windmills and narrow alleys. You can take a walk uphill to enjoy great views of the city.

The trip will take almost the whole day, and you will feel exhausted by evening. As the sun sets, Paris takes on a new look as those lights start getting lit slowly. You can spend some time near Montparnasse Tower and take some fantastic pictures of the city. Have dinner at a good restaurant that offers not just a sumptuous meal but an Eiffel view dinner.

This is a perfect way to end the day and enjoy a traditional French dish and discuss your day as you enjoy the views of Eiffel tower. Steak-frites and delicious beef steak are a favorite among the tourists. And if you are a vegan, don’t be disappointed as you will find many vegan restaurants in the city.

 It is indeed quite a challenge to see most of Paris in one day. However, with a well-planned itinerary, you can sure see the major landmarks of the city that you just can’t miss!

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