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Get a Sim Card Vancouver Airport: Getting your Sim Card In Vancouver 2024

Last updated on March 11th, 2024 at 03:45 am

GETTING A Sim Card Vancouver Airport in 2023

Looking to purchase a sim card in Vancouver airport for your next trip to Canada? We will write a guide how to buy a sim card in Vancouver.

Landing at Vancouver Airport and wondering if you can buy a sim card at Vancouver Airport? Yes, there is a 7-Eleven where you can buy SIM card providers in Vancouver and Canada.

The easiest way is to order your eSIM online where you can get cheap data packages and unlimited data without buying a SIM card in Seville. For eSIM options, you can opt for Holafly, Maya eSIM and Airalo

Ah, Vancouver! From its stunning natural landscapes to the bustling city life, there’s no shortage of experiences awaiting visitors.

But first, let’s ensure you remain connected. Whether you’re staying in Vancouver for a short holiday or an extended visit, getting a local SIM card is a savvy choice. If you have an eSIM device, best to get an eSIM plan for convenience as you can easily get it online any time.

Here’s your ultimate guide to navigating the SIM card terrain at Vancouver Airport.

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Navigating Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Sim Card Vancouver Airport

Vancouver International Airport, with its intuitively designed terminals, ensures travelers have a smooth experience. While direct SIM card kiosks within the terminals might be limited, nearby retail locations like Chatr Mobile and Lucky Mobile provide immediate connectivity solutions.

Quick Navigation Guide:

  • Main Terminal: Here, you’ll find information desks that can guide you to the nearest SIM card retail outlets, both within and outside the airport premises.
  • International Arrivals: As you exit, electronic stores and kiosks provide various accessories, which occasionally include SIM cards from local providers.

For a more comprehensive selection, travelers are advised to head into the city or visit dedicated electronic stores.

Exploring Prepaid SIM Card in Vancouver Airport Options

Upon touching down at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), travelers will quickly notice the emphasis on convenience. While the immediate SIM card choices within the airport may be somewhat limited, there are easily accessible options nearby.

Chatr Mobile

Chatr Vancouver sim card, Get a Sim Card Vancouver Airport: Getting your Vancouver Airport Sim Card 2024

Known for its budget-friendly approach, Chatr Mobile offers plans tailored for both local and international calls. Their data allowances are generous, providing good value for money.

  • $35/month: 10 GB of 3G data, unlimited talk and text​
  • SIM Card Price: $10​

Check the exact location of Chatr Mobile Stores to buy a sim card in Vancouver.

Lucky Mobile

Lucky Mobile Vancouver sim card, Get a Sim Card Vancouver Airport: Getting your Vancouver Airport Sim Card 2024

Another budget-friendly choice, Lucky Mobile, caters to a wide audience with their varied plans. From local calling to data-heavy options, there’s likely a plan that aligns with your needs.

  • $15/month: 2 GB data, 100 minutes Canada-wide calls, unlimited Canada-wide & international texts​
  • SIM Card Price: $10​

Check the exact location of Lucky Mobile Stores to buy a sim card in Vancouver.

Diving Deeper: SIM Card in Vancouver City

For travelers looking for more diverse options, the city center and its numerous electronic stores present a plethora of choices.


Telus Vancouver sim card, Get a Sim Card Vancouver Airport: Getting your Vancouver Airport Sim Card 2024

As one of Canada’s premier telecom providers, Telus boasts a wide range of prepaid plans that come with robust data offerings and extensive network coverage.

  • $150/180 days: 6GB data, unlimited nationwide talk and text​
  • $25/month: Specific plan details not available, but a $10 SIM card fee applies​
  • $70: 20GB data (best value prepaid SIM card data plans)​
  • $35/month: 6GB of 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text (Nationwide Talk & Text plan)​

Check the exact location of Telus Stores to buy a sim card in Vancouver.


Another heavyweight in the Canadian telecom arena, Bell offers plans that are both data-centric and voice-centric, ensuring every traveler finds their fit.

  • $25/month: Unlimited talk and text + 500MB data, with an additional 500MB data/month with automatic monthly top-up options​
  • $30/month: Specific plan details not provided, but similar to the $25/month plan with more data or other features​

Check the exact location of Bell Stores to buy a sim card in Vancouver.


Known for its comprehensive network coverage, Rogers offers a blend of prepaid plans designed to cater to both short-term tourists and long-term visitors.

  • $55/month: 8GB data with the Talk, Text, and Data 55 plan​
  • $30/month: 500MB data with the Prepaid Monthly Talk, Text & Data 30 plan​
  • $15: Basic Plan with 100 Minutes + 250MB Data at 3G Speed​

Check the exact location of Rogers Stores to buy a sim card in Vancouver.

Exploring Prepaid SIM Card Options at Vancouver Airport

Sim Card Vancouver Airport 2

Upon arrival at Vancouver Airport, travelers can buy a sim card at 7-Eleven in Domestic Terminals but we recommend you wait until you get to the city center. Though the airport doesn’t host as many mobile service providers as some other international airports, there are still viable options available nearby.

Chatr Mobile and Lucky Mobile are two providers known for their budget-friendly prepaid plans, with retail locations in close proximity to the airport. They offer a variety of packages to cater to different data, call, and text needs, ensuring you find a plan that aligns with your communication requirements while in Vancouver.

For those in search of a broader selection, heading into the city center or checking at electronic stores may unveil more options, such as plans from Telus, Bell, or Rogers, which are among the leading telecom operators in Canada.

Before embarking on your Canadian adventure, securing a local prepaid SIM card will be a prudent step towards ensuring seamless communication during your stay.

eSIM Options for Vancouver – Getting Sim Card in Vancouver Airport

Sim Card Vancouver Airport 2 1

eSIM, or electronic SIM, has been steadily gaining traction globally. Vancouver, being a tech-forward city, is no exception. For travelers with eSIM-compatible devices, platforms like Airalo offer a seamless and paperless way to stay connected in Vancouver without the need for a physical SIM card.

So let’s discuss eSIM for sim card in Vancouver airport next.

eSIM in Vancouver and Best eSIM in Canada for Travel

Holafly – Vancouver Airport Sim Card

Holafly esim sim card Vancouver airport

Holafly has quickly emerged as a go-to choice for many travelers worldwide, thanks to its vast range of country-specific eSIM packages. For those visiting Canada, Holafly offers data packages that cater to both short and extended stays. Their easy-to-use service ensures quick activation, so travelers can start exploring Vancouver without any connectivity hitches.

Holafly eSIM offers unlimited SIM card data plans for Canada starting at $27 USD for 5 Days, $37 USD for 7 Days, and can go to $54 USD for 20 Days. Activating your Holafly eSIM is very easy as you get a quick email and full step-by-step instructions on how to activate your eSIM with the choice to turn it on when you arrive in Canada. This is best in case you’re purchasing it in advance for your trip.

Once your eSIM is activated, your phone will show that it’s running two signals (your original phone signal and your eSIM), then in your phone settings just make sure that you update the settings for your cellular data to come from Holafly. Holafly has an app to make sure you can check your app usage and top-up is easy through the app as well (or through their website).

Holafly is the best option if it’s unlimited data you need. For calling, you can choose to just do your calls through online messaging like Skype, Whatsapp or Facetime. Make sure your International Roaming is off for calls so you won’t get charged.

Airalo – Vancouver Airport Sim Card

Airalo esim sim card Vancouver airport

Airalo is a global eSIM store offering a plethora of eSIM options for over 100 countries, including Canada. Their eSIMs can be quickly scanned and activated, making them a preferred choice for tech-savvy travelers. With competitive pricing and varied data allowances, Airalo ensures that visitors to Vancouver have an option that suits their data needs. Plans start at $6 for 1GB for 7 Days, $11 for 2GB for 15 Days, $15 for 3GB for 30 Days, $18 for 5GB for 30 days, and $35 for 10GB for 30 Days.

Airalo is perfect for those seeking flexible data packages. For calls, utilize internet-based services like Skype or WhatsApp, ensuring your International Roaming remains deactivated to avoid unexpected charges.

Maya Mobile – Sim Card in Vancouver Airport

Maya esim sim card Vancouver airport
Maya esim unlimited plans in Canada sim card Vancouver airport

Maya Mobile specializes in offering unlimited data eSIMs for several countries. In Canada, they present packages that promise high-speed connectivity without any data caps. Their straightforward activation process and consistent network coverage make Maya Mobile an excellent choice for those wanting uninterrupted internet access throughout their Canadian journey.

Remember, eSIM requires compatible devices, so ensure your smartphone or tablet supports eSIM.

Maya plans, priced competitively, cater to both short and prolonged stays. Plans start at $7 for 1GB for 5 days, $17 for 3GB for 5 Days, $22 for 5GB for 5 Days, and $29 for unlimited data for 5 days.

After your purchase, an email with easy activation guidelines lands in your inbox, and you can opt to activate the eSIM once you’re in Canada.

Your smartphone will showcase dual connectivity – your primary signal and the Maya eSIM. Adjust your device settings to source cellular data from Maya. With the Maya Mobile app, you can effortlessly track your data consumption, and if needed, top-up through the app or their official site.

Opt for Maya Mobile when you prioritize consistent and high-speed data. For voice calls, turn to online platforms like Facetime or WhatsApp, ensuring your phone’s International Roaming setting is switched off.

The Preferred Way to Stay Connected When Traveling in Vancouver – Sim Card Vancouver Airport

In summary, while Chatr Mobile and Lucky Mobile offer immediate connectivity options near the airport, diving into Vancouver’s heart unveils a broader range from leading providers like Telus, Bell, and Rogers. For those keen on eSIM, Airalo stands out as a top pick.

Our Final Thoughts and Recommendations on Sim Card Vancouver Airport

For immediate connectivity upon landing, Chatr Mobile is a solid pick. However, for those planning a longer stay or seeking comprehensive plans, exploring options from Telus or Bell in the city center is recommended. Embracing the digital age? Airalo’s eSIM offerings provide a modern, hassle-free solution.

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