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Icelandic Breakfast – 18 Traditional Breakfast in Iceland You Need to Try

Last updated on March 5th, 2024 at 07:38 am

Icelandic Breakfast – Iceland is known for its beautiful landscapes and impeccable nature and greenery and of course. What’s an even way better way to enjoy the country than submerging yourself in its culture of delicious traditional breakfast in Iceland and healthy Iceland breakfast options.

In this post, we look at the best breakfast in Iceland, the breakfast coffee culture in Iceland and its delicious Icelandic pancakes and holiday cakes, and pies! Click here to book online Keflavik Airport Transfer and Golden Circle Day Tour

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Icelandic Breakfast – Best Traditional Breakfast in Iceland to Try

Traditional breakfast in Iceland includes ponnukokur, Icelandic pancakes, Skyr Icelandic yogurt, coffee, and cod liver oil. Let’s look at all these and more below in more detail.

1. Ponnukokur – Icelandic Pancakes with Skyr – Icelandic Breakfast

Pönnukökur / Ponnukokur - Icelandic pancakes, breakfast in Iceland, Icelandic breakfast, traditional breakfast in Iceland

Pönnukökur / Ponnukokur – Icelandic pancakes are one of the traditional breakfast in Iceland to try. Icelandic breakfast pancakes resemble crepes. They are especially eaten with Skyr, the Icelandic-style yogurt, and served with either jam or whipped cream. The makings of a traditional Icelandic breakfast if you’re looking for a sweet day to start your mornings in Iceland. You can have Pönnukökur / Ponnukokur as desserts as well!

2. Skyr Icelandic Yogurt – Icelandic Breakfast

kyr, Icelandic Breakfast, Traditional Breakfast in Iceland
Image via Thor’s Skyr – Traditional Breakfast In Iceland

Skyr is the Icelandic-style yogurt that is thicker and high in protein, but manages to be silky smooth – now that’s a yogurt we can get into!

3. Klenat / Klejner / Kleinur Icelandic Doughnuts – Icelandic Breakfast

Kleinur or Klenats, Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland
Image via Wikimedia / Yez Raphn – Icelandic Breakfast

Kleinur or Klenats are Icelandic donuts or pastries that easily can be enjoyed as an Icelandic breakfast or snack. It’s a fried pastry that is not only enjoyed in Iceland but also in other Nordic countries. Everyone in Iceland loves them!

4. Icelandic Almond Rolls – Traditional Breakfast In Iceland

Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland
, Icelandic Almond Rolls
Image via Flickr / Isabelle Boucher – Traditional Breakfast In Iceland

Icelandic Almond Rolls – If you’re fan of sweet breakfasts like us, this is definitely a must-try for a sweet and delicious breakfast in Iceland. Iceland Almond Rolls uses almond paste (gives the almond rolls a marzipan taste), butter, and with drizzled lemon glaze.

5. Icelandic Brown Bread / Rúgbrauð / Icelandic / Thunder Bread

Rúgbrauð or the Icelandic Dark Rye Bread, Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland

Rúgbrauð or the Icelandic Dark Rye Bread or Thunder Bread is Iceland’s traditional brown rye bread. Molasses is what keeps this bread deep brown with a hint of sweetness. You can easily have it any time of the day, but sandwiches are easily an Icelandic way to start your mornings, so Thunder bread can be pretty popular for a breakfast in Iceland.

6. Marens Kornflexkokur – Icelandic Chocolate Cornflakes

Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland, Marens Kornflexkokur
Image via The Travellight World – SAPO

Marens Kornflexkokur is the Icelandic way of making chocolate cornflakes even sweeter and more fun to eat for your breakfast in Iceland.

7. Lummur – Icelandic Oatmeal Pancakes

Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland

If you’re more into pancakes instead of crepes, Lummur can be your Iceland breakfast of choice. It’s made of oatmeal so it’s a good way to add that much needed fiber early in your day when in Iceland. We love these so much!

More Icelandic Breakfast And Traditional Breakfast In Iceland

8. Jolakaka – Icelandic Christmas Cake

Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland
, Jolakaka

Enjoy a taste of Iceland: Jolakaka is also known as (Christmas Cake). Don’t be fooled by its seasonal name, this delicious treat is enjoyed all year long. I added a teaspoon of lemon zest to this recipe to add a subtle zip. Recommended to wait until the next day to enjoy with a fresh cup of coffee.

9. Icelandic Chocolate Porridge / Kakosupa

Kakosupa , Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland

Kakosupa is a traditional comfort food and an Icelandic treat you won’t find in any restaurant. It’s melted cocoa until you can make a soup perfect for those cold months when you’re craving for something really sweet and easy!

12. Mondlukaka – Almond Cake – Icelandic Breakfast

Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland, Mondlukaka - Almond Cake

Mondlukaka is a traditional Icelandic almond cake. Mondlukaka cake is made from all-purpose flour, butter, eggs, finely chopped almond nuts, baking powder, strawberry jam and whipped cream.

13. Hjonabandssaela / Icelandic Happy Marriage Cake – Icelandic Breakfast

Icelandic Breakfast, Traditional Breakfast in Iceland, Icelandic Hjónabandssæla
Image via Golosos del Mundo – Traditional Breakfast In Iceland

Icelandic Hjónabandssæla or the happy marriage cake is an oatmeal cake with rhubarb filling, and definitely a seasonal and delicious treat. You can have it as a breakfaset if you really want to fill yourself with sweet treats early in the day, as a dessert for later, or a snack.

14. Vöfflur / Waffles

Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland

Locals love a little sweetness to lighten up the dark mornings in Iceland, so the perfect sweet breakfast in Iceland is delicious vöfflur, or waffles. Icelanders prepare their waffles in the traditional Nordic heart shape.

The sweet gridded cakes have an airy texture that makes them irresistible. Top these sweet breakfast treats with whipped cream and local berries for the perfect sweet spin on Icelandic breakfast.

15. Pylsur / Icelandic Hotdogs

Icelandic hot dogs, Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland
Image via Flickr / Clint McMahon

Ahhh, something you’ll find everywhere in Iceland, the Pylsur or Icelandic hotdogs. For a quick meal any time of the day, and sold easily in the streets.

16. Lýsi

Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland, Lysi

Cod Liver Oil or Lysi is another very traditional and quite popular breakfast in Iceland. It’s now possible to be consumed as pills, as Lysi is considered in Iceland a very healthy nutrient. However, a lot of people still consume it as a drink. The taste can be a tad strong, but it’s the health benefits that make it to Icelanders’ breakfast routines, even just a spoonful of it.

17. Icelandic Coffee

Icelandic coffee, Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland

Icelanders love drinking coffee. The general weather in Iceland might not be coffee’s favorite weather and location, but the Icelandic culture surely calls for large amounts of coffee, consumed the whole day. They have their own popular chains in Iceland for coffee, two of the top which are Kaffitár and Te og Kaffi.

18. Hafragrautur

Icelandic Breakfast,Traditional Breakfast in Iceland, Hafragrautur

Hafragrautur is a typical Icelandic breakfast food that includes oatmeal mixed with milk and water. Brown sugar, melon seeds and raisins are added to garnish.

Hope you liked our Icelandic breakfast blog post. Which one is your favorite traditional breakfast in Iceland? Let us know in the comments below

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