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Best Cypriot Food – Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try

Best Cypriot Food – Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try

Cypriot cuisine is not yet world-famous, but one thing is for sure, the food in Cyprus is good! But there are also some dishes that are authentic traditional food in Cyprus to try and drinks in Cyprus! Click here to book online Larnaca activities and Day Tours

Cypriot cuisine has a lot of Mediterranean influences and you can see a lot of crossovers with other popular cuisines like Greek, Turkish, Lebanese cuisine and more. You can have a budget of €30 a day in Cyprus for food and it can already get you more than enough decent meals.

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Best Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try

1. Sheftalia

Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try, Shetfalia
Photo via Garrett Ziegler / Flickr

Shetfalia is one of the traditional dishes in Cyprus. Shetfalia is a Cypriot sausage made from pork and lamb with onion. Shetfalia is wrapped and perfect for a barbecue a perfect snack in Cyprus.

2. Koupepia – Stuffed Vine Leaves And Gemista / Grape Laves Stuffed With Minced Meat

Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Photo via Wikimedia

Koupepia is a delicious Cypriot dish. Koupepia is made from a mix of minced meat, onion, rice and spices stuffed in grape leaves and oven cooked (with water and olive oil). Koupepia is very similar to the Armenia’s dish the Dolma.

If you’re not into grape leaves, you can have the Gemista as an alternative. Gemista is a mixture same as the Koupepia, however instead of fresh grape laves, the mixture is inside tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables. Koupepia goes good with white yogurt and wine!

3. Souvla

Souvla, Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Photo via George Groutas / Flickr

Souvla is one of the most popular dishes in Cyprus which is made of large pieces of meat cooked on skewer (long one), over charcoal barbecue. Souvla shouldn’t be confused with the Greek Souvlaki, as this one is cooked in a different way – slow cooked in a much longer time and farther from the charcoal (compared to when cooking Souvla).

A traditional Souvla comes from the neck and shoulder of the lamb, pork or chicken. Souvla is a typical Cypriot dish eaten during occasions and festivals and other celebrations.

4. Kolokithakia Me Avga/Kolokouthkia Me T’afka (Zucchini/Courgette With Eggs)

Kolokothkia Cypriot Food
Photo via The Cinnamon Spice Blog / Athena Konstantinou

The Kolokithakia me Avga / Kolokouthkia me t’afka is zucchini or courgette with eggs. It can be made for breakfast or when you have not enough time to cook a slow dish. The Kolokithakia me Avga is fast, delicious and definitely one of the simple and popular dishes in the Cypriot cuisine.

The Kolokithakia me Avga / Kolokouthkia me t’afka is zucchini or courgette with eggs, and can be served with rice or bread. Cut and fried in olive oil and you have this delicious Cypriot food.

5. Makaronia tou fournou – Oven baked Pasta

Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try.

Makaronia tou Fournou is a traditional pasta in Cyprus. Who doesn’t like pasta? The Cypriot Pastitsio (also known as the Makaronia tou Fournou) is cooked by layering out the macaroni, then minced meat with spices, then the Bechamel Sauce, and topped with halloumi cheese, oven baked.

Makaronia tou Fournou is popular for the kids too. Just don’t confuse it with the popular Mousakka. The key difference will be with the use of the Bechamel sauce, usually whiter and puffier in the Pastitio.

6. Ttavas

Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try, ttavas
Photo via Elena S / Flickr

Ttavas is a traditional and delicious Cypriot dish is derived from the beautiful Lefkara. Ttavas is also known as Lefkaritikos Ttavas in Cypriot. Ttavas is made from lamb or goat meat and rice. It is cooked in a clay pot, together with the rice, onions, tomatoes and potatoes, and then baked in the oven for a long time (about 3-4 hours).

7. Kleftiko

Photo via Heather Cowper / Flickr

Kleftiko or Oflon Kleftiko is a Cypriot traditional dish cooked from the lamb’s leg meat. It is marinated (a mix of olive oil, lemon, garlic and onion) and often booked in baking paper. This method of cooking the Kleftiko preserves the good taste and the juices of the meat.

Kleftiko is a traditional Cypriot street food and can also be cooked in white ovens and with open flame. Can be found served with or without potatoes and for the older people who are more worried about their health, this can be a good replacement to Souvlakia or other bread dishes.

8. Kolokasi – Root Vegetables

kolokasi, Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Photo via Frixos Personal Chefing

Kolokasi (taro) dish is one of the most popular and delicious dishes in Cyprus is the . Kolokasi is a root vegetable, and usually cooked in tomato sauce on its own or cooked with meat like pork.

What’s very unique about the way of cooking the taro or the Kolokasi to make this dish is that instead of washing the vegetable root crop or bulb. You actually clean and peel it using a kitchen paper. You then try to cut it like cutting a nut to produce small chunks, versus the normal way you would cut potatoes or other vegetables like it. Definitely a must food to try in Cyprus.

9. Kotopoulo me Kolokasi – Chicken with Taro Potatoes

Kotopoulo me Kolokasi - Chicken with Taro Potatoes, Cypriot cuisine
Photo via SBS Australia

Kotopoulo me Kolokasi – Chicken with Taro Potatoes is cooked as an alternative to the everyday pork dishes. This is good to balance the gut health and the general Cypriot cuisine. You marinate the chicken with your favorite spices, then baked it in the oven. Taro potatoes are then cooked on a pan with onion, peeled or pureed tomatoes and celery, with added spices if you prefer.

10. Louvi – Beans

Louvi,Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Photo via @honestmum on Instagram

Louvi also known as black eyed beans are one of the easy Cypriot dishes to cook. This Cypriot dish can be a good replacement for meat, and it doesn’t leave you feeling heavy or bloated.

11. Koupes – Cyprus street food

Cyprus traditional street food koupes
Photo via Akis Petretzikis Blog

Koupes is one of the most popular Cypriot street food and is made of bulgur wheat, and filled with ground meat. Traditional street dish, and also popularly served as an appetizer.

12. Meze 

Meze, Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Photo via Sergey Galyonkin / Flickr

Meze is one of the most popular snacks in Cyprus. Meze is a mix of hot and cold appetizers usually served with drinks. Meze is a mix of Mediterranean food with bread, olive oil, humus, cheese and vegetables.

13. Moussaka – Eggplant filled with meat and potato

Mousaka, Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Photo via Wikimedia

Moussaka is a must Cyprus food to try. Moussaka is an eggplant- or potato-based dish, often including ground meat, in the Levant, Middle East and Balkans with many local and regional variations.

14. Souvlaki – Grilled Meat Kebabs

Souvlaki Cypriot Food
Photo via Tiffany / Flickr

Souvlaki is a Cyprus dish (also Greek called gyros) made from meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Souvlaki is usually a lamb/chicken meat that is served wrapped in a flatbread such as pita, with tomato, onion, and sauce. You can buy souvlaki in local restaurants and bars for €3-4.

15. Halloumi

Halloumi, Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Photo via Wikimedia

Halloumi is one of the most popular snacks in Cyprus. Halloumi is grilled cheese that you can eat with salad or in a sandwich and it’s so delicious.

16. Tarhana – Dried mixture of yoghurt, milk and wheat

Tarhana, Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Cypriot Food – Photo via Wikimedia

Tarhana also known as Trahanas is not to be eaten on its own. Tarhana is made of dried mixture of yoghurt, milk and wheat is usually used to make soup, known as Trahanosoupa. Trahanosoupa is a very good gut food, and is knows and is one of the healthiest Mediterranean food.

17. Afella / Afelia – Pork Marinated in Coriander

Afelia Afella Cypriot traditional dish
Photo via Taste Atlas

Afelia or Afella is a traditional and popular dish in Cyprus. Afella is made by marinating and cooking pork in red wine, coarsely crushed coriander seeds. So delicious food to try in Cyprus!

18. Pilafi Pourgouri – Cooked Bulgur 

pourgouri cypriot
Photo via GGMIX Blog

Pilafi Pourgouri is usually made for breakfast and side dishes. For breakfast you can boil the Pilafi with semi-skimmed milk and you can create a milk porridge. If you are using Pourgouri as a side dish, it can be cooked with tomato puree, onions, chopped macaroni and compliments popular Cypriot dishes like the souvlakia, shieftalies and seafood.

19. Trachanas Soup 

Trachanas Soup, Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Photo via My Family’s Food Diary Blog

Trachanas Soup is prepared by pouring goat’s milk into a large earthenware container which churns it and leaves it sour. Then it’s poured to another clean churn daily for about a week. On the last day, it is put to boil with wheat and salt. Once it sets and cools, it can be shaped. Trachanas soup is very popular in Cypriot villages where they have a larger breed of stock.

20. Stifado – Beef Stew in Red Wine

Stifado, Cypriot Food: Best 40 Cypriot Dishes And Food in Cyprus To Try
Photo via Nick Sanna / Just About Cyprus Blog

Stifado is a Cypriot beef stew cooked with red wine and added with potatoes, spices and also cognac. The wine used for a stifado is the Maratheftiko wine and served in clay pots to preserve the taste and temperature of the dish.

Best Cypriot Food And Food in Cyprus To Try


21. Loukoumades / Lokmades – Honey Dough Balls

loukoumades Cypriot dessert
Photo via Go Villas Cyprus

Loukoumades is a popular sweet dessert in Cyprus, Loukoumades is best enjoyed after Souvlakis and Sheftalies. These honey dough balls are deep-fried in oil, and best enjoyed hot.

22. Baklava – Sweet Pastry 

Baklava with Walnuts Cypriot Food
Cypriot Food – Photo via Wikimedia

Baklava is also popular in Albania but maybe you know as a Turkish dessert too. Baklava is baked and made of pistachios, butter and syrup. You will find in most of the bakeries in South of Albania for affordable prices. Baklava tastes so sweet!

23. Glyka or Glyko tou Koutaliou / Spoon Sweets

Sppn sweets Glyka tou Koutaliou Cypriot dessert
Photo via Nikis Spoon Sweets

Spoon sweets or Glyka tou Koutaliou is a traditional sweet preserves served in spoon (hence the name) and is a big sign of hospitality in a lot of countries, including Cyprus. These preserves can be made from almost any fruits, although the sour and bitter ones are popular. Spoon sweets or Glyka tou Koutaliou are usually served to guests by the teaspoon in porcelain or clear crystal glasses with coffee, tea or water.

24. Koulourakia

Koulourouthkia Kypriaka Cypriot
Photo via Kopiaste

How can we talk about Cypriot desserts without talking about cookies? The Koulourouthkia are known as the Cypriot Easter cookies or Cyprus Butter cookies. Koulourouthkia is a very good partner for the Cypriot coffee!

25. Ekmek Kadayifi

Ekmek Kadayifi A delicious Cypriot Dessert
Photo via The Spruce Eats

Ekmek Kadayifi is like a mix of Baklava and Bread Pudding is also popular in Turkey. Ekmek Kadayifi is delicious yet simple dessert. Ekmek Kadayifi is bread dipped in syrup, and topped with Kaymak or the Turkish clotted cream. Now that’s something we can’t bear to not taste when in Cyprus!

26. Pastelli / Pasteli

pasteli traditional Cypriot dish
Photo via My Cyprus Travel Blog

The Pasteli sweet (from Anogyra) is made from the carob pod syrup. Pasteli is actually produced exclusively in the Anogyra village in Cyprus. The Pasteli is made thru slowly boiling the carob pod pulp. It will then form a thick, sticky liquid that resembles the sweet toffee.

The Pasteli is considered a very special treat because it is handmade and consumes a lot of time to produce. The Pasteli is also made only between September to May which are the coolest months of the year, as it is very difficult to shape in other months.


27. Tzatziki or Talatouri – Yoghurt Spread

Tzatziki Cypriot Food scaled
Photo via Wikimedia

The Tzatziki also called Talatouri is one of the most popular snacks and spreads in Cyprus. Tzatziki is made from a mixture of white Greek yogurt, cucumbers, mint, olive oil with some garlic. Tzatziki compliments souvlakis and sheftalies well and usually served with bread as an appetizer. Tzatziki can also be a good substitute for the halloumi cheese on bread.

28. Tirokafteri – Spicy Spread 

Tirosalata Tirokafteri Cypriot Spread
Photo via Wikimedia

Tirokafteri is a spicy spread that can be used with bread too for appetizers. The Tirokafteri is a mix of feta cheese, garlic, yoghurt, chili pepper and olive oil. You can try this with a shot of Zivania, before moving to your main Cypriot dish. The Tirokafteri can be a good vegetarian option in Cyprus for those who don’t prefer to eat lountza or the local pork ham but still feel full.

29. Taramosalata – Smoked Spread

Taramosalata Smoked Spread Cypriot Food
Photo via Wikimedia

Taramosalata is made from Tarama and Cod’s roe. Tarama is a mayonnaise-like sauce, without eggs as its ingredient.
The Taramosalata spread can have a white or pink color, depending if you add the fish caviar (roe). 

30. Hummus

Hummus Dip Cypriot
Photo via Wikimedia

And who doesn’t know about Hummus? Yeah Hummus is a popular dip across the globe and a lot of Mediterranean cuisines, good to always partner with bread! Hummus is made from mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, lemon juice or vinegar, olive oil and garlic.

31. Tahini

Koobe and tahini sauce scaled
Photo via Wikimedia

Tahini can be served with the Meze, and is usually made from tasted sesame seeds. Tahini is made from sesame seeds and so popular in Cyprus food.


32. Coconut Water

Coconut Drink Cyprus Drinks
Photo via Wikimedia

Coconut water is so refreshing and healthy drink, especially during the hot Mediterranean summers. Who can disagree? You will find it around the beach in Cyprus.

33. Brandy Sour

Brandy sour nationa Cypriot drink 1
Photo via Wikimedia

The Cypriot Brandy sour is considered the national Cypriot drink or cocktail. The Cypriot brandy sour has a unique taste, with a mix of brandy and lemon flavors, which are two of the major exports of Cyprus.

34. Filfar

Filfar Mandarin Liqueur Cypriot Wine Drink
Photo via Cyprus Wine

Filfar is the traditional Cypriot liquor with an orange or mandarin flavor. Some brands are offering other flavors like lemon. Cypriot Mandarins are well known as the Mandarins of the Arakapas and this liquor is all done by hand which can take up to three months.

35. Zivania

cyprus zivania cyprus drink
Photo via Cyprus Island

Zivana is a pomace brandy made from grape, pomace and dry wine and it has an alcoholic content with a light aroma of raisins. Zivana is so delicious.

36. Ouzo

Ouzo Cypriot Food
Photo via Pixabay

Ouzo is the most popular drink in the Greek and Cyprus culture, Ouzo is a dry anise-flavored aperitif. Ouzo is created from distilled and flavored rectified spirits. The taste of the Ouzo can be similar to other anise liquors like rakı, arak, pastis and sambuca.

37. Ouzini

Ouzini Cypriot Drink
Photo via Wikimedia

Ouzini is made by combining Ouzo with oranges and bitter flavors. Ouzini is a popular summer cocktail. Ouzini was officially created to encourage more restaurants to share authentic Cypriot cuisine.

38. Commandria 

Commandria Cypriot Drink
Photo via Taste Atlas

Commandaria is a Cyprus dessert wine called the King of the Wines. Commandaria is one of the oldest wines in the world. Commandaria is made of sun-dried grapes of the varieties Xynisteri and Mavro. You can combine a cold glass with cheese or fruits.

39. Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee in Cyprus Cypriot Drink scaled

Turkish Coffee is strong and unfiltered. Since Cyprus is so close to Turkey and you like coffee you will be able to enjoy Turkish coffee. Prices are around €1 in local coffee shops.

40. Cypriot Coffee

Making of Turkish Coffee Cypriot Drink scaled

Cypriot coffee or Cyprus coffee is very strong and is never served with milk. You can order it sketo (which means plain coffee), metrio (which means one teaspoon of sugar), or glyki (with two teaspoons of sugar). Cypriot coffee is made from finely ground beans, the Cypriot coffee is brewed in its unique small long handled pot, the Mbiriki.

The Mbiriki is traditionally made from copper although nowadays you’ll see modern ones. Coffee needs to boil at the exact right time to create the froth on top called kaimaki. Because of how this coffee is brewed, patterns are created in the bottom of the cup, which fortune tellers can use to predict your future.

Hope you liked our Cypriot food blog post. Let us know if we missed any food in Cyprus and which one is your favorite one in the list of Cyprus dishes.

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