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Dumunpalit Island (Travel Guide, How To Get There)

Dumunpalit Island

Today we will write how to get to Dumunpalit Island step by step from Coron town in our Dumunpalit Island travel guide. Click here and get your discount with klook booking your tours in Palawan!

Dumunpalit Island is located more than hour boat ride from Coron. It’s one of the most beautiful island in the world and almost nobody has been there yet.


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Dumunpalit Island Travel Guide

Best time to visit Dumunpalit Island

The best time to visit Dumunpalit Island is from December to May when it’s dry season. We went on June and the water was so calm going there. But on the way back around 4 pm it wasn’t so calm. So you need to make sure that the weather is great and perfect conditions to make this trip happens.

From July to October will be rainy season and maybe it will not be possible to reach there by boat. Since it’s a long trip 1 hour 30 minutes you have to make sure that the water is calm.

Click here to know more about the weather in Coron!

How to get to Dumunpalit Island

How to get to Dumunpalit Island from Coron Town

Dumunpalit Island, Coron tourist spots, Coron travel guide, how to get to Dumunplait Island

If you want to get to Dumunplait Island from Coron town first of all you have to go to Maricaban port by motorbike, tricycle or van. It will take you around 1 hour to reach there.

Marican Port (Marican Bay if you check in Google Maps) is just passing by Francisco B. Reyes Airport in Busuanga, Coron. Once you are in Marican Port you will have to rent a boat. It costs 3000 PHP and it will take you 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Dumunpalit Island.

On the way to Dumunpalit Island the weather was so perfect sunny and with calm and clear water. We passed y Sunset island and Diboyayan Beach but we didn’t stop. Those islands look also off the beaten path destination in Coron. But we decided to spend our day in Dumunpalit Island.

Dumunpalit Island

Dumunpalit Island, how to get to Dumunpalit Island

Once you are in Dumunpalit Island there is an entrance fee is 200 PHP per person. The water is so clear and you can stay overnight if you are bringing a tent. You will have to negotiate the price with the guard. The family guarding the island looks so friendly. So it will not be an issue if you are bringing water, food, tent and proper equipment to stay overnight in Dumunpalit Island.

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What to Bring to Dumunpalit Island

How to get to Dumunpalit Island, Dumunpalit Island, Coron

There is no drinkable water and there is no electricity.

There is phone signal in Dumunpalit Island data is weak but it was working with Globe and Smart.

There is no electricity in Dumunpalit Island so bring your power bank to make sure you can charge your phone and devices.

Bring your sunblock.

Bring your own food if you are planning to spend the day or even staying overnight if you organize properly and the guard allows you to do it!

Relax and enjoy sunbathing, swimming, paddling, kayaking or you can even try the banana boat.

Take pictures everywhere with your camera.

Snorkeling in Maldives, things to do in Thulusdhoo Island, Thulusdhoo island travel guide, Dumunpalit Island

Snorkeling mask you can’t miss it to explore around the island

Take underwater shots with the done or underwater camera.

Of course if you have a drone fly it around Dumunpalit Island!

Very Important: Please make sure you bring a bag to collect your trash so you can keep clean Dumunpalit Island and as we always do. By the way our little Han never forgets about it and before swimming he makes sure that he collects a bag of trash. Also if you have a spare plastic bag for the trash you can use for collecting the garbage around. And we will keep Dumunpalit Island amazing for the next time that we are visiting!


Hope you liked it our Dumunplait Island travel guide. And it’s useful all the information how to get to Dumunpalit Island if you decide to go off the beaten path in Coron in your next trip as we did.

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Happy Travels!

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