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What to wear in Canada and our Canada packing list. Canada is another beautiful country in the world. It is one of the places you’ll definitely get excited to pack for. So here we are, giving you the details on how to do it. Complete Canada packing list and what to pack for Canada.

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A total of $25 USD would be the range of your budget for accommodation in Canada. There are hotels mid-budget for $80-100 USD and you can find luxury accommodations starting from $200 USD.



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Let’s look at the weather details of our Canada packing list and what to wear in Canada.

What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada


Canada, because of its geographic location has four seasons. Climate throughout the country actually varies, so it will still depend when you plan on traveling, and what area in Canada are you visiting, to know how hot or cold the temperature will be.

Canada’s west coast has more moderate seasons throughout the year, so the summer and winters are not extreme and very distinct. British Columbia’s west coast, including Vancouver, has this type of weather. Winters in Toronto or Montreal are areas in Canada that can get pretty cold.

And of course, the farther northern you go in Canada, the more the weather gets heavier (precipitation) and colder. Canada’s popular destinations are actually close to beautiful blue bodies of water and temperatures can get really cold in these destinations.

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Winter in Canada

What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada

Canada’s winter just like everyone is from December to February. It can start in November in some areas and last until late March and early parts of April, most especially in Eastern Canada. British Colombia doesn’t get extremely cold, and areas like Whistler, Canada gets so much snow. Biggest reason why it’s a major ski destination even until May. Winter also lasts long in the Rockies.

It doesn’t snow a lot in Calgary, while Banff and Canmore can get around 2 feet of snow in the months of April. If you are visiting Toronto and Montreal, these two cities can get crazy winter, with very low temperatures reaching -20°C. Heavy snow hits these areas around January and February.

Spring in Canada

If you’re looking at seeing flowers bloom everywhere, Spring in Canada can be a great idea. Spring happens around April to June. However, be careful if you’re traveling around Canmore, Alberta during Spring seasons because snowstorms do happen. Winter snow is usually done by April, apart from Banff and Whistler, popular ski destinations in Canada where winter snow lasts til May.

What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada

Fall / Autumn in Canada

Fall is a beautiful time in Canada. Canadian fall foliage is certainly a popular thing to experience when thinking of planning a Canadian trip. Prices also get lower during this time, compared to the touristic summer time, so that might be a good balance if you’re looking to travel a little bit more in a budget. If you’re looking at visiting Vancouver, September is the least rainy time in the city, which makes autumn a good time to visit here.

Summer in Canada

Hot and humid weather in Canada? Yes it happens. ha! Summer months in Canada is from June to August. You’ll get this in Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal. If you want cooler summers, anywhere in the Northern region will have it. As Canada is really known for its chilly weather, you are advised to bring light jackets, and even some water proof wear even in the summers.

It’s always best to check a weather site that actually gives you weather forecast for several days, even weeks.

Click here to know more about the weather in Canada.

What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada



Layering – now this is your friend when you are traveling in Canada, or anywhere with a huge chance of changing seasons. And in Canada, we mean thick layers. Canada generally has a really cold weather, which can even get colder in certain areas in winter. So thick layers of clothing that will take you from a cool Spring to a cold winter, to thick wools, and covers and proper gear for the rest of your body and the activities you’ll be doing in Canada are of utmost importance.

Generally, light winter clothing will be good for temperatures like 10 degrees Celcius. You can maintain comfortable activity too so your body can produce heat that can help with the weather. At around 4 degrees Celcius, adequate insulation, dry clothing and strong layers are important. When temperatures start dropping -3 degrees Celcius to -18 degrees Celcius, dry clothing, and thick layers for insulating are very important.

Canada can have varying temperatures across its different areas so you’ll have to check the specific temperature in the place you’re traveling in. In some areas, it can be rainy even during summers, so waterproof wear and light jackets are useful. Also, if you’re going on special holidays and activities like skiing in the mountains, make sure that you wear the appropriate clothing and bring all the skiing gear that you need. Check with your hotel to see if they will be providing certain gear so you don’t have to double pack anything.

What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada


Keep your body hydrated! Even in coldest of weathers, hydration is important. Instead of expecting to buy multiple water bottles for the duration of your trip, try to have a water bottle handy with you at all times so you can keep yourself hydrated and also be mindful of waste. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling during warmer or colder weather, hydration is serious and important, so make sure to have your bottles ready!


What to wear in Canada is important when thinking about what to pack.

A day bag will also be good to have, to bring with you on some activities, whatever the weather you’re visiting in. In any trip, we suggest to keep your valuables – money, credit cards, passports, identification cards, and other valuables in secure containers to avoid any theft — a general rule for any travel.

What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada


What to wear in Canada talking about bags and luggage, depending on how long you’re planning to stay in Canada, a small hand luggage or small suitcase should be enough. This, a day bag, packing cubes, and water proof protectors (for rainy weather) are all you’ll need.

What are packing cubes you say? One of the biggest packing hack that we swear by is dividing your luggage in packing cubes so you can go from packing to unpacking, to packing again in no time. Organization will be a breeze, and you will minimize stress when you’re trying to look for your things on a holiday.

Usually, what we do is have a bigger packing cube for clothes, and casual outer wear. A separate one for underwear and swimwear. A separate packing cube for gadgets and devices (make sure that these are actually in water proof containers), and a separate packing cube for toiletries and makeup.

What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada


In addition to sunblocks, lotions, lip balms, moisturizers, heat protectants, and emergency supplies will always come in handy. Medicines, vitamins, and essentials are always good to have in any trip, too.


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Water proof bags are definitely a must in the rainy weather. Don’t forget your underwater or water proof cameras if you’re planning to do a lot of shooting in the water!

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Canada Plugs

For Canada, there are two associated plugs. Plug type A is the plug which has two flat parallel pins and plug type B is the plug which has two flat parallel pins and a grounding pin. Canada operates on a 120V supply voltage and 60Hz. Every time we travel, we bring our travel adaptor which covers a lot of these plugs and help us switch any time, without worrying if we won’t be able to plug our gadgets in any location or country.

I´m bringing my camera and phone with their respective chargers and powerbank

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Anti-theft bags, locks for luggage, keeping important numbers and identifications with you, and spare money are all necessities in any travel. It will always be in handy to have these ready with you when you travel, even in a holiday destination like Canada.


Insurance is very important to have when you travel. For us, if you’re traveling a lot in places that expose you activities like hiking having insurance for important gears is good too. Double check that you are protected the best way you can.

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What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada


Finally, making sure you are covered with the basic needs in our Canada packing list like your personal toiletries are good to have when packing for a trip. When you are staying in high end resorts you will most likely have the best toiletries available, but just prepare any special products and knick knacks that you always want to have with you. Have your perfumes, deodorizers.

For the women, check if the trip will come during your time of the month. You don’t want to not be ready or to be stressed of having the special products you want to have during your special week, so have your feminine products with you.

If you haven’t tried menstrual cups, you might want to try or have these with you, if you are expecting to have your period and will still want to be in your cute, scrimpy bikinis all day long!


What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada

Want to see a complete Canada packing list of things and what to wear in Canada. Here you go:

Pair of comfortable pants and shirts / blouses – These will be good base layers under jackets, and layering is the top most important thing when traveling in Canada. Good base layers will help you during summer, and having a jacket ready will help you if weather becomes chillier or colder.

A pair (or two) of comfortable foot wear – A good pair of sneakers is important, something that can help you survive all the walking you’ll need to do when you are in Canada. You’ll have to wear footwear that is appropriate to the weather in the area so please bring the right one.

A pair of the appropriate boots, with the right soles – If you are traveling during rainy weather or during winter, then wearing the proper boots will be very important to avoid accidents, and to make sure you’ll be comfortable walking around and traveling in these weather.

2-3 pairs of waterproof pants – If you are planning to ski or snowboard in Canada, skip the jeans and wear the correct waterproof pants like snow pants. These pants will help cover your boots and to keep out moisture. Anything you need to keep out snow from your skin will be very critical because ski and snowboard weather is freezing.

2 pairs of flexible pants – These can be leggings, track pants, and other absorbent and flexible fabric for you to wear under your snow pants. These will help you with your movement during the activity, and adds an extra layer of insulation.

1-2 pairs of gloves – For traveling, wool and cotton can work. Again, pick the ones that will be good for the weather in the area of Canada you are visiting. If you are using for skiing, best to use waterproof mittens or gloves instead.

Helmet – This accessory is mostly needed when skiing or snowboarding. Have one that is appropriate for your size, and if you don’t want to pack one, make sure your hotel is offering this.

3-4 pairs of socks – You’ll need to prepare socks with the appropriate length that will match your shoes to avoid bruising and to keep your feet comfortable depending on the weather when you plan to visit Canada

A light waterproof jacket, a raincoat, coat and/or umbrella – Always be ready for unexpected showers, especially when visiting the summer season in some areas that can bring rain occasionally. Layers are important, so even in summers, jackets are a must. Waterproof jackets are good during summer season, which have occasional rains. Or even winter season.

3-4 pairs of socks – this is very important as added support to your feet in addition to wearing the correct footwear. Will also keep you warm easily indoors.

Heavy Layers for Winter like Jackets and Coats – Very important because Canada can get really really cold. Enjoy the Holidays season with the right clothes and gear and the winter Holidays will be very fun and festive for you!

Hats, Gloves, Winter earmuffsScarves – These are all top essentials on cold weather. Make sure you have them.

Waterproof bags and cases and covers – These are all essentials when you’re traveling any time when there is a possibility of rain showers

2 pairs of Swimwear or Swimsuits – if you’re visiting somewhere you can swim, sure you can have these!

A Pair of Sunglasses and Summer Hats

3-4 pairs of Underwear

Toiletries and other weather appropriate Skin Care Products – protect yourself and your skin, whether you are traveling in Canada during the summers or during the cold winters

Spare batteries, chargers, power banks, extension cords especially if you’ll be staying in properties, hotels or hostels with limited plugs

Travel adapters – Canada follows the Standard US plug types, and there are two types – A and B. Plug A which has two parallel pins, and Plug B which has 2 parallel pins and a grounding pin. Make sure that you are plugging in the right voltage 110 or 220 when you are in Canada.

A fanny pack or smaller secure bag to always keep with you to make sure your valuables are kept safe

What To Wear In Canada, Canada Packing List, What To Pack For Canada


A total of $10-20 USD would be the range of your budget for accommodation in Canada. There are hotels mid- budget for $40-60 USD and you can find luxury accommodation starting from $80 USD.



Your daily food budget travel in Canada could be a total of $8-10 USD if you eat in local places. If you are in a budget you can go to the streets of Canada and find many available street food all around the country.


Canada’s currency is the Canadian Dollar. At the moment, 1 USD = 1.27 CAD

Having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe in your trips around the world.

Hope you loved our Canada packing list blog post guide! And can’t wait to hear about what to pack for Canada and if we forgot anything what to bring to Canada.

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Happy Travels!

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