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Bucharest Airport SIM Card: Getting A SIM Card In Bucharest

Last updated on March 6th, 2024 at 04:28 am

Bucharest Airport SIM Card: SIM Card Bucharest Airport

Need a Bucharest Airport SIM card for seamless connectivity in Romania? A full travel guide how to buy a sim card in Bucharest.

Landing at Bucharest Airport and wondering if you can buy a sim card at Bucharest Airport? Yes, there is a Rely store, kiosks and vendors with Digi, Orange and Vodafone are the leading providers for SIM card in Bucharest.

The easiest way is to order your eSIM online where you can get cheap data packages and unlimited data without buying a SIM card in Bucharest. For eSIM options, you can opt for Airalo, Holafly and Maya Mobile

If you are going from Bucharest Airport to the city center you should know that it will take 20 minutes by taxi and by public transportation.

Bucharest, known as the “Little Paris,” is Romania’s cultural, financial, and industrial center, rich in history and urban energy. Henri Coandă International Airport is your starting point. What are the options for securing a top SIM or eSIM deal? Let’s find out all the essentials.


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Why a Local SIM Card in Bucharest is Essential

Bucharest’s allure encompasses its architectural diversity, historic charm, and lively urban spirit. A dependable internet connection is crucial to experiencing the city fully. While Wi-Fi is accessible in many places, continuous connectivity offers peace of mind.

Key benefits of a local SIM include:

  1. Uncharted Adventures: Discover Bucharest’s secret spots and cultural events.
  2. Easy Communication: Overcome language challenges with immediate translation tools.
  3. Navigation Safety: Effortlessly traverse the city with reliable GPS directions.
  4. Live Sharing: Keep friends and family updated with your Romanian journey.

Top Recommendations for a SIM Card at Bucharest Airport

You can buy a sim card at Bucharest Airport on arrival from Rely Stores, kiosks and vendors with Digi, Orange and Vodafone. The data packages are very competitive for €10 you can get 30 GB data but for that price if you buy a sim card in Bucharest at the store you will get unlimited data.

Henri Coandă International Airport, divided into Terminals 1 and 2, is home to various telecom providers. Here are the top picks:

Prime SIM Card Picks at Bucharest Airport

Bucharest Airport’s range of telecom providers simplifies your choice. Here’s a look at the best options:

Bucharest SIM Card Options

Henri Coandă International Airport, with Terminals 1 and 2, hosts a selection of top telecom providers. Let’s examine each of them:

Digi – Bucharest SIM Card

Digi Bucharest Sim Card,

Digi Bucharest has the best coverage for sim card in Bucharest and prices starts for €5-10 you will get unlimited data valid for 30 days.

Check the exact location to find Digi stores to buy a sim card in Bucharest.

Orange – Bucharest SIM Card

Orange Bucharest Sim Card,

Orange Romania is acclaimed for its reliable network and diverse range of SIM card plans. For€5-10 you will get 150 GB data valid for 30 days.

Check the exact location to find Orange stores to buy a sim card in Bucharest.

Vodafone – Bucharest SIM Card

Vodafone Bucharest Sim Card,

Vodafone offers extensive coverage in Romania, with plans for €5-10 you will get 75-150 GB data valid for 30 days.

Check the exact location to find Vodafone stores to buy a sim card in Bucharest.

Telekom – Bucharest SIM Card

Telekom Bucharest Sim Card,

Telekom Romania offers unlimited data starting from €5-10 valid for 30 days. Check the exact location to find Telekom stores to buy a sim card in Bucharest.

eSIMs: The Digital Age of Connectivity at Bucharest Airport

For travelers with eSIM-compatible devices, Bucharest is at the cutting edge.

The digital revolution has transformed how we connect globally, and eSIMs are a significant part of this transformation. eSIMs are digital versions of traditional SIM cards, enabling easy network switching without the physical card hassle.

Tech-forward visitors flying into Bucharest with eSIM-ready devices are well catered for. Digital platforms such as Holafly, Airalo, and Truphone provide tailored eSIM packages for Romania. This advancement ensures that connectivity is just a tap away – choose a plan, pay, and receive a QR code for immediate activation, whether you’re still in the air or wandering through Bucharest’s vibrant streets.

Airalo – Bucharest Airport SIM Card

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SIM Card Bucharest Airport

Airalo’s Romania-specific plans offer reliable coverage for Bucharest.

Airalo eSIM plans for Bucharest Airport:

  • $4.5 for 1GB valid for 7 Days
  • $6.5 for 2GB valid for 15 Days
  • $8.5 for 3GB valid for 30 Days
  • $11.5 for 5GB valid for 30 Days
  • $18 for 10GB valid for 30 Days


Holafly – Bucharest Airport SIM Card

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Holafly eSIM, SIM Card Bucharest Airport

Holafly provides unlimited data plans in Romania, perfect for a continuous online presence.

Holafly’s Romania Unlimited High-Speed Data Plans:

  • $19 for 5 Days Unlimited Data
  • $27 for 7 Days Unlimited Data
  • $47 for 15 Days Unlimited Data
  • $54 for 20 Days Unlimited Data
  • $64 for 30 Days Unlimited Data


Maya Mobile eSIM – Bucharest Airport

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Maya Mobile offers a range of flexible plans for Bucharest, from small to unlimited data packages.

Maya Mobile’s Data Plans for Bucharest:

  • 3GB for $6 for 5 Days
  • 5GB for $9 for 5 Days
  • 10GB for $11 for 5 Days
  • Unlimited Data for $19 for 5 Days


Personal Stories with a Local SIM in Bucharest

My journey through Bucharest was significantly enhanced by my local SIM card. From exploring the vibrant streets of Lipscani to visiting the imposing Palace of the Parliament, my SIM provided me with instant access to historical information and local tips. It also helped me navigate the city’s public transport with ease.

Final Thoughts on Bucharest Airport SIM Card

For those arriving at Bucharest airport, consider Digi for unlimited data Orange or Vodafone with huge data packages for traditional SIM cards, and explore options like Airalo or Holafly for eSIMs.

Bucharest is a city of contrasts, where history and modernity coexist. A robust SIM or eSIM not only keeps you connected but also deepens your understanding and enjoyment of Romania’s capital. Embrace this fusion of tradition and technology as you navigate the intriguing streets of Bucharest.

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