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Belgrade Airport SIM card: Buying a SIM Card In Belgrade

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024 at 04:08 am

Belgrade Airport SIM card, Buying a SIM Card Belgrade Airport

Are you planning to land in Belgrade, Serbia, and looking to stay connected as soon as you arrive and get a Belgrade airport SIM Card and a full travel guide to buy the best sim card in Belgrade.

Landing at Belgrade Airport and wondering if you can buy a sim card at Belgrade Airport? Yes, there are kiosks and vendors with MTS and Yeyyel are the leading SIM card in Belgrade and Serbia.

The easiest way is to order your eSIM online where you can get cheap data packages and unlimited data without buying a SIM card in Belgrade. For eSIM options, you can opt for Airalo and Holafly

If you are going from Belgrade Airport to the city center you should know that it will take 25 minutes by taxi and 45 minutes by public transportation.

Belgrade, a city where the Sava and Danube rivers meet, is known for its historical significance and vibrant cultural scene.

Upon landing at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, ensuring that you have a reliable means of communication becomes crucial. As you navigate through the bustling corridors of Belgrade Airport, you may wonder about the best SIM or eSIM options available for your stay.

In this guide, we will explore the top SIM card in Belgrade options and eSIM services available at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, ensuring you can make the most of your stay in Serbia’s charismatic capital city.

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Why a Local SIM Card in Belgrade is Essential

Belgrade’s rich history, bustling street life, and scenic riverfronts make it a unique destination. To fully immerse in this Serbian jewel, a local SIM card is essential for several reasons:

  1. Effortless Navigation: Roam Belgrade’s diverse attractions, from the historic Belgrade Fortress to the trendy districts of Savamala and Dorćol, with the aid of reliable GPS.
  2. Cultural Integration: Translate menus, and signs, and engage in conversations more easily, bridging the language gap and enriching your cultural experience.
  3. Constant Connectivity: Keep your social media feeds updated with Belgrade’s beauty in real-time and stay in touch with your global network.
  4. Emergency Accessibility: In unexpected situations, having a local number is crucial for quick access to emergency services and local assistance.
  5. Cost Savings: Avoid high roaming charges and enjoy local rates for calls, texts, and data.

Having a local SIM card in Belgrade not only adds convenience but also deepens your travel experience, keeping you connected and secure as you explore Serbia’s historic capital.

Where to Buy A Belgrade Airport Sim Card

Upon your arrival at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, there are located SIM card kiosks are available with MTS and Yettel.

These stands are visible and you will activate your sim card but prices are higher than in the city and you will have less data connection.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, serving as the main gateway to Serbia’s bustling capital, offers a variety of options for travelers looking to purchase a SIM card.

At Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, you can find SIM card kiosks or stands upon arrival. The airport hosts outlets for major mobile operators like MTS and Yettel. These stands are conveniently located for travelers to purchase SIM cards as they enter the airport, offering a range of plans to suit different needs.

Where To Buy A Sim Card in Belgrade

MTS (Telekom Srbija) – Belgrade SIM Card

MTS Belgrade sim card, Belgrade Airport SIM card: Buying a SIM Card In Belgrade

As Serbia’s state-owned and largest telecom provider, MTS offers the best coverage for sim card in Belgrade and beyond. Their tourist-friendly packages start at affordable prices, providing a good mix of data, local calls, and even international options.

With MTS, whether you are strolling along Knez Mihailova Street or exploring the historical sites of Zemun, you’ll remain well-connected.

Check the exact location to find MTS stores to buy a sim card in Belgrade.

MTS Telekom Serbia Plans

  • Tourist prepaid SIM card: 600 RSD = approximately $5.16 USD.
  • Includes 15 GB data, calls, SMS, valid for 5 days.
  • Another option: Tourist SIM card: 1800 RSD = approximately $15.48 USD.
  • Includes 10 GB data valid for 30 days.

Yettel Serbia (Formerly Telenor) – Belgrade SIM Card

Yettel Belgrade sim card, Belgrade Airport SIM card: Buying a SIM Card In Belgrade

Telenor, another major player in Serbia’s telecom market, is known for its reliable network and competitive data packages. Yettel is the cheapest sim card in Belgrade for travelers.

Yettel Telenor ensures seamless connectivity as you delve into Belgrade’s vibrant nightlife or relax by the riverside cafes.

Check the exact location to find Yettel stores to buy a sim card in Belgrade.

Yettel Telenor Serbia Plans

  • Prepaid SIM card for €134 (around 1400 RSD).
  • Includes 50 GB data valid for 30 days​​.

A1 Serbia (Formerly Vip Mobile) – Belgrade SIM Card

A1 Belgrade sim card, Belgrade Airport SIM card: Buying a SIM Card In Belgrade

Check the exact location to find A1 stores to buy a sim card in Belgrade.

A1 Serbia:

  • Tourist SIM card: 500 RSD = approximately $4.30 USD.
  • Includes 6 GB data valid for 7 days.

Globatel Serbia

Globatel Belgrade sim card, Belgrade Airport SIM card: Buying a SIM Card In Belgrade

Globatel Serbia is one of the smaller mobile network operators in Serbia. Known for their competitive pricing and targeted packages, they offer a range of SIM card options suited for both locals and travelers. Globatel’s prepaid SIM card options are known for their affordability and flexibility, providing essential connectivity for those visiting or residing in Serbia.

Check the exact location to find Globatel stores to buy a sim card in Belgrade.

  • Prepaid SIM card: 250 RSD = approximately $2.15 USD.
  • Includes 5 GB data, 50 minutes calls, SMS, valid for 7 days.
  • 30-day package: 800 RSD = approximately $6.88 USD.
  • Includes 10 GB data

It’s important to note that while purchasing a SIM card at the airport is convenient, the prices might be higher compared to buying from a store in the city. If you’re cost-conscious, it may be more economical to purchase your SIM card from a city center store.

Additionally, eSIM options are becoming increasingly popular for travelers. Providers like Airalo offer eSIM plans with data packages such as 1GB for $5 USD (valid for 7 days), 3GB for $13 USD (valid for 30 days), and 5GB for $21 USD (valid for 30 days). Holafly is another provider offering eSIMs with unlimited data, such as their 6GB plan valid for 15 days priced at $44 USD. We’ll discuss eSIM options next.

eSIM Options at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

For travelers with eSIM-compatible devices, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport offers modern digital connectivity solutions through various eSIM providers.

Overview of eSIM Technology

eSIMs, or electronic SIM cards, represent the new age of connectivity. These are digital versions of traditional SIM cards, allowing you to switch between networks effortlessly without the need to physically change SIM cards. They are particularly convenient for frequent travelers or those who require immediate connectivity upon arrival.

eSIM Providers for Serbia

Airalo – Belgrade Airport SIM Card

Airalo eSIM, Belgrade Airport SIM Card
Airalo eSIM, Belgrade Airport SIM Card

Airalo offers eSIM plans for Serbia using the Yettel network, ensuring good coverage and reliability. Their plans include:

1GB data valid for 7 days at $4.50 USD.

3GB data valid for 30 days at $9,50 USD.

10GB data valid for 30 days at $21 USD.

Holafly – Belgrade Airport SIM Card

Holafly eSIM, Belgrade Airport SIM Card
Holafly eSIM, Belgrade Airport SIM Card

Holafly provides eSIMs with unlimited data, suitable for travelers requiring large amounts of data. Their plan includes:

Holafly offers unlimited data for $27 USD valid for 5 days and for 10 days at $37 USD.

eSIMs offer the convenience of activating and managing mobile plans remotely, without a physical SIM card or store visit. They are ideal for those looking to be connected as soon as they land, or for those who prefer not to deal with the physical aspects of a traditional SIM card.

Purchasing an eSIM

To get an eSIM for Serbia, you can visit the provider’s website (such as Airalo or Holafly) and purchase the eSIM plan that suits your needs. You’ll receive instructions and a QR code via email for activation, which can typically be completed in just a few minutes.

Advantages of eSIMs

  • Convenience: No physical SIM card is required, allowing for immediate connectivity.
  • Flexibility: Easily switch between different plans or networks.
  • Space-saving: Eliminates the need for a physical SIM card slot in your device.

eSIM technology is particularly useful for frequent travelers and those looking to manage multiple mobile connections on a single device. It simplifies the process of staying connected while abroad, offering a hassle-free solution to international communication needs.

Mobile Coverage and Internet Speeds in Belgrade

Belgrade offers excellent mobile coverage and competitive internet speeds, thanks to its modern infrastructure. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Extensive Coverage: Major operators like MTS, Yettel, and A1 provide strong network coverage throughout Belgrade and other parts of Serbia.
  2. High-Speed Internet: 4G/LTE is widely available, offering fast internet speeds for browsing, streaming, and downloading.
  3. Network Frequencies: Various frequencies are used for 2G, 3G, and 4G services, ensuring compatibility with most international phones.

Our Personal Story with a Local SIM in Belgrade

During the pandemic, while traveling across Eastern Europe in a van, Belgrade stood out as a significant stop on our journey. The local SIM card here was crucial, especially when we faced unexpected travel challenges. As the borders of Schengen Hungary were closing, our plans to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina had to be altered abruptly, and we were redirected towards Germany.

The swift change in travel regulations, including being given only a 24-hour sticker to stay in the area, was a stressful experience. However, our reliable connectivity in Belgrade helped us stay updated on the evolving situation and make necessary arrangements quickly. This experience underscored the importance of a local SIM card in navigating the uncertainties of pandemic-era travel.

Our Final Thoughts and Recommendations on Belgrade Airport SIM Card

Choosing the right SIM card at Belgrade Airport can significantly enhance your visit to Serbia. Whether you opt for a traditional SIM card from providers like MTS or Yettel comparing the best value for the price or go for an eSIM for immediate connectivity, you’ll find a solution that fits your needs.

Belgrade’s digital infrastructure makes it easy for travelers to stay connected, whether you’re exploring the city’s historical sites or its vibrant contemporary culture.

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