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How To Get From Zurich to Liechtenstein (Zurich To Vaduz)

How To Get From Zurich to Liechtenstein - All Possible Ways (Zurich To Vaduz)

We will write how to get from Zurich to Liechtenstein. You can go from Zurich to Vaduz by train plus bus in a day trip.

I did by van from Zurich to Liechtenstein so I totally recommend you renting a car to visit Liechtenstein especially if you are at least two people will be worth it. If you want to be connect online make sure you read Switzerland sim card for tourists and Liechtenstein sim card for tourist.

Also take a look things to do in Liechtenstein, how to get from Zurich airport to city center and Instagrammable places in Zurich

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How to get from Zurich to Liechtenstein

Train from Zurich to Liechtenstein (Zurich To Vaduz)

If you want to go from Zurich to Vaduz by train the best way is to combine with the bus. There is a beautiful landscape from Zurich to Liechtenstein. From Zurich HB Main Station you will go to Sargans.

The train ride will last 55 minutes and the train departure is every 30 minutes. The train fare from Zurich to Sargans is 16.50 CHF one way and 33 CHF return ticket. You can book online here.

Once in Sargans you will have to ride Bus Number 11 or 12E passing by Balzers and you can stop in Vaduz Post at the last stop where you can go the walking distance to the tourism office. You will be surprised Vaduz is really small city and everything is walking distance.

The bus fare in Liechtenstein is 5 CHF for one way and it will take 15 minutes but if you have a return train ticket Zurich to Sargans is included just show to the bus driver and you will not have to pay the bus. LIEmobil is the bus operating in Liechtenstein, click here to check the route and prices.

Liemobil Bus, Zurich to Vaduz, Zurich to Liechtenstein

If you prefer going by train from Zurich to Schaan will cost 20 CHF one way and 40 CHF return ticket. And the train travel time will be 1 hour 20 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes depending on the train.

Once in Schaan to go to Vaduz you can ride Bus Number 11 and Bus Number 13 going to Balzers. It will take 10 minutes and the prices are 5 CHF for one way. If you have a return ticket show to the bus driver and you will not have to pay for the bus since it’s included.

Zurich to Liechtenstein By Car (Zurich to Vaduz)

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I recommend you rent a car from Zurich to Liechtenstein especially if you are two people and even alone you will have more flexibility. I went from Zurich to Liechtenstein by van. It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes driving from Zurich to Vaduz it can be 20 minutes longer if there is traffic.

The distance is around 110 kilometers and everything is well indicated with the GPS. Once in Liechtenstein, the distance are so short and you can drive 10 minutes between each city from Vaduz like Balzers and Schaan.

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Remember if you are driving in Switzerland you have to use the Swiss vignette in the highway (40 CHF valid for 12 months) and it will be the same for Liechtenstein for driving in the highway.

Otherwise it will take around 2 hours driving. If you rent a car in Switzerland they will have already but if you do a road trip in Switzerland you should buy on your own in the petrol station or supermarkets.

You will find parking spots in Vaduz and Liechtenstein most of them are paid in Schaan and Vaduz. And in places like Balzers and small towns you will be able to park for free. No worries they aren’t so expensive!

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Zurich to Liechtenstein By helicopter

Zurich to Liechtenstein by helicopter

Zurich to Liechtenstein by helicopter? It can be possible and it will be the fastest way and most expensive too. I didn’t do but there is a small airport in Balzers or you can have a small flight and see from the air. Prices are around 160 CHF per person for 20 minutes flight. You can check this website


How To Get From Zurich to Liechtenstein - All Possible Ways (Zurich To Vaduz)

There are just a few of budget hotels in Liechtenstein. These rooms can go anywhere between 50-100 CHF per night for accommodation in Liechtenstein. If you are looking for mid-budget and luxury hotels prices are starting from 200-300 CHF.

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On average a meal in a sit-down restaurant in Liechtenstein will cost around  20-40 CHF and that might not even include drinks. Breakfast will usually be cheaper and dinner will usually be the most expensive. 

Watch out for lunch specials and promos that many cafes offer, as this is one of  best ways to eat cheap. The other is things like kebabs, pizzas, Asian food, and small takeaways found near train stations can costs around 6-10 CHF.

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